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Ever seen an attire, whether hat or other apparel, dubbed 47 Brand? Most people are left wondering what that means. If it is a brand or just a by-the-way name, in this article on the 47 brand hats review, we shall delve into the brand's background, check out its hats, and unveil how it operates.

47 Brand is an influential sports apparel and streetwear brand. Their hats are popular globally as they are branded with leagues and team logos. From fashion enthusiasts to sports fans, the brand has attracted a lot of follow-ups and is considered a reputable brand for its unique and fashion-forward products. It deals in several products, including headwear, apparel, and other accessories. Here is 47 brand hats review;

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What is The Background of 47 Brand Hats?

At just twelve years of age, twin brothers Arthur and Henry D’ Angelo discovered a lucrative idea of making and selling sports hats. The idea was driven by their customers' unwavering support of various sports teams. The duo who were initially selling sports memorabilia bought a building next to the stadium from where they could carry out their new business and later expanded to include sports apparel and accessories.

The '47 brand was established in 1947 in Boston and has grown to become an influential brand globally with headquarters in Boston and Dedham. The company was initially known as “Twins Enterprise” but changed to ‘47 brand in 2010. Arthur, alongside his four sons, continued to run the business after the demise of Henry in 1987.

The brand is now licensed to brand its hats and apparel with logos representing Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and more than 900 American Colleges. However, it does not supply official hats and attire to the teams

1. 47 Brand Atlanta Braves ‘47 Clean-Up Review

The 47 Brand Atlanta Braves is a favorite cap among sports fans and casual wearers. Strolling across the beach, hiking, and watching your favorite match at the stadium during summer cannot be perfect without the Atlanta Braves ’47 Clean Up hat. The hat is designed with an adjustable strap to fit any size and is available in different colors and with team logos and branding at the front and side.

It is very breathable and comfortable, as it is made with cotton and twill fabric.

2. 47 Brand Texas Rangers Camo ‘47 Clean-Up Review

The Texas Rangers Camo '47 Clean Up is designed with a washed-out camo pattern for a classy, already-worn street look. It is made with cotton and polyester. It contains ranger prints with an embroidered logo at the front and a snapback closure giving it a uniquely modern and edgy look.

It is suitable for hiking and urban streetwear. If you’re looking for a more unique and stylish hat from the ‘47 Brand Hats, you should consider this one.

It costs $26.

3. 47 Brand Hartford Yard Goats ‘47 Clean-Up Review

The beige shade 47 Brand Clean Up hat embraces the Minor League Baseball (MiLB) with a goat embroidery, thus a favorite mascot. Best styled casual, and it is a timeless design.

4. 47 Brand Montgomery '47 Clean-Up Review

That name sounds childish, right? I know. The 47 Brand Montgomery is a fantastic headwear with a relaxed and curved adjustable strap-back. The raised embroidery of a minor-league logo reflects the unwavering support of minor-league fans.

5. 47 Brand Classic Black ‘47 Clean-Up Review

If you don’t like printed hats, the Black ’47 Clean Up baseball cap is a versatile option for anyone. Besides the adjustable strap, it has a curved brim for easy customization to your liking. It comes in four numerous shades and is suitable for sports fans and fashion enthusiasts who like a relaxed look with a low profile.

6. 47 Brand Hartford Whalers Vintage ‘47 Franchise New Review

The Franchise New hat features a curved brim with an adjustable strap to fit your liking. Also, it has a relatively more structured design with an embroidered “Canes forerunner against a blue or green background” logo at the front. The Hartford Whalers Vintage ’47 Franchise New is suitable for a casual look. It is made with a blend of cotton and polyester and has a distinctive vintage look.

It comes in numerous fits from S to XL.

7. 47 Brand Americana 1776 ‘47 Clean Up Review

The Americana 1776 is a patriotic-inspired cap. It is designed with a logo at the front of a 13-star ring within which the year America got its independence, "1776," is set.

You, too, can pay respect for such a significant milestone stylishly with the American 1776 ’47 Clean Up.

8. 47 Brand Los Angeles Dodger ‘47 MVP Review

The '47 Brand MVP hat is a great option for a hugging fit. It is designed as a one-size-fits-all with hooks and a closure loop for adjusting to fit. It is also made with a blend of stretchy cotton and spandex to fit well. The curved brim makes it more appealing without forgetting the raised embroidered team logo at the front.

The Los Angeles Dodgers ’47 MVP comes in several colors and is an excellent option for a casual look or sporting activities.

Why Should You Choose ‘47 Brand Hats as Your Baseball Hat Brand?

When choosing a baseball hat brand, there are several things we look out for, like the quality of its hats, fitting, price, and the brand itself. But why should you consider '47 Brand Hats?

Does 47 Brand Offer Discounts on its Product Line?

Yes. '47 brand offers a 15% discount to first-time users once they sign up for their newsletter through email. You can check the company's website (47 Outlet) for their latest discount offers.

Where to Buy ‘47 Brand Hats?

You can order directly from their website (47 Outlet) if you're confident of what you want. Otherwise, outlets like Amazon, Lids, NFL Shop, Sport Chek, MLB Shop, and Fanatics are more convenient.

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What Does The 47 On The Hats Mean?

47 is an iconic brand name borrowed from the year the Italian immigrant twins Arthur and Henry D' Angelo began selling sports newspapers-1947. Initially, the brand name was "Twins Enterprise" until 2010, when it changed to 47 Brand.

Does 47 Brand Have Free Returns?

No, the brand does not cater to return shipping charges. In case of any complaint about an item you purchased, a 60-day return policy applies. You should return the item within 60 days of receiving it, in perfect condition as you received it, accompanied by a printed copy with your email address, name, order number, and product.


47 Brand hats are stylish and comfortable. With numerous designs, prints, and styles available, you'll definitely get one or more that can suit you despite the size of your head. Considering the detailed information provided in this 47 Brand hats review, you'll boldly make the right choice and showcase your die-hard support for your favorite sports team. If you’re looking for a fashion-forward, vintage, and perfectly worn style, 47 is your brand.

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