Yummie Shapewear Review: Why Choose Them?

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Searching for the perfect figure-flattering shapewear brand with multiple compressions? Try out the Yummie Shapewear and evaluate if it is worth your money. Indeed, here is what you need to understand before ordering your first package.

Yummie is one of the latest brands. Though it might sound new, the company has been online for a while. Countless brands have taken fashion from a different perspective that targets to highlight your shape. And among these companies on the market that guarantee you confidence as well as comfort, here comes the Yummie. This company remains prominent in this sector with an extensive collection.

Yummie claims to help customers feel best through their shaping undergarments to bring out the body contour while on your daily routine, but we need to justify that. Therefore, in this Yummie shapewear review, we will focus on the brand, what they have in their shapewear collection, the discounts, contact details, best-selling apparel, and testimonies. All these are aimed at helping you make an informed decision. First, let us start with the history of the company.

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Yummie Shapewear Review

Yummie is a brand that fiocues on deisgsingand sleleing of the figure flattereing shapewer. Customers can quickly embrace their shape through their collection with the range of compressions available from 1 to 5. Their shaping apparel starts from the bottoms to the tops and clothing curves meant for the digital girl child. The company was founded by the Real New York Housewife, who was engaged in the hit reality TV program.

From that point, the company got robust attention and created a reputation by featuring through popular publications like  CNN, WWD, PureWOW, etc. Their social media platforms have a large follower base that blocks the sites from ordering their extensive and innovative apparel and underwear. Yummie has one goal, which is to make you look your best.

Therefore, they are more comfortable as long as they target the looks. It was established by Heather Thompson-Schindler in 2008. Though the TV program, the show was not that strange to restrict her from feeling best and looking fabulous. She was behind this brand, previously known as the Yummie Tummie. 2015, it was rebranded to Yummy when the new CEO, Eric Rothfeld, took over.

The company has continued to develop and expand because of its tummy-shaping apparel. The term Tummie was removed so that the final user can easily understand the perception of this luxurious and expensive clothing. The company's website refers to its apparel as figure-friendly shapers, not as the squeeze but as the hug.

This is the perfect step in the company's makeup collection. Historically, this company was first established as the alternative to the well-known shapewear, which resembles the 1800s torture device-Corset. Thus, the company gained a reputation and customers because of its soft nature, streamlined tops, and comfortable apparel that are still in place to date.

Though The company has its headquarters offices in New York, it still has the apparel available through online stores and retailers in the US and Canada regions. Thus, if you are curious to delve into the collection and the customer favorite, here are a few pros and cons for making an informed comparison.

Yummie Shapewear Pros:

Yummie Shapewear Cons:

Why We Like Yummie Shapewear

Yummie designs and sells all collections of trendy fashions, from shapewear to leggings, bras, underwear, and super cute apparel, including swimwear. They are designed with the customer in mind; hence, their shaping compliments any user's unique body. The inclusive size starts from XS to the 3X. This section will give you the popular shapewear or Yummie clothing in each category to save time and easily place your first order. Here we go.

The Best-Selling Yummie Shapewear

All shapewear regarding our experience and customer testimonials are all-embracing. It contains everything from shorts to dresses and tanks designed with neutral shades to highlight the theme's unique nature and fun throw from here and there. Thus, if you are interested in this collection, we will highlight the two typical and famous shapewear as the best sellers, introducing you to the extensive collection.

The first is Cooling FX Wear Your Bra Shaping Singlet Bodysuit. Though shapewear might make you insecure,  this option features a silver lining to give you a smooth body. This shapewear crushes all the challenges because you need to wear it with your bra, and customers can decide on the support level by pushing up or using the au-natural.

These clothes are designed with the cooling NILITbreeze fabric, which means they can move heat away from the body and guarantee mid-level compression while tucking the tummy at 3600-degree shaping. The neck and arms consist of elastic materials, hence simple to wear.

The second or last is the Pearl Tummie 3-Panel Shaping Tank. Although it seems old-fashioned or pioneer apparel from this brand since its inception, they are still trending and popular among people online. It comes with three 3 panels, which give you the needed support, lifting the tummy and shaping the chest to give you above-average compression.

This shapewear is ideal with bras that range up to G size while containing wide straps, while the best, there is lighter compression to avoid suffocating. It is designed with the outlast temperature management fabric, which is then blended with the spandex as well as polyester material. We move to the next category.

The Best-Selling Yummie Leggings

Besides the shapewear collection, Yummies also offers unique leggings on the market. The collection features popular piles of modern prints designed with vegan leather and a slick appearance. There are multiple active and unique styles for shaping capris and shorts.

