VIVAIA Shoes Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy It?

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It's hard to find comfortable shoes! However, VIVAIA arms their shoes are eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials, which makes them comfortable to wear.Have you ever wondered what it feels like to wear? Is it the pair you need? Then keep reading.

Women's fashion can be traced far back to when men started to exist. The beautiful thing about female fashion is that it expands every day. As the world keeps making a discovery, fashion also follows trends. Buying nice footwear to compliment your dressing can be challenging because numerous brands produce women's shoes and footwear. When shopping for good women's shoes, there are some qualities that you must look out for so that you don’t end up buying products you will end up regretting.

VIVAIA collection is an online startup that specializes in producing women's handcrafted footwear. This brand is for the fashion-conscious shopper who wants a high-quality shoe for all their outfit requirements. The materials used in making these shoes are durable, highly sustainable, and trendy. If you are looking for aesthetic shoes, Eco-friendly shoes, and stylish shoe designs, then VIVAIA should be your next shopping brand.

If you are a bit confused about how to start shopping on VIVAIA because you have little or no knowledge about this brand. Keep reading this review to know everything about these products, best sellers, and the services they offer. This will help you know if this company is worth it.

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VIVAIA Shoes Review

VIVAIA  is an online women’s shoe brand that is into the production and sales of handcrafted shoes, made with features like stylish designs, Eco friendly, and aesthetic shoes made with sustainable material. Over the years this brand has gained the attention of the media and other fashion groups like Instyle magazine and Cosmopolitan. They are very passionate about producing women’s footwear using entirely green operations.

These shoes and footwear are made from recycled material, with the use of 3D technology, and a high zero waste mechanism. With six recycled bottles, a new pair of shoes can be made. They tend to create a combination of function and comfort when producing their shoes. It's a beautiful shoe, but if you have wide feet, try it on before you buy it.

If you need a quick fix, their products are machine washable and will work much better than you might expect. Just like the first alphabet V and A, shoes are made with those shapes too. VIVAIA has a mission to create a positive impact on the people around them and the world at large.

This review aims to look at the brand closely and explain everything about this brand, customer rating and what they think about this brand, promotion, discounts, frequently asked questions, and other relevant things you need to know.

VIVAIA Shoes Pros

  • Variety of shoe types to choose from. E.g loafers, flats, heels, and mules
  • This footwear is made from sustainable and Eco-friendly material
  • There is a wide range of shoe sizes
  • They are a lot of positive reviews all over the internet
  • There is a guide for washing VIVAIA shoes
  • You can refer a friend to save 20% of your next order for every successful referral you make
  • There is free standing shipping for all orders and they are pretty fast with delivery
  • There is a 14-day return policy

VIVAIA Shoes Cons

  • The brand do not offer promo code or any form of coupon code

Why We Like VIVAIA Shoes

VIVAIA Aria 2.0 Deep Ebony

A good thing about buying this pair of trendy and classic black flats is that you can use them for almost all occasions. The aria 2.0 deep ebony is a ballet toe with a quintessential design that is produced to make your feet look demure and petite. It features a very sleek point, these aria 2.0 deep ebony shoes are made out of foam insoles and ultra-soft uppers for the highest comfort you can get.

Those pairs of shoes can be gotten in 8 different superb and attractive colors. They are black, brown, white, with hues such as cloud Grey, Denim, and Olive green. On the website, you can take a closer look because it has been described extensively. You can get an aria 2.0 deep ebony flats for $99, you can wear them with well-fitted pants, a pea coat, and an off-shoulder blouse with a matching color.

VIVAIA Sierra Deep Ebony Shoes

The sierra deep ebony is poised and elegant. These special loafers come with a touch of attractive color, a great sense of vintage class, and a superb stitching pattern. This shoe is crafted with serrated details that are unique on the uppers. If you are looking for the early 60s or the late 50s vibes due to its matching insole for vintage in a square toe, you should be ordering these sierra deep ebony shoes. It is crafted out of recycled plastic bottles with a knit upper. It has a natural insole latex foam that is crafted and a carbon-free rubber that you can see at the out-sole of the shoe.

