Ramy Brook Review: Why Is It So Expensive?

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Why is Ramy Brook so expensive? The brand claims to be committed and dedicated to high-quality fabric as well as elaborate design. If you want high-end fashion endorsed by celebs, keep reading our review and evaluate if this company is worth the investment.

Considering the market trend,  it is clear that you are likely to get stuck when it comes to selecting the fashion rut. Many brands offer stretchy, timeless, and black styles in the typical closet. But these give you challenges and take up your time while putting on.

However,  contemporary fashion has a lot, and not all brands can outsmart the Ramy Brook brand regarding the essence of effortless sophistication. The company has gathered a robust reputation online because of its dedication to sleek design and blends of luxurious fabrics that focus on the understood glamor.

Though they can help you transition from daily routine to bed, we must learn from the testimonies. Thus, we will base our review on the design philosophy in this article before giving our overall appeal. Keep reading, and here is the history of the company.

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Ramy Brook Review

Though Ramy Brook is a clothing brand, it majors in chic design. Therefore, if you are a woman searching for versatile clothing pieces that are timeless and durable, Ramy Brook is here to serve you effectively. Upgrade your wardrobe with Ramy Brook clothing. In the apparel, Ramy Brook has been donned through household names ranging from Milas Kunis to Jessica Alba.

Because of its reputation, the company has been featured on popular media outlets like Allure, Glamour, etc. Still, their social media accounts have a large customer base and followers. This popularity is sourced from the fact that Ramy Brook offers you sophisticated and stunning wear for women. We are here to help you make an informed decision through your fashion.

Keep reading for more. Ramy Brook was established to help women not just feel confident but also enhance their beauty and feel best understanding that they are always sexy when they put on something or apparel that is unique, special, and best matches their preferences. Therefore, Sharp actualized her dream in 2010 when she decided to found the namesake company.

According to the research, the company has its headquarters in New York, always awake and never sleeps. Therefore, Ramy Brook clothing is made to target busy and remarkable women who always want apparel that is worn in different manners. The collection not only features bright shades and unique styles but also comes with flirty girls and flattering styles.

These designs serve special people who are constantly reminded of who they are in our busy streets. When it comes to fashion, that is impressive as it can bring back life to the mood or with a dull wardrobe. We would also love to highlight the pros and cons before heading to this collection's best-selling or customer-favorite apparel for women.

Ramy Brook Pros:

Ramy Brook Cons:

Why We Like Ramy Brook

Ramy Brook has quite an extensive collection of women's fashion designs, which not only feature all the new and trendy arrivals but also consist of tops, bottoms, clothing, dresses, denim, and other accessories. On top of the impressive clothing range, many other attractive aspects make us fall for this brand.

Through their collection, you can purchase everything you need for a woman for a night out, a casual walk, or even a romantic dinner date. From the website, the brand offers accessories, which indicates that it is adding more to its collection and expanding its reach. Now, it is time to highlight some of the best-selling clothing from this brand.

The Best-Selling Ramy Brook dresses.

Most people are impressed with the Ramy Brook dresses, which is evident for a woman. This section has numerous options, ranging from unique styles and lengths to serving different seasons. They have dresses ideal for every woman. From casual to occasion dresses, they have you covered.

First, a famous Paris Sleeveless Mini Dress is fabricated from the silky crepe de chine. It moves with customers because it is designed using soft fabric to flow freely and maintain an effortless silhouette. The high neck is offset to feature the adjustable as well as tight-smocked waistband to play around with it for different heights. You can interchange your blazer and soft leather jacket to get the perfect chic office fashion. They have a collection featuring multiple shades on the website.

The last in this category is the Paris Smocked Mini Dress, an ideal option made with fabricated crepe de chine blended with the silky fabric cascade. Like the first, this also features a smocked waist through a deep v-neck with full-length balloon sleeves. With the tie front close, you can always get a simple design you wish and look glamorous. It is more recommended as summer attire because of the breezy fabric, and it pairs with sheer black tights or, instead, a warm winter coat to look good.

The Best-Selling Ramy Brook Tops

dresses size, Ramy Brook also has an extensive collection of tops and blouses targeting those busy bees on the market. These tops combine the features of the classic as well as trendy style, hence perfect timeless staples in your closet.

Regarding the best-seller tops, the Jersey Harriet Halter Tank Top leads the line due to its flexibility. It is designed with a breathable material to elevate that casual appearance when you match it with sneakers and jeans. It is also ideal with heels and bodycon. This top is a dry clean only, and in reality, it is adjustable with straps to attain up to 6 tops matching any needed silhouette.

