Wayfair Furniture Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Does Wayfair offer all your furniture needs under one roof? Our Wayfair furniture reviews are dedicated to helping you figure out if the company is all you need to meet your needs. With its popularity, we need to evaluate it.

When it comes to furniture shopping, there are two main points you need to understand before getting started. First, accept that furniture is expensive and intermediaries load all the salespeople; their target is only sales. But going through the internet, we were impressed by the Wayfair furniture brand on the market. In its catalog, it contains millions of products.

This furniture is more affordable than all other alternatives on the internet. If your current brand is not 100% your style or design, then it is time to change your pace and try something unique. Though Wayfair is a reputable brand worldwide, we must verify this from customer feedback. The company has been featured in numerous media outlets such as  Vox and The New York Times.

Therefore, its robust reputation is undeniable. If you want to know what this brand has for you, keep reading along with us. Besides customer feedback, best-sellers, and promotions, we will also detail the contacts and evaluate their worth based on the customer stand. Read to understand, grasp the point and make relevant decisions.

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Wayfair Furniture Review

Wayfair is a company that offers countless pieces of furniture and gives you access to decor items, rugs, and lighting products for your home. If you want to turn or change your home space to a stylish heaven, then Wayfair furniture is all you need. The company has raised a substantial community with over 9 members, and active clients are roughly 30 million worldwide. Wayfair is a brand founded by CEO duos Steven Conine alongside Niraj Shah in 2002.

After evaluating the internet, the two got inspired to launch this company, specifically the shopping pattern and customer demands. The two duos spotted a market gap that other entrepreneurs had no clue about. Because furniture shopping was about to take a real digital turn, they established this online retail store. Even though Wayfair began as a simple form with the likes of the tiny spare bedroom of Steven, it has developed.

It is now blowing with billions of dollars in revenue, as reported with its decor empire. The company has over 18 million catalogs of products besides their 5 unique brands under one roof. These brands include Perigord, joss and Main, Birch Lane, and Allmodern. The firm has its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Currently, they have employed over 16700 employees in their company. It is hard to tell if this Wayfair brand has some drawbacks or benefits unless we learn from experienced customers. Let us sum up the pros and cons beforehand.

Wayfair Furniture Pros:

Wayfair Furniture Cons:

Why We Like Wayfair Furniture

In this section, we will dive into this company's serious aspects. We will go into its best-selling furniture and related accessories on the market. Therefore, if you have been looking for inspiration based on furniture designs, this is where you need to be. The company has about 5 brands under one roof with an extensive collection of unique furniture from beds to tables. Inafct., all this furniture will cost you a few bucks, and no need to break the bank but expect them to last long due to high-quality material.

The Best-Selling Wayfair Furniture

We will start our list with the Murphy bed. This popular Wayfair furniture is on the market and has recorded numerous positive ratings online. The bed is flexible, and you can unfold it at night while tucking it during the day; hence, it looks charming and guarantees customer comfort and versatility. It is designed using engineered wood, and you can select from multiple colors like bark gray, Antigua, bark gray, or white and white. This is a perfect bed for the guest room. The company sells these Murphy beds with one year warranty and comes with the headboard and slats except mattresses.

Imani Velvet Convertible Sofa is second, and this sofa is made using engineered wood but contains faux velvet upholstery. You can fold it at the back and develop a very comfortable bed because it contains foam that gives you max support. They are available in-store, and you can select from the 7 colors, each eye-catching. Though expensive, it is made with luxury fabric and has a good impression. It features the lighting alongside the TV stands as your favorite.

Ronaldo 27.5″ W Polyester Armchair Though mid-century, the armchair is beautifully designed and blended with neutral polyester and solid wood. They are available in colors gray, blue, taupe, and teal. With this chair, you can enjoy and feel comfortable reading the morning paper. It is also good for occasions like the night game because it appears extremely springy.

Lucca 44″ Console Table. This is a multipurpose and perfect table in your room for the front hallway. It is designed with the perfect wood finish beside its 2 soft-close drawers. It also has a wooden top that contains a metal base, and its finish is distressed. It can be a convenient makeup table s well for ladies.

Up next is Galveston Frame Coffee Table. This table is made with a genuine marble top, while the base is designed with metal. It is also manufactured with personalization in mind, and thus, you purchase in different and unique colors, such as marble and white top, while base metals are made with either gold or chrome color. The table often adds to your room with sophistication due to its geometric as well as modern appearance. When buying this table, it needs assembly.

We cannot forget to mention the favorite Soleia Handmade Tufted Azure Rug. These are the popular area rugs that you can buy in unique colors. In the store, you will access the different colors, sizes, and options to choose the viscose blend or tufted wool, all made in India. Despite being designed with a calming color balance, it contains some energy and is perfect for the place you aim to liven up.