This section will focus on two best sellers based on the customer rating and our experience. First up in the category is Faux Leather Shaping Legging with a Side. These are the pants that are on the market as timeless apparel. These leggings are similar to typical pants, and they highlight the rock history considering their edgy and sleepy designs, which come with a zipper at the ankle.

It guarantees you 4 way stretches other than their unique rad style. In addition to that, they also have impressive 360-degree shaping. They also have the 2-ply waistband to accentuate the hourglass shape compliments.

The second and last is Denim Shaping Legging. This is the best choice if you prefer the legging comfort but opt for denim or jeans. It guarantees you everything in the world regarding the jeans legging fashion. They are available in 5 unique shades, matching your favorite heels and white button-down, besides sneakers and a tee.

The Best-Selling Yummie Bras

From the research, we found that Audrey Unlined Bralette was one of the most popular bras in the store. It is well known because it is always calm and features a temperature management fabric that creates a conducive airflow environment. It has adjustable straps with a simple v-neck or thin, complementing your tanks and tees. Because of the unique knit, it guarantees you light support as well. No more clasps, wires, and bobbles. These bras are designed using a blend of nylon, spandex, Tencel, and Outlast Viscose, which, at the end, flattens on the sides to help evade rolling.

The collection is so huge, and summing up our list is their collection of Yummie is Underwear. In this category, various shapers, thongs, and briefs are invisible and seamless when you match them with the form-fitting dress alongside polyester pants. Shapers are available in neutral shades, while seamless panties tend to shake the market because of the adventurous colors. The sizes range from XS to 3X.

The Ultralight Seamless Shaping Brief is popular in this option. It is designed to help your pooch be solid by making everything smooth in a calming and inviting tone. The briefs are available in 6 unique varieties that match your preference shade in the underwear wardrobe. They guarantee you a level 2 compression, and in reality, they are silky, soft, and lightweight, featuring the wide 2-ply waistband responsible for effectively flattering our tummy.

Customer Review

Though shapewear has existed for over 500 years, the material and manufacturing process keeps changing with advanced technology. The only way to verify this step is to consider what the customer says. Therefore, this section will delve into customer testimonials from different external sites.

The first on our list is Amazon, where the Yummie Women's Nina Sea scores 3.6 stars from 122 global ratings, and 40% of customers highly recommend the brand. On Shopbop, The Yummie reviews and ratings are impressive and come from varied customers. One of the customers on-site left a review for Yummie Underwear stating:-

"I wear them as undergarments daily; they are not complete shapewear, but they have a small tightness that I find ideal for regular use." I especially enjoy how they have rubber clinging around the thigh to keep them from riding up! My only reservation is that I prefer a darker complexion because the almond is too faint."

Moving to Zappos, there are a total of 9 review forms, of which 22% feature 5-star ratings while 33% are 4 stars, and this alone clearly indicates the customer satisfaction level, which is above average considering the style and comfort.

Heading to She Speaks, detailed customer testimonies surround this brand, and most importantly, customers are impressed by a 9.6-star rating of 10.This gives the Yummie Tummie Shapewear Tank tops an overall rating of 4.4 stars, where 96% of the customers recommend the company.

While on Rave and Review, the author gives us detailed feedback based on the experience of shopping and wearing this shapewear. The blog praises the extensive collection, unique shades to select from, and the fact that this brand serves every woman on the market in one way. The other site with an impressive review blog is Style Your Senses. Although it focuses on the Tummie tanks, it portrays a good reputation for this brand to thrive in the market.

There are many external sites and the likes of the Combo Reviews where the brand managed to scoop 4 4-star ratings, with a customer satisfaction rate of 8/10. The author compares positive and negative reviews to come to this conclusion. Unfortunately, Trustpilot only features one review, which leaves the bard with a 3.2-star average rating. Mama Stylista Though currently offline, the site is coming soon and contains perfect and encouraging testimony from the author.

Where to Buy Yummie Shapewear

Yummie Shapewear is a personal style apparel that you should not miss in your collection; therefore, to order these shaping clothes, head to their website at yummie.com and make the selection. You can even utilize the store locator tool on the website to get the nearest store based on your location.

Still, the research has also indicated that Yummie Shapewear is available in online retail stores for US-based customers. Some of the active and proven partners include:-

Is Yummie Shapewear Worth It?

If you are into trendy fashion, specifically shapewear, Yummie Shapewear should not be a brainer when selecting brands. This is one of the unique web-based companies that has received multiple recommendations and five-star ratings online. From the experience, customers were amazed not just by the safe and simple site but also by the safe nature of their products.

