Amazon Mattress Return Policy in 2023

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If you just bought or are considering buying a mattress at Amazon, you might want to know more about their return policy. That’s right. In Amazon, like most giant US retailers allows returns on different products.

That being said, in this post, you will learn more about the time frames and the process for returning mattresses to Amazon. Keep reading to find out more about the Amazon mattress return policy.

Amazon sells mattresses online through its website and third parties including Sears and other retailers such as Kohl's. The company allows its customers to return their mattresses within 100 days of receiving their order. For the return to be accepted by Amazon, the mattress must be unopened and boxed up. If your mattresses were bought through a third-party seller on Amazon, there’s a chance that it might not be covered by Amazon Mattress Return Policy.

In this guide, we'll answer all of your questions about the Amazon mattress return policy in 2023. If you are struggling with buyer's remorse about the mattress you bought on Amazon and are now wondering whether or not Amazon will accept it back, keep reading to find out.

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What is Amazon's Mattress Return Policy in 2023?

If you have recently purchased an Amazon mattress, you may be wondering what the return policy is. Amazon has a generous return policy for their mattresses, allowing customers to return them within 100 days of receiving their shipment. You can either send the mattress back via UPS or schedule a pick-up with UPS if your mattress is large and heavy.

If you want to return your mattress, it should be unopened, not expanded, and boxed up in its original packaging. If the mattress has been used or damaged, Amazon will not accept it for return. Moreover, mattresses categorized as full or king-sized are not eligible for return to Amazon.

If you bought a full or king-sized mattress and now want to return it, just know it won’t be taken back. However, Amazon will refund you for the inconvenience. They will also advise you on the available options with regard to the return of full-sized mattresses. Also worth mentioning is that mattresses sold through third-party sellers on Amazon will have their return policies that may not allow for returns or a refund. It is essential to thoroughly read all terms and conditions before purchasing from third-party sellers on Amazon.

Do Amazon Mattresses Have a Warranty?

Amazon does not offer a warranty for most mattresses. It means that the company that sells a mattress through Amazon will provide their warranty for the product. If you need more information about the mattress warranty, you can contact the manufacturer directly. You can find a link to their customer service team on the product page, or you can call them directly.

You should also know that not every mattress company will provide a warranty with their products, even if sold through Amazon. Amazon will handle the repair, replacement, or even refund of all mattresses that are returned and have no warranty coverage.

Does Amazon Accept Mattress Returns?

If you're shopping for a mattress on Amazon, you might want to check if it is covered by Amazon mattress return policy.Some mattresses are not eligible and as such, some people may be hesitant to buy a mattress from Amazon because they think they won't be able to return or exchange it if they don't like it.

The truth is that you can return an Amazon-purchased mattress within 100 days of receiving it, unexpanded, unopened and boxed up, just like any other product sold on the site (except for specific items that are designated as "non-returnable"). However, third-party sellers on Amazon will have return policies that may not allow for returns or a refund.

Your best bet is to check out the seller's page before making your purchase to know what to expect if something goes wrong with your purchase.

Can I Return a Used Mattress to Amazon?

Amazon does not accept returns for used mattresses. However, it does offer a mattress disposal service for customers who no longer want their mattresses. If you decide to donate your used mattress, you can even receive a tax deduction for the value of the donation. In addition, if you choose to have Amazon dispose of your mattresses, they will schedule a free pick-up service to get the mattress from your place of residence.

If you do not want to donate or dispose of your used mattress, then Amazon will charge you a fee for storing and disposing of it. However, not all used or opened mattresses may qualify for the pick-up service. It depends on the companies selling the item and whether they agree with Amazon regarding returns and returns policies.

Which Category of Mattresses Can Be Returned to Amazon?

You can return small-size mattresses that have been unopened and unused. Full, Queen, and King sized mattresses cannot be returned to Amazon, but only if they're defective. In this case, you'll receive a refund for the purchase price of the mattress. If you're returning a smaller mattress, it must be in new condition with all original packaging materials and tags attached and not show any signs of use or wear. You'll receive a refund for the purchase price of the mattress if there are no defects.

Note however that mattresses bought via third-party sellers may not be eligible for the Amazon mattress return policy. Consider checking their sites or even contacting the sellers to understand more about their mattress return policy.

How to Return a Mattress to Amazon

Amazon does allow for the return of mattresses bought and shipped by them only. For eligible mattresses, here are the steps to follow for a successful return process:

Step 1: Prepare your mattress for shipping. The first step is to ensure that your mattress is in good condition with no damage. It must not have been opened or expanded and must be in its original packaging. If you aren’t very certain about whether or not Amazon will accept the mattress back, consider giving them a call to explain the condition of the mattress further.

Step 2: When the packaging is all set and done, next up, you need to go through the mattress return policy one more time. Familiarize yourself with all the dos and don’ts.

Step 3: You can choose to arrange your own means of shipping the mattress or have the seller come pick it up. Usually, Amazon picks the mattress free of charge at your place of residence. Only be sure to confirm your address and other shipping requirements with the seller before Amazon picks it up. If you need more info about how to go about printing the shipping labels and where to ship your mattress, you may want to contact Amazon Customer service.

Step 4: Check any warranty information regarding your mattress before returning it and any instructions provided by Amazon about packaging and labels for returns. Also, ensure the return still falls within the 100 days return window. Don’t forget to check if the manufacturer’s warranty caters to returns and refunds.

Step 5: For all mattresses returned by the buyer themselves, Amazon requires that the product be put in its original packaging and attach the requisite return label provided by Amazon. If you’d rather have Amazon pick up the mattress, make sure you make all the shipping arrangements accordingly.

Does Amazon Accept Air Mattress Returns?

Yes, Amazon does accept Air Mattress returns. Within 90 days of their original purchase, customers can return an air mattress for a full or partial refund if there is a defect upon receipt of the mattress. Note that refund for returned Air mattresses depends on the individual policies of the manufacturers or sellers.

Is Buying a Mattress on Amazon Worth It?

Buying a mattress on Amazon is worth it. The mattress industry is indeed known for its aggressive marketing tactics, which can be misleading or confusing. But if you know what to look for, you can find a great deal on an honest mattress. Moreover, most mattresses bought on Amazon can be returned for refunds. However, remember that not all mattresses bought on Amazon qualify for a return. You might want to go through the Amazon Mattress Return Policy to know more.

Bottom Line

The Amazon Mattress Return Policy makes it very easy ad seamless for shoppers to return their mattresses if the order doesn’t suit their expectations and needs. However remember that Full, Queen, and King sized mattresses are not eligible for return to Amazon. Also, note that some mattresses sold come with a warranty while others do not have a warranty.

The processing of your returns to Amazon may sometimes depend on whether the manufacturer or seller allows for returns. One last thing, damaged, opened, expanded mattresses or mattresses that are not in their original packaging may not be accepted back as returns at Amazon. With that said, we wrap up this post. We hope you found it very helpful.

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