Can You Order Alcohol on Amazon in 2024?

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Amazon is a marketplace with a whole wide range of products. It has made ordering anything online much easier than you would expect. However, the question remains, can you order alcohol on Amazon in 2024? If yes, are you eligible, or how can you place your order?

In this article, we are here to help you know whether you can directly order your alcohol from Amazon.

Amazon strives to make life easier by expanding its services. With grocery delivery, Prime shipping, and delivery services, Amazon's convenience is on another level. In addition to the groceries, you will also want to order alcohol from the comfort of your home. However, alcohol is not like any Amazon product.

Therefore, if you are tired of visiting the stores to get alcohol, read on to learn whether you can order alcohol on Amazon in 2024 and how the whole process works.

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Can you order alcohol on Amazon?

Yes, you can order alcohol on Amazon as long as you meet their requirements. Alcohol is available through the Amazon Prime Now program, ensuring you get groceries and alcohol within a 2-hour timeframe. Sadly, it is only available in selected cities, but worry less, Amazon is expanding on eligible areas. For the fortunate ones, you should utilize this opportunity. Have you ever imagined buying alcohol with just a click of a button and having it in less than 2 hours? Let's look at how you can order alcohol on Amazon and all the needed information on alcoholic drinks offered on Amazon.

Can you buy alcohol with an Amazon gift card?

Even though you can use Amazon gift cards to buy many different products, you cannot purchase alcohol. Amazon has various restrictions on how you can use their gift cards. You cannot use them in Whole Foods and alcohol purchases. A customer can only use Amazon gift cards in selected products and stores. If you have a gift card, you can redeem it when buying the permitted products to avoid violating Amazon's Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

Buying alcohol on Amazon under 21

Amazon mandates that only customers above 21 years can buy alcohol from their stores. If you appear to be younger than 55 years, you'll still have to prove that you are older than 21 years. Therefore, you cannot buy alcohol on Amazon if you are under 21 years. This is because alcohol is an age-restricted product, and a customer must meet its age threshold of 21 years to order it.

Can you order alcohol on Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go?

Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh are automated stores without cashiers or registers where you go and pick your alcohol drink. You use the Amazon Go app, which is linked to your account. Amazon Fresh is just an Amazon Go store located in London, England. You have to be an Amazon Prime member to shop in Amazon Go or Fresh. Except for Prime Video members. Therefore, you are allowed to order alcohol at selected Amazon Go locations. However, you should remember that Amazon Go does not offer delivery services. Consequently, you will not have your alcohol delivered to your doorstep after placing your order. To purchase alcohol from Amazon Fresh store, you must be 18 years or older.

Can you order alcohol on Amazon without ID?

Short answer, no. When you order alcohol on Amazon, you're required to prove that you are older than 21 years. Therefore, you are required to show your ID before receiving your product. If you fail to provide an ID, you cannot accept the delivery, and the product will be taken back to the Amazon facilities. Therefore, a person must ensure that they have their ID to avoid unnecessary inconveniences when receiving their alcoholic drink. You can produce any of the following valid IDs:

To adhere to Amazon's age-verification policy, you have to show your Photo ID on delivery irrespective of how old you are.

Can you order alcohol on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Amazon has made it easier for you to order beer, wine, and spirits from Amazon Prime. Alcohol orders are made through the Amazon Prime Now services. Amazon Prime Now offers same-day delivery, between one to two hours on groceries and alcohol. Even though it is not a requirement for a customer to have Prime membership, Prime members have an added advantage of not paying delivery fees. You can purchase a Prime membership from the Amazon Prime page or utilize the available 30-day free trial to access free delivery.

Is alcohol delivery for Amazon Prime members only?

If you want to take advantage of the alcohol delivery services, you do not need to be a Prime member. However, an Amazon Prime member will enjoy free alcohol delivery services. This means that those without Prime membership will have to part with an extra $8 to cater to delivery fees. Amazon Prime Now offers 1-hour to 2-hour delivery services. It would be best to apply for the Amazon Prime membership to avoid extra delivery fees and enjoy other privileges.

