A Complete Guide About Walmart Gas in 2024

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Walmart Gas is essential for all commuters. As of 2023, Walmart has 4,616 stores in the United States and 10,509 stores worldwide. It would, therefore lucrative for Walmart to sell gas to its customers. Selling gas also gives Walmart a competitive edge over its main competitors. If you have heard about Walmart gas, but you are not sure what it is, this post is for you.

There are many Walmart stores in the United States. To many people, the stores are just an hour's drive away. Many Walmart stores are also located along busy roads, which means they could benefit from refilling at the Walmart stores instead of waiting to get to the next gas station.

It is also convenient for most customers to just refill at Walmart when they are done with their grocery shopping. Walmart gas stations save time and money for Walmart’s customers.

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What Is Walmart Gas In 2024?

Even though the gas stations are mainly dominated by Shell, Exxon Mobil, and Citgo, there is still room for more players to join in and offer additional services. Being the largest retailer in the US, Walmart certainly has taken a portion of this market. Walmart sells gasoline through Murphy USA stations close to the Walmart stores.

Those who shop at Walmart enjoy the convenience of shopping and, at the same time, have a place they can refill their tank. If you are a Walmart Plus subscriber, you have the advantage of buying your car fuel at a discounted price.

Can You Purchase Gasoline At Walmart Gas Station?

You can get fuel from Murphy USA stations located close to the Walmart stores. Walmart also sells gas at Sams Club Fuel Centers. The availability of gas stations is part of Walmart’s goal to drive up traffic and sales in their stores.

The Murphy USA gas stations are branded and operated by Walmart. Walmart’s associates work on the pumps. Apart from the fuel sold at the gas stations, Walmart also picks up sales from selling convenience items such as gas and automotive supplies.

When Did Walmart Start Selling Gas?

Walmart has been selling gas since 1977 outside Sam’s Club location. At the moment, Walmart has an additional 4500 Murphy USA Station. The stations are located just outside the Walmart stores.

How Does Walmart Gas Work?

Walmart gas stations operate just like other gas stations. If you have a Walmart Plus subscription, you get fuel discounts when buying gas at select stations.

Does Walmart Gas Offer Discounts On Gas?

As of 2023, the only way to get a discount when buying gas from Walmart is by having a Walmart Plus subscription. If you do not know what a Walmart Plus is, it is a similar product to Amazon Prime. Walmart Plus, therefore, comes with a lot of offers.

In addition to having a Walmart Plus subscription, you also need to visit a participating gas station. Walmart Plus subscribers save 5 cents per gallon if they buy fuel from a participating Sam’s Fuel Club or a Murphy USA station.

How To Get 5 Cents Off Walmart Gas?

You will have to follow the following steps if you want to save 5 cents per gallon when buying gas at a Walmart gas station.

If you are refueling at a Murphy USA or a Murphy Express station, you have to follow the following steps to get the 5 cents discount on every gallon.

What Types Of Gas Are Available At Walmart?

 Morphy USA supplies the gas sold at Walmart gas stations. The following are the gasoline and diesel products supplied by Morphy USA at the Walmart gas stations.

1. Ethanol

Ethanol is a commonly used fuel in the United States. More than 98% of U.S. gasoline contains ethanol. At Walmart gas stations, you will find the following grades of ethanol.

2. Diesel

The following are the various types of diesel that you will find at a Walmart gas station.

Which Fueling Stations Accept Walmart Gas Cards?

You are limited in the number of gas stations where you can use a Walmart gas card. The only gas stations where you can use a Walmart gas card are Murphy USA, Walmart, and Sam’s Club Fueling stations.

How Does the Walmart App Work For Gas?

You can use the Walmart app to get the location of the nearest Walmart gas station. You can also use the Walmart app to get a discount when buying gas if you have a Walmart Plus subscription.

Can Anyone Buy Gas At Walmart?

Walmart gas stations operate in the same way as other gas stations, and therefore, anyone can buy gas at Walmart. However, if you are looking forward to getting a discount, you must be a Walmart plus subscriber.

How Much Does It Cost To Fuel At Walmart If You Have A Walmart Plus Subscription?

The members-only fuel price is a great deal that comes with the Walmart Plus subscription. Once you have the subscription, you will get a 5-cent discount on every gallon of gasoline you buy at select stations. Walmart plus subscription costs $98 for the annual subscription and $12.95 for the monthly subscription. Walmart also gives you a 15-day free trial. Once you have bought the subscription, you will be eligible for additional benefits that other customers do not have.

How Does Walmart Plus Work?

As mentioned earlier, Walmart Plus is a product created by Walmart to keep up with similar competing products like Amazon Prime. Even though you do not get the same variety of products you get from Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus has a lot of offers for its subscribers. Walmart Plus works on a subscription basis.

Customers pay for an annual or monthly subscription, and in return, they get to enjoy special benefits that regular customers do not enjoy. One main benefit that you get as a Walmart Plus subscriber is that you have a members-only price on the fuel. You get to enjoy fuel discounts at participating Walmart gas stations.

Can I Pay For Gas Using My Walmart E-Gift Card?

 As long as you have a Gas Pump and Cart Walmart gift card, you can redeem it to pay for fuel. However, the gas stations where you can redeem the Egift card have to be either Walmart, Murphy USA, or Sam’s Club Fuel stations. However, you should pay inside the gas station and not at the gas pump when redeeming your Egift card.

Why Is My Walmart Pay Being Declined?

A common reason for Walmart Pay payments getting declined is issuer errors. The errors occur once Walmart's backend system sends payment requests to the issuers. According to Walmart, most declines are soft declines, and they are working on a means to retry the payments automatically once they fail.

Why Is Walmart Gas So Cheap?

The reason that Walmart’s gas is cheaper compared to competitors is that Walmart gets its gas from Murphy USA. Murphy USA buys unbranded gasoline, and therefore it can sell gas at lower prices than others.

What’s The Difference Between Murphy USA Gas Stations And Murphy Express Gas Stations?

Walmart operates Murphy USA gas stations. On the other hand, Murphy Express gas stations operate independently of Walmart. Murphy USA stations are also smaller in size and operation. On the other hand, Murphy Express stations are set up just like other gas stations.


As of 2023, Walmart sells gas at Murphy USA stations and Sam’s Club Fuel Centers. Murphy USA stations are usually located close to Walmart stores to make it convenient for the shopping customers. If you are a Walmart Plus subscriber, you get a 5-cent discount when buying a gallon of fuel at participating stores. The gas at Walmart is cheaper than at other gas stations because Murphy USA distributes the gas, and it buys unbranded gas, which is cheaper.

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