What Is Uber Green? (A Full Guide)

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Curious to know more about the latest and popular sustainable  Uber Green initiative and how it works? Well, you are at the right place. We will discuss more about Uber Green from the famous ride-hailing application.

Uber is one of the top-notch companies when you think of ride-hailing. The company has been expanding its reach for the past few years by launching Uber, Eat, and other services. All these aim to serve customers based on their preferences and needs at an affordable price.

Lastly, the company has also launched the sustainable Uber Green initiative, which targets to become a zero-emission mobility service before 2040. You may be wondering what Uber Green is. That is cool, and through this article, we will explore the mobility platform and find out what it offers you, how it works, and other details.

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What Is Uber Green?

Based on the data from the internet, Uber Green is an Uber ride approach that utilizes fully electric and hybrid vehicles, which, in the long run, directly emits low waste to the environment. This low-emission ride was founded and launched back in 2019. The services target ideal customers searching for environmentally friendly and sustainable ride methods.

This is part of Uber's long-term vision, which intends to achieve zero emissions by 2040 in all ride choices. Hence, if you opt for Uber Green, you are a part of the society that dreams of making the city more sustainable again. Through its website, the company clarifies that this Uber Green Trip, whether electric or hybrid, produces close to 55% less carbon into the environment compared to a typical ride.

To learn more about Uber Green, click here. If you're curious about learning more about Uber Green, keep reading our article to the end. We are going to share everything we found based on our research. Here we go!

Cars Eligible for Uber Green

What types of cars or the quality of cars qualify for the Uber Green? Thus, we can confirm from their official websites that for your car to qualify for the Uber Green, it must meet a few conditions as laid out here. The car must be a hybrid or fully electric. This is because this ride method aims to maintain the low emission to the environment.

The above lists of the vehicles under Uber Green focus on New York alone. However, from the meticulous research, we got to share. Hence, any car that ranges from the luxury Bentley to the Entry-level Honda, as long as it is hybrid or rather fully electric, qualifies for the Uber Green. Also, note that Uber Green does not have strict requirements regarding size and capacity.

But the vehicle must have 4 doors as well as be able to carry at least 4 riders simultaneously. This indicates that there are numerous vehicles under this ride when you send a request to get an Uber independent driver. But the most common cars with the quality of the Uber Greens are as listed below:

How to Request Uber Green?

Requesting Uber Green is a straightforward process. Like other rides such as UberX, Uber Eats, Uber Connect, Uber Pet, Uber Black, Uber Comfort, etc., UbGreeneen has also made the process a seamless experience. You start the request process by launching the Uber app and clarifying the destination under the where to blank box. You need to confirm the pickup location and destination address.

Then, on the option, go for Uber Green, which is found at the bottom of the screen after scrolling the menu. Confirm the ubGreeneen immediately after matching with the available driver, and you will be able to access their image and other information as well as track their moves. The driver will also get a fare similar to that of other trips.

However, Uber Green is only available in the selected cities alone. Before the ride, you are encouraged to check the details of the car and confirm if they match the qualities. Though drivers have all the information concerning your destination and road, you can also seek them to change the route. Once you reach the destination, Uber will charge you using the methods available on the file and exit the Uber Green car upon arrival. Lastly, you can proceed to rate the driver and recommend it to your friends.

How to Get Tesla for Uber Green?

Tesla is also arriving through the Uber green right now. Though people use their cars for Uber, some still rent them to operate as independent Uber drivers. In the same way, Hertz has been working alongside Uber to give you rental cars since 2016. Today, through collaboration, Hetz is making over 50,000 fully electric Teslas, which drivers are trending based on the Uber Newsroom report 2023.

However, these cars are only available to drivers in the U.S. under the Uber network. Some cities that qualify for the Tesla rentals are Washington DC, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Also note that while the company is currently renting Tesla Uber green cards for $334 a week, the company is working to lower the price to $299. If you wish to grab this deal, it's just a click away here. As a driver, you must at least have a rating of roughly 4.85 stars from the 150 Uber trips you have done; you can refer to the Uber website for more information concerning Tesla for Uber Green.