Can you order alcohol on Amazon Canada?

You can order alcohol on Amazon Canada. However, you should be at least 19 years and be ready to produce an ID card issued in your Canadian province. Buying alcohol in Canada was quite challenging, but Amazon has simplified everything now, and you can now buy your alcohol from Amazon Canada.

Can you order alcohol on Amazon Whole Foods?

Like Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh, you can also order alcohol on Amazon Whole Foods. If you have a Whole Foods store around you, you will have a broader range of alcoholic drinks to choose from. Therefore, if you would not use Amazon Prime Now, you can directly place your alcohol order from Amazon Whole Foods and have it delivered to you.

How to order alcohol from Amazon

Amazon Prime Now has made it simpler to order and have your alcohol delivered to you. To order alcohol from Amazon, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the Amazon website
  2. Key in 'Amazon Prime Now' in the search bar
  3. You are then redirected to the Grocery delivery page
  4. Here, choose between Whole Foodsand Amazon Fresh delivery
  5. After selecting the store, find Categories on the top menu of the screen
  6. Select Beverages
  7. Navigate to Alcohol
  8. Choose between the available beers, wine, cocktails, and other spirits
  9. Select your delivery and pickup location.

You should wait for a maximum of 2 hours for Amazon to bring you your alcohol.

Can Amazon deliver alcohol?

Amazon Prime Now is Amazon's fast delivery service that you can have products delivered to you, including alcohol. However, you should be ready to provide your ID on delivery to show that you're 21. When placing your order, you will select your pickup or delivery location. With the Prime Now services, you can have your alcohol in less than 2 hours. What makes it more exciting is that Prime members enjoy free delivery services. As long as you live in the eligible cities, Amazon will deliver alcohol to your doorstep.

Amazon alcohol delivery: How it works

To access Amazon delivery services, you should be a resident of the cities eligible for Amazon Prime Now and states that approve alcohol delivery. You can then sign up for the grocery pickup or delivery, which also has alcohol. After following the alcohol ordering process, as stated earlier, Amazon should take between 1 to 2 hours to deliver it to your location. Amazon also offers free delivery to Prime members. Non-prime members pay an extra $8 for their alcohol to be delivered to them. When the Amazon agent brings the alcohol to you, you must show them your ID to prove your age. Therefore, it is best to be at home and provide your identification to make the delivery process smooth.

In which US cities does Amazon offer alcohol delivery?

Amazon offers alcohol delivery in selected US cities. Therefore, you can only order alcohol on Amazon if you reside in the following cities:

Amazon customers living in these cities can place their alcohol orders on Amazon. If your city is not listed above, you are not eligible to get alcohol from Amazon. You should keep in mind that some states limit Amazon from delivering alcohol. Amazon partners with local liquor stores and restaurants to ensure you get your best alcohol right at your door.

Which types of alcoholic drinks does Amazon deliver?

You can get beer, wine, and select spirits delivered to you from Amazon. The different varieties vary depending on your location. Some of the alcoholic drinks that you can order from Amazon include: Beer:


Rose Wine:

How long does it take to receive your Amazon alcohol delivery?

Since the Amazon Prime Now services have a delivery window of 2 hours, you will receive your alcohol within 2 hours. If you are not a member of Amazon Prime, you'll have to pay an extra $8 delivery fee to get your product within 2 hours. Given the many privileges that Amazon Prime members have, they will have their alcoholic drink delivered after 1 hour for free. However, there might be some delays because of uncontrollable factors like heavy traffic.


Through its Amazon Prime Now services, Amazon has made the ordering of alcohol a click of a button and an hour away. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Now is not available everywhere. However, those privileged to access this service can now effortlessly order alcohol on Amazon. In addition, Prime members can receive their orders without paying the delivery fees. Choose between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods and have your alcohol delivered right to your doorstep. You cannot miss your taste when you have a wide range of alcoholic drinks to choose from.

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