Their apparel guarantees customers much-needed comfort, confidence in the public, and effectiveness and is designed with high-quality materials and lasts longer. One thing we are sure of is the confidence this brand gives customers; this alone gives you a clear picture of the mission of this brand. They have an extensive collection of offers. These range from clothing & swim, carris & bikers, intimate & shape, and temp control, and also the collection features the plus size.

They have everything, at least for everyone on the market. Considering the brand's reputation, friendly pricing plan, style, and incredible variety, we are inclined to conclude that Yummie Shapewear is worth trying. Since the results are great, the brand is worth the investment.

Yummie Shapewear Discounts

While researching and writing Yummie Shapewear reviews, we were compelled, based on the brand review guidelines, to go beyond and give you different methods to save while shopping these Yummie Shapewear or apparel. Our eyewear on these got some offers, discounts, and promotions. First, the non-shaping styles on the website cost customers 30% off on all the collections.

To unlock this offer, use the promo code NONSHAPE30..when you are a new customer and sign up for the mail listing, you get 20% off on the first order from the official store. Still, there were other offers in the sales section, which you can consistently check. Besides accepting PayPal payments, they also have the buy now and pay later option through ZIP as an alternative payment method. When your order totals $75 and above, you can get free shipping; you should also find the exceptions here..

Yummie Shapewear Contact

It is evident that because of the time, our Yummie Shapewear review has not covered everything. For the sake of being content, you may have a pending question about the brand and its services, which we have not fully addressed. Thus, you can contact the support team in simple ways. The first method to contact the team is to email them, which they guarantee to reply to as soon as they see it at customercare@yummie.com.

Again, if your concern is more urgent, then connect with the team using their phone number at 888-986-6438. But remember that these support services are operational from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 9 pm, while on weekends, from 1 pm to 5 pm. On top of that, you can also engage with the team through their active social media accounts. These are Facebook pages, Twitter, or Instagram. The team is lively and ready to help you with clarification, updates, etc. Live support is still available.


Q. Who is the current owner of the Yummie brand?

From the research findings, the company is currently owned and operated by the CEO, Eric Rothfeld. The current owner got it from the founder, Heather Thomson.

Q. Where is the Yummie manufacturing plant located?

Though the site doesn't clarify where their shapewear is designed or made, none of the articles have information. However, from our research, we tried pulling the Sherlock Holmes and then traced their tagless tag, and the results indicate that the company manufactures their shapewear or apparel from China.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Yummie brand?

The company currently ships its products to the selected destinations. Currently, they offer shipping to Europe, the US, and Canada. For customers in the EU region, refer to the specific  EU website to get the necessary shipping requirements. For the US version,  the shipping information is as follows. In the contiguous US, Virginia Island, and Puerto Rico, standard shipping services cost you $8 and take 4 to 6 working days to deliver.

However, when you exceed the threshold, you get free shipping. In Alaska, Hawaii, and the Contiguous US, you can opt for express shipping that costs $20 and $10 when the order surpasses the threshold. The delivery time is estimated to be 2 to 3 working days. There is also the contiguous US overnight shipping that only takes one day to deliver, though it is somehow expensive.

It costs $40, and when the order surpasses the threshold, it will cost you $25 to ship your order. The Canada-based customer can use the standard shipping, and it takes 3 to 5 working days to deliver at the cost of $25, while it might be reduced to $15 when the order surpasses the minimum threshold requirements.

Otherwise,  the company takes 1 to 2 working days to process your order before shipping. But immediately after they ship the order, they will send you the tracking information alongside the confirmation mail through your official email address.

Q. What is the return policy of Yummie company?

If you are not satisfied with the Yummies shapewear or apparel, the company insists that you can return their items to the store for the next step. Above everything,  Yummie needs you to be 100% satisfied. To understand their return policy is simple. These guys slap you with a 30-day risk-free return window to initiate the return in case of anything. and initiating the process is simple. It is done through the portal, but you must have the order number and zip code.

You can access the prepaid shipping return label to attach to the package outside while returning. Once you are done, then drop your package at the post office, and the brand will take steps to review the returned products. They guarantee to return or refund your account within 7 working days. But note that though they give you a prepaid return shipping label, they deducted $%8 from your refund for this process. Although the process is not free, it makes everything more convenient when you return the package.


Yummie Shapewear fashion is taking the market by storm. The brand has become reputable because the designs focus on versatility, inclusive sizing, and comfort. Though expensive, conquering the high-end quality, a valuable addition to the wardrobe, and confidence-boosting benefits, the brand is worth investment. Make good use of the promotions, discounts, and many lucrative deals.

In the above review, we have explored the brand in detail, delved into the extensive collection, and seen what they offer for your needs and preferences. Revamp your fashion journey with these shapewear apparel today and right now.

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