What is UberXL? (All You Need to Know)

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Have you encountered UberXL and do not know what it means despite the name getting your attention? Let us see what UberXL is and much more information from standard to premium.

Since the memorial, Uber has been trying to ensure customers can access the ever-changing cab services. As technology changes, Uber also tries to adjust to meet the needs. Because of this, the company offers customers flexible ride options that are ideal for the driver, the passenger, and the planet Earth. Thus, whenever you request an Uber ride, there are different options you need to make, which also come with varying payment rates.

Through the Uber app, these options are not well explained. Among the Uber ride options you will find is the UberXL. If you are a newbie, you might wonder what this could be. Don't worry; we've got you covered with everything. Let us start by explaining what UberXL is in the next section.

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What Is UberXL?

The UberXL is one of the Uber ride options available on the Uber app. With this choice, the rider can get a vehicle with a large space compared to the standard and Uber comfort. Thus, the cars available for the UberXL are SUVs and vans with at least seven seats for the riders and driver. Still, the vehicles in UberXL target customers with large luggage that they need to fit in a car they use for transport services.

It's one of the choices under the Uber ridesharing services. This type of ride is recommended for people who need extra space, luxury rides, and an expensive option other than UberX. UberXL vehicles are also ideal for airport rides and come with fare-split features through the app. There is still more to share, and if you are curious about the understanding of UberXL, keep reading and learn more about what we found from the research.

When You Need UberXL?

There are so many reasons why you need the UberXL ride options today. The ride option is created to target riders who do not wish to leave their friends behind. These vehicles are licensed to carry at least six people with spacious boots to carry the luggage. thus, you need the UberXL ride under a few scenarios as listed below:-

There are still many reasons why you need the UberXL ride. Therefore, while traveling, ensure you check on the guides. UberXL gives you comfort, large space for storage, and a seamless experience.

Uber XL Car List

Based on the eligibility requirements, many types of cars qualify for the UberXL ride. One of the features you must meet to qualify for the UberXL is that the car must have four doors. It also needs to be able to carry a minimum of six riders simultaneously.

The kind of car fitting the above descriptions ranges from mini-vans to SUVs. Our research has found a few examples of the cars you will likely encounter in your UberXL request. these are:

There are many more, and the list is endless. The above are just a few to illustrate the types, but from the Uber website, you will have a full list of the UberXL eligible vehicles. The UberXL vehicles must not only be able to carry at least six passengers, which means at least 7 seats but also need to have ample space for luggage. Often, the vehicles are seen in the airport, riding while on shopping sprees, and are a perfect alternative to the typical taxis. The only requirements for the UberXL are the right number of seats and four doors.

Uber XL Requirements

To qualify as an UberXL driver, several requirements must be met:

Uber Xl Luggage Requirements

In terms of luggage capacity, an UberXL will fit around 4 people with luggage, especially if the third row is collapsible to accommodate bags. For instance, in an UberXL, you can easily carry four large suitcases, two large suitcases, and four carry-on bags, or 6-7 carry-on bags. However, the number of passengers can also affect the amount of luggage that can be accommodated. 

According to Uber's guidelines, the maximum dimensions for luggage in UberXL are 36" x 18" x 18", and each bag or item should not weigh more than 50 pounds. Extra fees may apply if your luggage exceeds the limit or requires special handling, so it's important to communicate your needs clearly with your driver to avoid any surprises.

UberX Vs UberXL: Which Is Better?

Feature UberX UberXL
Vehicle Types Typically sedans like the Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Mazda3, Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, etc Minivans or SUVs like Honda Pilot
Seating Capacity Up to 4 passengers Up to 6 passengers
Cost More economical option More expensive than UberX due to larger vehicle size and capacity
Ideal For Individual riders or small groups, casual dates, daily commutes, airport rides Larger groups, airport trips requiring extra space for luggage or other items
Availability Available wherever Uber operates Availability can vary by city

UberX offers an economical ride option for up to 4 passengers, ideal for everyday travel and small groups. In contrast, UberXL caters to larger groups or those requiring more space, accommodating up to 6 passengers. The choice between UberX and UberXL should be based on the number of passengers, luggage needs, and budget considerations. While both options provide similar service quality, UberXL commands a higher price due to its larger capacity. However, it also includes a convenient price-splitting feature in the app for shared rides.

The difference between UberXL and Uberpool

UberXL and Uberpool differ in how these two get people or riders. While ordering the UberXL, riders can select who they are going with on all six seats in the car. You have the option to go all alone as well.

When Uberpool comes out, you are only allowed to bring a single other person with you on a ride. The rest of the people are strangers. Hence, the above statement means that Uberpool has numerous pick-up locations, and UberXL features a single pick-up point for a ride.

The difference between UberXL and Uber black SUV

The difference between the Uber black SUV and UberXL is the type of vehicle they use based on the value. Typically, Uber XL utilizes mini-vans and SUVs to guarantee spacious capacity, and Uber black SUVs only rely on the SUVs, specifically black. UberXL is affordable because it uses regular vehicles instead of the Uber SUV black that goes for an expensive luxury car. Otherwise, they all have a large capacity of at least six riders, that is, seven seats.

The difference between UberXL and Uber Comfort

While UberXL pays much attention to large capacity and space, Uber Comfort focuses on spacious vehicles for comfort. Hence, Uber XL utilizes mini-vans as well as SUVs, and Uber Comfort relies on sedans with spacious legs and headroom compared to the typical vehicles. In all cases, they use cars with 4 doors. In either case, they overlap like the Uber Suv black and UberXL.

Tips to optimize the UberXL ride experience

1. Always plan ahead.

While using Uber for the airport, book the ride and reserve in advance. This way, you will never be late for your errand.

2. Tip the driver

While you might not get a luxury car, you are always guaranteed to be an expert driver. Hence, UberXL drivers help you with luggage at the airport on your shopping spree. While they make stops on your way, also appreciate them with the tips to make their day impressive.

3. Use the app to set the pick-up and drop-off locations

with your friends, specify the pick-up and drop-off through the app. This way, you will avoid instructing your driver to go to random places while dropping off friends. Use the advanced and innovative features of the Uber app. You can add up to three stops using the Uber application for efficiency.

4. Remain realistically

While the UberXL has ample space for riders and luggage, it is only meant to accommodate six riders at a time. Avoid cramming the whole family into the vehicle, even if it is a large SUV. For the large luggage, you must consider getting extra storage space.


Q. Is UberXL more expensive?

Compared with the typical Uber rides, UberXL is slightly more expensive. The reason is its large carrying capacity. The vehicles used in this ride are the same as the regular Uber, with only added features of space. Uber is marketed as the most affordable option for daily routines.

Q. Are UberXL allowed to carry furniture?

UberXL can carry luggage well, and we all understand that. Regarding furniture, UberXL can only carry the ones that fit in the vehicle. They rely on SUVs and vans, and the company insists on the space to carry the luggage. They are ideal for even transporting furniture as long as they are not too long or tall to interfere.


UberXL is a unique ridesharing option that guarantees larger space in vehicles like SUVs and vans. Eligible cars must feature at least 7 seats for 6 riders as well as four doors. While it is slightly expensive, UberXLXL is affordable and ideal for daily errands, with a large capacity to handle airport and family shopping sprees.

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