Where Is Molasses In Walmart and Other Grocery Stores? (Answered!)

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Walmart is a leading American department chain store that’s synonymous with affordable everyday household items. With some many products and services online and in-store, it’s important to know where to find some essentials. So, where is Molasses in Walmart? That is what this post is all about. In this post, we will teach you where to find your favorite molasses in most of the popular retails stores, including Walmart. Keep reading to discover more……

Molasses is a wonderful cooking ingredient that adds flavor and nutrients to recipes. Because of the large number of products available in Walmart, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed in your search for products such as molasses, considering that it’s not an everyday essential product.

Luckily, leading retail outlets such as Walmart have a standard way of arranging items in-store. This means you can count on guides such as this one to direct you on where to find molasses in Walmart.

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Where is Molasses in Walmart?

The exact location of Molasses in Walmart may vary a little. Even so, these three locations are the most common: 1. Baking aisle next to the corn syrup and sweeteners. 2. Breakfast food aisle (here, you will usually find pomegranate molasses). 3. Organic and Health food aisle.

However, as aforementioned, different Walmart stores may stock molasses in a different locations, although the above three are the most common locations.

Can You Use Walmart + App to Find Molasses In-store?

Walmart has a dedicated app that can be used to locate products in-store and online. Here is how you can use the Walmart + App to find molasses in-store:

Start by launching the Walmart+ App on your Android or iOS device. Next, enter your zip code and then choose your preferred Walmart store. In the search bar, type Molasses. If the selected Walmart store has Molasses in stock, the app will show you the exact aisle where you can find it.

If you choose to look for molasses in any Walmart store without using the Walmart+ app, feel free to seek help from any Walmart associate who’s close by.

What Brands of Molasses Can You Find at Walmart?

Walmart stocks a wide range of products in different brands. Molasses is no exception. Currently, Walmart stocks at least five different brands of molasses. They include Grandma's original, Laodicea, Golden Barrel blackstrap, Wholesome, and Al Wadi. Each of these brands comes with its unique benefits with regard to the preparation of different recipes.

What is the Difference between Light, Dark, and Blackstrap Molasses?

Light Molasses: As the name suggests, it is the lightest and the sweetest of the three types. It is often used in baking recipes. Light molasses is produced during the first boiling phase of molasses production.

Dark Molasses: It is darker, thicker, and less sweet than light molasses. Due to its mildly sweet taste and color, dark molasses syrup is often used in baking. It is produced during the second boiling phase of molasses production.

Blackstrap molasses: This is the darkest and thickest molasses. It usually has a bitter taste and is produced during the third boiling phase of production. Unlike light and dark molasses, blackstrap molasses is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Apart From Walmart, in Which Grocery Stores Can You Also Find Molasses?

Molasses is a popular product that has found use in many culinary recipes. As such, it is usually stocked by many stores. Apart from Walmart, you can also find Molasses in these grocery stores:

Where Is Molasses in Safeway?

Molasses can be found in the baking section of Safeway. In larger Safeway stores, you can find molasses in multiple aisles. However, more often than not, molasses is usually fund in the same aisle and shelves where they stock flour, sugar, and other baking supplies.

Where is Molasses in Kroger?

Molasses is in the baking aisle of your local Kroger. You can find it next to the flours, sugars, and other baking essentials.

Where is Molasses in Whole Foods?

Whole Foods, like other popular American chain stores, stocks molasses in the baking aisle, breakfast foods aisle, or in the organic & health food aisle.

Best Molasses Substitutes

Some people may not be able to use Molasses for one reason of the other. It could be due to some health reasons or a shortage in supply. Either way, there are ready substitutes that you can use to achieve almost the same culinary outcomes. Here are some of the best molasses substitutes:

It is an easy substitute for molasses. It's thicker and darker than regular corn syrup, making it more similar to the texture and color of molasses. It can be found in the baking section of most grocery stores.

If you're running low on molasses, you can make your own by combining 1 cup of brown sugar with one tablespoon of water and cooking it over medium heat until it reaches a thick syrup-like consistency.

While this is a pricier option, maple syrup is a great option for getting that dark, earthy flavor that Molasses provides. If you're baking, use half as much maple syrup as molasses to get the right amount of sweetness.

Like maple syrup, honey is another expensive molasses substitute. However, it comes with significantly more nutritional benefits when compared to molasses. However, it may not be the best, especially where the distinct dark color of molasses is needed.

How Much Does Molasses Cost in Grocery Stores?

Typically, Molasses goes for approximately $4 per gallon. However, this price can vary widely depending on the store you're shopping at and the brand of molasses. Some types such as organic cane molasses can sell for as much as $8 a gallon.

Best Brands of Molasses in Grocery Stores

Other than the usual categorization of molasses as light, black, and blackstrap, there are brands that comes in distinct quality standards.

Common Types of Molasses in Grocery Stores

The common types of molasses are:

This variety has a sweet and mild flavor. It has a characteristic light brown color and often results from boiling cane sugar syrup once or boiling refined sugar twice. Light molasses is used extensively in baking.

This kind has a slightly bitter and more intense flavor than light molasses. It's darker in color than light molasses, but it's not as dark as blackstrap molasses. You can make it by boiling down cane syrup two times or boiling down any refined sugar three times.

It is made from the third boiling of sugar cane juice, and it's the thickest and most intensely flavored kind of molasses. It has a very strong flavor, so it may not suit all recipes.

Specialty Types of Molasses in Grocery Stores

Apart from the above-mentioned types of molasses, below are specialty brands that you may also wish to try out:

It is a sweet syrup with a fruity flavor. It is usually used as a sugar substitute in desserts.

It does not have the same consistency as regular molasses. Fancy molasses is sometimes used to prepare baked products, sauces, and desserts.

It has been made using the traditional brewing methods of cane sugar but with chemical additions for enhanced bitterness. Best for baking recipes that require a significant level of bitter flavor.

It is processed via the traditional method of molasses production. However, unlike sulfured molasses, there are no chemical additives.

It is pure molasses that's been refined and concentrated to create a thick syrup with a caramelized flavor. Cooking molasses is most often added to soups and stews to add depth of flavor and moisture.

What Are Some Common Uses of Molasses at Home?

Molasses has a range of uses, especially with regard to cooking and related. Here are some common uses of molasses at home:

Adding molasses to a meat marinade can help cut some acidity, reducing the amount of overall salt needed to make the dish flavorful. Molasses is also used in the preparation of caramelized meat; gives meat a distinctive a flavorful crust.

If you're out of brown sugar, you can make your own by combining one tablespoon of molasses with each cup of white granulated sugar. It will help add moisture to the product and make working with recipes like gingerbread cookies easier.

Gingerbread cookies get their color and taste from molasses. The sweetness balances out the tanginess of the spice mixture used in gingerbread cookies and creates a perfect flavor for this holiday classic recipe.

If you're making pancakes or waffles and have run out of maple syrup, don't worry. Molasses is a perfect substitute for maple syrup.


So now you know where you can find molasses at the grocery stores. Next time you go shopping for molasses at Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods, or any other convenience store, check the baking aisle, breakfast food aisle, or organic and health food aisle.

And if you aren’t able to find molasses for whatever reason, you can always count on substitutes to help out. That being said, we wrap up this post. We hope you found it exceedingly useful.

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