Knix Bras Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

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You've probably seen ads for Knix Bras on social media, and it looks so cheerful.  But is this really the case?  Does it fit your body? Let's find out for you!

Women's breasts are made of fats and glands, this is why most women are very concerned when shopping for their bras and underwear. A very important use of bra is to prevent sagging of the bras. The popular belief of a bra is a way to enhance the appearance of the breast should not be the sole reason you are buying one. Nowadays, because of the misconception of the use of bras, it is hard to find bras that will offer proper support to breasts, offer high comfort, increase your confidence, better shape, etc.

This is why Knix Bras aims to create quality lingerie including bras that will provide high comfort, help shape the breast, boost your confidence, and offer quality support to your breasts. If you are concerned about the kind of bras you want to buy and you do not want to make mistake while shopping for a quality bra, then you should read this review on Knix bras to know more about this brand and the kind of quality lingerie they offer.

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Knix Bras Review

Knix bras is a Canadian-based company that specializes in providing underwear for women. They help In providing underwear, bras, and sports clothing for women of all sizes. You might be looking for a sporting bra, maternity bra, or just an everyday bra, Knix got you covered. They also help with online guidance and consultation on selecting the right bra.

This brand was founded by Joanna Griffin in Ontario, Canada. She started this journey by producing quality underwear to help stop leakage in a woman. This brand has worked so hard to remain at the top of the game when it comes to women's lingerie. You may be having bladder issues, breastfeeding, working out, etc. If you want a bra that can prevent leaking, then this brand is what you should go for.

This review aims to explain tangible information about Knix bra, what customers think about this brand, the pros, and cons of this brand, I will also give my verdict on this product.

Knix Bras Pros

  • You will get a 10% off your first purchase
  • The products are very easy to wash
  • There is a 30-day return policy even if the bra is not in good order
  • When you check on their social media handle like Instagram, there are pictures to show how their bras look in real life aside from just shopping digital pictures

Knix Bras Cons

  • They have few designs and colors because they are more focused on the functions of the bra
  • It takes more time for the bras to mold to the shape of your body. This will make your bra to be tight for the first time
  • When shipping outside North America, it takes a longer time
  • It is pricier than regular ones

Why We Like Knix Bras

The Knix Wear a Sports Bra

This bra is referred to as the Knix Catalyst sports bra. It comes in colors like black, steel grey, violet, and some patterns that are limited edition. It cost as much as $98. However, the quality of this bra is premium and top-notch. This bra was tested against bras above 500, it showed superior quality. It is very easy to wear, it can easily mold to the shape of your body, keeping you comfortable, and supporting your breast. It is one of the best sellers of this brand.

The Evolution Bra

The evolution bra comes in different colors like grey, beige, and black. It also has a limited edition for colors. It is a bra that is reversible wireless. You can get this bra for about $68. there are four-way stretch fabrics and a lack of seams that gives maximum access to perfectly fit your body shape. You do not pad it to maintain its padding feature. It is also a part of this brand’s best sellers.

The Nursing Bra

This bra only comes in two colors, beige and black. This nursing bra makes breastfeeding less hassle or frees you from trouble because of the leak-proof padding it has. You can also get this bra for about $68. The nursing bra is made from material that is made to be able to extra-stretch. This is because mothers change their body shape after giving birth.

Customer Review

After knowing about the company, best sellers, and the premium service they render, it is not complete if you do not try to find out if truly they stay true to what they are doing. Knowing the reactions of customers is to know if this company provides the premium quality they brag about.

In our review, I made use of two reliable customer review websites to get knowledge of how customers genuinely feel about this brand. I use and Trust pilot to make my analysis on what customers feel about this brand. There is a 2.3-star rating on with more excellent remarks. Trust pilot had a 4.7-star rating of which 89% were excellent remarks. They hailed the brand for providing comfortable products, it prevents leakage too. They have good customer support.

I ordered my Knix bra, it came earlier than I thought. I have been finding it hard to support my breasts when I use regular bras. When I got this one, my confidence went up because I was having no issues with saggy breasts.

Where to Buy Knix Bra

You can buy Knix bras from their two physical retail stores in Ontario and British Columbia in Canada. However, you can also buy online on their official website and other online retailers

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Is Knix Bra Worth It?

Knix bra has helped many women regain their confidence with their products. However, you need to weigh your chances of getting maximum satisfaction when using this product. This brings you to seeking validation if this product is excellent to buy. There are different reasons why you might want a quality bra. If you are looking for a sporting bra, they got you covered, or may just be an everyday bra. They also have perfect bras and underwear for maternity. Every aspect of womanhood is covered.

According to my review, I found out that there was little or no negative review about this brand. The star rating was indeed around average on However, they had 90% of excellent remarks after critical analysis. They have good customer service. The most important thing about the brand is the functionality of its bras and underwear. They have a positive review of their products and wider recognition. I will always recommend this brand.

Knix Bra Discount

You can only enjoy this discount offer when you buy from the official website.

Knix Bra Contact

You can contact Knix bra for me more questions or more inquiries through the following means;


What Are Knix Period Underwear?

One of their most popular products is their period underwear, which has built-in panty liners that absorb between 1 and 8 tampons worth of liquid, depending on which absorbency level you buy.

What is the Knix Catalyst bra?

The Knix Catalyst offers support in the form of encapsulation and compression. While it takes some time to break in, this bra becomes more comfortable with time.

Can I return my Reusable Pads and Underwear?

Their Underwear bottoms (including Leakproof and Thigh Saver) are qualified for exchange or return within 30 days of shipping. Knix wants to make sure you can give your new Underwear enough time to fit your shape and become comfortable eventually. You can wash it anytime you like and you can do whatever you want in it. When you notice it has not fit into your shape, you can try to contact them to request an exchange.

What is Knix bra international and custom shipping like?

Any orders you make from their Canadian and US stores are delivered from Canada. However, If you order from outside Canada and the US, you might pay for customs/import duties. The customer must pay for any import duties, local sales taxes, and customs. You will need to pay all these to release your shipment from customs. However, the total checkout of your order from their brand's website does not include any additional charges.

Where can I locate their retail stores?

If you want to experience what Knix bra offers physically, you can check out some of their retail stores. If you are in Canada, check across the Nordstrom location.


The need for a quality bra cannot be overemphasized. Aside from only bras, Knix also provides other underwear and lingerie to support their bra line. They have been able to stay on top of the chart because of the quality products they make. This review will enhance your decision-making.

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  • Items that are on sale with a discount of 20% or more can be exchanged and are eligible for store credit, but not a refund. 
  • tems with a discount of less than 20% have individual return policies. 

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