Voluspa Candles Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Try Them?

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Is the best fragrance all you need in your home? Try Voluspa Candles, and you will never regret it. If you're not sure, read our Voluspa Candle review and choose today to trust and love them or pay over to the next person with an honest opinion.

Sometimes, you only need to burn a candle to get the best fragrance in your house. This is even amazing, especially when you purchase the brand you trust and love using the products. Countless candle brands are on the market today, but few are reaching the perfect level. In the review line, we will focus on the Valuspa Candle review today.

We will cover the company history going up to the available fragrances which you can select from. We will even narrow down this review to evaluate if the brand is worth money by identifying the best-selling candles in the inventory.

Therefore, if you are in a hurry and must quickly pick a trendy fragrance, you will never go wrong depending on the Voluspa candle brand. This review only intends to give you the needed confidence and guide you on what to expect from the firm. Keep reading with us to the end and make an informed decision.

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Voluspa Candles Review

Voluspa is a candle brand that has a long development story. The company was founded in 1999 by the two duos Troy Arbtsen and Traci. They began launching this firm by cooking candles in the kitchen. The founders had a floral scent passion and sourced the ingredients from sustainable surrounding alongside the essential oil magics. They could already give the world something unique.

Therefore, the growth of this firm was inspired by their travel across the world and selling a few of their products. They have grown, and nothing significant has changed since its inception. Besides offering you hand-poured candles, these candles come with luxury scents that enhance the living room. They have candles, but you can also purchase sprays and diffusers, which all give you a beautiful smell.

Voluspa has grown and increased its reach out to customers by pairing with numerous online retail stores. Their unique fragrance has managed to get the attention of many customers, so it has been featured on many media outlets online. Currently, Voluspa has a large audience base on social media platforms, and if you are still wondering whether it's hype, then keep reading to find out.

Voluspa is one of the brands to reckon their products remain true to the customers' expectations. Their website claims that their candle ingredients are unique, but they are globally sourced to contribute to their fragrance, and no brand can claim their candles. With all that in mind, it is time to move further. We will start by extending our research to the general pros and cons of the brand. This will give us a clear picture of the company.

Voluspa Candles Pros:

Voluspa Candles Cons:

Why We Like Voluspa Candles

Regardless of which scent you are looking for, from the feminine to the fruity, masculine, musky, clear or sweet, Voluspa has all your needs covered under one roof. On top of the candles, Voluspa also provides reputable diffusers and room sprays with unique fragrances. However, for this section, we will only base on the candles.

The Best-Selling Voluspa Candles

There are a thousand outstanding ones. One of the markets is Santiago Huckleberry. It is a deep plum vessel with a stylish floral pattern and subtle gold detail. They guarantee you an elegant scent at the peak. In the fragrance, you can enjoy the huckleberry, which is added vanilla and sugar as supplements to make the concentration sweet.

Second is French Cade Lavender, which gets you through a subtle scent; it is elegant and relaxing in the room. It contains the french cade wood placed at the forefront. In reality, the candles hint at not just the verbena but also floral lavender without feminine. If you want a candle for the bridal shower, then the Mokara is a perfect gift for the engagement party.

Appearance and fragrance alone make everything clean, and it also offers you the much-needed warmth immediately after it is lit to add decoration to the room. You can select from white lilies, springs, moss or orchids based on your preferences.

There are famous and best-selling candlesGoji Tarocco Orange. This gives exotic, spicy and warm vibes under one product in its fragrance. It ensures you have the feeling of fruity ripeness and color pop. You can get the mango, tarocco orange or goji berries subtle. Bourbon Vanille gives you 45 hours of burn and contains vanilla beans and french bourbon as classic notes. From the look, it might impress you based on the price, but it is still affordable.

Thu]ough the list is long, we must also mention more best-selling candles. Panjore Lychee is next on this line. Customers have often termed it lively, sweet and juicy due to its feminine scents, but it can brighten the home through the fruity air.

It makes the aura more impressive with its pink jar. also falling in line comes Makassar Ebony & Peach, giving you a classic and sweet scent on top of the sexy muskiness contained in the blends. These candles have ebony wood scents combined with apples and peaches to attain a musky fragrance between masculine and feminine. It gives you 45 hours of burn time and is good with red wine at the party.

