Vestiaire Collective Review: Can You Trust It?

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Are you looking for a luxury fashion retailer to sell or buy collective apparel and bags online? Get time to learn more about Vestiaire Collective retailer, and you won't be disappointed!

The Internet has grown and is growing. On the marketplace, customers can buy apparel, other products, and unique marketplaces where you can share and sell your items. Among the worldwide styled marketplace is the Vestiaire Collective. This luxury and pre-designed fashion offer fashionistas all the collections they adore at an affordable price without intention with the quality or style.

While the company has established a solid online reputation, it has also been featured in popular publications like Vogue, GQ, etc. thus far; the company has sold over 7 million fashion products from over 50 countries worldwide. Because of the success stories, the company has gathered a large audience base on the social media platform.

Therefore, if you wish to learn more about this fashion brand, keep reading our Vestiaire review. We will cover the company's history, its best-selling items, promotions, and contact information and evaluate if it is worth investing in this marketplace. We also want to share the reputation of customer feedback. Let us start with the company overviews.

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Vestiaire Collective Review

Ever wished to sell, buy or share your luxury products or apparel under one marketplace? Here comes Vestiaire Collective. This marketplace was founded in 2019 by Sophie Hersan, Fanny Moizant, Sebastien Fabre, Christian Jorge, Alexender Cognard, and Henrique Fernandes in Paris. These founders were motivated to start the marketplace due to their need to extend the luxury piece lifespan.

Vestiaire Collective intends to hire the apparel collection back into circulation where the buyers and sellers can collaborate, buy or sell their products under one roof. Since that, this brand has been undergoing various development stages, and lately, it has been transformed into a global phenomenon through the worldwide officers located in different parts of the world.

That includes Berlin, New York, Paris,  Hong Kong, London, and Milan. However, this marketplace holds a firm root based in Paris. Vestiaire Collective remains sustainable, conscious, and fashion-oriented, fighting to keep apparel and clothes out of the environment and landfills.

This is achieved through increasing the lifetime over which people worldwide wear the clothes. Instead of throwing the apparel, you can pass it to someone else by selling it on the marketplace.

Because of this, the Vestiaire Collective brand created a charity sale that effectively fought Covid-19 proceeds. Such includes 100% commissions and some donations to local charities. In conclusion, trying a brand engages in charitable activities as well. To date, the brand sells and buys apparel meant for men and women, ranging from vintage bags, watches, and jewelry, both new arrivals and never worn.

They offer daily deals, and if you need party attire, it's just a click away with express delivery or direct shipping option, and you can access the designers at any time. The brand fights against fast fashion; the most significant possession is inside authentication.

Shop the latest curation of trending items from Vestiaire Collective and save up to 70%. Even though I promised to delve into the bestsellers and designers, let us start with the pros and cons of the Vestiaire Collective products based on customer feedback and our experience with the marketplace.

Vestiaire Collective Pros:

Vestiaire Collective Cons:

Why We Like Vestiaire Collective?

We rank Vestiaire Collective at the top of our list for many reasons. This is a fashion marketplace worth trying to invest in. This is because one can buy the cloth or apparel as well as sell the item following a simple procedure on the website.

They also have a simple and secure website. The buying and selling process is simple as long as you create an account. Besides the website, they also have a website application. To simplify, we will review some of these guys' best-selling products.

The Best-Selling Vestiaire Collective Bags

On the platform, the brand offers numerous high-quality, luxury-styled bags. Many well-known brands decorate their products and only cost you affordable pricing. Therefore, if you ever wish to have the luxury handbag, mini bag, or tote bag style, this is the place to get started. All the bags have options such as authentication check and control, which cost you only $15.

The bag also comes with a discounted price for newcomers. Some of the best-selling bags from Vestiaire Collective are Vestiaire Collective Fendi Baguette Cloth Handbags made with canvas leather and brown color. They also have the trending Vestiaire Collective Chanel Grey 2.55 Handbags with chain link trap, grey suede outer material and reissue flap, and chain link strap.

