What is Uber Comfort? (All You Need to Know)

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Are you curious to learn what Uber Comfort is and how it differs from other Uber rides? Please read our article about Uber Comfort and explore other aspects, like eligibility and how it delivers a more comfortable passenger experience.

You all understand that Uber is changing as time goes on to meet the needs of its target customers. Then, even through the Uber app, there are multiple Uber ride options you can select, and the choice depends on your preferences. Besides the UberXL, Uber X, and Uber Green, there is also the Uber Comfort ride option.

Therefore, if this sounds new, you should not worry about anything. We have got you covered through this article. We will define Uber Comfort, its eligibility criteria, and more information alongside the FAQs. Spare a few minutes and pay attention to the below sections.

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What Is Uber Comfort?

With more improvement and changes, here comes Uber Comfort. This is an Uber riding option or method that allows riders to enjoy vehicles with more room. With Uber's comfort, the rider has a max of 4 riders under one car, which they have reduced to 3 lately. Uber Comfort comes with added benefits. Customers can request the Uber car and clarify whether they need a driver to talk to them as we seek the car with the ideal temperature they need.

Thus, you must incur extra costs for Uber to match with the top experienced driver partners close to your location with the mid-size vehicle. Still in need of more information? Let us go into some details about Uber Comfort; check the eligibility and other facts in the following sections.

Uber Comfort Requirements

A car must possess a few features to be eligible for Uber Comfort riding. form their website here these are the credential you must meet:-

The legroom is approximately 91 cm from the manufacturer's rating in most Uber Comfort vehicles. You can also check out other vehicles' eligibility criteria here. Besides, Uber Comfort aims to deliver a seamless and more comfortable riding experience. When ordering Uber Comfort, some of the preferences you need to mention are the temperatures, the pick location, the conversation, as well as extended pickup times. You will have extra time while Uber picks you up before charging you.

Why Is Uber Comfort More Expensive?

compared with the typical Uber ride, Uber Comfort is more costly, though the vehicle has the same capacity. The pricing comes in for many reasons. Above everything, it guaranteed the rider a more comfortable riding experience. The other reasons explaining why the Uber Comfort costs more are as listed below:

Uber Comfort Car List

Different types of cars meet the Uber Comfort eligibility criteria despite the driver ratings. This riding option requires a car with more space to accommodate the passengers, focusing much on the legroom and head. The first consideration in this case is space, which gives the rider more comfort and breathing area.

These cars must at least be able to carry 4 passengers at a time. The above requirements clearly indicate that Uber Comfort vehicles are not unique compared to typical Uber cars. The vehicles range from full-sized SUVs to large sedans. We have also spent time on research and found out that some of the eligible vehicles on Uber Comfort are listed below:-

The list of the eligible cars  is very long. It consists of the Jeep Wrangler, Mazda CX-5, etc. Also, from our eligibility criteria, all the Uber Comfort cars must have a limit on how old they are, which needs to be within 7 years.

All the above vehicles meet the limitations and presume they add to the luxurious feeling when you enjoy the ride. Additionally, all Uber Comfort cars must have a functional and effective A/C system that will help drivers regulate the temperature based on the riders' preferences, as mentioned while requesting a ride in the app.

Size of Luggage Uber Comfort Can Hold

Uber Comfort features mid-size vehicles. Thus, these vehicles can carry a variety of luggage sizes, which, at some point, depends on the spaces in the car and the people of riders in the vehicle. The vehicles range from the SUV to the sedans. If you are a single person in a smaller vehicle, you can carry a large luggage or suitcase at the back or by folding the seats.

Each seat can carry a suitcase fitting decently for the SUV with the four seats. For safety purposes, assume you are requesting a large sedan with a large trunk, so you have to plan for the luggage size of that space in the target vehicle. However, with the guaranteed space for the luggage and rider, we recommend going for the Uber XL. This should not confuse you. Let's get into the differences and find out more.

UberX vs Uber Comfort: Which Is Better?

Feature UberX Uber Comfort
Vehicle Types A variety of vehicles, including older and higher-mileage vehicles Newer, mid-sized vehicles with more legroom
Driver Requirements No specific driver rating requirements Drivers must have a minimum rating of 4.85 and have completed a certain number of trips (e.g., at least 100 trips)
Ride Preferences No specific ride preferences Riders can select preferences for temperature and conversation before the trip starts
Wait Time Standard wait time Extra paid wait time: drivers may wait for the rider for up to 2 minutes without additional charge, and the time may be extended to 10 minutes for an extra fee
Cost More economical option More expensive than UberX, reflecting the enhanced ride experience
Availability Available wherever Uber operates Availability can vary by city
Vehicle Eligibility A wide range of vehicles can qualify for UberX Stricter and newer vehicle requirements for Uber Comfort cars compared to regular UberX cars


In summary, Uber Comfort offers a more premium experience with additional comfort features and requirements for both vehicles and drivers, at a higher cost than UberX. Riders who prioritize comfort and space may opt for Uber Comfort, while those looking for a more economical ride may choose UberX. Drivers may prefer Uber Comfort for potentially higher earnings per ride but must meet higher standards and may experience less frequent ride requests.

Is Ubert Comfort Worth the Investment?

Whether Uber Comfort is worth the investment depends on your individual needs, preferences, and budget. Uber Comfort may be a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize comfort, as it offers experienced drivers with a minimum 4.85 rating, more advanced and spacious vehicles for enhanced comfort, personalized temperature settings, and extended wait times. While it costs more than standard rides, its focus on higher quality and rider preferences makes it appealing for those valuing a premium ride experience. 


Q. Is Uber black and Uber Comfort the same thing?

Uber black and Uber Comfort are not the same thing. While Uber Comfort prioritizes the type of vehicle to be spacious for comfort, Uber black, focuses more on the expensive and black vehicles not only outside but also inside.

Q. Where are Uber-comfortable rides available?

This ride option is now available in locations in Australia, such as Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, and Sunshine Coast. Also, by the end of 2020, Uber Comfort services were introduced in Hobart, Toowoomba, Wollongong, Newcastle, Darwin, Cairns, etc.


Uber Comfort is among Uber's riding options, focusing on vehicle space and comfort and customer preferences regarding conversation and temperature regulations. While the ride gives you a seamless experience from the professional drivers, it is much more expensive, though it guarantees extra space on head and legroom.

In the above article, we have covered the eligibility criteria for the Uber Comfort vehicle and explored the benefits you can enjoy with many other facts and types of cars. Besides functional A/C, Uber Comfort vehicles must not be over seven years old to give you a luxurious feeling.

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