Venus Et Fleur Flowers Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy Them?

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For centuries flowers have always been a great way of expressing people's emotions. However, most flowers can only last for about a week. So Venus Et Fleur Flowers appeared. It gives the flowers a longer shelf life!

Wouldn’t it be better to gift flowers that can last for a year? Venus Et Fleur will do that for you. After noticing how unreliable the floral industry can be, the company decided to launch various arrangements of roses with various colors and scents. Some of these include azure blue, blush pink, sunshine yellow, and classic red.

The Venus Et Fleur flowers can last for up to a year with very minimal maintenance requirements. They have lovely scents and could make a great gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion. Read on to find out more about Venus Et Fleur Flowers.

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About Venus Et Fleur Flowers

Founded in 2015, Venus Et Fleur produces eternity roses that can last for a year. The idea was hatched after Sunny sent Seema a bouquet which in the end was quite disappointing. Both being the founders, they decided to raise the bar by creating enchanting luxury floral arrangements and luxury gifts. Over the years, the company has gained tremendous growth and has been featured in various publications.

They include Forbes, Pop Sugar, and Allure Magazine. They have also received accolades from celebrities on Instagram, such as Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and others. These signature flower arrangements are artfully placed in beautiful boxes and vases that come in various shapes and sizes.

Venus Et Fleur also crafts elegant ceramic vases for their floral arrangements and is constantly innovating to give you that wow effect. In this review, we will look closely into what Venus Et Fleur is all about as well as answer a few frequently asked questions.

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Pros

Venus Et Fleur Flowers Cons

What We Like About Venus Et Fleur Flowers

They Have a Variety of Colors and Designs

Venus Et Fleur Flowers come in various colors and packaging designs that are stylish with a modern twist. The colors of the roses have different meanings which are excellent for different occasions. Among them include white, yellow, red, lavender, blue, green, and pink. The roses also come in various styles of packaging, such as hat boxes that are Parisian-style inspired.

You can order them in a square box, Le Mini round box, petit round, classic bundle, and Le Mini letter. Other designs include the Florentina vase, Fleura vase, Le Douze, Terre vase, Le Mini, Fire vase, Gypsophila, and more. You can also have them delivered in a sleek acrylic box that is elegant and stylish at the same time.

You Can Order a Vase with Mixed Flowers

Seema, who is one of the founders, has an interest in Venus - the goddess of love. As such, she has reflected this with various beautiful floral arrangements. Among them include a white vase that resembles an ancient Greek pillar with blush roses, gardenia flowers, and springtime hydrangeas. You can also order Mixed Calla Lilies in a Terre travertine vase that comes with a pomegranate color and a Venus Et Fleur logo.

It includes more than 115-eternity roses that include calla lilies, dianthus, roses, and hydrangeas. The travertine vase is hand curved and captures an earth element that symbolizes peace and strength. There are several other mixed flower arrangements that you can choose from on their website, depending on the occasion.

Customer Review

When you visit Venus Et Fleur’s website, you will find positive affirmations from various notable celebrities. Such include Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Madelaine Petsch, Hailee Steinfeld, and others. Significant publications like Forbes, Vogue, and The New York Times have also complimented its products.

Far from the celebrity sentiments and reviews, we’ve gone further to gather consumers' views and thoughts about Venus Et Fleur. Trust Pilot is among the review websites we've checked and it seems like Venus Et Fleur is enjoying an amazing score of 4.4 stars. Most of the reviews show that they deliver on time even to countries overseas.

Most of the reviews indicate that their service is fast, and they send a photo of the flowers before shipping them to you. However, others do claim that service can be hard to get, especially on weekends and that their prices are higher.

“My mom was so pleased with the bouquet I ordered from Venus Et Fleur for her birthday. It was lovely, and the scent was amazing. Thank you very much for making her happy.”

Where To Buy Venus Et Fleur Flowers

To purchase flowers from Venus Et Fleur, visit its website and choose the bouquet of your choice before making payments. You can also enjoy various discounts and promotions from time to time.

Other online stores you can order Venus Et Fleur flowers from including the following:

Does Venus Et Fleur Flowers sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Venus Et Fleur Flowers stores on Amazon.

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Are Venus Et Fleur Flowers Worth It?

If you’re looking for something different yet amazing, I’d say yes. The quality of the roses and the craftsmanship of the package is fantastic and they live longer than normal roses. The divine scent, the colors, and package designs make a whole lot of difference compared to normal roses. They make an ideal centerpiece for a dining area or living room.

They will always bring love and good memories whenever your loved one is near them, which makes it special. Most online reviews are great with very few nays. However, the price is on the higher side. But then again, you cannot place a price on such things as love.

Venus Et Fleur Discount

Here are a few discounts you can enjoy when you purchase the flowers.

Venus Et Fleur Contact

If you have questions that we haven't already answered, reach Venus Et Fleur via the following contacts:


Q. Which varieties and sizes can you find?

There are lots of sizes and designs to choose from at Venus Et Fleur. You can choose flower arrangements based on the type of occasions such as a birthday, housewarming, new baby, bridal, or graduation. You can have the flowers packed in a classic styled Parisian hat box of any shape, a vase, acrylic boxes, and more. Among the flowers, you can choose from include roses, calla lilies, orchids, gardenias, hydrangeas, and mixed florals.

Q. What is venus Et Fleur’s shipping policy?

According to the company, shipping is done based on the size of your order and its destination. Hand deliveries are mostly done on the same day or the next depending on your location. Deliveries can also be done through UPS or FedEx within the US, and the company can ship to more than 50 countries. International deliveries may take longer because of the extra processing time.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

No. You cannot cancel an order, nor can you modify it in any way after placing it. However, if your product arrived damaged, you can always contact customer service within 48 hours after receiving the package.


Inconsistencies in the floral market have made it hard for people to be able to send perfect floral gifts to their loved ones. They can only last week, and then the memory will be gone. Eternity roses from Venus Et Fleur bridge that gap by producing roses that can last for a year. Their smell is amazing and they can be a great addition to one's office, living room, or dining area. Surprise that person you love and make him/her feel happy and cherished.

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