There are many other bags on the platform, and the list continues Vestiaire Collective Hermes Birkin 25 Leather Bag, Vestiaire Collective Chanel Deville Cloth Tote, Vestiaire Collective Louis Vuitton Papillon Leather Handbag, and Vestiaire Collective Francesco Biasa Patent Leather Mini Bag.

The Best-Selling Vestiaire Collective Apparels

Even though this company sells numerous designer bags, we must mention something about their apparel items. On the platform, you will access all the rare and trending fashions. While some apparel might be expensive and time-consuming, a massive collection ranges from corsets to sweaters, T-shirts, pants, etc. They are well known because of the discounts and simple purchase process.

In this section, we are only interested in the best-selling apparel. Topping the list of best-selling apparel is Vestiaire Collective Vivienne Westwood Corset in the designer fashion in the vintage that comes in subtle navy blue.

The brand advertises this apparel as never worn. The next is Vestiaire Collective Louis Vuitton x Supreme Red Cotton Knitwear & Sweatshirt designed by Supreme and Louis Vuitton, and it tends to combine comfort and luxury.

Available size M and comes with the tag on. Closing our list is Vestiaire Collective Gosha Rubchinskiy Yellow Cotton T-shirt designed by the famous Russian designer. Hence though underrated but it is simple and falls under direct shipping in good condition.

Customer Review

Before going into other detail, we would like to help you create a bigger picture of the marketplace. The best way to go about it is to give you customer feedback from experienced buyers and sellers. What the customer says is most important in making the right decision. For this reason, we went through multiple external sites to obtain these reviews. The first place is Sitejabber.

The market gathers 1097 reviews on this platform, scoring 2.63./ This is an average rating, indicating that some customers are satisfied. This rating is based on the services the company offers, the quality of the products, value, return, and shipping policy. Even though there are many negative reviews indicating complaints from the customers, there is still positive feedback. for instance:

"I adore Vestiaire Collective. I've been using it for years and have yet to be frustrated. I look for their quality control and authentication steps in resale because I used to be easily duped on other channels. I also enjoy their news content, which is always on point and helps to keep resale trendy and sustainable! You should give it a shot! You will become obsessed fast."

We then moved to Trustpilot, where we also found average reviews. That is, after 22910 customer reviews; the brand gets 3.4 stars. At least, here, most customers are averagely satisfied with the products from this company. 50% of the customers give it 5 stars, but only 34% are against it.

People have raised different issues related to shipping, quality, size, and even return. As usual, there are still numerous positive reviews as well. See the below commands, which peak everything about the brand:

"I had a minor delivery issue, but I was quickly able to speak with someone who could assist me. Also, while posting the photographs, I discovered that they are picky about photos in order to ensure that there are no fakes on the webpage."

Based on dispute resolution cases, the marketplace also has an average rating on the Better Business Bureau. On, the brand fails terribly to deliver the reason feedback. This is because out of the 601 reviews, it only gets a 1.2 rating.

Many issues are reported here: delivery, shipping policy, customer support, etc. There is also a Pinterest thread giving the readers an authentic experience of the buyer. The author of the thread on Pinterest complements the brand as below:

"I first went out shopping at Vestiaire Collective two years ago, and it has since become one of my top destinations to buy used clothing! It just keeps improving."

The main issues raised by most customers are the shipping and customer support services. The rest remains intact. But we might praise the brand for the massive collection of apparel and bags as well as jewelry that are hard to get.

Where to Buy Vestiaire Collective?

Since this is a retailer engagement in sustainable luxury designer fashion, it is still an online store. Therefore, the only place you can find the Vestiaire collective products is on their website at

However, it ships its products worldwide. Therefore, you can change the site based on location and using your preferred language or currency. Thus, you can optimize your selection and shopping experience with places like France or the UK.

Does Vestiaire Collective sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Vestiaire Collective stores on Amazon.

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Is Vestiaire Collective Worth It?

You might still be wondering about our stand on this Vestiaire Collective review. Based on the pros and customer feedback, the brand is worth shopping at. Again, from a different perspective, the marketplace has multiple of the most coveted luxury and complex designer items accessible from any other platform in one collection. The Vestiaire Collective brand is here for you if you are a luxury lover.

