Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

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Do you want to learn how to cash personal checks over the money center at in-store locations of Walmart? Read on to learn how to go about cashing personal checks at Walmart in 2022.

When you shop with Walmart, you will enjoy a good shopping experience, and great prices for their items both online and in-store. Another great reason why shopping with Walmart is good is because of the available payment options. When you shop with Walmart in-store, you can pay for an item you bought using the personal checks method. This means that you can cash personal checks when you are about to pay for what you shopped for. It is one of the easiest means if you don’t want to open a bank account.

A personal check is simply a paper slip that is sent from your bank, financial institution, or credit union. This paper slip is signed by you or the holder of the account. What you will normally see in a personal check, is the amount of money you need to withdraw, the name of the payee, the routing number, and the account number of the checking.

As part of the numerous ways you can pay for items, the personal check is another way you can cash or pay for what you bought. They have a limited amount you can cash which comes with charges.

You might be wondering if Walmart allows you to cash a personal check at their different in-store locations. We have found some interesting information about Walmart and its policy concerning the cashing of personal checks at their local stores. If you want to learn more, you can keep reading to find out what we have gathered on Walmart's cashing of personal checks.

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Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks in 2022?

What we found out about personal checks cashing at Walmart in 2022 is very interesting and you need to know all about it. Yes, you can cash personal checks at Walmart in 2022. The brand has money centers across their in-store locations where you can go ahead to cash pre-printed personal checks in 2022. Walmart is after making everything very easy for customers. When you cash personal checks it comes with charges.

When you bring personal checks to cash at Walmart, you are allowed to cash a maximum of $5000 at a time. Once it is more than that amount, you will not be able to cash that personal check. If the personal check you are about to cash is within $1001 to $5000, then you will be charged a fee of $8 for that transaction. However, if you want to cash personal checks for less than $1000, then you will be asked to pay $4 for that transaction. You should note that you can only pay $8 when the personal check you want to cash is $1001 or more.

We have gathered useful information, tips, and some steps involved when cashing personal checks at Walmart. If you want to know all these, then you need to keep reading to learn more.

What Is the Limit of the Personal Checks that Walmart Can Cash in 2022?

When it comes to money or finances, most organizations put a limit to a transaction for security reasons and many more. Walmart offers money centers in their in-store locations. We were able to gather that limits to personal check transactions differ from location to location. However, there is a general limit that applies to all of their store locations.

When you want to cash two-party personal checks, you will be limited to only $200 while cashing a Business-issued check has a limit of up to $5000. Nevertheless, there are situations when you can cash up to $7500. you are able to cash up to that amount during the season of tax. The best thing to do to avoid disappointment is to place a call at the Walmart store you intend to visit so you will know if they will be able to cash checks amounting to $7500.

What are the Charges for Cashing Personal Checks in Walmart?

The cost of cashing personal checks at Walmart all depends on the amount you are cashing at the moment. There are personal checks and non-personal checks also known as pre-printed. If you are cashing personal checks, you will be required to pay up to $6. you might even pay just a few cents because the fee you are to pay depends on the amount you want to cash. When you are about to cash the non-personal checks, you will be charged less than $4 if you are cashing $1000 for the first time.

However, if you are cashing more than $1000, the amount varies from $4 to a maximum fee of $8 depending on the amount too. Nevertheless, you cannot be charged above $8. this process is very seamless and simple. This means that Walmart is very considerate that you will be asked how you want to be charged. If you want to pay for the charges from the check’s amount, Walmart will deduct the amount after you cash it. If you want to pay directly without deducting from the check’s amount, then you are good to go.

How Can I Cash Personal Checks at Walmart?

The first thing you need to have with you physically is the check. When you bring the check, you must be connected to the check. This simply means that the personal check should be in your name and no one else. When you have that, you must make sure you have your valid means of identification that is approved by the government.

If you live in New York or New Jersey, you should know that Walmart in these states cannot cash personal checks. If you live there, you shouldn’t even attempt it because they don't have this service.

What are the Steps to Cash Checks at Walmart?

The steps are very easy. You just have to visit the money center at Walmart's in-store location, then you need to offer the check you want to cash to the cashier with your valid means of identification. You will get the fee you need to pay. Choose to pay separately or through a deduction from the cash. Then once you are approved, wait to receive the physical cash or get a money card so your money can be loaded onto the money card.

How Can I Receive the Money Cashed from Personal Checks at Walmart?

