NYDJ Jeans Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Are the NYDJ Jeans worth the premium price tag and take your svelte appearance to the next level? Before giving a verdict, explore the NYDJ jeans review to learn the style, perfect fit, and comfort of the brand for the figure-flattering denim. Gauge if the company offers a timeless collection of fashion-forward designs.

Today, in the fashion industry, many changes are taking place. Previously, most people focused on denim and its reflections and the style on the market. But as technology advances, so do customer preferences change. Besides embracing the styles and trends today, many customers are shifting their denim preferences to extra comfort and fit. Many fashion brands focus on matching denim for Gen Z.

We also insist that good jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe. But the selection must match with any top and hug curves. If all these are the features you are looking for in denim, then NYDJ Jeans might be an ideal alternative brand.

Today, we will explore the NYDJ jeans company from its historical development through bestselling denim,  lucrative deals, where to purchase, the contact information, and using the customer testimonies; we will give your honest verdict. If you are curious to learn more, then let us get started.

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NYDJ Jeans Review

NYDJ is a fashion brand that targets denim enthusiasts and women. The company features women-inclusive apparel but established its popularity from its figure-flattering jeans. The company claims their jeans are designed using the Lift Truck technology, and the pants are made to shape and highlight the contour curves.

That is not all; the NYDJ jeans collection also features the famous skirts, dresses, tops, etc. All these are cut to accentuate, celebrate, and highlight your shape. NYDJ is a synonym for Not Your Daughter and the name spells the real struggle women go through. To this far, the company has got impressive attention, and multiple media outlets have featured it.

These include The Today Shows, Parade, Motherly, etc. They also have large followers on their social media accounts. If you want to upgrade the closet with trendy, comfortable, and fitting figure-flattering denim, NYDJ is you. Jeans are designed to fit any occasion and match any outfit for your daily routine. Therefore, we will dive deep into the foundation now.

NYDJ was established in 2003. This is after the founder Lisa Rudes had a vision to provide an ideal pair of jeans that are made with a good feeling for a woman as the body shape is concerned. This was to end the old edge struggle that women go through with the typical pants. The founder realized that women have difficulty locating what to wear and the perfect denim worth shopping for.

As mentioned, this company was established to design denim using the Lift Truck technology. While it might seem like a plastic surgery procedure, the results indicate the famous figure-flattering panel standing before every pair of jeans on the market. Hence, in the NYDJ Jeans collection, customers have an extensive selection of 66 sizes ranging from the tall, petite, maternity, regular, and plus lines.

This collection is meant for a woman to feel good and highlights that the construction is what matters in the jeans selection besides the customer's insights. Though it is based in Los Angeles, the brand has grown, developed, and expanded its apparel collection and now features the easy-going Cali-inspired denim collection.

This means they have all types of jeans for women. That is precisely what you need to know as far as history is concerned. But you can go beyond. To help you save time, we will give you a round-up on the NYDJ jeans's pros and cons before heading to the best sellers. Thus, here are some shining lights to sum up the overview.

NYDJ Jeans Pros:

NYDJ Jeans Cons:

Why We Like NYDJ Jeans

NYDJ gives customers a fun and positive cloth shopping experience. The company understands that the dressing room is where people meet their nightmares. Therefore, NYDJ is a famous apparel brand that designs exceptional denim that compliments our bodies' shape. You can quickly turn the hell into a dream come true with a sequence of worthy dressing codes from jeans to general clothing, plus size, shots, and tops.

However, NYDJ specializes in offering high-quality jeans with regular and plus-size collections. Another thing that convinces us is that the company provides afterPay as the alternative payment method, which is done through zero-interest installment. Most customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, high-quality clothing, and an extensive collection.

NYDJ targets all women of all ages and sizes. Hence, they cover regular, maternity, plus size, tall, and petite sizing. Consequently, any woman with any body size I sell is sorted and can get the figure-flattering outfit perfect for any occasion. We also want to help you save time by highlighting some of the best-selling NYDJ jeans and clothing.

The Best-Selling NYDJ jeans

We have Marilyn Straight Jeans as the customer-favorite NYDJ jeans to open our line. This is a famous pair from the company, and what makes them known is the hip-hugging fit feature, which effectively accentuates the body curves and highlights shape. Lift your butt, then tuck in the outfit from the front. They are available in 6 versatile shades, capable of elongating the legs. It matches the plain white tee if not dressed with a darker pair than heels. They come in plus size as well as petite, regular, and tall.

Second on the list is Alina Skinny Jeans. There are no simple or typical skinny jeans. They are designed using a super soft blend and can glide on your hips with the brand signature. It is flat in front, and then its back is lifted. They feature a bohemian appearance, containing 4 bottom flies that tend to ooze the surf culture. Then, its base has enough allowance for movement.

