Lack of Color Hats Review: Fashionably Affordable & Trendsetting for Youths Globally!

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Are you thinking of unlocking or elevating the world of headwear innovation and style but still certain with the Lack of Color Hats on the market? Here is a comprehensive analysis of the function and design. Find out how the brand effortlessly combines style with versatility and fashion to offer high-end, unique, and extensive features in the headwear collection.

Besides clothing and footwear fashion, there also comes fashion accessories. We are sure you have come across many brands selling socks, headwear, and other areas of specialization to complete your fashion. That is good, but only a few capture our attention based on your preferences. One of the fashion accessories industry companies is Lack of Color Hats.

The company claims to blend versatility, functionality, and style in its designs to enhance your wardrobe through its flair-touch accessories. Many celebrities have endorsed the company, so we are here to highlight such unique features, making it strongly reputable.

In this review, therefore, we will delve into the company history, what they have for you in the collection, the discounts contact, and FAQ, and based on the testimonies, we will give our stand in conclusion. Here is the company overview.

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Lack Of Color Hats Review

Lack Of Color is one of the fashion brands that people tend to evade by browsing the fast fashion line of hats using brand names. Therefore, Lack Of Color focuses on selling hats designed using numerous materials in their collection. However, the latest collection contains shades such as the Blacket Capsule and Illusion.

The company has been endorsed by reputable celebs like Venessa Hudgens, Chiara Ferragni, etc.; The firm has been featured in famous publications, e.g., Vogue, Forbes, Styles and Senses, Insider, etc. On their Instagram page, there is clear evidence showing how repeatable the company has grown and is taking over the market through social media presence.

You need to understand this brand at least before you take a step to purchase these hats. Thus, Lack Of Color was founded in 2011 by the duo's combination of Tess Corvaia with her husband, Robert Tilbury. As the co-founder, they have this company featuring the Australian designer label. Through their inspiration, the company is here to design and sell impressive fashionable, affordable, and trendy hats targeting the youth worldwide.

And today, Lack Of Color contains hat designs focusing the wool as a material and straws. These hats come in unique styles and various options, as you can witness from their online store. The firm has its headquarters offices situated in Burleigh Heads in Australia. Their office building is managed or powered using solar energy. From the above information, the company justifies that its products are not only designed but also they are finished in Australia.

However, note that these hats are handmade worldwide by artists in different countries. The major source countries are China, Dominican Republic, USA, and Mexico. Interestingly, their factories are all certified by the BSCI. 

Otherwise, the company has established numerous brick-and-mortar retail stores from where customers can access their stocked items. From their website, you can access all the information from your comfort without issues under the stocklists. That is enough for today about the company overview. It is time to move to other sections; the best-selling items are next up. However, here is a bird's eye on the brand broken down into the pros and cons for ease of understanding.

Lack of Color Hats Pros:

Lack of Color Hats Cons:

Why We Like Lack Of Color Hats

Lack of Color is here to stay and has gathered multiple positive ratings online. Despite an unfavorable return policy, the company boasts its extensive collection of hats, impressive sales and discounts, and alternative financing options through Afterpay.

Many other things make this brand a beast regarding headwear and other accessories. It offers worldwide shipping services, which makes these hats super accessible. Therefore, we have gathered some of this company's best-selling hats and other products to simplify everything. We will highlight the favorite based on our experience and customer testimonials in each category.

The Best-Selling Lack of Color Bucket Hat

The bucket hat became the talk of the day when hip hop just exploded in the industry, which is the likes of Jay-Z. These hats are making their way back into fashion, and from this company, here are a few of the best-selling ones on their website.

The only popular hat here is Wave Bucket Hat. This bucket is durable and soft on feel when you want to jump to the trends in this sector. It is designed using 100% cotton canvas, featuring the impressive 2.95" brim, highlighting the style to ensure sun protection. It also has a minor side pocket and winks beside it. The size ranges from small to extra large.

The Best-Selling Lack of Color Boater

Another category you will find from this firm is the boater. These boaters are called so with the intention that they are designed to help top up your striped blazer as well as flannel trousers among the rowing young men. In terms of the favorite option to consider are as discussed below.

Palma Boater can help you channel that idyllic Mexican style. It is made using 100% baked palm leaf that contains 3.15"brim. That amazing blend still gives you a cool and shady feeling besides a fabulous ap[parance. They are available in two sizes alone and delivered with elastic sweatbands, guaranteeing a comfortable fitting.

