Wolven Review: Exploring Sustainable, Flattering Clothing with Unique Prints!

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Why is everybody raving about the Wolven brand? Then proceed with our review and learn with the experts in our honest review. If you want your favorite legging, then here is the reason why you need to trust Wolven.

With a large fan base and an extensive collection of leggings and accessories, Wolven has become a force to reckon with today's market. This review will help you decide whether to trust this company or choose a better alternative. There are endless firms that offer a large collection of leggings online. With one brand, it becomes challenging to remain loyal without trying out other options with unique features.

However, the fact remains that you love comfortable and cost-effective leggings made using sustainable materials. In this review, we will give you a clear view of the brand, explore the best-selling leggings and give you a reason to trust these guys. Try them; you may be their lifetime customer from experience, but here is our point of view from the company overview.

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Wolven Review

Wolven is a fashion brand offering exceptional leggings and other accessories. From the data, the company has a reputable fan base and a diverse collection of sustainable products covering all the flattering clothing for all genders featuring extra fun stand-out prints. Because of its reputation, and high-quality clothing, Wolven has been featured on famous media outlets like PopSugar, Yoga Journal, etc.

Still, it has an impressive social media presence. Wolven has a spectacular mission to achieve, making them rave among customers. The goal is to offer customers sustainable clothing to make them look sexy. Will Ryan founded the brand alongside Kira Jane, who happened to meet during their concert. Historically, Jane got inspiration from her mother's colorful eastern fabric clothing traced from the Pakistan Muslim.

She could go ahead and sewn personalized clothes to match their typical dresses. Ryan was engaging in filming studies elsewhere but had a vision of the fashion industry. The two duos became a couple, and in 2016, they decided to take their creative ideas to the next step to establish a brand to celebrate and emp[ower individuals worldwide. Through the sustainable initiative, they embraced recycled materials in the process.

They passed all tests by other bodies like the Global recycled standard, OEKO-TEX, etc. Going the extra mile, the company has partnered with Climate Neutral to help manage the eco-footprint while working on reducing their emission. All the online accreditations are traced to have come from their active footwear because they are made using carbon-neutral, and they clarify that every purchase you order plays a vital part in reducing ocean waste.

While they play a part in the legwork, customers have a task to take it to the next level through their transparent conscience. In many cases, you have come across wolven bathing suits as well, but this company has established a strong presence online from their leggings, dresses, t-shirts, and crop tops. If you are into chakra legging, the Wolven has got your back. Before we explore the best-selling Wolven clothing, here highlight the pros and cons.

Wolven Pros:

Wolven Cons:

Why We Like Wolven

Wolven has your back if you have ever dreamed about activewear and leggings. This ethical brand offsets sustainable programs, ranging from rainforest conservation to landfill methane capture. Their clothing is made in Los Angeles using locally available resources, and other products are shipped from China.

The WCA also certifies the company because they promote a good employer and staff working environment with fair wages. Wolven, therefore, has a large collection of clothing to select from. Because of the time and challenges you might encounter while making choices, we would like to guide you through the highlights of this company's best-selling activewear, leggings, and other accessories.

The Best-Selling Wolven Activewear

Wolven has a large collection in the activewear category, but we intend to bring you some of the best-selling, which range from leggings to tops. However, we accept Wolven is popular because of the yoga and workout attire, but we still insist they are multi-purpose. The clothing is functional and comes in different styles targeting different occasions.

Leading up is the Onyx Double Cross Top through crop top; it is mid-coverage and features digital criss-cross straps at the back. It is ideal for any task and more versatile than you think. Perfect for the lat pulldown while working out in the gym, they make you attractive. It has moisture and air-wicking fabrics hence incredibly comfortable. They are available in five colors.

The Wolven Zephyr Keyhole Top comes second, and this is among the essentials you need because they come with an eye-catching print in different shades. It also has a serpent toten at the middle of the shirt signifying the new start as well as transformation. Coupling this with the adjustable halter traps and cutout info makes this top reversible and good for switching to solid black form intricate design alongside the attractive patterns.

The company has a unique and popular Wolven Onyx Yoga Top ranking among the bestseller yoga top. It has a super soft tank crop to strike a warrior pose. You can make this your unique staple piece which the company renamed the LBD of workout wear. They are available in different colors and at an affordable price. The list is never complete without Zephyr One Shoulder Top, which falls under the best reversible tops.

