What Does "Shipped" Mean on Amazon? (Track the Shipping Procedure)

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Find out what "Shipped" status means for your Amazon order. Discover how to track your shipment and stay updated on its delivery progress. Get peace of mind knowing exactly when your purchase will arrive.

Amazon is the most successful company in the world for selling products on the internet. You can locate whatever you are looking for and get it "shipped" and delivered to your doorstep within a few days. However, the "shipped" status on Amazon does not mean the product has yet been sent to your delivery address.

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What Does "Shipped" Mean on Amazon?

The term "shipped" on Amazon indicates that an item has been packed, labeled, and sent to a facility for distribution to the customer. Simply put, the package is either on its way to Amazon Fulfillment Center or already at the center.

What is the Amazon Shipping Procedure?

When it comes to shipping ordered items, Amazon makes the procedure simple. The shipment procedure is a process that enables sellers to track their packages and the status of their shipments. Here is the process:

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Select your items, add them to your cart and check out. This is also referred to as order.

Step 3: You will receive an email from Amazon informing you of your order's status. If there are any issues with the order, the email will highlight the issues and the steps you should undertake. If everything is correct, you will receive an email saying, "Your order has been shipped." The email should come to you within 24 hours of placing the order. The shipping may take about three business days.

Step 4: When the package arrives at its destination, it is scanned by a barcode scanner. This scanner records the shipment’s price, weight, and manufacturer’s name or model number.

How Does Amazon Calculate the Shipment Cost?

There is usually a shipping fee when you get an item from Amazon. The shipping price depends on several factors, such as;

How Long Does Shipment Take?

The shipping time for on-time orders is usually within 1–2 business days from when you purchase. Some of the factors affecting the duration of shipment may include the following;

1. Order processing time

The order processing time depends on how long Amazon or the dealer will take to fulfill the order after you (the customer) have placed the order. If the vendor takes the shortest time possible to fulfill the order after its placement, you will likely receive the package quickly. On the other hand, if the seller delays fulfilling the order, your delivery will be late.

2. Shipping method

Some shipping methods are faster than others. Using third-party shipping agencies will delay your cargo delivery more than when using Amazon to ship. When shopping at Amazon, there are two standard shipping methods;

3. Orders placement time

Amazon may have a shipment delay if you're placing an order outside business hours. Ideally, Amazon will ship your order within 24 hours when you place an order during regular working hours. However, if you purchase during odd hours, such as at night or on weekends, the delivery might be delayed for up to three days. For timely delivery of your orders on Amazon, work on placing them during regular working hours.

4. Seller location

The seller can ship from anywhere in the world. However, it's essential to know that shipping from a different country can affect the delivery time of your product. This is because customs officials will likely process products in their destination country. For example, if you buy from a US-based seller and live in Australia, there will likely be a significant delay in processing your order at customs.

5. The type of product

Some products are more complex and require more time to process than others. For instance, if you have ordered a TV, it will take longer to ship than if you have ordered a book.

6. Stock availability

If an item is unavailable in stock, it will take longer to ship your order. However, to ensure your order ships on time, you can check with Amazon customer service before placing the order. This will help you ensure the stock availability for all items in your cart.


Amazon works closely with a network of partners to ensure the right product is shipped to your doorstep. The e-commerce giant strategically splits its inventory among warehouses across the country to ensure that it can deliver products quickly while cutting down on shipping costs. It also uses predictive tools and advanced algorithms to schedule deliveries during off-peak hours.

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