The Spencer Boater is a unisex hat that is simply reminiscent of the images featuring the Venetian boasters. This hat enthusiastically weaves to build the gondolas you need. It is made with 100% natural wheat straw and then decorated using a black bow ribbon. It also has a 3.15" brim that ensures it fits true to size as a breeze during the summer vacation.

The Best-Selling Lack of Color Fedora

The failsafe method is to go for the classic Fedora to gain that traditional edge appearance in the crowd. We have gathered a few trending and classic options from this company. The last one, Fedora, calls out your name and needs. Palma

Fedora opens this category, and it has something in common with Palma Boarter. All these are handcrafted in Mexican by artisans who rely on 100% naturally pressed palm leaf. Though stylish, the Fedora has a beautiful crown with an inner elastic sweatband and a 3.15" brim to give you extraordinary comfort and a better fitting.

Second here comes The Spencer Fedora. This is one of the nods to the classic Spencer Boater. Still, it is made with a 100% natural wheat straw body that is then detailed using the delicate black bow ribbon. Though unisex, it gives you the much-needed styles and cool condition, especially with its 3.15" brim. They are available in different shades depending on the hats. It scores on the list of the guaranteed unique fedora piece.

There are also other accessories which will be good to mention. It might benefit you or the other person for a reason. Since they fall under some best-selling items, let's start with Lack of Color Teak Rancher. Be it fashionistas or fashionistas, here is one that you need. It is laid black with the vintage number dripping positively to give it an extremely Instagrammable style.

It is designed with 100% soft Australian wool. It has a wider 3.95" brim that features those amazing grosgrain ribbons that compliments the is ideal when you match it with the earth tone bikini and an unbuttoned dress shirt to roll in them.

The next item here is the Lack of Color Montana Ivory Bone. Compared to the Teak Rancher, this one has a slight feminine form. Still, it also comes with a bigger brim that adds up to a 4.75"  design with the pure intention to offer the sun-blocking style power. It is made with soft Australian wool in the cream and loveliest shades. Then it is trimmed with the gold grosgrain ribbon making it one of the items to go into your booking.

Otherwise, the Lack of Color brand is BSCI certified and advocates for better business practices, hence ethical. They even ethically source their materials from the locals and package the orders with 100% sustainable cardboard boxes. The above fashion hats target men and hat enthusiasts among kids and women. There are unisex hats from the store that you can sharply distinguish.

Customer Review

The customer satisfaction level is one aspect that this Lack Of Color Hats review also considered throughout the research process. We were able to gather a few of the sites with customer ratings, and this starts with their official website, This website has many customer feedbacks; the praise goes to their cute flipping, quality features, and many more. Most of the recent customers gave it 5 stars.

From Glamour and Gain, the site's author presents a beautiful blog and intends to evaluate if the brand is a hit or a miss. In the end, the author agrees that there is a major hype surrounding the brand. The Women's Western wide palma summer hat gathered 4.4 stars rating on Amazon considering 51 global ratings and 71% were impressed to the extreme.

Going ahead, Insider navigates into details, and the company has become popular for instant drops in their collection. The blog looks into these hats' style, fitting, and design; the goal is guaranteed comfort and sun protection though on Product Review there is a devastating review of 1 star, Trustpilot features an impressive rating of 3.2 stars after four feedbacks. A customer complimented the brand on this site, saying:-

"Despite the lack of color, the overall experience is excellent." I made a mistake with my order and called them very away. While there was no way to change the present order, they provided me with an alternative that helped me overcome the issue. Furthermore, after the things were dispatched, they arrived fast. Everything was packaged and nicely secured throughout conveyance."

There are also ideal reviews on the Revolve, Covet & Acquire authors giving a real experience with the hats, and Pop Sugar  has a deep blog but focuses on the Bucket hats which are perfect for the spring, and they highlight your trending as well as a personal favorite. There are many other sites with reviews of the brand, but still, one of the disadvantages, the company keeps the dark secret in the short return window. Otherwise, many people have ranked it high with clean, comfortable, and quality hats.

Where to Buy Lack Of Color Hats

We are here to guide you if you are searching for a reliable place to purchase Lack Of Color Hats. Thus, to access the whole directory and enjoy discounts and lucrative deals, you can shop from their official website, Check their Stocklist for physical stores. Other online retailers offer the same hats from this brand. The list is endless, but for illustration, we have gathered a few of these retail stores. these include:-

Related Amazon Store You Maybe Like,   

Is Lack Of Color Hats Worth It?