Harriet Halter Tank Top is another ideal top for those ladies who value the jersey halter. This silky and glossy fabric can easily step up your fashion with multiple rich as well as deep shades to select from. It matches the satiny fabrics with impressive, vibrant shades that go well with any occasion or summer party.

The Best-Selling Ramy Brook Bottoms

The collection of bottoms from this brand is also significant, ranging from skirts, pants, denim, and shorts. Companies design these bottoms with customer preferences in mind. Take yourself to the next level with these best-selling bottoms.

Helena High Rise Flare Jeans are popular among models for their ability to match your preference. It is skinny to flare styles and goes to the bottom for you today. From the website, you can find more details in the description. Still, the reality is that it features a diagonal button around the pockets, and it comes in variations of wash that help highlight the slim effect while drawing eyes at the waistline. To turn the eyes of your friends, match it with the raffia wedge and billowing blouses. They are accessible in classic medium blue shades and more than typical denim.

You can attest that the Satin Iris Wide Leg Pant falls under the best-seller bottoms. And if you value comfort in fashion or are searching for silky soft pajamas, here comes the Satin Iris Wide Leg Pant available in the jewel-toned shade. This matches any angelic satin charmeuse fabric, and their shape is on another level with fairytale. Ladies feel like floating, especially if you are often on your feet. With their breathable fabric glides, they make strides through the air without issues.

The Best-Selling Ramy Brook Jumpsuits

This is one of the must-have clothing for all fashion enthusiasts. Sure, I presume you have two to three pairs assembled. The first in this section is the Lulu One Shoulder Jumpsuit. This apparel is charcoal, which does not need any other accessories. With one step, you are done with your look and ready for the night out or wild evening.

Hence, it is an ideal choice that you can even go ahead and match with the cute heels and handbag on the outfit. It also features an edgy neckline that represents a flattering touch for use throughout the daily routine and transitions to the night with a simple swap. The versatility makes it worth the investment.

Last is the Vivian Strapless Jumpsuit, which enables you to display that statement necklace as an accessory on the compliment. Though a modern take, it is a highly dark number, a perfect addition to the lady's black dress for the occasion. Its bodice indeed extends seamlessly to achieve a wide leg. It also stretches tarso as well as elongating your legs.

Customer Review

The description and company claims show that Ramy Brook is an impressive brand. The testimonies are, in fact, overwhelming. On their official website, ramybrook.com, countless customer feedback mainly indicates 5-star ratings. This indicates the satisfaction level of customers praising the top-notch support team, high-quality items, and extensive collection from dresses to accessories. Amazon also focuses on the women's Paris blush, where 10 global reviews give the item a 3.6-star rating. Mostly, these people are content with what they receive.

Bloomingdale still features the Paris sleeveless Halter Drop Waist Mini dress; from 7 reviews, the apparel scores 3.4 stars, which is average. On Glassdoor, there are 29 reviews, and 75% of the customers highly recommend the brand, giving it a 3.5-star rating. The same also applies to ShopBop. The site has multiple clothes for this company, which are rated awesomely. One of the customers praised the item, stating:-

"It fits flawlessly, the fabric is extremely cozy, and looks fantastic on." A very casual fit with a classy appearance. I disagree with the other evaluations that the armhole is too tiny - it fits perfectly!"

Moving ahead, there are also sites such as Shop Reviewer that go deeper into the comprehensive analysis to unveil the styles of these clothes in the online store. From the pros and cons, the editor first finds the austenitic nature of this brand captivating and centers on the customer preferences and needs. For more reviews, you can also access Rent The Runway. From the above testimonies, many customers were impressed with how simple it is to build a wardrobe for the minimalist. Most people were satisfied with their expectations despite a few drawbacks.

Where to Buy Ramy Brook

So far, you may have decided and want to upgrade your wardrobe to Ramy Brook apparel. Therefore, to get the extensive collection of Ramy Brook products, go through their website at ramybrook.com. You can also access their lucrative deals and many other unexpected offers.

They also have in-person stores exclusively located in New York and Soho. Meanwhile, the brand has also partnered with a few online retailers to sell their products. Therefore, we understand that Ramy Brook is available through online retailers. Some of these, though mix and match, are available in:

Is Ramy Brook Worth It?

First, Ramy Brook has built a perfect reputation online, and they also work on achieving a great mission that tends to unite people. Considering the above customer feedback, most customers are impressed, and purchasing from this brand seems worth the investment. Therefore, if you have a budget for durable, comfortable, trendy clothing to add to your closet, try the Ramy Brook company.

