Does Uber Allow Dogs? (What You Care about Is Here)

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Are you considering Uber rides but wondering if Uber allows dogs? Read our in-depth article, explore the Uber Pet policy and guidelines, and learn how customers must prepare their pets for a seamless journey.

Other than ensuring there are convenient rides, Uber has made it from far away and revolutionized the way people commute. You can easily connect to the right and available Uber driver on the app at the tap of the button.

The company has made the on-demand rides quick and added to your preferences, so they have multiple options to meet all your needs. While some are worried about numerous aspects, we will find out if Uber allows dogs.

In this article, we will explore Uber guidelines for the safety of riding alongside the pet, how to request Uber and many more. Thus, keep reading and find out more about the big question and delicate facts.

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Does Uber Allow Dogs?

Uber, through all types of rides, allows service dogs with their passengers; when it comes to normal pets, they have strict regulations. However, with Uber Pet, you can enjoy a comfortable ride with your pet. Uber Pets aims to help customers travel with their pets. Uber still only allows one pet per ride, but any extra pets are at the discretion of the driver, who can refuse or accept them.

In addition to this, you can refer to Uber's pet policy and detailed guidelines below. Below is all you need to grasp as far as policy is concerned.

About Uber Pet

The Good news is that those people looking for an Uber Pet-friendly drive can now enjoy the ride in town. In 2021, Uber announced the introduction of Uber Pet to enable customers to ride with their four-legged friends. You can book a ride through the app and enjoy the comfortable Uber Pet.

While ordering Uber, select Uber Pet, and you will have a courtesy with the independent drivers. Uber insists that you carry a towel to protect your seat. But when you have a service animal with you, it is not necessarily a must to use the Uber Pet for a ride.. reading from the device and service animal policy, Uber drivers are permitted to serve dedicated customers with their service animals regardless of the situation and type of ride they need.

Understand that with Uber Pets, customers are limited to bringing in one pet per trip, and if you have more than one, let the driver know, as they have the power to make decisions. In this case, Uber Pets cover primary dogs and cats in different sizes and shapes. Customers must be held responsible and need to control their furry friends. There are many other things you need to keep in mind. Thus, let us explore them together in the next section.

What Is Uber's Pet Policy?

Uber Pet has unique policies and guidelines that customers must adhere to unless it is a service dog. Some of these policies are outlined as follows:-

How Do I Request an Uber Pet-Friendly?

Uber Pet is an Uber vehicle option that permits customers to carry pets on a trip or ride. While requesting Uber Pet trips, keep in mind that Uber does not restrict customers' pets based on breed and size. Thus, if you are requesting an Uber Pet ride, follow the below steps:

According to Uber policy, service animals do not necessarily have to wear the tags or even provide proof. Any driver that goes against the policy and intervenes with the disabled will face consequences.

Guidelines for Safety Riding Uber with Your Pet

In this section, we will share some of the must-have tips and guidelines for a seamless experience with the Uber Pet ride. or instead, before scheduling the ride with the priced pet, here are some of the tips to consider:-

Is Uber Pet Worth the Cost of a Ride?

We are pleased to affirm that Uber Pets merits consideration, particularly for passengers who travel with their pets and service animals. With service animals, you're allowed to use any Uber service without any issues. However, if your pet tends to be aggressive, be mindful and prepared for potential rejection, especially concerning rodents and reptiles. To enhance your chances of a smooth ride, consider transporting such pets in a carrier. 

Additionally, Uber suggests bringing along a towel or blanket to drape over the Uber Pet seat, ensuring cleanliness throughout the journey and fostering an ideal travel experience. This precaution can also help avoid additional fees for clean-ups or incidents involving aggressive pets. 

For drivers, accepting Uber Pets can be beneficial too, provided they're willing to manage the extra considerations involved with having a pet in the vehicle. Given these points, we conclude that Uber Pets is a valuable option to consider for your next journey with your furry friend.

Type of Cars that Qualify for Uber Pet

For Uber Pet, the types of cars that qualify are those eligible for UberX, as well as other ride options depending on the vehicle's size and capacity. Specifically, vehicles that are eligible for UberX are also eligible for Uber Pet. This includes cars that have at least 5 seats and 4 doors. Additionally, electric and hybrid vehicle models that qualify for UberX are also eligible for Uber Green, which includes Uber Pet rides. So, the driver still can decide to opt in and out anytime.

It's important to note that the eligibility of a vehicle for Uber Pet, just like for other Uber services, depends on meeting Uber's vehicle requirements for the specific area. These requirements typically include factors such as the vehicle's age, condition, and compliance with local regulations. 

However, Uber Pet is only available in selected cities, though it is expanding to more regions. Other than the US, they are available in areas such as Australia, Switzerland, Britain, Turkey, etc.

Unfortunately, Uber Bet will cost you more than a regular Uber ride since this is regarded as a special riding service. If the mess is damaged, you will incur extra charges. Uber Pet drivers get more because of the special treatment they provide.

Riders looking to use Uber Pet should ensure they select a vehicle option that accommodates their pet's needs, considering the size and type of their pet. Drivers who opt into Uber Pet should prepare their vehicles accordingly, possibly with a mat or blanket to protect the vehicle's interior and accommodate pets comfortably.


Uber, through their particular Ubet Pet option, allows dogs or pets to be allowed with restrictions in general. For the service animals, Uber accepts them regardless of the Uber type. Uber Pet only restricts two riders and one pet on a trip unless it is at the driver's discretion for extra pets.

In the above article, we have shared the guidelines to avoid extra charges for messing up and cleaning Uber seats. Read and grasp them to avoid additional fees, get your towel or blanket on the seat and aggressive pets, put them in a carrier, and enjoy a seamless ride with the Uber Pet.

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