Some people still need candles perfect for the Christmas morning mood celebration, to bring winter spirit or rather to a fireplace. For this case, Branche Vermeil is a good move from this brand. It has different scents containing cedar and cypress blended with pine needles. It is put in a s=complex silver vessel.

Summing up, our list of best-selling Voluspa candles is Crane Flower. It has floral scents with different fragrances and is a perfect keepsake that burns for at least 40 hours. This candle also has the paradise nectar bird, lavender, and geranium scents to keep your room lively. There are numerous candles you can select from. And to supplement, the company also offers you room sprays as well as diffusers from the inventory.

Customer Review

The review above mentioned that Voluspa candles are excellent with reusable vessels. But this review wanted to dive deep into the details and find out if actually what the brand claims it's true. We can only deduce these facts by going into honest customer feedback online. The feedback below we obtained from various external sites, and the general rating is encouraging.

First, the brand website has positive feedback, and their best-selling candles also have unique ratings. For instance, on voluspa.com, Balt Amber scores 4.3 stars, and many customers praise its sweet smell: high quality and promising scents in the homes. Sephora though it's one of the accredited online stores, consists of multiple customer feedback. Because of the illustration, we considered a Voluspa Sandal Vanille Glass jar candle.

The product has over 8k likes; out of the 90 reviews, it got a rating of 4.1. third parties manage all this feedback for compliance and authenticity. Clients mentioned that though the brand has minimal throw, they are best with numerous fragrances, and their jars are fantastic. One customer gives an honest opinion with a statement:-

"The great combo of warm and sweet. I absolutely adore vanilla, but vanilla candles are often too sweet for me. This one is such a soothing combination of saccharine and warm woodsy shades. It burns indefinitely and easily fills my bedroom with a light fragrance that isn't convincing."

Instyle website also presents an excellent and detailed Voluspa candle review where the author praises the brand as outstanding in terms of their distinctive smell as well as gorgeous appearance under one product. While on Amazon, we get the Voluspa Yashioka Gardenia Candle scoring 4.6 stars after 540 global ratings. Out of this, 81% of the reviews gave it 5 stars, indicating that customers are delighted with their purchase except for a few things that are not common issues.

Looking at the MakeUpAlley, the company also gets a 3.9-star rating after considering 12 customer reviews. Packaging quality is the selling point, and 66% of the customers would return for more. A happy customer on this website recommends you the candles, saying:-

"Voluspa candles are my favorite. They decorate the space with the most amazing scent. Baltic Amber, Elysian Gardens, and Mokaron are among my top picks. They may appear to be costly, but they last a long time and always smell divine and glamorous."

The House Fragrance blog author also identifies the smelling fragrance and appreciates this feature on the Voluspa candles. The same applies to the Geeky Posh, where he covers the details, including comparing price and value for your money. Though there is an alternative brand, the author still lists Voluspa as the favorite candle on the market today, considering aspects such as value, pricing, and throw.

Candle Delirium summarises the customer feedback by discussing why you might fall for these Voluspa candles. Therefore, most customer feedback online praises the brand, the distribution, the versatile scents, sustainable packaging, and the delightful smell that makes this brand glow in your home and room immediately after you light it. We are optimistic about this.

Where to Buy Voluspa Candles

A perfect place to order the Voluspa candles is from their official store at voluspa.com. This is the only reliable place to get these wide selections of unique scents. But wait, our research also found that these Voluspa candles are also found in online retail stores. The reputable stores online are:-

Is Voluspa Candles Worth It?

Voluspa candles are one of the best options to go with. We now conclude that the brand is worth it not just because of the comprehensive selection inventory alone but also for the delightful curated scents, elegant vessels, unique colors, and notes. Thus, the brand is obviously worth the cost and many customers have rated it  5 stars online, indicating they are happy with their purchase.

Many people compliment the fragrance and beautiful smell as they indicate on the website, which is perfect for many homes and rooms. Furthermore, they have an excellent package that continuously emits a warm glow when you light it. There are numerous fragrances for you to choose from. As long as you have a cohesive feeling, these guys are happy.

