Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks?

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Do you have handwritten checks and you want to know if you can cash handwritten checks at Walmart? Let us help you learn more about the policy of Walmart concerning handwritten checks.

One of the great services rendered by Walmart to customers is the ability for you to walk into any Walmart in-store location to cash personal checks. There are numerous types of checks available in the US. Some are accepted at Walmart and some are not accepted. You can just walk into any Walmart store to cash personal checks because you will find money centers located in these stores. However, you should know the kind of personal checks that can be cashed in Walmart. The brand is also security cautious when it comes to financial transactions.

Handwritten checks are the types of checks that are not written electronically. In so many financial institutions, this kind of personal check can be accepted because it is an approved check in the US. When you compare handwritten checks to the ones written electronically, you will see that it is much easier to write a check by hand than to write it electronically.

The reason why most institutions don’t like accepting handwritten checks is that they can be easily altered or manipulated. It does not change the fact that the process of writing a handwritten check is the fastest and easiest so far. Walmart can cash personal checks at their money centers in-store.

You might be wondering if Walmart accepts the handwritten checks or if you are about to go to the money center located at a Walmart store near you to cash a handwritten check and you want to know if you will be able to cash it. Continue reading to know if you will be able to cash it or not.

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Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks In 2022?

It is a known fact that you can find money centers at the Walmart in-store locations across the US where you can cash personal checks. Different types of checks are valid within the United States, Walmart also cashes some of these checks. Unfortunately, if you are having a check that is handwritten that you want to cash, you will not be able to cash it at Walmart in 2022. Any check that has been signed by hand cannot be cashed at Walmart.

The kind of personal checks that can be cashed at Walmart is the one that has been signed electronically, that has the name of the company written on it, the date issues, the telephone numbers, the amount of the check, and the address of the company. The amount of the check should be both numerically and alphabetically.

There are different reasons why you cannot cash handwritten checks, you can find out about them when you continue reading. If you want to know more about handwritten checks, and how to know them, then you need to keep reading to learn more.

What are the Reasons Why Walmart Refuses to Cash Handwritten Checks?

The cashing of personal checks works differently compared to the money orders, wire transfers, cash withdrawals from accounts, etc. Checks are most likely vulnerable to a different negative financial situation. Someone can cash a check he knows nothing about the history of the account where the cash will debit from. As a result, most financial institutions are very careful in cashing personal checks in general. To be more cautious, handwritten checks become riskier.

One of the reasons why Walmart rejects handwritten checks is due to the high risk of a fraudulent act. Statistics in the past have shown that most financial crimes or fraud are done through handwritten checks. For instance, you might be given a handwritten check that has been stolen from the owner, you then cash it because it has been dated correctly and all other information is correct.

It has been signed already. There is a minimal way to verify such handwritten checks. So the best way to be financially safe from transacting fraudulent checks is to reject handwritten checks. It might interest you to know that even fraudulent checks come from business accounts too.

Another reason is that once a check is handwritten, Walmart might not be able to verify if the account that is to be charged is having sufficient funds. This is another big reason which poses a threat to cashing handwritten checks. If Walmart should go ahead and cash these checks, they might run into a loss if that account does not have sufficient funds.

In the real sense, they will not be able to verify the account because it is not handwritten. A business account might be less risky but still pose a risk eventually the account does not have enough funds that you requested to cash.

Most times, when things do not go well, it is pretty hard to contact the person who cashes the check. Unlike the check written electronically where you can track where it was written and can be verified. Once a check is fraudulently cashed, Walmart will run a loss because they have already given cash to whoever came to cash it. If they go on cashing such checks, they will end up running into debts. So a business entity is not advisable.

Can I Still Get Walmart Store Where I Can Cash Handwritten Checks in 2022?

We have found out it is not even all the Walmart stores where you can cash personal checks. For states like New Jersey and New York, you cannot even cash any kind of personal checks at all. So if you live in these two states, there is no need to go to Walmart stores to cash your checks.

However, it will also interest you to know that some Walmart stores can still cash Handwritten checks. This highly depends on the kind of Walmart stores around you. It also depends on your location. Even as Walmart is trying to avoid the financial implication of cashing Handwritten checks, they still try to make sure their customers are satisfied.

So if you want to know if the Walmart in-store money center around you accepts handwritten checks, you can quickly use the store locator on the Walmart website to get information. When you get the contacts of the local store, you can try to call or contact them to find out if they accept handwritten checks or not.

