Thirdlove Bra Review: Does It Worth the Hype?

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Thirdlove Bra is one of the best brand that offers high-quality and comfortable bras for all sizes, shapes, and band sizes of breasts. Read more to know about this brand and its products.

One of the best feelings that women have is the confidence that they are comfortable in anything they wear. When you wear underwear, there are a large number of brands that offer underwear. However, just a few focus more on the production of bras. If you have been looking at getting a nice comfortable bra to buy made of high quality, then it is the right decision to make. When making your decision, you need to pay close attention to some facts about a bra before getting one.

Comfort is a key factor to consider because you need to be very relaxed and comfortable when you wear your bra, you need to check for the firmness of the bra too. You don’t want to be wearing a bra that will slack off just after a short period. This is why this review aims to introduce you to a leading company that offers the best bra on the market.

Thirdlove Bra is a brand that offers high-quality and comfortable bras for all sizes. Do you want to know how to go about this brand? Probably you are confused about how to? Rest assured this brand will reveal all the necessary things you need to know about this brand and the services they offer. Reading this review will let you know if this brand is legit or not.

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Thirdlove Bra Review

Thirdlove Bra is a brand that offers high-quality and comfortable bras for all sizes. the brand offers bras that can fit any kind of breast based on shape, size, and band size. This review has found out that the brand has a very large social media presence with a lot of fans there. However, there is little or no information about the international publications that which this brand has been featured. This brand was founded by Ra’el Cohen and Heidi Zak in 2013. The mission of the brand is to create different kinds of bras that will fit any kind of breast comfortably.

They pay attention to the convenience and comfort of their customers when making these bras. The brand has its head office in San Francisco, California with several offices around the world. This review will take an in-depth look at the thoughts, testimonies, and ratings of this brand by their customers, the pros and cons of buying from this brand, the reasons why we like using this brand, the promos, discounts, some frequently asked questions, etc. This review will also give a verdict on this brand if the brand is okay for patronizing.

Thirdlove Bra Pros

Thirdlove Bra Cons

Why We Like Thirdlove Bra

If you are looking for the best kind of bra, this brand gives you the very best. They also offer a very wide variety of bras such as the T-shirt bras, lace, wireless, unlined, balconette, minimizer, plunge, maternity/nursing, multi-way, racerback, strapless, full coverage, uplift plunge, etc. You can get more from their website.

Customer Review

When you buy and you are satisfied with what you bought will surely make you give a complete 5-star rating. This customer review will look at the possible outcome of things the customers of this brand have experienced with this brand. In this review, we look at the thoughts, remarks, experiences, and ratings of loyal customers. As you know, no one will be quiet when he or she has not been satisfied with the service they got, it will be a waste of investment. We made use of several review websites to know what customers are saying about this brand.

However, we had to choose a single website to narrow our research to. It was an impressive outcome. The brand has a very high positive review on this website.

The brand’s website of Thirdlove Bra was used to carry out this customer feedback and rating. When you check there, you will see a 4.7-star rating for the brand with thousands of positive reviews. Most customers have found the bras to be very comfortable, convenient, and containing the perfect size of your breast. The shape, size, etc of your breast does not matter. There is always a perfect size for you.

I have a very large breast. So I used a big size. I was worried because I have been having an issue getting the right size of bra from other brands. I have this bran a trial and I am super happy because I got what I wanted.

Where to Buy Thirdlove Bra

You can buy Thirdlove Bras on their website, their retail stores offline, and some online retailers

Does V Shred sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found V Shred stores on Amazon.

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Is Thirdlove Bra Worth It?

The brand has a high positive review on its official website. It is confident for companies to be able to leave a section on their platform for customers to be able to make a review and say their minds on their products. This brand did not regret following in the same footsteps of others. The review I got is more than satisfactory. If you are looking for the best bra, why not go with this brand to enjoy comfort and convenience. High-quality at a reduced price is worth it, I will recommend this brand.

Thirdlove Bra Discounts

There are different ways to enjoy a reduced price for items from this brand

Thirdlove Bra Contact

You can contact this brand through several means for more information


Q. What is the return policy of Thirdlove Bra?

This brand offers a return policy of 60 days. If you are not satisfied with the bra you bought, there is a guarantee that you can make a return and request for a refund. You can also request an exchange instead of a refund. However, you are eligible for an exchange only when you are within the US. You can make a return request from Canada too but you will be charged $10 for the return fee. You can only make a return and not exchange internationally.

Q. What is the delivery policy of Thirdlove Bra?

The brand offers to ship all over the world. The shipping cost of the US and Canada differ from the rest of the countries. The brand offer standard, express, and overnight shipping within the US and Canada. You will pay $5 for standard shipping in the US and $10 for Canada shipping. Shipping time is within 4 to 7 days for the US and around 14 days for Canada. Enjoy free shipping when you order above $100 within the US and $200 within Canada. However, other international shipping times and costs are based on your location. There is no free shipping for international shipping.

Q. What is the sizing of the Thirdlove Bra like?

You can find over 80 sizes of bras on their website. You are 100 percent sure you will get a size that fits you so well. They offer sizes from the range of AA to I. you can use their bra finder on the website to ease your search.


Comfort and convenience are great factors when looking for quality bras. High quality, price, material, and how the bra fits you must blend with your convenience and comfort before you can rate the bra to be top-notch. Luckily, the brand pays more attention to making sure its customers are satisfied. This review will help you make a decision.

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