How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon? (Take Apple Card)

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Amazon is a popular and exciting site. When you are shopping on Amazon you feel there is a shopping marketplace before your eyes. However, paying with Apple Pay may be a little more challenging than expected.

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay In 2022?  No! 

To many people's surprise, Amazon does not make it easy to pay with Apple Pay.  Using Apple Pay is challenging but doable. In a nutshell, it is a little confusing to use Apple Pay on your Amazon account. However, you can use your Apple Card. Learn more below. If you want to use Apple Pay on Amazon then read further. Be prepared to know the details, support logistics, and options on Amazon.

In summary, using Apple Pay to make purchases on Amazon is possible. So, expect to use an Apple Cash card to buy Amazon products. Moreover, you can also utilize Apple Pay and buy with other major credit cards.

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What is Apple Pay Exactly?

Apple Pay is an online wallet for shopping on various sites.  Apple Pay features users that are able to pay for things online without a credit card or cash. An Apple Pay user can add a debit or credit card to their respective Apple account. From there, Apple Pay users can pay for products and services.

Apple Pay is able to take advantage of contactless payment technology. Apple Pay makes it possible to make payments from anything on Apple like iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, and more . In summary, Apple Pay makes it easy to access and purchase with many major banks, credit cards, and debit cards.

Apple Pay is like Samsung and Google Pay and makes it so that buyers can make payments on the go. In conclusion, it is an easy and convenient way to pay for the things you want quickly.

Who accepts Apple Pay online?

Apple Pay is currently used at around 85 percent of retailers in the United States. Essentially, Apple Pay works in many places that take contactless payments.

Moreover, expect Apple Pay to be accepted in various places from everywhere to vending machines and grocery stores to taxis, and as well apps. Online capability is higher overall for Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is accepted from the following websites and apps below:

In the USA, you can use Apple Pay as well to send and receive money. Moreover, you can make payments to businesses that are associated with Apple Pay. You can utilize Apple Message on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to use Apple Pay.

How can you use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is usable with any payment terminal that is able to utilize contactless payments. You can use Apple Pay as well with vending machines, supermarkets, rideshares, and railway stations. Both online and through mobile applications, you can use Apple Pay.

Not many may realize that Apple Pay is on your device already if you have any Mac products. Apple Pay is already part of the factory settings for each Mac product. So, any iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad will have Apple Pay. So, no need for a separate app that needs to be downloaded.

How to Make Apple Pay work on Amazon

Amazon Payment Services does give users options for digital wallets. You can use the popular digital wallets: Apple Pay, Masterpass, and as well Visa Checkout.

Unfortunately Amazon does not make it easy to use Apple Pay. However, you can’t directly utilize Apple Pay on the Amazon site into its checkout system like other sites onlines.

But, if you have an Apple card, you can pay for all purchases on Amazon. In summary,  Apple Card Pay on Amazon can be entered with a few steps. You can enter your Apple card information as you would add any other credit or debit card. Firstly, locate your Apple Card number and then copy and enter it into the Amazon entry field.

How to Initiate Apple Pay on Amazon

If a merchant is able to use Amazon Payment Services then you will be able to integrate Apple Pay to Amazon. So, it is possible to have Apple Pay be compatible with most Amazon Payment Services products and features.

Another thing to note is that Apple Pay is only available to cardholders at participating banks depending on where you are located. Refer to Apple's documentation covering participating banks to learn which banks and countries are supported.

Integrating Apple Pay

You must sign up for an Apple Developer account to fully use and start purchasing.

From there you need to fill out and complete the Apple Pay certification. Finally, you need to provide and give Amazon Payment Services the relevant information. Once your Apple Pay developer account details are complete then you are able to initiate and start using Apple Pay.  In summary, this process can make it possible for you to enable payment processing for Apple Pay wallets.

How to add your Apple Card or Apple Wallet cards on Amazon

Apple Pay Directions and Functionality

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