However, it is meant for indoor use alone and is best used alongside the rug pad to avoid sliding or slipping. They are available in 5 unique rectangle sizes and 5 round sizes if one is their popular runner size.

We also mention Forest Misty Jungle Natural Textile Wallpaper among the best-selling Wayfair furniture. This is because this wallpaper is simple to reposition and thermal and sound insulated, UV and moisture resistant, and non-pasted. When purchasing it, it comes with glue to apply on the wall. The good part is that this wallpaper does not have residue, as you can easily peel it from the wall.

Joaquin Patio Folding Bar Table is also unique, with its luxurious function and style perfect for the backyard oasis. You can easily fold and use the wheels to move around conveniently. It is made with the acacia hardwood home bar, thus efficient even at the cocktail as it keeps your home space tidy.

The last on our list among the favorable Wayfair furniture is George Nelson Platform Ben. Though it looks simple, it has numerous positive customer reviews and stands out. It is perfect when placed in the entryway with a large family. It is designed with a long white metal solid wood top, with ample storage space below it. In-store, they are available in two colors: natural and walnut but varies in size based on your preferences.

Customer Review

Wayfair has made it to the market based on unique styles as well as affordable furniture with a huge collection to select from. But this is exactly what they claim from their website; we also need to look beyond and deeper into what past customers have used this furniture.

Therefore, we will start our journey by looking at its official website, wayfair.com. This website has numerous customer feedback on each product in store. For instance, George's 82" Upholstered sofa has roughly 4.4 stars after 1366 reviews. Most people on the site are happy with these items and praise the styles, unique shipping, customer support, and high-quality and long-lasting furniture. One customer had this to say on the above sofa:-

"Oh my goodness. This couch is absolutely stunning. It's so smooth and delectable that it's perfect for a focal point in our sitting room. I was concerned about getting a velvet chair because we have dogs, but so far, any hair that has gotten on it has simply been erased off with our hands. Nothing sticks to the fabric like our old seats. Also, the color looks fantastic with our dark walnut wooden floors. We paired this couch with two beige mid-century modern armchairs as well as some walnut side tables and a cocktail table, and it looks fantastic. The placement of the arms also provides a great spot to lean in and get cozy."

While Sitejabber has mixed reviews on the company, where 1793 reviews give the firm a 1.66-star rating, there is still positive feedback here. If you cannot get satisfied with the sales, move on to Trustpilot. Currently, the website gets a 2.3 rating based on 65914 reviews. This is average looking at the number of reviews and many issues raised does not seem consistent. Therefore, there is still multiple positive feedback where 73% of the customers rated it 5 stars. One client gave his feelings and made it clear, saying:-

"Ideal location for decor. I've purchased a lot of items from Wayfair. They have some really nice designs at lower prices than most other furniture stores, in my opinion. Also, their customer experience is quite decent, and they offer a refund fairly easily if the product is damaged, for instance, during arrival."

There are numerous reviews online. This includes sites like Slumber Search, which gives the company 9.5 stars rating and a satisfaction rate of 9.3. While on Den Garden, the author outlines the pros and cons of the company furniture, goes through facts about why this brand is worth the money, and in the long run, recommends it for anyone with a fixed budget but wants to try a unique design and high-quality furniture.

There is also awesome feedback on the Consumer Affairs site, Quora and Youtube Videos also do well. The BBB rating is also promising, and based on the reviews, the company has a reputable name on the market.

Where to Buy Wayfair Furniture

In case you struggle to access the huge furniture collection with unlimited options. Please consider visiting the official website of Wayfair Furniture, which is wayfair.com. However, this form works in conjunction with the other 5 brands.

This means expect their products to also be available in other stores worldwide. It is not just an exclusive Wayfair site alone. You have a task here to locate these stores as well.

Does Wayfair Furniture sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Wayfair Furniture stores on Amazon.

Is Wayfair Furniture Worth It?

Wayfair Furniture is a legit company online with multiple brands and furniture to select from. Based on what we have found online and real experience purchasing from the store, we would reinstate that the company is worth checking out. The company, alongside all the 5 brands, is dedicated to ensuring that customers worldwide have access to high-quality and great furniture, which is their aim in the industry.

In the inventory, clients have access to the countless furniture categories that even a specific brand can never have. their categories range from the tables, best sets, and home decor store accessories. All these are only coming at affordable prices without intermediaries involved. Regardless of what you want, such as the furniture, armchair, desk, or even an accessory, the company covers you with one click.

There are numerous things we love about this firm and, more specifically, the endless options for furniture. Still, the company has reported multiple positive customer feedback online. Among the customers have praised the affordability and ability of the furniture to add life to your room or home space irrespective of the budget. You can also gain prior experience with these products by going through eh bove customer reviews or feedback.

