UrbanStems Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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Do you want to know what makes UrbanStems a unique brand when purchasing flowers? Then this review will give you a roundup[ review of UrbanStems and best-selling items as well as customer feedback.

One thing that can give you a curious shopping experience is engaging in the ordering of flowers. In this case, you will not just have to witness the outcome to determine if the flowers meet all your needs in terms of longevity, size as well as design. Even though we are big fans of the UrbanStems brand, for the sake of this review, I had to test the flowers, go through the customer feedback, and research the company and what they offer among the best-selling products.

Yes, UrbanStem has a vast customer base on the social media platform, and this speaks volumes. Before that, we are delighted to take you through the brand review so that you can evaluate if it is worth the money or not. Are you a discounted price lover? Find out if UrbanStem has good deals for you.

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UrbanStems Review

UrbanStems is a contemporary company specializing in delivering flowers to American-based customers to brighten their lives and ensure they are always on trendy arrangements. While the company sources the buds as well as plants from  Rainforest Alliance-certified farms, they still provide customers with a massive collection of simple bouquets, spirited and chic ready for use on any occasion.

Going back to the company's history, Jeff Sheely and Ajay Kori aimed to make flower delivery more streamlined in meeting the needs of all people and, above all, affordable for everyone. While the two have been fighting to remain on the trend for over 8 years in the industry, the florists still make meaningful milestones and hard times simple for people in America.

UrbanStem company is based in downtown Washington but still delivers the flowers across the state for free with an option of 2 hours to next-day delivery. The Washington Post calls the company ' the Uber of the flower delivery; they have reinvented means to ensure they deliver flowers to loved ones in the shortest time possible to the doorstep.

The company to this far has gained popularity even in reputable publications such as Good Housekeeping, USA Today, CNN, Vogue, and Forbes, etc. looking at their Instagram page, the brand has a large audience base, and this does not come as a surprise because their feed has plenty of bounty posts.

Therefore, in this review, I will take you through a detailed review of the brand, what they offer customers, the delivery means, customer feedback, discounts, and how to make an order. If we still need to include something, you will find answers on the FAQ page before the conclusion. Still confused? Let us compare the pros and cons of the brand in summary before anything else in the next section.

UrbanStems Pros:

UrbanStems Cons:

Why We Like UrbanStems

There are many amusing things about UrbanStems products, from flowers to gifts. There are many best-selling flowers on the website in the flower delivery packages. These ranges from dried varieties to fresh. Something good about their flowers is that they are delivered in buds, implying that these flowers tend to last longer as they bloom with time. In this case, we should feature some of the best-selling flower deliveries in some parts of the USA.

The Best-Selling UrbanStems Flower Deliveries

In this section, we want to help you select the right flowers and stay on the trend. The first choice from the platform is UrbanStems The Peony consisting of delicate fancy but does not look complex. It brings a soft touch to your room and comes with a candle that offers to help surround it with a natural scent. No greener as it contains only steps.

Second on this list is UrbanStems The Purple Iris, which combines the striking purple with yellow contrast for the sweet sell white freesias. It fills the home with a delicate fragrance as well as eye-catching colors. Only a single arrangement is enough to fit the side of your table. UrbanStems The Dauphine is third on the list and perfect for the charm of the dried florals.

It is famous since it features preserved hydrangeas alongside the bleached Ruscus, broom bloom, mini pampas, and dried phalaris. The flower brings in a playful arrangement. UrbanStems The Tutu is easy to care for our nature though delicate but still lingering beautiful. It captures all the essence of the graceful ballerina. The other best-selling flower deliveries are UrbanStems The Sanibel.

The Best-Selling UrbanStems Plant Delivery

This is the best option, especially for people with a bleak or cold living space after winter. There are many houseplants here. On the website, you will see the likes of UrbanStems The Bosco to bring a narrow vibe to the room; UrbanStems The Pheobe is suitable for purifying air when you set the Copper Mister next to it.

UrbanStems The Cathy does not need high maintenance among the steps but comes in the choices such as tan, brown, and white. Another good addition to the space is UrbanStems The Cora and perfect when you have a pet, and you can get it from the downtown street. The above are just a few of the flowers UrbanStems offers to customers. The list is endless, and we could not exhaust it all.

The brand guarantees the delivery of fresh floral arrangements and sustainable and charming flowers that meet all your needs. The company sources the materials from the Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable farms. Once you place an order, their delivery process is straightforward. They tend to use FedEx with guaranteed reliability and delivery speed.

Though, they still have other options such as 2 to 4 hours delivery or next-day delivery. Note that the time duration these UrbanStems flowers last depends on how you care for them. The delivery package also comes with guidelines on how to take care. In most cases, the fresh-cut stems last between 7 to 10 days, but you can elongate their life.

Customer Review

Per our standard procedure, it is essential to paint the picture of the brand through customer feedback. This forced us to look deeply into the customer reviews from official websites and external sites. This can help you evaluate if the flowers in the photo will be the same as those delivered. Customers always have the final say on the reputation of any brand on the market.

Therefore, we will head to the Yelp website for the review in the first place. Here, the brand has 707 reviews and scores of 3 stars. This implies that most of the customers are satisfied with the brand. However, there are a few concerns raised here. Those seem minor since the company has responded with the solution. Besides the concern, one of the highlighted reviews on the site complements the flowers, saying:

"Beautiful flowers , fresh, and appeared to last eternally in a vase I subscribed to, which was great until my son started to complain about allergies. My only complaint, and it's a big one, is that there was no way to cancel your membership on the website. To cancel, you must call. I run an online subscription service, and I would never make it difficult to unsubscribe, and those who do make it even more difficult for the rest of us. I'd grant them five stars if it weren't for that."

If you want to see the negative side of the brand, then head to Trustpilot. Here is where all things fall. 1.6 stars after 34 reviews is not something good. This is a bad review of the brand.

However, on the Petal Republic site, the author gives the brand an excellent rating of 4.5 stars after considering a few factors, such as freshness, packaging, designs, and style, as well as quality. In the end, the author completes the review with a statement:

"Generally speaking, I can say that UrbanStems once again provided a fantastic selection of fresh flowers. The flowers arrived fresh, on time, and were a very close match to the arrangements displayed on the UrbanStems website when I ordered them."

Business Insider also gives you one-of-a-kind reviews on the UrbanStems Company and their flowers as well as gifts. This does not leave out Things Testing. Here, the company scores 4.1 stars, and 78% of the customers recommend the flowers to the new members.

Some of the reviews here are based on the high quality, excellent packaging, personalization, and luxury nature of the flowers. One of them states:

"Amazingly simple homepage with a fantastic selection of fully prepared flower arrangements. As a gift, I chose an orchid. It landed in one day."

Top Ten Reviews site also awards the brand 4.3 stars, praising their affordability, certification, and many reviews online. The closing statement says:

"UrbanStems is a low-cost customer friendly service with a good product that stands out due to its trendy arrangement styling."

The list is endless and includes Though & Sight as well as Influenster. Though there are few critics of the brand review, we still credit it for having ample positive customer feedback online. Mostly, the packing is rated as secure.

Where to Buy UrbanStems?

Never waste time asking where to purchase UrbanStems flowers. This is because you can only get the products by ordering from their online stores. In the research, we never identified any online retailer other than their official website at UrbanStems.com. Place an order and wait for the delivery.

Does UrbanStems sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found UrbanStems stores on Amazon.

Is UrbanStems Worth It?

We cannot dispute the legitimacy of the UrbanStems flowers on the market. I am here to second that the brand is worth it. First, they have a comprehensive collection of dried to fresh flowers and potted plants. