Ace Hardware Return Policy 2024 (Must Know Before You Return)

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All companies who are into the sales of items always have different policy s that their customers can enjoy from time to time. However, not all companies offer favorable policies. The most common policy that you can enjoy from a brand is the return and shipping policies. A brand’s return policy can also help in making customers patronize them or scare them away with unfavorable policies. It is always necessary to know everything about the return policy of the company you are buying items from.

Ace hardware is one of the biggest retailers where you can get hardware items. This brand offers a very wide variety of materials, tools, equipment, and many more that you can use for any kind of project. You can get their items by shopping online or you can go to their physical stores to get these items.

Are you planning on buying from Ace hardware or you have already bought from Ace Hardware and you are not okay with what you have bought? You might be thinking if this brand offers a return policy or what the return policy Ace Hardware is all about, you can continue reading to know more about this brand.

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Ace Hardware Return Policy in 2024

What is the Return policy of Ace Hardware that you need to know before you return?

Most brands renew their return policy often. Ace hardware as a retail company is not an exception. We were able to find the return policy that this brand offer in 2024. The brand offers up to 30 days return policy if you don’t like what you bought from them. However, before you decide to return you need to make sure you have your valued receipt intact which will serve as proof you bought from them. If the items you bought are in their original packaging, you are good to go with the brand.

The brand offer return for most of its items. You must make sure you still have the accessories and paperwork for the items so you will be qualified to make a return. If you are making a physical return, the brand requires you to carry along with you any valid means of identification.

There are numerous things you need to learn about the return policy of Ace Hardware which includes the items you can return, the days for return, and the steps to take while making returns with this brand. Continue reading to learn more.

How Many Days Do I Have to Wait Before I Can Return with Ace Hardware?

When you buy an item from Ace Hardware, you can make a return within 30 days starting from the day you purchased the brand. You should know that the shipping date is different from the purchase date. Hence, you need to return within 30 days to get your full refund. You can still decide to return after 30 days due to a lot of reasons. The brand gives you grace for that. However, returning after 30 days means you will get store credit instead of monetary refunds. You can use the store credits for future purchases or immediately.

To be more guided while returning after that stipulated 30 days, you should contact the brand via their customer support team for assistance. Other terms of returning after the fixed 30 days include the deduction of store credit to pay for the handling and shipping cost of the item you are returning to Ace Hardware.

What Are the Things that I Cannot Return with Ace Hardware?

Yes, Ace Hardware indeed offer 30 days return policy to their customers. There are a lot of items you can return with Ace Hardware. Nevertheless, there are still some items you cannot return to Ace Hardware. These items might be a result of exceptions while buying them. Read on as you find out. When you buy gift cards from Ace Hardware, you should know that you cannot return them for any reason.

There are items you cannot return such as products from Magnolia Home paint. The only time you can get an exception and make a return is when it has been damaged or the product is faulty. There are some other conditions for some products that can make you lose the right to return them when you don’t like them. Items like gas-powered products will not be eligible for returns if you have gone ahead to put oil or gas into them. You should know that even if you have removed the oil or gas from the product, you still cannot return it, you will have to contact the producer to start any return process on it.

If you have bought gas-powered items for outdoor purposes like mowers, edgers, tillers, etc. Cannot be returned if you have opened them. This means that you can return them within 30 days after purchase but must be unopened and must be in their original packaging. If you have bought clearance items that you bought while it is damaged cannot be returned. This is because it has gone through the clearance stage and you confirmed before buying it.

Items that can be hazardous or contains materials that can lead to hazard can be returned only to the local Ace hardware store where you bought them.

Is There Any Return Policy on Ace Hardware without the Receipt?

The brand might reject your request for a return if you don’t have the receipt given to you or any other proof that you bought from the brand directly. Rejection of your return offer means you will not get a full monetary refund or even store credits. However, if the item you intend to return is in perfect condition, Ace Hardware might consider refunding with store credits provided you show your valid driver’s license even if you don’t any receipt or proof of purchase from Ace Hardware.

If you want to know more about making returns without a receipt, you can contact the Ace Hardware store to get more information about it.