There are two ways in which you can choose to receive the money you cash from the personal checks. The first method is for you to receive your money in cash. When the transaction is successful, you can collect the cash immediately and be on your way. However, Walmart also know that some people do not like to move with cash, they introduce another way without getting the physical cash.

At Walmart, you can get the money card that you can buy which the money will be loaded onto. The money card comes with a price tag of $1 but it can be waived if you want to use the card to receive the amount you cashed from a personal check.

How Many Types of Checks Can I Cash in Walmart?

There are numerous types of checks available in the states. Fortunately, Walmart will cash all those checks. The only time they will not be able to cash those checks is when it is more than their limit. For a special situation like tax season, you can cash more than $5000. However, you need to call the local Walmart store around you to confirm if they can cash an amount of more than $5000.

Some of the checks you can cash at Walmart include payroll checks, business checks, social security, government checks, tax refunds checks, insurance settlements checks, retirement disbursement checks, cashier’s checks, pre-printed checks, checks that are out of state, two-party personal check, retirement checks also known as 401.

Sometimes, you might have other types of checks written in your name that you cannot find in this list. You might be wondering if Walmart will cash the check, you can quickly call the local Walmart store close to you to find out if they can cash that type of personal check.

What is the Type of Checks that Cannot be Cashed at Walmart?

All institutions have restrictions on any kind of policy they offer. When you go to Walmart to cash a personal check, there are some checks that you cannot cash there. If the personal check is made out to cash, you will not be able to cash it when you visit Walmart. Personal checks that are outdated or expired cannot be cashed.

If the personal check is post-date, you will not be able to cash it. If the personal check is older than 180 days, then you will not be able to cash it. If the personal check you are bringing is handwritten, you will not be able to cash such checks. There are no reasons why they don’t accept these types of checks. It is just their policy concerning cashing checks in Walmart.

Types of checks you cannot cash include handwritten checks, savings bond checks, starter checks, Combat checks, and EFS checks. To reduce the rate of cashing fraudulent checks, if the check looks altered or tampered with, you will not be able to cash such a check.

Generally, Walmart is not all about rejecting your check. Try to check some security reasons, the validity of your check, and the limit of your check, then you are eligible to cash that check are the different reasons why you will get rejected if you want to cash. Then if the check is not written in your name automatically calls for a rejection.

Why will Walmart Reject Personal Checks?

Walmart has a very straightforward policy when it comes to cashing personal checks. There are certain reasons why your checks can be rejected even if they meet all your requirements. For instance, Walmart accepts Business checks, so if the check is written in your name with the current date, and you are with your government-approved means of identification, you can still be rejected due to some reasons.

When you visit the Walmart store to cash personal checks, you might get rejected if there are insufficient bank funds. When someone writes a check for you from his account. Walmart will try to check if there are enough funds from the bank account that the check will be charged. So, if Walmart finds out that there is no sufficient amount, you will be rejected even if you meet all other requirements.

Sometimes, the check verification company that Walmart use can advise them not to cash your check because of the perceivable risk involved or because the credit history of that customer is mixed.

When you carry check issues with multiple payees will not be cashed at Walmart. For instance, if the check you are about to bring has other names aside from your name attached to it, Walmart will not cash it just to be on the safer side.

There are different companies used by Walmart to verify your check. It is very necessary to verify a check before you can go ahead to cash it to avoid fraudulent transactions, incomplete checks, and many more. Since Walmart started offering the cashing of a personal check, they have been using the Certegy and Telecheck to verify the check of customers.

The function of these companies is to verify how legitimate the checks are and to validate the information of customers. Most times, they validate to know which transactions are risky or fraudulent.

Telecheck has been in the business of helping retailers verify checks for over 30 years now. They help carry out an instant risk analysis of customers within minutes. Walmart uses its services to facilitate the acceptance process of the checks. Most of the time, Telecheck rejects customers as a result of their credit history, account fraud, identity theft, check-writing history shady, and many more. Walmart will reject the check immediately. Even when you go to other retailers, you might get rejected because Telecheck is widely used.

Certegy is another reliable verification company. No retailer can verify a check by just looking at it. This company helps majorly in cross-reference checks. This simply means they try to check the information of customers to know if they are eligible or not.


It is easy to cash a personal check at Walmart especially when you meet all the requirements. The steps are very simple and fast. The requirement is minimal such as your check validation and submission of valid means of identification. You will be required to pay a fee for cashing the check.

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