Walmart Return Policy without Box or Opened Box (All You Need to Know)

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After receiving your shipment, you typically unbox it to verify its contents. But what if you want to return the goods to Walmart after opening them and probably destroying the original packaging? Can you expect Walmart to accept the return? By the end of this quick read you will know Walmart’s return policy for items with a box or in an opened box. You will be surprised!

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Walmart Return Policy without Box or Opened Box

As long as you have the receipt, you may return an item to Walmart regardless of whether or not you have opened the packaging. But once you open the box of DVDs, video games, or beds, you can't take them back to Walmart.

Read on to learn more about Walmart's return policy without a box or opened box, Walmartwalmart's policy on completely and partially assembled products, when you should expect your refund and more.

How to Return a Product to Walmart without the Box?

Products sold by Walmart will often include barcodes or other unique identifiers exclusive to that store: This means you may return an item to Walmart without the original packing or box. But you'll need a receipt (either digital or paper) to prove that you bought the item from Walmart.

Plus, if you still have the original box and packaging but misplaced the receipt, you can get store credit by scanning the barcode on the package at your local Walmart. If you intend to return a defective product, it should be in good condition, and you must have a receipt.

What Is Walmart's Policy On Completely and Partially Assembled Products?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept customers to return complete or unassembled products. However, you may return the item in its whole by dismantling it and sending back each component in its original packing. Be aware that the shop manager may refuse your return if you damage the item while assembling or disassembling it.

When Returning a Damaged Tv, Is the Box Necessary?

Even if you don't have the box the TV came in, Walmart will accept the return of your television. Walmart will accept the return if the item is in its original condition (for example, unopened, scratch-free, and complete with remote and wires). You'll also need the receipt if you want to return the TV.

Is There Any Reason That Walmart Won't Accept Your Return?

In general, clients have up to 90 days from the date of purchase to return an item to Walmart. Managers at each Walmart location have some authority in selecting if they will honor individual customers' requests to return merchandise. If you have an issue with your item within 90 days of delivery, contact the retailer directly.

Try it out at the shop closest to you and see if they will accept returns.

What Is Walmart's Return Policy for Unboxed Or Opened Items without a Receipt?

It's good that you save the receipt for your records, although you might lose it. If the item is in good condition, Walmart may issue you a refund without the original receipt, but you’ll also need a government-issued ID to claim your refund.

A direct exchange is the most straightforward approach to take this without incurring any extra work in the form of a refund. You may exchange it for another item of equal or more excellent value, especially if you accidentally bought the incorrect size.

If the product's worth is $25 or less, you may get your money back in cash. However, the shop manager has the final say as to whether you will get a cash refund. You can receive a gift card if the product's price is $25 or more.

When Can You Expect Your Refund?

You can expect your refund immediately if you choose a direct exchange or cash refund at the shop. On the other hand, the processing of different kinds of payment methods may take several days. You should allow three to five business days if you pay with a credit or debit card. You can expect a credit back to the card you used to make the initial purchase.

What Is the Procedure for Returning An Item at Walmart?

To return the goods to Walmart, you may take them to a customer care counter at Walmart, send them in the mail, or arrange a scheduled pickup from your house. Please provide the purchase receipt or online purchase number available to verify your initial purchase. You may also check whether you can take an item back to another Walmart to see if they'll accept it.

How Does Walmart's Updated Return Policy Work?

In addition to offering return pickup services from your home for eligible Walmart members, Walmart is now also accepting returns at the customer's curbside. You need to start an eligible return via the app to arrange a pickup, and there is no need for a container or a label, as experts handle the returns.

Can Walmart Refuse A Return?

It is common practice for retailers to accept returns of merchandise purchased by customers within a reasonable time for a complete cash refund, store credit, or exchange. There is no legal need for a shop to provide a refund or exchange if a sign clearly states that such policies do not apply. In light of this, you should only assume that some retailers will accept a return if you change your mind.

Which Merchandise Requires Their Original Seal to Be Intact?

But what happens when the goods you unboxed need to meet your expectations? Note that Walmart will only allow you to return only the eligible products. There are items you cannot return to Walmart once you unwrap, such as a mattress, Media including books, periodicals, Blu-Rays, CDs, DVDs \s, Alcohol, Tobacco products, Medications, Feminine supplies, Perishable items, and pillows.


Depending on the shop manager's policies, Walmart accepts returns on various items you purchase. The return policy at Walmart is relatively liberal, allowing for certain returns without receipts and even some returns without the original packaging. If you want to know if your local Walmart will take returns, you should call to confirm.

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