What Are the Steps to Start Processing a Return with Ace Hardware?

The first thing you need before you commence the return process is to get the product you are about to return, then make sure you still have the product in its original packaging, unused, you can also make sure it is unopened, and lastly, make sure you have proof of purchase intact.

Knowing the different refunds you will get is very important. Store credits and full monetary refunds are available with Ace Hardware. If you default by making a return after 30 days, then you will get store credits and a full money refund within 30 days of purchase.

One good thing with their return policy is that you can make a return to any of the Ace Hardware stores in as much as you meet up with their returns requirement. You can go to the customer service counter to start the process when you get to the store. However, if you don’t have an Ace Hardware store close to you, you can reach out to their customer support team online for assistance on how to go about it. You can reach customer support at 888-827-4223 anytime.

Do I Have to Pay When Shipping Back to Ace Hardware?

If you are not close to the Ace Hardware store or you bought online, you still have the option of shipping back your item after your return has been approved. There is a return shipping cost. The only time you will ship for free is when the brand ships the wrong item in the first place or is damaged. Clearance sales are always applicable for physical purchases at the store. Your return application will take 2 to 5 days to be processed and approved. After then you can go ahead to return to an address that will be provided to you.

How Can I Get My Refund from Ace Hardware?

You should know that you can be refunded with money or store credits. Store credit refunds require you to buy another item from the brand. The item you will be buying next must be equal to the monetary value of the store credits. for example, if the store credit given is 500 and 500 is equal to $50. This means that whatever you are buying next should be equal to $50 or less but not be more than $50.

The brand offers different payment methods or options. Hence, whatever method you use in paying for the items when the brand is about to refund you monetarily, they will have to make refunds using the same method. For example, if you buy using the PayPal method, then Ace Hardware will make refunds back to your PayPal.

Can I Return An Item I Just Bought?

The brand offers different kinds of purchases. The answer to this is yes you can return and still no you cannot return. If you bought it physically and it is a clearance item, then you cannot make a return because it has been cleared in front of you. There is an exception to this if you have confirmed and made a payment but you are yet to receive the item. You can request a refund immediately.

If you have your receipt, transaction ID, credit card slip, means of payment, etc. You can request a refund immediately because you have proven you just bought from.

What Are the Things I Need to Return to Ace Hardware?

The brand requires a few items when you are about to make a return. The most commonly accepted means of identification to return to Ace Hardware is the Driver’s License, the receipt of your purchase, and some other necessary paper works. if you have all these items intact, then you are sure to return your item.

Can Ace Hardware Help Me Look Up My Receipt If I Misplace It?

If you lost or misplaced your receipt and you want to make a return so that you can enjoy every bit of their return policy, then Ace Hardware can help look up your receipt under some conditions. You will need to present your Ace Rewards number used which the person can use to find your transaction or you provide the method of payment.

It might be very difficult to find your receipt if you are unable to provide these items. You will have to go for the other options of return with Ace Hardware.

Are Tags Important While Returning to Ace Hardware?

This brand has placed more priority on the receipt of your item purchased. This means that even if you don’t have the tags of the items, it is not a problem because Ace Hardware will not ask you for any while returning. They focus more on receipt or any proof of payment.

Can I Return an Item I Don’t Like to Ace Hardware?

We were able to know that if you have your receipt with you, then you can make a return for items you don’t like even when they are not damaged or faulty. However, if you don’t hold any proof of payment and you want to return an item because you don’t like it, the store can reject such a request if they want. There is no legal obligation for such retail stores to make refunds.

Nevertheless, the retailer can still decide to offer you an exchange. This means you can get other items of the same value as what you are about to return. The Ace Hardware store can give you store credits in return too.


A great company makes its return policy favorable and easy. This brand is not an exception because they care so much about its customers. They have been able to create a policy that is very flexible for their customers. It is very hard for customers not to find a return policy that suits any situation.

The common features of Ace hardware return policy are 30 days return window, proof of payment or valid receipt, valid means of identification, unused items, unopened items, original packaging, return shipping cost, full monetary refunds, store credits, etc. By now you have all the necessary information on the return policy of Ace Hardware at your disposal.    

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