Commercials on Amazon Prime Video? (Why see ads + How to Remove)

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Amazon Prime is a popular video streaming platform with millions of users worldwide. However, unlike most top tier video streaming platforms, Amazon Prime supports ads. Yes, that’s right. You pay for a premium package but still see ads while streaming. Why is this so? In this post, we’ll delve more on this subject matter. Keep reading to understand more about commercials on Amazon Prime……

Amazon Prime videos have been a subscription model for quite some time now. Ike other streaming sites, the platform has won the hearts of many loyal subscribers. The platform has a range of TV shows, series, Movies, Documentaries, and many more. But even with a premium subscription, Amazon Prime will still give you a treat of commercials. And the reason for this is anyone’s guess; more and more revenue. With that being said, let’s delve deeper into commercials on Amazon Prime.

You may want to ask, "I pay for Amazon Prime Video, so why am I seeing ads on Amazon Prime?" Read our post to lean Why Does Amazon Prime Video Have Commercials and How to remove them.

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Is Amazon Prime Ad-free?

No, Amazon Prime videos do come with some commercials. This is very much contrary to what you would expect from a premium videos streaming service. Competitor streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu offer ad-free streaming.

Why Does Amazon Prime Have Commercials in 2024?

There are two reasons for the ads:

Why are there Commercials on Amazon Prime Now?

Amazon has just begun running commercials on Prime Video in the US. These ads are currently restricted to TVs and are not available on other devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones. The commercials will be targeted based on your viewing history and related to your recently watched content. You can also expect ads for other Amazon services, such as Prime Music and Prime Reading.

What Commercials Appear on Amazon Prime?

The most popular feature of Amazon Prime is its commercials. These commercials are not only fun to watch, but they can be very informative as well. Many commercials feature celebrities or athletes promoting products and discussing their favorite topics. The commercials will only appear when you are watching a free stream. Here are the types of ads you may see:

How Common Are Ads on Amazon Prime Videos?

Amazon Prime Video is one video streaming site that offers ad-free streaming. However, ads may still appear on Prime Video if you stream content from another provider. You can watch Amazon Prime videos on your computer using the Amazon Prime Video website, or you can use the Amazon Prime Video app on your phone, tablet, smart TV, or game console. In both cases, the ad-free experience is guaranteed.

Do You Have Control Over Amazon Ad Preferences?

Amazon Advertising lets advertisers target specific customer segments through Amazon Ad preferences. It allows brands to address their customers' specific interests, such as parenting, sports, entertainment, and more. These customer segments let advertisers deliver more relevant messaging and offers for their products. The "Interests" in Amazon Ad Preferences are determined by the products customers shop for on and are updated regularly based on current shopping trends. These interests are also used to personalize recommendations and offers on for customers.

Is Amazon the Only Streaming Platform with Ads?

Amazon does not have the only streaming platform with ads. However, Amazon is not the only one with an ad-free option. Amazon Prime Video is the most popular streaming platform where advertisers like you can run commercials. The most popular streaming platforms, Netflix and Hulu, do not feature advertisements on their plans. Amazon Prime Video features ads on its free, ad-supported plan.

How Do I Skip Commercials on Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime Video app on TVs and mobile devices has a feature that allows you to skip the title sequence or any scene you want. Here’s how it works. To skip a scene, tap on the screen, and you’ll see the “skip intro” button as well as a timeline running along the bottom of the screen. If you tap on that, it will jump to the next scene in the episode. This is only available in TV shows, not movies. It also won’t work if you use AirPlay to stream Prime Video from an iOS device to an Apple TV.

How Do I Get Rid of Ads on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon makes it easy for you to opt-out of seeing ads on Prime Video by turning off ad personalization.

When you turn off ad personalization, we will not collect information about your use of apps or websites from companies other than Amazon. They dont use information collected from Amazon apps and websites to personalize ads for you.

How to Stop Ads on Amazon Prime Video Roku

Roku has a built-in ad blocker to stop ads on Amazon Prime Video. It does not support the Ads Blocker extension but can block ads on any channel using Roku's own Ad Blocker feature.

Is Amazon Prime Video Worth the Money?

Amazon has come a long way in the video streaming arena. The company started with just a handful of movies and TV shows, and it now boasts one of the largest libraries of content available through an online service. It's worth noting that if you're already paying for Amazon Prime, there are no additional costs to use the streaming video service. You also don't have to choose between Amazon and Netflix or Hulu — you can have all three if you want because they all offer different titles.


While Amazon is hardly known for its brand of outlandishly funny commercials, in time, the platform may introduce them into its mix of video offerings. After all, the company has struggled to find a way to make Prime Video profitable. With a product so heavily based on subscriptions (it has over 100 million subscribers worldwide), viewers are essentially forced to put up with ads while streaming videos. With that said, we conclude this post on Commercials on Amazon Prime. Hope you found it very useful. If you have any suggestions or questions, drop them in the comments section below.      

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