Scotch Porter Review: Why Say It Is One-Stop Solution for Men's Grooming?

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Are you thinking of enhancing your manscaping and grooming experience? Scotch Porter is available at your rescue with affordable, effective, and safe grooming products. Read our honest review and find out if they live to offer what they promise.

If you aspire to grow your beard or hair, you must also take care of your skin and hair as a man. Thus, grooming products become your daily partners and your routine master. However, these products must come from the high-profile beard gang brand. Before that, you must have a few aspects at your fingertip. Men must treat their beards like the TLC in the hair of the head.

The daily routine includes treatment, moisturizing, conditioning, and often trimming. But the process must be less burdensome to make your experience impressive. This means you need practical, safe, and the right products to maximize your experience and achieve your goal. This is where the phenomenal brand Scotch Porter comes into play.

The company promises to cover men for all the grooming ends, but we need to justify these claims and determine if it is worth the investment. We will thus explore the brand in detail, go deep into its best-selling packages, customer feedback, and discounts, connect and then evaluate at the end. Let us start with the company development to date.

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Scotch Porter Review

Scotch Porter, though based in the US, is a brand that offers all men's products as personal grooming is concerned. The brand guarantees to give men safe, affordable, and effective products while enhancing their experience. The former barber designs these products; hence they have products to care for your beard, skin, and hair under one collection.

The company was founded in 2015 under the management and leadership of Calvin Quallis, who later left the brand and went on to operate his barbershop. He followed his mother's footsteps as claimed. Thus, the founder encountered much of this from the customer, raising the challenges they face on not just their skin but also their hair and beard, including razor burns and notorious.

To help alleviate the issues, the founder started experimenting with some of the products through his kitchen and products with unique homemade solutions. In the solution, Quallis utilized non-toxic, sustainable, and safe ingredients, and it is through these experiments that gave rise to the famous Scotch Porter brand The history of the brand is wholesome in reality.

Today, Scotch Porter has developed, upgraded, and now offers multiple products and design products dedicated to handling skin, hair, and beard worldwide. These products are also available in popular department stores like Walmart, Target, etc. The company is changing since its inception as it remains at the roots of its origin, and its products are made in the US.

This firm is also ranked and claims to be proud of its 100% black employee workforce, where 45% are women, including the team of executives. Therefore, we rank this company because it aims to encourage black engagement, and representation in their workforce, engaging in stands against sexism as well as being progressive.

On top of that, they are part of the black lives matter and the feminism game. Today, these guys have also extended the collection store, offering men's health products. From their Instagram and blog websites, they encourage men to take care of their mental health besides focusing on their physical appearance. They also give back to society through the campaign #DaretocaCare which deals with the issues of toxic masculinity.

We respect the brand, and hats off to them. Scotch Porter aims to give men confidence in public, and if you are trying to stay committed to the brand, we have condensed the experience into the pros and cons here for you. Make a comparison fast and start a grooming journey.

Scotch Porter Pros:

Scotch Porter Cons:

Why We Like Scotch Porter

As a man, general appearance is vital on top of your fashion. Hence, Scotch Porter has everything under one roof if you need grooming, hair, and skincare products. Their products are not only vegan and safe to use, but they are also effective, come with a favorable return policy, and the brand ships their products internationally. Therefore, there are many reasons to be proud of this brand. And if you want to try it, you should not get stuck on where to start. We have you sorted with the basic and best-selling packages.

The Best-Selling Scotch Porter Products Collection

Scotch Porter Sets are one of the outstanding moves to get from the firm. This contains products that serve you with all your skin, hair, and beard goals. Besides getting these favorite products separately, you can opt for this set containing various products at a discounted price. The three main sets are the Face care collection, Superior Hair Collection, and Beard Collection.

Besides focusing on general products, you should also target a particular body goal. The company has an impressive Scotch Porter Beard package with a unique scent profile for the beard. Under this beard collection, you will have access to the masculine thought blend of the floral carnation containing a subtle note of sandalwood, spicy undertones, and powdery must. This collection aims to help customers soften, moisturize, and ensure they have healthy and thicker hair growth.

