AYBL Leggings Review: Is It Really Provide High-Performance Sportswear with Low Price?

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AYBL claims to offer high-quality, high-performance women's sportswear at affordable prices? So is it worth the risk? Let's take a look.

The clothing is expanding every day. This is a result of the high demand for premium quality clothing. Women are not left out especially when it comes to sportswear. There are numerous brands that are into the production of sportswear and other related clothing that just makes women comfortable in a sporting outfit. However, the issue here is getting the right one. Despite how numerous these brands are, you may find it difficult to get high-performance or premium quality sportswear.

AYBL is a brand that is dedicated to producing sportswear for women that is of premium quality and has high performance. Some of the products they offer are leggings, bras, crop tops, and shorts. AYBL is a top brand that offers its products at affordable prices. If you are confused about how to start shopping with this brand, then you should read this review to get full information about this brand. This review will help you make your decision to know if it is worth it or not.

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 AYBL Leggings Review

AYBL legging is a brand that offers sportswear for women that is of premium quality and has high performance. They also try to fix the prices of their wares at a fraction cost which is why all of their products are very affordable. The prices of these products joined with the nice designs have drawn the attention of a lot of people who became customers.

This brand AYBL was founded in 2018 in Worcestershire, England. The company is owned by Kristian. One of the goals of this brand is for its products to compete with larger brands that offer high-performance quality and great designs but at a high price. They tend to their product less expensive but making sure that these wears are of great quality.

This review aims to guide you through your decision-making process as I provide tangible information about this brand, the pros and cons of this brand, what customers think about this brand, how to go about buying from this brand, and the frequently asked questions. I will also visit some other key information.

 AYBL Leggings Pros

 AYBL Leggings Cons

Why We Like AYBL Leggings 

Their seamless leggings

This is the first product that this brand is known for. It is one of their best sellers too. They are a selection of leggings that makes up the leggings collection. They are made from a blend of elastane, polyester, and nylon with workout-enhancing features and flattering details. Some of the selections you can find are Camo Seamless Leggings, Pulse Ombrè Seamless Leggings, and Reflex Seamless Leggings. You can get the leggings around an average price of $40.

Their Training Bra

This training bra is gym friendly. It is highly breathable and made from high-quality material that makes it cool and comfortable even if you are sweating. It has medium support to protect your chest area. It comes with removable padding. That means if you are not comfortable with the padding, you can easily remove it. Some of the selections are Pulse Ombre Bra and Crop T-Shirt. You can get this for an average of $25.

Customer Review

Most customers are convinced with what people are saying about a product even if they have not had experience with the product. If you check very well, you will notice that one review can either help in multiplying your customer base or reduce your customers. This is why brands are very cautious of the review they get from their customers. Every brand is trying to put in extra effort to create maximum satisfaction for its customers. AYBL has been able to create a positive review so far.

In this review, I made use of a Trust pilot to know the thoughts and feelings of customers about this brand. There is a 4.9-star rating with about 92% excellent remarks. All of the top rating best sellers of these brands have received accolades for having superior quality, fixed at an affordable price, made to have high performance, and with a wide range of variety for you to choose from. However, negative comments like limited size are available.

I bought my bra and shorts a few months ago, I have been using them and it still looks new and clean. The materials are made with quality fabrics and it fits so well. I did not pay much to have these quality products.

Where to Buy AYBL

You can buy AYBL products from the website. They also have a special website dedicated to some countries.

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Is AYBL Worth It?

You might be asking yourself if this brand is worth all the praise and accolades it is receiving from its very big customer base. The answer is yes. The brand is worth it. Firstly, the price set an affordable price tag for its products. This means that as a buyer, you stand the chance to enjoy premium quality and high-performance sportswear at a cheaper price compared to another brand where you have to pay a lot to enjoy the same product.

For now, there has been a lot of dissatisfaction when it comes to the size of their sportswear. It is limited. However, this review has found out that steps are taken to increase the size options. This company offers international shipping which allows international customers.

This has led to an increase in the customer base. Fabrics are made with high quality. You can find a wide range of wear for your workout. Some of them include bras, tops, shorts, leggings, etc . You can enjoy a 10% discount if you are a new customer or student. I will recommend this brand because it is worth your trial.

AYBL Discount

You can enjoy the following when you shop on AYBL leggings

AYBL Contact

For more inquiry about this brand that is beyond the scope of this review, you can do so through the following;


Q. What is the time for the delivery of the AYBL product?

The time for delivery and cost depends on the location of your order. They also offer international delivery. If you are in the US, standard shipping takes 3 to 5 days, costs a $7 flat rate but it is free for orders above $75, Express shipping takes 1 to 2 days for $25, free shipping for items above $150. for Canadian customers, Standard shipping takes 4 to 7 days for $9, free shipping above $100.

Q. What is the return policy of AYBL?

If you are looking to return your product because of any issue, there are free returns for only UK customers. If you are returning from other countries, you have to pay for the cost. You can only return items within 30 days after purchase. However, they don’t offer exchanges if it is unused, unworn, and unwashed. If you return the item because it is damaged, you can do so within 7 days upon receiving it.

Q. Is AYBL from the United States of America?

The company shops internationally in the US but it is based in England.

Q. Who is the owner of AYBL?

It has an owner and a CEO. Kristian Edgerton is the owner while the CEO is his brother Reiss.


Getting high-performance sportswear at a low price is quite difficult to locate. However, this brand has been able to bring about comfort, convenience, class at every affordable price. Their mission is to let their customers have the feeling of wearing luxury sportswear at an affordable price even if you are on a budget. This review will help you make your decision.

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