TomboyX Underwear Review: Is It Truly Redefining Inclusivity and Comfort In the Apparel Industry?

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Are you looking for a non-gender binary brand engaging in designing and providing apparel and underwear? Look no further as here comes the Tomboyx Underwears. Please read our review and examine it keenly.

Going through the monthly periods in public does not make you feel comfortable. This results in low self-esteem, which eats deep into your confidence. However, there is always a solution and protection if you are woke. Diva cups, tampons, and pads all have benefits and downsides. Moreover, the less-known hero of the menstrual period is period underwear.

Though, in most cases, period underwear might feel the same as standard underwear, there is always a clear-cut difference. Period underwear absorbs the blood and does not feel like a diaper. The odor and irritation from the menstrual cycle suck in public, but with the right tool, you are always protected. With the period Underwear aside, there also comes the typical underwear.

While most brands only offer underwear to remain comfortable, few focus on sustainability and flexibility. These alone describe our best TomboyX Underwear. In this review thus, we will base our discussion on TomboyX underwear, evaluate what favorite apparel they offer online, explore the customer feedback online, and assess if the brand offers promotions or other lucrative deals. With all the above, we will introduce the brand and gauge its worth.

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TomboyX Underwear Review

Regardless Of gender and age, as well as sizing, TomboyX is here to offer you an extensive collection of underwear as well as apparel designed for everyone. The main goal of this brand is to develop through inclusivity. This means their garments are non-gender binary on the market. Since the company offers high-quality underwear for all genders, they have become popular.

They have a large audience base on social media platforms from Instagram to Facebook. They have been featured in significant publications based on their popularity, and you can witness the blogs in The New York Times, Forbes, etc. They have built a reputation through their unique approach in the underwear industry.

If we go into the honest and accurate history,m then TomboyX was founded by Naomi Gonzalez and her husband, Fran Dunaway, who launched the brand in 2012—the mission to design and sell fitting underwear on the regular body. The goal was to establish a product that would make every customer feel good, elevate their confidence and ensure that comfort is at its peak.

Today TomboyX has headquarters facilities built in Seattle. This is the same place where these guys have organized a team to handle the gender norms of underwear pairs from one to the next. That being said, we now focus on the pros and cons of TomboyX underwear and the general experience.

TomboyX Underwear Pros:

TomboyX Underwear Cons:

Why We Like TomboyX Underwear

In this TomboyX Underwear review, we also want to explain why you must select this brand. The company does not only offer you high-quality underwear for men and women but also gives you a considerable extension of clothing and swimwear to select from.

All these come in different sizes, designs, specs, and shades to meet all your needs. For this reason, we will explore many best-selling apparels, from underwear to clothing. This is obtained based on our experience and customer testimonials.

The Best-Selling TomboyX Underwear

under this category, the company gives you access to underwear and bars ideal for anybody the user has. The bars range from boxer briefs to thongs, sports bras, and ruching. For any preference you have, the company has you covered. All these underwear are tested for quality and come with a satisfaction guarantee to make you confident and comfortable in public.

So, starting up our list is one-of-a-kind 6” Fly Boxers. These are mid-length boxer briefs to make you bold. These boxers highlight your ideal asset, make you feel good, and bring out your personality. Going for the classic black, it features rainbow stripes at the waistband, which highlights the pride.

Their waistbands are designed with the stay-put silk soft fabric to avoid slipping or pinching you. They are also made using spandex as well as nontoxic cotton without chafing effects. There are also other shades you can select depending on your preferences. Otherwise, they are all mid-rise fit and have a faux fly where the size ranges from SM to 4L.

Second, is the Essentials Soft Bra. Though we might focus on the rainbow black, the site has numerous shades. All these brands can radiate coolness, give you confidence and guarantee comfort. They feature a unique exuding classic style. The classic black features the rainbow-striped chest band, which is mainly here to help you feel secure and proud. These brands come with light support without padding and underwire as they are designed with spandex and toxin-free cotton. The sizing is regular XS to 54X.

Compression Top comes last under this category. This top is designed to bring you the binding effect, guaranteeing maximum comfort, which gives you freedom in your daily routine. However, you must understand that while typical binders have breathing challenges,  this compression top gives you chest comfort with no side effects. The front and back of those tops feature a power mesh line. Looking at the materials, they are designed with a blend of elastane and polyamide nylon.

These tops are well known for their full chest coverage ability, with the slight neckline allowing you to wear the underneath shirt. People usually use it as an athletic top for short users. You can select the black or silver shade ranging from XS to 4X.