The main ingredients in these products are burdock roots, nettle leaf, white willow bark, and Biotin Liposomes. Specifically, biotic is responsible for making your hair stronger, dry skin and flaking reduction is achieved through willow, while burdock controls itching and root strengthening. Then lastly, the hair gets vitamins to appear shiny or healthier from the Nettle leaf.

The Beard Collection has 4 essential products in the store. These are beard serum, beard balm, beard wash, and beard conditioner, available from their website. These guys insist that the customer start with the wash before proceeding with the conditioner at least three times a week and finish up with balm and serum. The serum is powerful as it contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients from jojoba and avocado seed oil. The products are packaged in an attractive style and bottled in navy shade featuring a white cap with labels.

The next product collection focuses on hair. Therefore, you can opt for the Scotch Porter Hair collection. Besides a scent profile, the collection has a  cooling sophistication naturally sourced from a blend of cardamon, soft amber woods, bergamot, and lavender. The information on their website claims these hair collections are effective with all hair types to keep it healthy, non-oily, scalp managed, and moisturized. It contains the white willow bark ingredient for falk reduction, which guarantees protection.

On top of the ingredients, there are also kale proteins for extra moisturizing power. There are five products in this collection. These are Smooth & Shine hair serum, smooth hair balm, hydrating hair wash, moisture-rich leave-in-hair conditioner, and the Nourish & Repair hair conditioner. The products are not just bought as a collection; customers can also purchase individual and present vegan ingredients that give you shiny, soft, and hydrated hair condition. The bottles and packaging are identical to the beard collection.

The last resort here is Scotch Porter Skin Care. Most people compliment the scent of this face care collection as the natural west coast citrus notes flow that features the Vetiver sultry spice as well as blended with the exotic wood resins. You can upscale your cottage weekend with these products. The collection is popular because of its power to make your skin appear clearer and smoother. It is a jack of all trades due to the presence of the white willow bark. It is thus blended with the turmeric root alongside the pomegranate Enzymes to reinstate their extreme resistance to blemishes and exfoliation power.

There are only three products in the Face care collection. These are moisture-defense face lotion, restoring face wash, and exfoliating face scrub. On top of the above collection, the company has also extended it and now offers face and body products, not forgetting their perfect fragrance for you in the store. Give them a try, and you will be surprised. These grooming products are taking you to the next level.

Customer Review

This review would be incomplete without looking at what the customer had to say about the brand. Many people have ordered products from the Scotch Porter brand. Hence, our research has indicated that the brand has gathered a lump sum of reviews, which are impressive and convincing.

To start with, their official website is Features 4.9 stars rating from 19533 reviews surrounding three products, beard, hair, and skin. Lately, 5 stars reviews speak volumes. Heading to the You Probably Need a Haircut, we can see a detailed blog in which the author has reviewed the brand of the NO-BS take and covers the brand's history to pricing the best sellers, and compares the pros and cons before giving us a FAQ section.

Next is the Amazon, where the natural men's beard balm of 6 oz scores 4.5 stars with 173 global ratings. Most customers are satisfied with the smell, the effectiveness of these products, and many more. Trustpilot only has two reviews, average giving the brand 3.7 stars. Moving to the Business Insider, the blog explores men grooming products. From all the compliments, the author of the blog concludes by stating:-

"Despite the items I used, Scotch Porter has a large selection of all-natural grooming supplies." From shaving essentials to facial washes, you'll discover whatever you need to stay fresher than a barbershop daily."

Team True Beauty also features a blog focusing on this hidden gem on the market, covering all beard, hair, and skincare products. On Target, the Scotch Porter conditioning beard Balm has 1765 reviews giving the product a 4.8-star rating. The same also is seen on CVS.

Though customers reported a few drawbacks, the positive testimonies outweigh them by number. Customers are satisfied and guaranteed efficacy, affordability, and quality.

Where to Buy Scotch Porter

If you want to try out these Scotch Porter grooming products, that is a good and smart move. Alternatively, the research has indicated that these grooming products are available from their official website, Besides the above, we recommend purchasing the product from authorized online retailers. Some of these stores we also encourage to be vigilant. Here are a few stores:-

On top of the above retail stores, the brand also has in-person stores, which you can locate using the search tool on the website.

