What Is Uber Pass? (Benefits, Operations, and Charges)

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Is Uber Pass an upgraded version of Uber One? If you are confused, come here and learn what an Uber pass is and its benefits, operations, and charges. Please read our article and understand the Uber pass membership in detail.

With so much happening in the transport industry, Uber is progressing. They focus on conserving our environment and introducing many features in their services.

Uber membership gives customers access to various perks. One of the most significant upgrades here comes the Uber pass. Some find this program very confusing, so we must clear the mess up.

We have done the research, and our reader only needs to get a seat and let us take you through everything from the definition, what Uber Pass encompasses, and benefits, as well as explore some of the FAQs.

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What Is Uber Pass?

Uber Pass offered subscribers a suite of benefits across the Uber ecosystem, encompassing savings on both Uber rides and Uber Eats deliveries. With a subscription fee of $24.99 per month, members were entitled to an array of discounts and advantages aimed at elevating their overall Uber experience. However, as of November 16, 2021, Uber introduced Uber One, effectively phasing out Uber Pass. 

Today, Uber One is the latest membership with the same services as well as services like delivery and rides. Thus, Uber Pass is accessible only to existing or active subscribers. New subscribers cannot purchase new services. The renewal is automatic, but the monthly subscription is not refundable once billed. However, customers can cancel the subscription anytime they wish.

If you want to learn more about Uber Pass, its relationship with Uber One, its benefits, management, and much more concerning membership, keep reading our article to the end. We have done research, and that is all you need to know.

The Pricing and Specific Benefits of Uber Pass

Uber Pass provides members with benefits across both Uber rides and Uber Eats orders. The cost of Uber Pass is$24.99 per month. Members can enjoy a range of perks, including:

Uber Pass vs Uber One

If you are currently an Uber Pass user and are unsure whether you should cancel it and switch to subscribing to Uber One, then this section is specifically prepared for you. Let's take a look together at how you should make your decision.

Feature Uber One Uber Pass
Pricing $9.99/month Varies, up to $24.99/month
Discounts 5% on rides and orders 10% on rides
Delivery Fees $0 on Uber Eats orders* $0 on Uber Eats orders*
Additional Benefits Uber One Promise, Access to top-rated drivers Not specified

In summary, Uber One is a more comprehensive membership program with a set monthly or annual fee that offers a range of benefits across Uber's services, while Uber Pass focuses on providing discounts and free delivery on Uber Eats with a variable monthly fee depending on the region. You should choose the program that best fits your usage patterns and offers the most value for your specific needs.

Benefits of Uber One Membership

There are many benefits that subscribers enjoy with the Uber pass. This section will highlight some benefits of getting this membership. Some of these are:-

Note that there comes a time when Uber Pass charges you $24.99 monthly. It happens at a time, especially for those people who never signed up for the subscription. However, the $9.99 service charge for Uber One is replacing Uber Pass slowly, and some regions have already phased out. This is the same reason why some people are charged $24.99 for an Uber pass.

If you see such charges, we highly recommend you report the issue to the Uber agent to help cancel the card.

Besides the above-mentioned Uber Pass benefits, they also offer 5% off on eligible deliveries, pickups, rides, and free deliveries for orders surpassing $30 purchased from participating groceries. You also get matched with top-rated drivers and other priority services. But remember that you cannot get the Uber pass if you are on an active partner-funded pass. This is a subscription curated by a third party.

Uber Passes Scheduled Rides and Challenges Canceling a Subscription

At the moment, Uber Pass doesn't offer the scheduled rides option. This information is available in the fine print published on the Uber One website. While the website also claims you can get discounts on booking rides in advance, the service is unavailable. Some customers who managed to get scheduled rides complained about expensive Uber pass charges. Still, remember that customers cannot apply for discounts when using shared rides.

There comes a time when you find it hard to cancel your Uber Pass subscription. The primary reason is that you are not in the same location where you subscribed. However, when you are still in the same town or city but unable to see the option to cancel or manage the subscription, we recommend updating the app before trying to cancel again.

Is Uber Pass Worth the Investment?

Whether Uber Pass is worth the investment depends on the frequency or how often you use the Uber Pass services. There are many benefits, and the more you use the services, the more you save with the app.

Thus, if you are a frequent Uber pass user, there are more benefits than typical subscribers. But keep in mind the risks involved with the Uber pass membership. Among them are restrictions when you relocate to a different city and issues with price hiking for the subscribers. The Uber Pass is definitely worth it for frequent or heavy users with access to priority services, discounts, and more saving options.

Areas Accessible to the Uber Pass

The only way to know whether the Uber pass services are available in your area is to connect with the Uber support team. There are different methods; among them is contacting them via email and social media platforms and calling them when possible.

If that is not ideal, sign up for the  Uber pass free trial for one month. Before it bills, you can cancel the services because you should be able to note the availability in the area.

Some people have also been asking if Uber passes are free with Amex. Uber Pass has been replaced by Uber One. And in late 2021, Uber One was free with Amex but only among the selected cardholders. American Express Consumer Cards users could get one year of free Uber services. This was only for those subscribers who enrolled in Uber One on December 31, 2021.

Before launching this service, the card holders enjoyed the Uber Eats pass.; in January 2022, subscribers on the Uber Eats Pass were automatically transferred to Uber One.


Uber Pass was a premium Uber subscription plan that offered customers multiple benefits on the rides and Eats delivery. Uber One is slowly replacing Uber OPass and covers the UBerEats delivery services in various locations at only a $9.99 monthly subscription with the option to get a discounted annual plan. Uber Pass offers multiple benefits to active subscribers, such as discounts, access to top-rated drivers, priority services 0on Uber, discounts, and free delivery for eligible orders.

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