The shirt comes in 4 potential styles: rockfall casual, turn straps inside out, and black cut out. You can add a basic keyhole to your fashion and enjoy the double-lined shirt with the odor-resistant ideal for outdoor indie concerts and yoga sessions. The last here is Indigo Yoga Top, as the name suggests, but it features a scoop neck and racerback. Though it is comfortable, it is tight-fitting and made with fabric hence a 4-way stretch. It is available in vibrant colors online and matches numerous yoga pants or leggings.

The Best-Selling Wolven Leggings

Next after activewear is the legging, and in this section, we will cut across the best-selling leggings for you to choose from or see what is trending to get started with from their collection. The options range from super lowkey to personal styles. Those social peacocks, we have your best here. Onyx Bell Bottom ranks above everything as it is attractive, and you don't have to squeeze your struggle to match the digital fashion.

Most people have complimented the versatility of legging through the style of the 70s; it is timeless and ideal for any occasion. It has a fun flair at the bottom of the knee that hugs the curves to offer support. They are sexy and super flexible. Harmony Ruched Crossover Leggin is another no-brainer legging and the perfect addition to your fashion.

It features a unique pattern with different shades. The kaleidoscope-style purple star allows you to cover your pants with the crossover design at the waistband. The pants are stretchy and ideal for workouts and casual routines. They match with the perfect sneaker and crop top. Summit Pocket Legging is here for you if you are a minimalist in shades yet prefer soft and fun patterns on the legging.

The colors are not boring but feature a cross and diamond pattern hence eccentric and classic simultaneously. They come with side pockets to hold your properties while on the session. Before anything else, Wolven also has Pocket Bike Short on the market, taking over the industry by storm. You can never miss out on this essential in our workout gear as they offer coverage while in dress cycling and running.

Customer Review

When it comes to customer feedback, Wolven has scored mixed reactions online. Starting with their official website, wolven.com, the company has excellent ratings scored from 2879 customer feedback. Most praise the fitting, adorable shades and amazing high-quality material. Stepping up further, we have Trustpilot on the way, and judging from the 60 reviews, the company scores a poor 2.2 stars. Only 30% gave it 5 stars. The rest complained. However, we managed to get positive feedback stating:-

"These are the best environmentally friendly clothing I've bought in a long time." I am extremely picky about the companies that I support. Once I discovered Wolven on Instagram, I loved that they were a female-founded small firm and that all their clothes were sustainably created."

On the Things Testing website, three impressive 3.6 stars rating after analyzing 6 reviews. Generally, people are happy with the purchase. The same applies to Glassdoor, but with 5 reviews, the brand gets a 1-star rating. On PopSugar, the author outlines some best-selling products targeting women's clothing and gives us the features and pricing.

Women's Health website rates the brand as the next best thing to keep you naked, and the author loves supporting such firms. From the reviews, the Wolven seems impressive because of its stretching nature, sustainability, and transparency. However, they score poorly on the BBB site.

Generally, Wolven is a company to give a try. Though they have many mixed reactions online, it's worth it if you prefer sustainable and ethical companies.

Where to Buy Wolven

The Wolven company offers many products, from activewear to leggings and other workout gear. That is awesome, but we encourage you to place orders from the official store wolventhreads.com to purchase these products.

Alternatives, this research also reveals that some of the Wolven products are available from online stores. some of these include:-

Does Wolven sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Wolven stores on Amazon.

Is Wolven Worth It?

This is where this review has to delve into the finer details and base the verdict on their website's customer feedback, experience, and claims. We are happy to report that the company has been engaging in the ethical products process, which their activities offset the fight to eliminate the emissions to the environment. In short, their products are sustainable.

Most online customers highly recommend the brand, and investors have fallen in love with the comfort found in their activewear, legging, and other accessories, such as the cute appearance. The clothing is perfect for any occasion as you can select from a massive collection designed for different activities, including high-intensity workout clothing and partying occasions dresses. Coupling these with eye-catching designs as well as a flattering appearance, it becomes the company's selling point.

Besides these, the firm also ensures that its workers and the environment are safe. Hence these carbon-neutral clothing and accessories are expensive but high quality and durable. Wolven offers free returns to US-based customers; there is access to the company's end to make changes where international customers are experiencing issues.

