Does Uber Eats Deliver Cigarettes? (Some Alternatives)

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Do Uber Eats restrictions and guidelines on the connect and direct deliveries allow them to deliver cigarettes to customers?  If you're curious about Uber Eats' stance on cigarettes and tobacco products, our article provides a comprehensive overview.

You are here because you are searching for expert-verified answers to the big question- Does Uber Eats deliver cigarettes? We all understand that lately, Uber Eats have included alcohol on their menus. This is a clear indicator that Uber is opening more opportunities for some of the traditionally restricted products.

Therefore, with your curiosity, we have spent time online researching and sourcing almost everywhere to bring you well-analyzed answers as well as facts or tips to enhance your Uber Eats experience. One thing for sure is that we have everything you need to learn. Please read our article; we will unlock all the information as well as details, guidelines, and many more.

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Does Uber Eats Deliver Cigarettes?

No, Uber Eats does not deliver cigarettes. The platform's policy prohibits the delivery of tobacco products, including cigarettes. This policy aligns with regulations and laws in many jurisdictions that restrict the sale and distribution of tobacco products to prevent access by minors. Uber Eats focuses on delivering food, groceries, and certain other retail items, but it explicitly excludes tobacco products from its delivery services to comply with legal and health standards.

Alternative Apps that Deliver Cigarettes

While Uber Eats doesn't offer cigarette delivery now, there's no need to fret. In this section, we're going to walk you through some practical alternatives that have got you covered.

Deliveries Available Through Uber Eats

With Uber Eats, a world of convenience is at your fingertips, offering a diverse selection of delivery options to suit all your needs. Here's what you can enjoy:

How Grocery Shopping Works with Uber Eats?

Just like how customers order the food, this is how Uber Eats works with the grocery shopping services. It is effortless and quick:

For any problem, including missing items, Uber Eats customer support is ready to help. Contact them for assistance, and they'll ensure a satisfactory resolution with refunds or credits if necessary.

Uber Eats Policy on Drug Delivery

Many customers as well as are still asking if Uber Eats as well as delivers drugs. In this case, our answer will presume that drug in this case means the controlled substance capable of affecting your body on consumption. The guidelines are simple here.

But, these drugs in this approach include CBD products, where Uber Eats today delivers CBD-infused products to target customers. These are things like sparkling water, sodas, etc. Prescription medication is another category of drugs. Today, Uber Eats has included the prescription medicine delivery service, though this is only with the participating pharmacies, and customers do not incur any additional charges for delivery. Lastly, alcohol and Uber Eats currently as well deliver numerous types of alcoholic products, such as spirits, wines, etc.

Note that the availability of the above Uber Eats services is highly dependent on local as well as federal law. A good instance is that alcohol is only available when you are aged 21 and above. Also, you are not allowed to use CBD-infused products without a medical card.


Since Uber Eats partnered with the Conersjhop, they are currently offering the Cigarette delivery service in participating locations through the unique grocery system. The services from the above article are available in a few cities in the US, South America, and Canada. Uber has made this possible by integrating a standalone app known as Delivery Services Cornershop. Multiple other apps also offer cigarette delivery, like Saucey, Doordash, Gopuff, etc.

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