Is Scotch Porter Worth It?

Scotch Porter is a reputable brand, giving us many reasons to rank it and recommend it to you. The company has an extensive collection of grooming products ranging from beard to hair, fragrance, and face & body products. On their website, Scotch Porter guarantees customers multiple discounts, offers, and free shipping with an impressive 60-day money-back guarantee.

In terms of sustainability, these products are designed using plant-based ingredients that feature luxurious scents, clean, safe, and phthalate-free ingredients. This alone, if considered to conclude that Scotch Porter is worth investment. If you want to care for your hair, body, skin, and beard, try these guys in your daily grooming routine.

Though pricier, their products are high-end with promised upper-end effects on your body and general appearance. With their friendly return policy, customers bear low risks. For this reason, the brands recorded multiple positive customer ratings. It is a hype for all those grooming men to cater to their needs.

Scotch Porter Discounts

In this Scotch Porter review, we also wanted to determine if the brand offers lucrative deals to customers. We were impressed with the number of active offers running on the website. In the first glimpse, the company claims to offer free items on every order. When you purchase a product, and your order totals $60 and above, you enjoy their exclusive restoring face wash, beard, and hair conditioner spray.

This item is valued at $25. To top up the offer, the firm also offers free shipping. In typical cases, the company offers free shipping for all orders that totals $50 and above. They also engage in activities that give back to society through donations and charity. They have students, military, and healthcare discounts which are 25% off. Besides their reward program, they guaranteed new customers to sign up for the newsletter and access 20% off on the first order.

Afterpay is their alternative payment method which is done through installment. In addition, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee policy. Follow up on the Scotch Porter social media accounts and newsletters for updates and offers.

Scotch Porter Contact

There is a possibility that after reading our review, you will have pending questions about  Scotch Porter products or brands. We have gathered a few of the FAQs for you, and in case the section does not answer your concerns, you can proceed to contact their support team. There are many methods to contact the team. First, you can follow them on their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, etc.

Still, from their website, we have seen the alternative method: a phone call using 1-818-239-7997. Alternatively, you can mail them and send them to There is also a live chat button on the site, which is effective and more efficient for urgent support. Capitalize on the above and have your issue sorted.


Q. What is the shipping policy of the Scotch Porter company?

From their website, the company claims that they offer free standard shipping to their customers, which takes 1 to 7 working days to arrive. This only applies to US-based customers who have surpassed the threshold, for the domestic purchase below the threshold is shipped at a fixed cost of $6. The second shipping op[tion is expedited, where the expected delivery is 1 to 3 working days.

The company offers shipping services in over 200 countries around the world. To ensure they are shipping to your location, navigate to their website and find out using the address. For international orders, the shipping charges depend on the location and time. Canada-based customers incur $15 shipping charges, whereas the company claims that the same charge sometimes adds up to $18. The above does not cover the duties, taxes, customs, etc., and including such charges increases our overall cost.

Ideally, Scotch Porter promises to deliver international orders within 30 days because they state that customs can hold your package long while inspecting. Immediately after they ship the order, Scotch Porter sends you the confirmation and tracking code to monitor your shipment. You can follow up on the order through the account.

Q. What is the return policy of the Scotch Porter brand?

This is one of the unique brands regarding their return policy. Besides their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they also promise that their return window is an impressive 60 days with a full refund guaranteed. Currently, the company classifies that the customer incurs the return shipping charges.

Also, they are not accepting international returns. To initiate the return process, the company states that the customer has to send a message to the support team. From there, the company will send you a return label for the next step if the return is approved.


Scotch Porter offers you the best alternative if you are looking for effective, high-quality grooming products. Now grow your beards, and care for your skin and hair with these Scotch Porter products. In the review, we have analyzed the brand from basic to its best-selling products. Based on the impressive customer testimonials online, we highly recommend the brand. Scotch Porter offers you many lucrative deals, and besides single products or one-time purchases, they also offer sets, packs, and subscription plans. Give it a try and upgrade your grooming routine.

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