You get a good feeling from the packaging made from recycled cardboard. It looks beautiful and it will make your purchase feel more special. I can suggest a styling idea for you, you can go for full vintage; outdoor gloves, a good mod dress, and a nice hat. You just need to rock your sierra deep ebony and you are set. You can get these shoes in alternative colors aside from black. These are; crab red, rich Grey, natural brown, and many more. It cost around $149 for a pair.

Customer Review

If you visit the official website of this brand, it is full of praises and positive testimonies about the brand and its products. No doubt the products are good due to the features and the materials used in producing these shoes. I took my research from another review website where I got to know exactly what customers feel about using these products.

In my research, Trust pilot came out as my top website for this review. On this website, you can find a 4.5-star rating. This site is full of positive and excellent reviews. They talked about excellent customer service and how they resolved the issue very quickly. Some customers mentioned fast delivery too. Some were more concerned about the features of these shoes such as eco-friendly etc. For a women’s brand to get a lot of positive reviews, it means they have put in a lot of work to make their brand outstanding.

It was my first time buying shoes online because I prefer checking them out physically first. First of all, I got my shoes very quickly and they were really nice shoes. I am happy because I got what I expected.

Where to Buy VIVAIA Shoes

You can buy VIVAIA shoes from their official website to enjoy promos and discounts

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Is VIVAIA Worth It?

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Brands with shoes that are eco-friendly, ergonomic, fashionable, made with sustainable materials, for me it is worth it. The women's fashion world is very wide, for you to soar high or beat other brands, then there must be something unique about your products and brand. VIVAIA has been able to stay up the ladder in the women’s shoe fashion. The positive review they have from almost all platforms is something to back on.

Nobody will tell you your brand is awesome when they had the worst experience with your products. You can get different sizes of shoes like heels, mules, loafers, and flats of your choice. You even get a guide on how you can go about washing your shoes to make them last longer (The company even says the shoes can be put in the washing machine). You can also enjoy a 14-day money-back guarantee, is that not super cool? Just refer a friend successfully and get 20% off your next order. Enjoy as many successful referrals as you make. I am going to recommend this brand.

VIVAIA Discount

You can enjoy the following while shopping with this brand

VIVAIA Contact

For more information or questions beyond the scope of this review, you can reach them via the following


What are the categories of sizes can you find?

There are a lot of ranges of shoe sizes for you to choose from. Their shoe sizes are offered in the following manner: Vivaia EU43, Vivaia EU40, and Vivaia EU38 size available for shoppers.

What is VIVAIA’s Shipping Policy?

VIVAIA offers free standard shipping on all purchases or orders. It usually takes around 7–15 working days for shipment to arrive, with no shipping on public holidays. They provide international shipping in select countries at different rates. You will get a tracking code through a confirmation email to help track your shipment.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes, but only if your order has not left their warehouse. VIVAIA would be more than happy to help, please contact them immediately. However, once the order has shipped, they are unable to change or cancel your order.

Is VIVAIA The Best Shoes For Eco-Friendly Women?

There’s sometimes a perception that eco-friendly shoes won’t look chic, but with VIVAIA shoes you don't feel that way at all!

What are the materials used in VIVAIA shoes?

Each pair of shoes is made from 6 recycled plastic bottles, with a process that produces very little waste.

What are your concerns?

There are wool elements in some of the shoes, so do be mindful of that if you are vegan. 

What are the VIVAIA ethical standards?

While the shoes are manufactured in China, the factory adheres to high ethical standards, caring for workers’ mental and physical health.


The beauty of handcrafted shoes can be traced for many decades ago. This company adds class to existing old-fashioned shoes. the material they use in crafting this footwear is superb. This review will help you make your perfect decision on handcrafted shoes.    

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