It has plenty of sustainable fashion apparel to select from, the vintages and second hand as well as new arrivals in store. The site has a simple user interface and connects sellers and buyers worldwide. The above and the fact that they offer products at a friendly price makes this brand worth trying to give a shot at. They have made the transaction between the buyer and seller very simple.

Even though there are negative reviews of poor customer support services, the obvious thing worth noting is that a large percentage of the customers are satisfied with the products and find the apparel vital. Also, the company engages in charitable activities worldwide and ensures that the environment remains sustainable by increasing the lifespan of clothing.

Besides that, second-hand clothes are a gamble. The brand ensures that they place a high-end authentication process that eliminates all the fake apparel and jewelry and damaged apparel from reaching the customers.

Though some people complained of receiving poor quality products, the company has a favorable return policy that quarantines buyers for a refund on defective items. Give it a try and enjoy discounts of up to 70% on the items.

Vestiaire Collective Discounts

We cannot fail to mention a thing about the promotion or discounts that Vestiaire Collective offers to their customers online. This is another selling point. In these reviews, I came across promotional services. First, the marketplace provides promo codes to save 10% on last-minute gifts when using VCGGIFT10. When you download their app and use the code WELCOMEUS, you can save up to $25 in discounts.

They also offer daily deals on the selected items on their platform. As we advance, the company has an affiliate program you can access from their website. To get updated with all the latest deals, subscribe to their newsletter and save on the go.

Vestiaire Collective Contact

Our review article might not address everything you need about this marketplace. If you have an issue that needs a solution, you can contact the Vestiaire Collective support team. They offer professional support services, which you can access from their social media platforms. That is, Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, or watch Youtube videos.

Besides the above means, you can also write them an email address at anytime. These guys do not give the call option as the best alternative, but they respond to your inquiry where possible.


Q. Who is the owner of the Vestiaire Collective brand?

From the above information, Vestiaire Collective is owned by Fanny Moisant.

Q. Where is Vestiaire Collective company located?

The company operates from different locations worldwide and is headquartered in Paris, France.

Q. Does Vestiaire Collective sell legit products?

First of all, the Vestiaire Collective marketplace is legit. Although it sells new arrivals and high-quality fashion products or jewelry, you must be very careful when buying second-hand clothes. Before purchasing, research, and still company guarantee you a refund when the item does not meet the expected requirements. The company tests the item for authenticity before dispatching them to the buyer.

Q. What percentage does Vestiaire Collective take from the sold product?

The company takes roughly 25% of the product upon selling.

Q. What payment methods does Vestiaire Collective offer to customers?

If the buyer confirms your sale, then the company proceeds to process the payment to you. The brand pays customers through PayPal or using a bank account where money is credited to your account within 24 hours on PayPal, while bans take five business days.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Vestiaire Collective?

The brand ships the products in over 50 countries worldwide. When the sellers offer the prepaid shiip[ing label, the company offers free shipping for that order. Shipping costs are based on the item if you are a buyer and can access the final prices during the checkout. For direct shipping, they offer free shipping and delivery periods depending on your location. For more details, check out their shipping policy page.

Q. What is the return policy of Vestiaire Collective?

When you buy an item from an individual on the marketplace and realize the item is different from what you were expecting, this company allows you to relist the item for sale at no extra charge. This option is only available within 3 days upon delivery, and you are guaranteed the proceeds upon release of the item.

When you decide to relist the item within 72 hours upon delivery, but within 14 days, you will only pay a small fee which depends on the item's price.

This means it is impossible to return a product when you purchase from an individual. However, where you buy from a professional seller, you can contact the support team for the next step. You can relist the item or return it to the seller within 14 days to get a refund. You also have the option to cancel the order, where you are entitled to receive a full refund.


Vestiaire Collective is a marketplace where buyers meet sellers. From the above review, we found out that the brand does not only sell the products, but also buyers can resell their items. This is a fashion brand that encourages sustainability by increasing the lifespan of the items.

Therefore, the company offers clothing for men, women, and children. They also have luxury and jewelry items listed by different sellers worldwide. Still, They engage in charitable activities, and looking at customers' feedback; the company is worth giving a shot at.

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