Are All Handwritten Checks Rejected Everywhere?

Just like you have read above, even some store locations of Walmart still cash handwritten checks. If a Walmart in-store location can verify the handwritten checks properly to know if it has been fraudulently written or if it is charged to an account that has insufficient funds, then they will be able to cash such checks.

You should also know that even as Walmart has minimal store locations that cash handwritten checks, you can cash your handwritten checks in so many stores aside from Walmart. You can cash them at credit unions, check cashing stores, retailers chains too, and banks. So the best thing to do is to visit your local branch where that account is. It will be easier to check if the check is fraudulent or not, they will be able to check if the account has sufficient funds or not too. Then you can request to get your money in cash or deposited in your account.

Just for you to know and to make it easier when cashing a handwritten check, you can cash your check at the following Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Region bank, Bank of America, HSBC, First National Bank, PNC Bank, Bank of the West, etc. If you have check-cashing stores around such as MR. Payroll, Check into Cash, ACE Cash Express, Money Mart, PLS Check Cashing, Speedy Cash, United Check Cashing, etc. However, before you go to cash, you still need to call them in advance to avoid wasting time.

How Can I Cash Handwritten Checks At Walmart Store Locations That Accept It?

Handwritten checks are one of the easiest and fast written checks. When you go to cash it, the process is even faster and easier compared to other kinds of personal checks. When you finally get a Walmart store location that cash handwritten checks, then you need to visit them with your valid means of identification that is already approved by the Government. Once your identity has been established and validated, you will start the process of cashing your check.

You should know that you will have to follow the same process as when you try to cash the pre-printed checks.

Will I Have To Pay Any Fee When Cashing A Handwritten Check?

When it comes to money transactions, you most likely will pay a fee. Just like the personal pre-printed checks, you will need to pay a fee for the transaction to go through. It also depends on where you are cashing your handwritten check. If you are visiting your bank where you have an account, you will not have to pay a fee for that transaction.

However, if you are planning to cash the handwritten check at Walmart or other check-cashing stores, then you will have to pay a fee for the transaction to go through. There is always a fee of less than $10 for this transaction. You can still make use of a money card at Walmart which costs $1.

Then some banks also go ahead to charge within 1% to 3% of the amount you want to cash from your handwritten checks. However, cashing at places like Walmart or check-cashing stores is more expensive when compared with the bank. You still need to understand that Walmart has a policy concerning cashing personal checks. So it is always best to know their requirements before heading to cash your handwritten check anywhere.

What Are The Limits of Handwritten Checks In Walmart?

It is not common for you to see a Walmart store that cashes handwritten checks. This is why a certain limit for cashing handwritten checks might not be given exactly. Nevertheless, you need to know that a handwritten check is a type of personal check. Walmart has a general limit of $5000 for personal checks except during tax seasons when you can cash personal checks amounting to $7500.

Just as we have advised earlier, it is best to first place a call after you must have used the store locator on the Walmart website. This will enable you to know first if the store can cash a handwritten check, you can then go ahead to ask them the limit for handwritten checks if they can cash it.

Why Can’t Walmart Be Able to Verify Handwritten Checks?

Walmart makes use of two verification service companies to help verify personal checks that need to be cashed. The brand makes use of Telecheck and Certegy to carry out this process. If these verification companies reject your check, you will not be able to cash it. They offer an awesome verification service. However, they are unable to verify handwritten checks because the processes are too long and you need some approvals to be able to get certain information about handwritten checks verification.

This is why the most common place to cash handwritten checks is in the bank. Banks are financial institutions that can check and verify handwritten checks. So you don’t need to worry yourself too much because Walmart rejects Handwritten checks, part of the reason is that Telecheck and Certegy are unable to verify handwritten checks.


The most common type of check that is rejected in Walmart is handwritten except for a few Walmart in-store locations that you can find using the Walmart store locator on their website. If think you have gotten a store that allows you to cash handwritten checks, then you can place a call to confirm the fee and limit before going to save time and energy.

Walmart has not issued any statement regarding when they will start to accept handwritten checks. The basic reasons why they don’t accept is because they don’t have the facilities to verify handwritten checks, the risk of fraud, and the risk of cashing handwritten checks charged from an account with insufficient funds.

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