We assure you that it will give you the confidence you need as many customers to repeat clients. Just in case their furniture or accessories have issues, these guys have your back with a favorable return policy, which gives you 30 days return window. The return process is simple, but you must request within the stipulated time frame. Otherwise, this company is worth your money with a large collection of long-lasting, unique design furniture and affordable services.

Wayfair Furniture Discounts

If you are searching for Wayfair furniture discounts or promo codes, we have you covered in this section. Since the company is well known for offering discounts and promotions directly to the customer, it would be ideal if you sign up for the newsletter and make things simpler for you. First, the company gives customers free shipping when they place an order totaling $35 and above. When you get more outdoorsy, you end up spending less.

The sleep deals give you access to discounted prices of up to 60% off—multiple flash sales on the website. There are numerous other means to save. These include open-box deals, closeout deals, and surplus sales. The company today accepts multiple financing options, including Affirm, which enables one to acquire the furniture on an installment plan.

The Wayfair black Friday is something else you can use to save on the budget. Otherwise, subscribe to the newsletter or email listing for all the latest deals and promotions from the brand.

Wayfair Furniture Contact

We were limited on the time and length of the article, but if we missed out on something relevant to you and need clarification, you can connect with the company. In this Wayfair review, we have collected multiple means so you can contact the support team. They gave us the main phone line for excel 844-731-3220.

For return-related inquiries, call 844-263-4868; for customer service, call 844-731-3220. The above contact details are only operational except at Midnight based on the EST time. If you are not a phone call fan, you are lucky these guys are also available on social media platforms. You can therefore collaborate and share more on their Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Q. Is Wayfair company based in Canada?

The fact remains that the company has a Canadian website form where you can place your order. Therefore, if you are a customer based in the Great North, visit the website at wayfair.ca and browse the selections.

Q. Does Wayfair have an Australian website?

Wayfair furniture also had the Australian website from the above research and online information. However, the site was acquired by the name temple and webster, which currently operates in australia.

Q. Does Wayfair offer good quality furniture?

Definitely, while they claim to offer high-quality furniture on their website, the customer's feedback, as stated in the above review, also confirms the fact as true. If you have been searching for a stable future at an affordable price, visit the Wayfair store and enjoy a huge collection of furniture and other accessories under one roof from 5 unique brands.

Q. Does the Wayfair store have operational hours?

It is only the stores that have plans to close. However, the site will always remain online for the foreseeable future. From the current trends, purchasing furniture online is safer and much cheaper. Closing the stores but remaining online should no longer be an issue for you.

Q. How do I get the Wayfair credit card?

The company also has set its credit score requirements. Therefore, the customer to get a Wayfair credit card must meet the minimal requirements. It would help to have a credit score of 580 and above as the standard eligibility requirement.

Q. Can Wayfair accept me with my bad credit score?

If a customer has recorded a bad credit score, the company will still work with you. Otherwise, these guys limit your choices on the platform. Some of the consequences to bear is the high-interest rate charged. We recommend you use the Wayfair credit card and login into the account to understand more about the credit score.

Q. Does Wayfair offer free shipping to customers?

The company offers customers free shipping when their order meets the minimum threshold. To quality, you must order from $35 and above to get free standard shipping.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Wayfair company?

First, Wayfair relies on FedEx and UPS as their shipping options when you have a small delivery item. But for the large orders, they have specialty carriers to handle them. Once the company dispatches your order, they send you the tracking code with which you can trace the location of your deliveries. But the delivery time tends to vary for the shipping duration, which highly depends on your region or location and the item being shipped.

Q. Can I return the Wayfair Furniture to the store?

First, you must understand that while the company allows you to return the items to the stores, customers must incur return shipping charges and other extra costs. The company subtracts the charges from the refunded money. Based on the return policy, upon purchase, the customer has 30 days max to return the item to the inventory for restocking if they do not meet the expectations.

You can then choose a different item from the store. But for the order to be eligible for the return, it must be in its original condition and intact in its packaging. Also, keep in mind that the company will not give you a refund for the assembled furniture. But it allows you to return the item if it is damaged before assembling it. Or it's defective if not manufacturing issues.


Wayfair is an online marketplace with 5 brands that offers you high-quality and long-lasting furniture at an affordable price—one of the budget-conscious brands with multiple lucrative deals on commercially rated items. If you want furniture from the experts to fill your home space,  make Wayfair your final destination. From the above reviews, the company has built a reputation alongside its large collection of items across unique categories. Its super-transparent status is among the best-selling points besides the favorable shipping policy. Give it a try and save more with the discounted prices.

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