What Items Cannot Be Returned to Walmart?

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Curious about Walmart's return policy and which items cannot be returned? Learn about the specific restrictions and guidelines, ensuring a hassle-free return experience. Discover the details you need to know before making a return at Walmart.

You've probably purchased defective items or didn't meet your expectations. In this case, initiating a return is ideal. Walmart offers a 90-day return period, a considerable time to return unwanted items.

However, there are some items that you cannot return to Walmart. These are items that fall into the exception list of returns. So, before you initiate a return on your purchased items, check out some things Walmart cannot take back. Here are 10 items that are not eligible for a return:

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1. Prescription Medication

One of the great hacks to save money is to order your prescribed medication at Walmart Pharmacy. This may include prescription medicines, over-the-counter medications, and dietary supplements.

However, Walmart will not accept returns for refunds or exchanges on prescription medications unless the federal and state governments recall the drugs. Otherwise, Walmart will not take them!

2. Firearms and Ammunitions

To ensure the safety of both its customers and associates, Walmart will not accept any firearms or ammunition returns. Under its firearms and ammunition policy, firearms such as bullets, crossbows, and airsoft and air guns are not returnable. Besides, there are strict regulations on the transportation of weapons in the USA.

However, if you purchased a firearm from a third-party retailer, such as a gun store, you may be eligible for a refund.

3. Gift Cards

Walmart gift cards are not eligible for return for a refund. However, You may want to return it in exchange for cash, which is only applicable in states where the law requires it. However, note that you can only get less than the card's face value. You can then use this amount elsewhere to purchase what you want. Anyway, it's better than staying with a gift card you don't want to use.

4. Test Kits

If you're looking for health-related kits, Walmart is a great place to go. These include pregnancy test kits, ovulation test kits, Covid-19 testing kits, or general home-diagnostic kits. However, Walmart’s refund policy prohibits the return of these kits. Ensure to check on the return policy for test kits before a return.

Diabetic supplies, including meters and strips used to test blood glucose levels, don't qualify for returns at Walmart.

5. Mounted Tyres

Walmart offers a wide selection of car tires, including popular brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, and the like. If you buy these tires from Walmart's auto department, you may be eligible for a return. However, you must take into consideration that the retailer does not accept back any mounted or used tires.

6. Medical Equipment

You may want to return medical equipment bought from Walmart for various reasons. It may or may not, however, be eligible for a return. Hygienic medical equipment, such as bedpans, eyedrop guides, bath seats, and other personal hygiene equipment, cannot be returned.

You can exchange crutches, slings, and walkers for similar or exact items if you return them within 90 days and without opening them.

7. Electronics (With Limits)

Although Walmart accepts returns for some items, the retailer has some limits on what you can return. You must return electronics such as laptops, televisions, tablets, and cameras within 30 days of purchase instead of the 90-day return on most other items.

8. Gas-Powered Recreational Vehicles

Walmart is an excellent place to shop for gas-powered vehicles because it has a wide selection of such vehicles at its stores across the country. However, in case the vehicle does not perform as you expected or if what you ordered s now what was delivered, you cannot initiate a return to Walmart. The company will not allow a return on gas-powered items, including mini-bikes, go-karts, dirt bikes, scooters, and ATVs.

However, the retailer will accept returns on gas-powered equipment like chainsaws and lawnmowers. But before returning such items, you must ensure that you've drained out all the gas in the machine.

9. Breast pumps

Walmart offers a variety of breast pumps ranging from budget-friendly to high-end models. The high-end models can be a significant investment for new moms. However, like any other personal medical kit, opened breast pumps are not eligible for exchange or return to Walmart.

10. Sex Toys & Vibrators

For the health and safety of its staff and customers, Walmart does not accept returns on sex toys. Such items are considered to be of personal use and are not shareable. Additionally, Walmart does not allow the return of used items like condoms or lubricants, even if they are defective or broken.

Other items that cannot be returned to Walmart include;

Are Used Amazon Items Returnable?

Yes, you can return selected used items to Amazon, provided the return is within 30 days of receiving the items. And the order must have been fulfilled by Amazon. The products should be in the same condition they were purchased, including packaging and manuals, as well as all original tags and labels still attached.

If a third party fulfilled your order, you would need to contact them for details on how to return an item.

Even though Amazon will accept returns on used items, not all. Some of the used items eligible for returns include;

Used items ineligible for returns to Amazon include:

What to Do With Non-Returnable Items

Whether you shopped your items from Walmart or Amazon, the thought that items don’t qualify for returns can be frustrating. There are a few things you can do with non-returnable items;


Walmart has a lenient 90-day return policy on most of the items it stocks. However, items like prescription medicine, gift cards,  electronics, and gas-powered recreational vehicles are not eligible for a return. However, if the items are usable and resalable, you can resell them as second-hand items and save yourself some bucks!

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