What Does JTS Mean On Jewelry? [Jewelers Trade Shop]

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JTS on jewelry means Jewelers Trader Shop which showcases the manufacturer or supplier. High-quality jewelry often comes with stamps that showcase the origin, material, purity of the material, etc.

Jewelry helps to enhance our look and even blends well with most outfits. It all depends on the color of jewelry that you want. Some of the jewelry tends to have initials or even some names that you might not know their meanings. For example, what does JTS mean on jewelry? These initials also help you to distinguish fake items from genuine ones so that you can’t fall short of people who just want to take advantage of you. You need to do thorough research to become a jewelry expert to know the best on the market.

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What Does JTS Mean on Jewelry?

JTS on jewelry means “Jewelers Trade Shop”. This means that the specific jewelry was made by that manufacturer. You might think that it is an indication of quality, however, that’s not the case. It is a trademark of the manufacturer of the specific jewelry. The Jewelers Trade Shop was founded back in 1956 and has continued to evolve. If you often buy jewelry, you might come across some with similar initials.

Is The JTS jewelry Worth A Lot?

Well, you can’t say directly that the JTS jewelry has the highest quality unless you assess it. High-quality JTS jewelry depends on several factors:

You need to assess the jewelry to see whether it is made of high quality. However, if buying online you will need to check the reviews to see whether it is a product that is preferred by many people. If you purchase one, you can also seek help from a reputable jeweler to evaluate the specific jewelry that you bought. This can help you know whether you bought jewelry worth a lot or not.

Why Is The Meaning Of Stamps On Jewelry?

Most high-quality jewelry come with some sort of markings. It can be a symbol, letter, or even number. The stamps are used to showcase the origin, age, or metal type of jewelry. They are mostly found on rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. The markings are often found in the interior or somewhere that seems hidden. The different stamps include

1. Maker’s mark

These are used to showcase the identity of the jewelry designer or artist. Some may use initials, names, or their logo.

2. Purity stamps

These are used to help you know the purity of the material used in the jewelry. It showcases the metal content, purity percentage, or fineness.

3. Location stamp

It showcases the origin of certain jewelry. Therefore, if you prefer jewelry from a specific place, this would be a great evaluator.

Common Jewelry Stamps

Some of the most common jewelry stamps include:

1. 925 stamps

They are used to identify sterling silver material combined with another metal with a lower percentage. It can also be used as a maker’s mark.

2. Gold purity stamps

These are used to identify the purity of the gold jewelry. It can have marks of:

3. Platinum identifier stamp

These include markings such as 900 platinum, 900 Plat, Plat 900, Pt900, and 900pt stamps. The arrangement may differ, but has the same meaning of 900 platinum per 1000. It’s like the quantity of the whole.

4. Gold plating stamps

They include initials with unique meanings.  The most common are GE –gold electroplated, HE - heavy gold electroplated, and GP – gold-plated.

5. Stainless steel stamps

This shows that the piece is made from stainless steel material.

6. Antique stamps

These are used to indicate antique jewelry.

Is it Wise to Buy Jewelry Online?

The answer is Yes and No. If it is a reputable company, you can proceed to buy jewelry from them. However, you need to check the reviews to see whether they deliver high-quality jewelry as illustrated in their item description. It wouldn’t be great if you ordered jewelry and got one that had very low quality. Also, try to buy from a reputable company that has been in existence for a while, since they wouldn’t want to tarnish their name by providing fake jewelry. However, if there is a reputable jewelry shop nearby, it may be wiser to buy from them. However, it all depends on the kind of jewelry that you want.

Choose High-Quality Jewelry.

If you want some stunning jewelry, you need to consider getting the ones that are high quality. You also need to have a picture in mind of the kind of jewelry that you want. What color shade do you want? What materials would you want? How heavy should it be? Have an idea in mind of the kind of jewelry you would want to proceed to purchase it. There are many online stores where you can purchase jewelry of your choice or even walk-in stores. You can even save up for a while so that you can purchase high-quality jewelry.

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