Walmart Phone Return Policy: All You Need to Know!

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Do you want to learn more about the return policy of postpaid and prepaid phones at Walmart? Learn more about Walmart’s return policy on phones.

The world is going global every single moment. People and companies are making more discoveries in the world of technology. One of the gifts that came with technology is the invention of phones. Nearly 80 percent of the world makes use of phones or they even own a phone. There are different kinds of phones you can buy from great stores.

Walmart is among the best brands that offer different kinds of items that you can buy at affordable prices. If you are looking for a different kind of phone to buy, you can go ahead to buy it at Walmart.

A phone is a portable device that can call and receive a call. Because of the advance in technology, the phone has been developed to work wireless. Before now, phones are only able to receive or make calls. However, you can see different kinds of phones doing a lot more than just making and receiving calls.

When you shop with Walmart, you will not be too surprised to see some of your favorite phone brands either on their shelves when you visit in-store, or you see them displayed on their online store. You will always get access to the latest phone at Walmart.

Now that Walmart offers most of the latest phones available for their customers, then there should be a policy that guides their sales. Walmart has a return policy for phones among other returns-eligible items, if you are wondering what the return policy is about the phones they offer before you go non to buy from the brand, then you should keep reading because we have found interesting information about the return policy that Walmart offers to their customers.

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Walmart Phone Return Policy In 2024

If you are familiar with buying things online, you will know that Walmart is among the best brands that offer returns for most of their items. Luckily, a phone is one of those special items you can return, and it still works in 2022. However, the return policy for phones only works with prepaid phones.

If you bought your phone outright, then you are more than qualified to return your phone if there is an issue because they offer a return window of 14 days for you to be able to return it. These 14 days begin to count from the day you purchased it. Part of the policy for returning a prepaid phone is that you will have to return it in the original condition as when you bought it.

When you are planning on returning your phone, make sure the original packaging is still intact to avoid rejection of the return request. The receipt of your transaction should be intact just as the accessories of the phone are also intact. Now that you a little about the return policy of prepaid phones, let's talk about the postpaid phone and if there is any for them.

If your phone is postpaid, you will also enjoy a return window of 30 days. After following all the rules of prepaid phones regarding eligibility, you will be able to return the postpaid phones too. The only difference is the return window. Prepaid phones are for 14 days while postpaid phones are for 30 days.

There are a lot of things that you need to learn about the return policy of phones that Walmart offer when you buy online and when you buy physically from their in-store locations, then you should keep reading because they are interesting things you will find out.

What Should I Do When I Want to Return A Phone to Walmart In 2024?

The first thing you need to know before you begin the process of returning is for you to know the kind of phone you own. You should know if you bought the phone as a prepaid package or a postpaid package, if you are about to return a prepaid phone, then you should bear in mind that the return window for prepaid phones at Walmart is 14 days. So you might not be eligible to return anymore once it is past 14 days or there might be a time extension for you. Your phone cards, PINs, and minutes cannot be refunded.

Most postpaid phones are often described as contract phones because you are still paying for the phone. It is a bit harder to return such phones. This is why Walmart decided to make it easier for people who want to return should do it conveniently and accurately. You must be some requirements before you can return a postpaid phone because of the kind of contract.

Generally, when you want to return you will have to attach the receipt of your transaction. This works both for prepaid phones and postpaid phones. The receipt is a very important requirement. This is because it shows that you are the owner and you purchased your phone at Walmart. Then when this is ready, you should make sure you still have the original packaging with you.

Accessories that were given to you in the packaging such as cord, earphones, charger, protective screens, etc should be placed back into the original packaging and ready for return. Make sure the phone is in its original condition when you buy it. E.g there should be no cracks from you, damage to any chipped part, hardware damage, liquid damage, or any kind of damage that might hinder you from getting a refund.

We have found out that Walmart accepts some items that you cannot provide a receipt for. Unfortunately, phones do not fall under this section. This means that you must make sure you return the items with their receipt. If you did not include the items that came with the phone while returning, you will get rejected.

However, you might still return your phone if it is not in its original condition. This is applicable when you have bought the Walmart protection plan. You can keep reading to find out interesting things about how to return phones at Walmart.

