Walmart Mattress Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

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Discover the comprehensive guide to Walmart's mattress return policy. Find information on returning mattresses, refund process, timeframes, and more. Make informed shopping decisions with our detailed Walmart mattress return policy overview.

Purchasing a mattress at Walmart opens the door to a realm of comfort and choice, where countless options await to cater to your sleep preferences. As you embark on this journey, it's essential to find the perfect mattress and familiarize yourself with Walmart's mattress return policy.

This policy serves as your safety net, clarifying what happens if your chosen mattress doesn't meet your expectations. From memory foam to innerspring, the policy's details ensure a comprehensive understanding of the return process backs your investment. Let's explore Walmart's mattress purchasing experience and the assurances their return policy provides for your peace of mind. Read on!

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Walmart Mattress Return Policy

Walmart's Mattress Return Policy offers a reassuringly flexible approach. Customers can return mattresses within 90 days of purchase, accompanied by the original receipt, packaging, and tags. If the mattress arrives damaged or defective, Walmart provides a 100-day return window.

However, it's important to note that box springs and foundations must be returned within the standard 90-day period. Online orders can be initiated for return via Walmart's website or app. Focusing clearly on customer satisfaction, Walmart's policy ensures that the sleep and return experiences are equally restful.

How to Return A Mattress At Walmart?

Returning a mattress at Walmart is a straightforward process designed:

For online purchases:

Remember that policies may vary based on location and specific circumstances. It's advisable to review Walmart's official return policy or contact customer service for any clarifications before initiating the return.

Can I Return An Opened Mattress To Walmart?

Yes, you can typically return an opened mattress to Walmart, but it's essential to be aware of the specific conditions and policies that apply. Walmart's return policy varies slightly based on the type of mattress you've purchased (in-store or online) and the reason for the return (defective, damaged, or change of mind).

Here are some key points to consider:

Can You Return An Air Mattress To Walmart? 

You can return an air mattress to Walmart in most cases, but there are some critical considerations. Walmart's return policy typically allows returns of air mattresses within a specific timeframe, often around 90 days from purchase. To start the return, you'll need the original receipt, and the air mattress should be in clean and usable condition, often in its original packaging.

Can I Return A Mattress To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Returning a mattress to Walmart without a receipt varies by store policy. Contact your local Walmart or refer to their official return policy to determine eligibility. Store discretion and guidelines will determine if you can receive a refund, store credit, or an exchange without a receipt.

Remember that having a receipt typically facilitates the return process and offers a smoother experience. If you're considering a return without a receipt, contacting the store will provide the most accurate and current information regarding their procedures.

Do You Have To Return To The Same Walmart?

For returning a mattress to Walmart, you usually have the flexibility to return it to any Walmart store, not limited to where you made the purchase. This provides convenience if you have a nearby Walmart store that is more accessible.

However, verifying this with the specific Walmart store you plan to visit is advisable, as store policies can differ slightly. Remember to bring along any necessary documentation, such as the original receipt, and follow the store's guidelines for the return process. This ensures a smooth experience when returning a mattress to any Walmart location.

Will Walmart Refund For Returned Mattresses?

Walmart ‌offers refunds for returned mattresses within their designated return window, typically around 90 days. To be eligible, the mattress should be in a clean, undamaged condition with its original packaging and tags. Refunds are usually issued to the original payment method, ensuring a seamless return experience.

Remember that certain circumstances, like missing receipts or returns outside the standard window, might lead to store credit instead of cash refunds. Specific policies can vary, so it's prudent to consult your local Walmart's return policy or official website for precise details before proceeding with a mattress return.

What does Walmart do with Returned Mattresses?

Returned mattresses at Walmart typically go through a process to determine their condition and potential for resale. The exact steps can vary based on the store's policies and the state of the mattress:

Ultimately, the approach Walmart takes with returned mattresses depends on factors like the condition of the mattress, local regulations, sustainability efforts, and the store's specific procedures.


Walmart's mattress return policy offers a balanced blend of flexibility and adherence to quality standards. The policy's clarity and reasonable timeframe empower customers to make informed decisions. Whether returning due to defects or personal preferences, the process is designed to ensure convenience. This customer-centric approach underscores Walmart's dedication to enhancing shopping satisfaction while promoting responsible product handling and environmental consciousness.

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