The Difference Between Uber Green and UberX

These two Uber trips should not confuse you: uberX and Uber Green. The difference mainly comes in when you consider the type and quality of the car you are riding on. Therefore, Uber X is a simple standard Uber ride and relies on the typical gas-powered card as opposed to the Uber Green, which needs a fully electric or a hybrid car. From the information we have found, Uber Green also gives drivers more incentives and increased pay compared to UberX.

This is because Uber Green is still in the testing period on the market, while Uber X is profound and available to many customers and locations. If you want to read more about the Uber Green driver incentives, then click here.

While customers can get to know more about their incentives using Uber green from Medium  and TechCrunch sites. Uber Green is here to make drivers go electric into the greener future. The company is committed to supporting independent drivers and aims to transition many lives of the drivers by 2025, targeting the US, Canada, and Europe with zero-emission mobility by 2040.

Green Uber Luggage

When it comes to the customer's luggage, the green Uber ride gives the customer the option to carry as much luggage as possible as long as it fits into the car. However, this is only a feature you can justify upon the arrival of the Uber Green car once you request it. Under Uber Green, you will be exposed to a variety of vehicles as well as types. The main targets are fully electric or rather hybrid cars.

The eligible cars are SUVs of the same size as the Ford Explorer, and their capacity is not an issue when you think of the Toyota Prius. Therefore, we advise you only to carry luggage that can fit into the car you requested, even when the rear seats are folded. If the luggage is a concern to you, we recommend opting for the UberXL, which has large capacity or storage spaces.

Cities Offering Uber Green

From the TechCrunch Report, Uber Green is only available in the 1400 cities considering the US, India, Europe, Mexico, and Australia alone. In the above cities, you will find Uber Greenserve centers in the downtown as opposed to the suburban areas.


Q. Are Uber Testals green?

From the information we have seen in the above article, though previously Tesla had to be painted Green and the brand featured decals from the company, today, these cars are not marked the same way. The Uber Tesla doesn't have to be painted green, nor should it indicate that it is sued for Uber. The reason is that these uber-green vehicles are common and hence taken as normal cars in the streets.

Q. Can customers share Uber Green?

As of the requirement, Uber Green is not eligible for sharing since the ride is no longer a kind of Uber Pool. However, the Uber Green car can carry up to 4 people, based on your preferences.

Q. Are Uber Greenlight and Uber Green the same?

Uber Greenlight and Uber Green are not the same services. Uber Green relies on fully electric or hybrid cars to ride customers on a trip. Still, when it comes to the Uber Greenlight, the driver goes to the Greenlight hub's physical location and reports any issue concerning their experience.

Q. Can Uber Green drivers still receive the UberX trips?

Definitely, the answer is yes, as long as the car meets all the conditions. Uber is struggling to ensure customers move conveniently and comfortably using sustainable trip means as outlined on the Uber website.

Q. Is Uber Green budget-friendly?

Looking at the comparison, we can not arguably conclude that Uber Green is much cheaper than UberX. However, we can confirm that Uber Green is budget-friendly compared to Luxury trips but only costs an extra $1 compared to UberX. While Uber Green pays drivers more, it depends on the marginal rates and the vehicle quality you are using. Fully electric vehicles get temporal incentives.


Uber Green is the latest and trending sustainable Uber ride-hailing trip that utilizes only fully electric as well as hybrid cars in a few selected locations. However, the company is expanding its reach to achieve zero emissions goals by 2040. Please read our article above on the qualities of the car to be eligible for Uber's green services. There are no strict conditions; Uber Greens are available in SUVs and compact sizes. Cars as long as they meet their sustainable mission. The company guaranteed customers and UberGreen drivers lucrative incentives as well.

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