The last in this category, though not least, comes ThighShaper Straight Crop Jeans. It is a perfect choice during the summer as it keeps everything light. You can also pair it with a sleeveless blouse. They also have slimming strips passing across the tummy bases;

The Best-Selling NYDJ Plus Size Jeans

On top of regular jeans, the company also has a collection of plus jeans. These jeans categories are also attractive, just like regular jeans. In this subsection, we will also cover the bestselling plus-size jeans.

Leading the plus size jeans is Marilyn Straight Jeans In Plus Size. They are ideal for accentuating your body curves. They aim to create a streamlined shape with legs slightly flaring at the bottom while body hugging. These jeans are designed using the Sure Stretch Denim, hence able to conform with the shape or highlight a unique figure.

These jeans never stretch at the center. They are also made through the Lift Tuck technology, guaranteeing a booty boost and tummy slimming. They feature 5 accentuating pockets that are responsible for enhancing the curvy shape. They are available in a blend of 4 dark and light shades.

The company also has Sheri Slim Ankle Jeans In Plus Size. This is another popular plus size jeans on their website. This is an ankle-grazing jeans for the casual girl ready for any occasion. Right now, the jeans are super on trend since they promise an edgy appearance and match perfectly with boxy tees, a carefree attitude, and tennis footwear. These jeans are ideal for summer since they are available in the Windham light wash.

The Best-Selling NYDJ Tops

So far, you now understand that NYDJ offers an extensive collection and has the tops. There are many versatile tops to select from. But we recommend going for the more casual as well as those with the dressier flare.

Among the best-selling NYDJ tops, we would love to mention Perfect Tee. This is an ideal jeans pair. The sleeve length is designed to hit your forearm. And because of the flattering style, it compliments your arm with the delicate neckline. They can select from 2 shades: Boony view with a creamy hue while black ensures you enjoy sophistication. They are designed from a blend of elastane and model and have stretching capability.

Besides the Henley blouse, you can also opt for the famous Short Sleeve Crewneck Sweater In Plus Size. This is the perfect top for the cool weather. The staple is made using soft jersey fabric that matches the above jeans.

Customer Review

From the NYDJ Jeans review, the apparel and jeans sound like a fantastic choice for any occasion. This indicates that the testimonies are from real clients. Thus, to summarize the review article, we also want to mention something from the customer feedback.

There are many testimonies online. However, the official website doesn't feature any ratings. Otherwise, from the Amazon, you can quickly gauge that Marilyn Straight jeans score 3 stars from 31 global rating. Though promising, the rating is above average, with 23% extremely happy customers.

On Trustpilot, though there is a 1.7-star rating from 22 reviews, the reputation is poor, and the company seems to feature many complaints 88% 1 star. Good thing they responded positively. Bellatory still has a detailed blog that evaluates the company, and the author concludes that the company is worth the premium price tag.

Still heading to the Pissed Consumer, we can spot a 2.5-star rating obtained from 10 feedbacks. Although some complained about the return, they received well. Dillard still gives us an excellent rating on Marilyn straight-leg jeans. Form 7 reviews, jeans score 4.86 stars, and one customer stated:-

"These are by far extremely comfy & attractive. The material feels light and does not weigh me down during the day, and it has just the correct amount of give but returns to its original off-the-hanger look promptly."

There are many other external sites with honest testimonies. For instance, on An Indigo Day, features a fantastic blog where the author analyzes the honest experience with the NYDJ Cool Embrace jeans that she praises the super cool nature or technology. Also Zappos is another perfect site with an impressive review based on comfort and style. From the 42 reviews, 76% highly recommend it with 5 stars. Good Housekeeping still praises and claims that most reviewers are obsessed with these jeans collections in your free time.

Still refer to The Thrifty Pineapple and compliment the real experience from the You Look Fab website. Indeed, this feedback is fantastic and conveys an honest reputation for the company. Give it a try regardless of a few negative ratings.

Where to Buy NYDJ Jeans

You need not struggle with where to purchase NYDJ Jeans and other clothing. But note that a few complaints were raised that some customers purchased inauthentic clothing from online stores.

Hence, when buying the NYDJ Jeans, head to their official website, nydj.com, and order delivery. However, if the company doesn't ship to your region, you should opt for the online retailers. There are few trusted suppliers. If you are not interested in enjoying the great deals, then you can order from the retailer such as:-

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Is NYDJ Jeans Worth It?

From the NYDJ collection, the company is worth checking out. It serves regular, skinny, and plus-size women with figure-flattering jeans. These ranges form the tall, small, petite, plus size, regular, and maternity. The clothing is jeans, tops, shoes, and many others. They have something for you, and their unique designs are ideal for any occasion.