Equally, the products are still available through local retail stores in your area, making it convenient. When operating on a fixed budget, the company gives you afterpay and Klarna, a perfect alternative payment option through 4 installments. Therefore, if you prefer sustainable, high-quality clothing for all occasions, try this trendsetting brand. You should love their activewear as they're perfectly fitting, eye-catching, and long-lasting. We wholeheartedly check out this brand as worth your attention for your next fashion shopping.

Wolven Discounts

The Wolven brand is not left behind when searching for discounts and promotions while purchasing its products. When writing this review, we compiled a list of the few lucrative deals online but remembered they are subject to future changes. They claim that you will have access to numerous deals when you join the Wolfpack.

True, they have affiliate programs running on the site, and on every purchase you make, they ensure that 1 Lb of trash is removed from the ocean. Currently, there are lucrative sales on the site, and it's only applicable on the exclusive styles, which go upto 75% off. In the sales section, they have frequent sales as well.

Still, when you sign up for the newsletter and mailing list, you qualify for 15% off on the first purchase. Special reward programs give you multiple tasks like purchasing, engagement on social media platforms, etc. Lastly, they offer you the option to refer your friend and earn $50 store credit for every successful process. Keep checking the website for deals.

Wolven Contact

If the review has not addressed your issues and you are left with a hanging question that needs clarification, we suggest you connect with the Wolven technical support team. The Team is available online, and the good thing is that they have provided multiple methods to connect them. Starting with the phone number, you can call (626) 552-9462 or send them a message on the live chat button available on their website.

That is if your concern needs an urgent response. Other options exist if it's a general question, like composing a mail and addressing the  orders@wolventhreads.com for general and return-related questions. When your question is about the press, then send it to the address nomaste@wolventhreads.com.

Still, you can fill in the contact form, and they will reply to you immediately if the support team is available. Going further, you can access the marketing team through social media platforms. This allows you to follow them, seek clarification, and access lucrative deals on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., anytime.


Q. What size range does the Wolven brand offer in its collection?

This review has also gone into detail and highlighted the sizing of their available activewear, considering the body and all sizes. Women's clothing is broken down as one piece, starting at XS, going to XLwhich is 00-2 to 14-16, while bottoms and tops range from XS to XXL, which is 00-2 through to 18-20. Still, some styles under women's activewear come in petite sizes. However, in the collection, the size starts from XS to XL in men's activewear.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Wolven brand?

This is where you will get all details on how much the company charges you to ship and where they currently ship. Wolven offers international shipping worldwide, but all US-based orders get free shipping, whereas international orders must meet a threshold to be shipped free. Therefore, if you are outside the US, expect your order delivery to take at least 10 to 20 working days.

The US orders can be shipped using carriers such as Fedex, which takes 2 working days and costs $3 when your order falls below $99, but USPS takes 1 -3 working days to deliver, which is free. Note that there is no fixed rate for the international orders. Charges depend on your destination. For instance, the first class USPS takes 7 to 14 working days to deliver for $4 without prepaid duties and tax, except for Canadian customers.

Standard international shipping costs $2.5 and above delivery time ranges from 8 to 14 working days. Then DHL expresses worldwide costs between $16-30, and delivery ranges from 1 to 3 days. Then lastly, FedEx international priority charges $20 while delivery is expected within 1 to 3 working days.

Q. What is the return policy of Wolven?

Within days of delivery, the company gives you the option to return your order in case you feel unsatisfied. However, for the return to be eligible, the products must remain brand new and unworn, then presented to the company featuring tags. If you have purchased the sustainable swimsuit, it must still have its original protective lining.

However, when you have received an order with offers of 20% off and above or all the pre-ordered items are only valued, you'd seek the store credit, not a refund, to your account. If you miss the above mentioned window period, that should not worry you anymore. There is still an option to request the store credit or go for the exchange, which only lasts for 60 days from the delivery date.

If you are based in the US, exchange shipping is free. Also, note that international delivery is only guaranteed for the return for the refund, and there is no option for exchange. All the overseas return shipping is passed on to the customer to pay.


Wolven is one of the top competitors in the activewear market because of its competitive pricing, trendy products, and multiple offers. If you are looking for an exceptional garment, then Wolven is here to stay through its sustainable material sourcing, inspired design, and ethical practices. In the above review, we have seen that Wolven offers customers breathable garments which are odor resistant and simple to maintain with guaranteed durability. Give it a try today and live with no regrets as the company presents you with an impressive return and international shipping policy. It's worth the investment.

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