Even though many people noted the high price, they deserve that price tag based on many things. First of all, you can agree with us even from the site that these products are not just cruelty-free but do not come into contact with any harmful elements like toxins and parabens or chemicals, thus vegan.No issues when you breathe the fresh air at all.

In addition, the Voluspa lychee, through its 100% natural wicks, ensures that customers enjoy the high burn time. The fact that the candles are hand-poured amazes us, and you can select the scents based on your needs or preferences. Expect quality candles depending on our expenditure. On its website, the brand also provides numerous resources guiding you on repurposing the vessels after usage.

Coupling this with the lucrative deals and efficient customer support team, we are highly impressed with the company, and with no strings attached, we highly recommend it to you. Get your luxury candle and enjoy the numerous elegance. Choose the fragrance of your choice and add warmth to your home with perfect scents. It's worth buying these candles.

Voluspa Candles Discounts

In this section, you must look for the Voluspa discounts and promotions services. Well, you are at the right place. This review noted that the brand also gives customers promotions to save on purchases or budgets. There is free shipping. Still, free samples are available if you order $50 and above. You can also refer a friend, earning you a $10 bonus on the next order on the platform.

Currently, Voluspa has numerous products on sale at discounted prices. Though limited promotions services, the best thing to do here is to sign up for the newsletters so that you will be updated on the next lucrative deals. They often have frequent sales and offers for customers. Get in touch always.

Voluspa Candles Contact

Our reviews are simply a summary of the brand. Therefore, if you have a question we have not answered in the above article or the FAQ page below, please get in touch with the Voluspa support team. in the research, we got the company listed a few contact methods on their website. Thus, the first step is to call them at 855-498-0402 or email them through customerservice@voluspa.com.

And if your query is related to the wholesale service, email them to the wholesalesc@voluspa.com. In addition to the above, you can contact the marketing or support staff over social media accounts. They are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., from where you can follow them, collaborate and access all the latest updates or have the questions addressed.


Q. Where are the Voluspa candles manufacturing facilities located?

First, the Voluspa candles are hand-poured. And as we can see from the above article, the candles are made from facilities based in California.

Q. Do Voluspa candles contain harmful ingredients?

As we have experienced, all the Voluspa candles do not contain harmful or toxic ingredients. The candles are paraben and pesticides free, thus safe for use.

Q. Do Voluspa candles contain paraffin as an ingredient?

As of the latest data, the Voluspa candles are made using coconut wax. Thus, it does not contain any paraffin wax as its ingredient.

Q. Are Voluspa candles reusable?

Returning to the information in the review, Voluspa candles come with beautiful holders, and this man, customers even never wish to toss the holders in the trash. Therefore, we highly recommend boiling, cleaning and storing the holders for future use or using them to do different tasks, which include holding flowers or acting as a gift container.

Recently, Voluspa shared a detailed block on how to reuse or clean the vessels, including taking three hours to freeze the container, using the knife to pop the remaining wax, spraying all the contents, including wax and metallic, and cleaning using a warm cloth.

Q. How long can the Voluspa last in our homes?

First, you must understand that the burn time of a Voluspa candle highly depends on the size of the candle you bought. For instance, 18 oz takes roughly 100 hours while burning, while 11ox lasts 45 hours.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Voluspa candles brand?

The company offers free shipping if you place an order totaling $50 or above. They take 1 to 2 business days to process and ship your orders. However, it is unfortunate that the company does not have international shipping services when writing this review.

Q. Does Voluspa accept returned candles and other products?

The company offers customers a return window of 30 days from the date of purchase. Therefore, if the product is not per your needs, then you can return it, but for it to be eligible, it must remain unused and packaged in its original, unopened condition. To initiate the return process, use the site customer portal. And it only takes 3 business days to receive your refund as long as the firm gets your returned order delivered to their store. But there are exceptions here. All gifts, as well as certificates, do not qualify for a return.


Voluspa is an excellent company offering luxury candles with guaranteed perfect scents and numerous options. With the coconut wax blend, you can expect unique scents from these candles and extended burning time based on your selected size. The fact that candles do not contain toxic ingredients makes them safe for customers. Even though they are expensive, they are worth it and come with a unique fragrance. The hand-pouring process ensures you have high-quality candles that are even sustainable and with reusable vessels or holders.

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