From the principle of this company, you can reduce a lot, and the company features numerous positive customer ratings. Most of them have praised the quality fabric and the impressive smart technology that solidifies our belief that NYDJ is worth the investment. Therefore, if all you want is jeans ideal for your body shape and figure flattering or fitting with the ability to accentuate body conformity, go for this brand and navigate through the collection.

We have had a perfect shopping experience, appreciate their top-notch customer support, and the company is reliable for adding basic jeans to your wardrobe for the daily routine. There is extensive, inclusive sizing for you, and the wash is perfect. They also offer holiday styles, including the deep crimson hue with elegant prints guaranteeing luxurious texture.

The company makes you get ready for celebration through festive dressing. Their site also has a denim quiz relevant to help customers locate ideal and fitting jeans or styles. The premium stretchy fabrics have also surfaced for effortless holiday dressing. Treat your body curves with a sleek appearance and fabulous fitting for all occasions. NYDJ jeans are worth the purchase for their versatile styles and designs.

NYDJ Jeans Discounts

Fashion brands understand how they are treating their customers. Unlike other companies, NYDJ Jeans also guarantees all customers access to lucrative deals, promotions, and discounts.This review would also be complete if we featured a few offers on the website. From the data, the company is offering a reward program where you earn points for every purchase you make from the website.

Also,  if you are a new customer and sign up for the mail listing, you can enjoy 15% off on the first or next purchase from the store. They offer free ground shipping and easy and free returns for local and international orders.

Through The referral program, you can also earn $20 when your friend successfully creates accounts, and they also get $20 created for the next purchase or the first order. Many more offers are running on the websites. Among them are the sales items under the dedicated sales section. Follow them up and subscribe for updates on the latest offers and giveaways.

NYDJ Jeans Contact

We understand that the above NYDJ Jeans might have failed to cover everything you wanted to know about the company. In such a situation, you have a spending question and seek a solution. Well, we still have you covered. Our research reached out to the website and tried sourcing different methods. You can contact the company. You can get the support team through the findings' phone number for urgent cases. Call them at 1-877-995-3567. Still, they have highlighted the contact form on the website, which is ideal for you.

Fill in and submit for the team to review and give you feedback as soon as possible. However, the team is active from Monday to Friday, from 6 am through 5 pm PST. Still, customers can call as well as send emails anytime. In addition to that, you can also engage and collaborate with the team through social media platforms. Hence, follow their Instagram account, Facebook page, & Pinterest.


Q. Who is the owner of the NYDJ company?

Based on the information we have shared in the above article, NYDJ was founded by Lisa Rudes Sandel with the collaboration of George Rudes in 2003. However, current data shows that the Sunrise Apparel Group owns and manages the company.

Q. Does NYDJ offer international shipping services?

As per the available information, the brand only offers free shipping services for orders or clients based in the USA. When you place an order before 11 am PST from Monday to Friday, they will process it immediately and ship it the same day. However, in some circumstances, they ship the next working day. Orders totaling $50 and above are entitled to standard ground shipping.

This shipping method means you will likely receive your delivery within 7 to 10 working days. However, the brand has alternative shipping methods based on your preferences and urgency. Among them is the 2-day shipping that costs you $20, and orders arrive in 2 to 3 working days. For the overnight method, your order will cost you $30 fixed charges and take 1 working day to arrive. Immediately after the company processes the order, they will send you a confirmation mail with the tracking code for follow-up before putting it in transit. You can easily trace the package to the pickup point.

Q. What is the return policy of NYDJ company?

The company values customers and puts the client's satisfaction above everything. Therefore, when you receive your package and the apparel is not satisfying, you can return it to the store. The company has a friendly return policy that gives you a 60-day return from the date of purchase. This applies not only to regular but also to sales apparel.

However, your orders must meet a few conditions to be eligible for return. Your apparel must not be washed, never altered anywhere, and not worn. Also, you must have purchased the item from their official website and not in-store. Gift cards are not returnable, but always remember that return is exclusively free. Initiating the return process is very simple. From the website, head to the return portal, log in, then use the order number with your zip code to proceed with the return.


NYDJ is a fashion brand that guarantees customers more than making fashion statements. The company is dedicated to empowering women through its extensive collection of denim and apparel and assures style and comfort with figure-flattering design. The company also focuses on quality and specializes in jeans with various fittings and styles for any occasion.

Therefore, if you want a classic appearance coupled with a trendy silhouette, NYDJ is a perfect choice. Through apparel, women can quickly boost their confidence and enjoy fashion-forward design for modern women. We have explored brands from history through best sellers and lucrative deals for you.

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