Lack Of Color Hats has become a popular fashion brand in the hats industry. With careful consideration, multiple things make us rank this company. First, the brand comes out transparent in terms of the ingredients and materials while remaining ethical throughout the manufacturing process. They engage in friendly and good business practices even when you search for where they source their materials, and that sounds refreshing.

Like other firms, Lack Of Color Hats also offers international shipping services. This means their items are available in multiple worldwide stores, making them more accessible. Thus, many customers can purchase these fantastic and ultra-sought-after hats without wasting time. The customer base has grown wider internationally.

Typically, the brand that has established less social media presence will likely get less turnover rate, which means less profit. With this brand, they have a strong reputation on Instagram, Facebook page, etc., which makes it a hype on the market. On top of that, Lack Of Color Hats has gathered multiple 5 stars rating online from different external sites.

That is impressive, as it is hard to find such testimonies online. The company also has a simple user interface to navigate the collection and placing orders. Lack Of Color Hats has been endorsed by many celebrities worldwide, hence getting much-needed attention.

Though these hats are expensive, comparing the quality, durability, trend, and versatility with extensive collections, they are worth the cost. Hence, if you want trendy hats from a sustainable brand that uses eco-friendly materials ethically sourced locally, Lack Of Color Hats is worth your attention and investment.

Lack Of Color Hats Discounts

The company, just like normal firms, also offers customer discounts and lucrative deals. There are limited offers, but enough to save you bucks. Subscribing to the newsletters and email list gives you $20 off the first order. They also offer free shipping to customers who place orders totaling $195 and above. Surprisingly, Lack Of Color Hats has introduced the holiday edit meant for all customers, and referral programs are never an issue.

Your friend gets $20 for the successful referral, while you also get $20 for the next order. On top of the frequent sales of new items, the company also offers Klarna and Afterpay as alternative payment options for people that wish to pay in installments. Check out for future offers and deals.

Lack Of Color Hats Contact

If you still have a question concerning this brand, you can address it to the support team. The team can help you and form a Lack Of Color Hats review; we have gathered some methods for this case. You can start by skipping to the FAQ section, and if there is nothing for you there, then proceed to connect with the team using their email. The choice of email depends on your concerns.

For instance, you can mail them to if the question concerns wholesale issues And when based in Canada. Customers from the US can address their wholesale concerns through the email, and Australian customers can contact us using the email Otherwise,  you can't fill out the contact form on the website and submit it to the team for review and feedback.

Lastly, you can follow them on their active social media platforms and engage on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., shoot your shot, and the team is active to help you, update, and give you access to all those deals and giveaways.


Q. Where are the Lack of Color hat manufacturing facilities located?

From the data we have gone through online, our review has concluded that Lack of Color hats are designed and finished in Australia. However, they are handmade first and obtained from various locations worldwide. The regions include Japan, China, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc.

Q. Do these Lack of Color hats get wet?

The company insists customers should not let their LoC hats get wet. This is because the hat can easily get damaged. Therefore, if the hat gets wet, we highly recommend towel drying them as fast as possible.

Q. Where does Lack of Color ship their products to?

The company currently offers international shipping services. Again, note that all orders are shipped free when you place an order totaling $250 and above. However, this doesn't apply to the regions like Bermuda, Latvia, Finland, Puerto Rico, and Denmark because of the pandemic restrictions. Also, the customer is responsible for the extra hidden charges, which include foreign taxes, duties, customs, etc., that are subject to the order depending on the destination region.

All the costs are highlighted at the checkout point. Regarding the shipping time and methods, they differ depending on the destination. For Australian-based orders, you can ship using the StarTrack Premium, which normally takes 1 to 5 working days for the order to arrive. Regarding international orders, you can opt for the EMS Express, which takes 3 to 7 working days, while DHL Express takes 5 to 10 working days to arrive.

Q. The Lack of Color return policy

If you realize that your order from Lack of Color is not up to your standard or expectations, you can return it to the store. However, you must make or initiate the return process within 14 days of receiving your order. Note that Lack of Color doesn't offer a refund if the product is not satisfying.

Thus, you only have to follow the relevant procedure to obtain the store credit, with which you can repurchase another product if you like. The return policy fails to work on products under sales and promotions. These products are considered final sales. But they welcome all the full-priced items for return to their official store if they are in the original condition.


Lack of Color remains one of the best brands for headwear, with perfect summer straw and more hats to select from. WithWe ranked the brand their unique style and durability and justified their pricing point. Consider these special and superb choices if you want a hat that compliments your outfits for any occasion. They have everything you need for headwear with high-end quality. Try them today.

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