The Best-Selling TomboyX Swimwear

There are different things you need to consider here before ordering this swimwear. The selection is vast, but you can select either one piece or separate, go for the underrated pattern, or opt for the bold. The option depends on your preferences. Therefore, in this section, we will only feature two of the most popular swimwear on the site and regarding the customer ratings.

The first is Swim Racerback Zip Top. The swimwear is cleverly designed and always fun to wear. With it, you can easily frolic through water all time without issues. This swimwear is designed ready for action featuring mesh-lined panels found at the front for support. There is also a front zip to easily hook or loop closure. The company understands diversity and appreciates everybody.

Thus, The first si Swim Racerback Zip Top comes with different unique patterns as well as shades. The rainbow highlights are designed using a blend of spandex and polyester, featuring UPF 50 sun protection.

Furthermore, their tops are still antibacterial, moisture-wicking, breathable, and odor resistant. They come with the chitosan treatment. The treatment relies on the shrimp and crab shells rather than synthetic elements, reaching its sustainable vision among the swimwear. The sizes of their swimwear start from XS to 4X, while shades are different.

The second and last is Swim 4.5 Shorts. These shorts ensure full coverage and perfect fitting without slipping while wet. For instance, the neo-Narwhal print ensures the shorts are impressive conversation and fun pieces. They highlight the playful side of you. Like other swimwear, these shorts are moisture-wicking, odor resistant, antibacterial, and breathable. Besides, the UPF 50 Sun protection also features the same chitosan treatment. Are designed with a blend containing spandex and polyester. The shades start from black to rainbow pride stripes. The sizes are all the same.

The Best-Selling TomboyX Clothing

The brand also offers customers all the essential clothing to revamp their wardrobe. Moreover, in the design, you will find multiple pieces of clothing, from joggers to hoodies, tees, tanks, hats, socks, and pajamas. However, this section will only highlight details on the two best-selling TomboyX Clothing.

Racerback Tank has become popular among customers on the internet. This is because, with this tank, you can quickly speak your mind. The classic white racerback design is timeless and features a vital message. They are designed but very strong and come with the screen print and brand rainbow flag. Racerback Tank uses sustainably sourced materials, a tagless neckline, and toxin-free cotton. It also features 100 % OEKO-TEX-certified cotton as material. After that, they are tested for fitting and size.

The last option here is the Tee. This Tee from the company represents its #HumanAgenda. The clothes are the basic shirt that screams self-acceptance and symbolizes love for all people. It is an all-day wear shirt designed with OEKO-TEX-certified cotton. The collection is extensively built from our review; these are enough as your starting point. Order one with a single click on the site.

Customer Review

The proof is vital for a brand to convince potential customers. We have seen that TomboyX has an extensive store collection of underwear, clothing, and other accessories featuring unique designs. Well, that is fine, but who knows? This is where customer testimonials come into play. We are here to set everything straight.

Starting from the official website, has a simple website giving up the option to shop from any location with any currency. Trustpilot also presents us with 4.1 stars rating but with only 6 reviews. This reputation is a clear indication customers are happy, and as evidence, one claimed:-

"I've been coming here for decades. I appreciate the high quality of the products and the prompt delivery. As a person who lives in Europe, I appreciate that taxes are included in the price, so I don't have to wait any longer or pay any extra for it to arrive."

The Quality Edit still features a fantastic blog covering activewear, swimwear, underwear, and clothing apparel. In conclusion, the author gives us five reasons to fall for this brand, from variety to high quality and sustainable materials. On the Reviews.Io, the site comes up with 1678 reviews that give the firm a rating of 4.6 stars. Most verified purchasers cover different insights and praise the brand's reliability, comfort, and lucrative deals.

Amazon comes next, and the Boxer Briefs underwear for women scores 4.7 stars highlighting 509 global ratings. Most customers compliment the fitting, comfort, and long inseam nature. We accessed the blog from Reviewed, where the author gained confidence with this underwear. Praises the brand for being gender inclusive. It then concludes with the fact that you need to shop at the brand store. Things Testing features 5 reviews giving thecompany5 stars. The happy client leaves terrific reviews here.

Another worthy site is Insider. The review highlights the features of the brand, their underwear, the collection, their gender inclusivity, and comfort in these underwear and accessories and concludes that the company is here to forever change your standard. Closing our external site is Reddit. Here, a Reddit thread focuses on these traveler underwear ranked as gender-neutral performance underwear. It's just a click to enjoy the compliments on the site.

Most customers have complimented TomboyX apparel complimenting the perfect fitting, comfort, gender inclusive, sustainability, and high quality, with a vast collection to select from. This is a  go-to brand for all underwear, swimwear, and clothing needs.

Where to Buy TomboyX Underwear

Suppose the above TomboyX Underwear customer testimonials have amazed you, and you want to try out these underwear or other accessories. In that case, we will direct you to a reliable and trusted store to purchase. We pray that TomboyX will open one of the trustworthy official stores to order the items.