We also justify that almost everything in the brand collection is versatile. For the busy people or ladies out there, this is an ideal brand for you to get the best and achieve multiple appearances in single clothes. And when you wish to live minimally and light, Ramy Brook is worth the attention. It can be a perfect addition to your list, and kiss goodbye to those overflowing dresses rather messy.

Some customers have raised concerns when it comes to their shipping policy. International customers are affected to extremes because of the unfavorable shipping charges. They also do not accept returns as well as exchange for overseas orders.

Therefore, when buying, rest assured and be confident with what you are paying for. We are transparent on that, and if it is not an issue, then consider the brand's worth; by all means, try navigating through their collection and enjoy a few of the offers, discounts, and promotions.

Ramy Brook Discounts

While navigating the Ramy Brook website and exploring the product collection, I was amazed at their product promotions and discounts. There are numerous approaches that customers can use to save on a budget. First, you are guaranteed 15% off on the first order for all new customers who sign up for the account. There is also free express shipping, but it is available only on eligible international orders.

Their customer acres are unrivaled. There are affiliate programs that you can join as well and make passive income. Besides that, the company provides free standard shipping on typical orders. You can get $50 off the next order when you join the SMS list or services.

Refer to their website for more information here. Otherwise, Ramy Brook features multiple sales, discounted from 30% off to 80% off. The best move is to follow these guys on their social media accounts or subscribe to the newsletter updates for more future deals.

Ramy Brook Contact

Do you still have a pending question about Ramy Brook or their apparel? Well, there is only one way out here. The solution is to contact the support team to justify anything outside our review. There are different ways to connect the Ramy Brook customer support team. First of all, you can give them a call through their active number at 1-917-444-9797. Equally, you can compose a mail and send it to their address, customercare@ramybrook.com.

The second last resort is through their address. Visit them, or mail them at the Ramy Brook, 231 W.39th Street, Suite 720, New York, New York 10018. However, you should note that the contact details are active from Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; on Friday, they are available from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST. The last method is to follow these guys on their social media platforms. They are active with many followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Q. Who is the owner of the Ramy Brook brand?

The above review shows that Ramy Brook has been owned and managed by the founder, Ramy Brook Sharp, since 2010. Therefore, this company still operates through an impressive e-commerce site, and in addition to this, they also have well-established brick-and-mortar stores in the Soho region.

Q. Does Ramy Brook's clothing fit true to size?

In the description of most of the products listed on the website, the company classifies that if you are between sizes, then consider sizing down always. In this case, it justifies that these clothes run large generally.

However, they also have adjustable clothing, which includes a Paris sleeveless Mini Dress. The adjustable ones are the perfect choice for the fluctuating size, and you can refer to their size chart for more information.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Ramy Brook company?

The company has an impressive shipping policy. For customers based in the US, the brand offers free standard shipping services. However, if you need the order delivered urgently, you can upgrade and try the other shipping options at a premium delivery. The cost is calculated at the checkout, depending on the destination.

The delivery through UPS ground shipping tends to take 5 to 7 working days, and for those sent through UPS, the Next day airdrop only takes one day to arrive at your doorstep. These services allow customers to track their transit even on the phone. All international orders are subjected to the $50 as a flat rate shipping cost when using UPS.

This doesn't cover faster shipping methods and does not even have any estimate on the delivery time. Also note that the customer is responsible for the customs, taxes, or duties applied depending on your destination country.

Q. What is the return policy of the Ramy Brook brand?

Also, just like the free shipping, the company guarantees US-based customers that they can enjoy free returns and exchanges. However, this policy only applies when you return the accessories or clothes within 30 days from the date of purchase. Also, the products must meet their outlined requirements: they must be in original condition, attach a tag, and remain unworn.

The sales items are excluded from this policy because they are considered final sales items. Initiating the return process is very simple. There are a few laid-out steps to follow. On their website, navigate to the link of the return portal, then enter the relevant information if the item is eligible for the return. From there, you will get the printable return shipping label outside the package and in the box, ensuring you also attach the receipt.

Drop it at the closest post office from there or send it to the company. The company also claims customers must see their refund reflected on the original account within 5 to 7 working days. Also, note that the international orders are final and do not qualify for the exchange.


Ramy Brook is a fashion brand that offers all the timeless and trendy clothes as well as accessories. Besides serving US customers, they also offer international shipping services. The company specializes in women's fashion, from the bottom to the tops, dresses, and jumpsuits. Ramy Brook is an ideal brand if you are a fashion-focused woman and want to upgrade your wardrobe.

Through their extensive collection, you can utilize it to transition from your daily routine to your bed. In the above review, many customers have been impressed by the history, their best selling, discounts, and the availability of their support team. It is worth checking out these guys.

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