Is It Possible to Return Damaged Phones at Walmart In 2024?

When it comes to returning damaged phones, you might get confused if you do not know what the policy is all about. Generally, when your phone has been damaged and not in the original condition like when you bought it, you will not be able to return such a phone because it was not damaged by Walmart when it was handed over to you.

However, you can still return a damaged phone even if you mistakenly damaged the phone. This is possible if you have bought their Walmart protection plan. This covers other items too. It is not a special plan for only phones. This protection works when you want to cover the damage especially when it is not your fault. It is based on technical failures or normal damage. Fortunately, Walmart has approved phones to fall under the category of items you can buy the protection plan for.

When you have received a phone that is faulty, damaged, or not working from Walmart after shopping online, you can quickly return the phone because you are not at fault. You have 14 days to return such damaged phones. You will have to return it through the mail and not in-store.

Can I Return the Phone that Has Been Opened at Walmart?

There are some items that you return at Walmart even if it has been opened. Items such as toys and TV can be opened and you are still eligible for a return. However, you need to know about the return policy concerning phones that are opened at Walmart. When you return a phone that has been opened, you can only request an exchange for that kind of phone. At Walmart, they have items that are not eligible for returns but you can exchange them. Opened phones fall under this category too.

Can I Return an iPhone at Walmart?

When returning the iPhone, Walmart will treat the iPhone just like any other model of phone. The return policy is the same. When making returns, just try and make sure you follow the rules guiding the return policy of Walmart concerning phones. E.g bring the accessories complete, and the receipt, make sure it is in the original condition except you have bought the Walmart protection plan for special damage situations.

Can I Return a Phone Without A Receipt At Walmart?

Sometimes it is just okay to follow the normal policy provided by brands to avoid disappointment. You can return other items without a receipt. However, it is riskier when you lose your receipt and you want to make a return. If you have genuinely lost your purchase evidence, Walmart is willing to help in such a condition because they have a special team who are after the well-being of their customers.

If you do not have your receipt with you, Walmart and try to check out your transaction on their system using other means. However, it is not a 100 percent guarantee that they might be able to locate your transaction history. If they are unable to locate the transaction, then Walmart can decide to reject your returns claim. At this point you might be at the mercy of the staff of Walmart, he can decide to go the extra mile to make sure he gets the history of your transaction. If he is unable, then he might reject. You should try to make sure you are with your valid means of identification when you come to return. This will make you trustworthy since you can verify your identity. It can also make the employee accept your return if you do not have a receipt.

How Can I Return the Phone I Bought from Walmart?

If you have bought your phone online, or you visited the Walmart in-store location, you can still return it easily. Nevertheless, there is a difference in the return process when you buy online or in-store.

If you have bought online, then your process will be slightly different. You cannot return a phone bought online to their in-store location. You have to contact the customer support team so you can ship back the phone via mail, you will be given an address you can ship it to.

The little information they need is when you visit their return page on their website, you will have to input your order number and email. If you have an ab account, you just need to log in to complete the transaction. After you are done, you should be able to print a return shipping label that is free.

If you return in-store, the process is quite different. Make sure you visit the Walmart in-store location during the normal working store hours. You can find your way to the customer service unit to do this. Just make sure you include this Walmart wants you to return both in-store and online.

How Can I Be Refunded When I Return Phone at Walmart?

If you have successfully made a return and it has been accepted by Walmart, then you can decide to collect your full refund or make an exchange if you are still interested. When it comes to refunds, Walmart will always pay back using the same method of payment you used in paying for the item. For instance, if you have used PayPal to pay for your phone, then you will be refunded on your PayPal account. However, if you have paid using a check, then you will have to receive cash as a refund.

What are the Kind of Phones I Can Buy at Walmart?

Walmart offers high-quality phones from reputable and reliable brands. They offer authentic phones directly from these brands. Some of them are Samsung, LG, Apple, Google, etc.


Buying phones from Walmart is not a hard thing to do because they have made shopping very easy online and when you visit their in-store location, you will see items under categories perfectly arranged. Their return policy on phones is an easy and favorable policy for customers. 14 days return window for prepaid phones and 30 days return window for postpaid phones.

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