However, at the moment, they have a site,, from where you can have an extensive collection of underwear and other things. This is a direct store connecting you with the manufacturer. However, our research also indicates that these TomboyX Underwear are on the market online. You can still purchase from the retailers. Some of them though not limited to, they include:-

Related Amazon Store You Maybe Like,   

Is TomboyX Underwear Worth It?

Though most customers might be shying away from the company's pricing plan, when you compare the quality of these underwear collections to select from, and the fact that these underwear are made locally in the US, the brand is worth that pricing. Still, they engage in ethical manufacturing practices that fairly pay their workers enough wages.

Their loyal following speaks volumes. There are numerous customers online praising this TomboyX brand. From our experience, we never had issues with the return or shipping cases, as everything was swift. A few customers do not like this underwear but appreciate the effort and everything the firm is working on, irrespective.

Therefore, if you want to feel comfortable in your skin and feel the power of sustainable products and eco-friendly brands, a favorable shipping policy, and many perks for loyal customers, thus we are confident that  TomboyX Underwear is worth your time. Through their gender-fluid products, they also give back to the community.

TomboyX Underwear Discounts

Just like other brands, TomboyX gives customers unique ways to save. While it might be using a different approach, they save your budget. Currently, the company gives customers 20% off on the selected swim apparel, which is automatically added to the cart. There is also free shipping when you meet the threshold requirement, which changes with time. Follow them up through the collection for frequent sales.

You can also join the reward program, and if you are based in the US, you get free shipping and access to the latest deals. There is also an option to request birth gifts, student and teacher discounts on the platform. Sign up for the mailing list and get all the updates. Above everything, loyalty programs give you points that you can redeem. First orders get you free shipping regardless of the amount.

TomboyX Underwear Contact

Our review might be shallow, but you can always request more anytime. Thus, in case you have a pending query, make sure you ask the company support team. Since we are here to give you full info, we have also researched methods to contact these guys. Among the methods you can consider is filling out the contact form on their website or composing an email and sending it through

They even give us the phone number when you need urgent help at +1 203 902 4821. Lastly, if you are a social media enthusiast, follow these people on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get updates, get your queries answered, and many more.


Q. Where is the TomboyX company headquartered?

In the above review, we have seen that TomboyX is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. However, they have a warehouse situated in Nevada, where they ship from.

Q. Does TomboyX offer customers discreet packaging?

Definitely, but the customer has the option to select the ideal packaging. This is plain packaging available at the checkout point. This involves plain shipping bags that do not have the brand logo printed.

Q. Where does TomboyX ship its apparel to?

TomboyX shipping service is straightforward. For those customers based in the US region, you can select the deal delivery date at the checkout and then leave the rest to them. The brand helps you pick the carrier as well as the ideal rate so that you have your order delivered as you want. Thus, shipping charges highly depend on the delivery date you have selected. Immediately after they have processed an order in transit, they send customer confirmation and a tracking code.

However, we have noted that the estimated delivery time might not be guaranteed, and we expect shipping delays. Still, TomboyX offers international shipping. However, you must also pay the duties at the checkout while purchasing products. This simplifies the next steps, and the customer is guaranteed what they will receive. If not express order, all the shipping takes about 2 to 3 weeks. Both international and domestic order brands rely on the carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Q. Does TomboyX accept returned apparel?

The brand's apparel comes with a love-at-first-wear guarantee. The company insists that you try their first pair of underwear risk-free to help you locate the perfect fitting one. However, if these first pair or 3 packs do not impress you, email the support team through and initiate the refund, if not the store credit for the next purchase. This case does not apply to swimwear, bras, multipacks, and apparel. Customers have up to 30 days to return the products to the store for a refund.

However, the company will only accept the return when their items are unworn and do not feature any damage or are in their original packaging. TomboyX sends customers a prepaid shipping label once they initiate the return. Print it and attach it to your order. Immediately after the carrier scans the item, they return them to the warehouse. You can now get the store credit if you do not prefer the exchange items. But international returns customers must incur the return shipping charges and they do not qualify for the exchange.


TomboyX is your dream brand if you have been struggling to purchase more masculine and stylish underwear. Their extensive underwear and other apparel collections are designed to be sleek and authentic. Our review has highlighted the profound online reputations and testimonies as a clear indication that customers are satisfied with the brand.

We have shared our favorite items under each category, and our conclusion here justifies that the firm is eco-friendly, offers size-inclusive apparel, and considers social responsibility above everything; TomboyX underwear is designed with comfort in mind. Change your underwear standard with TomboyX company starting today.

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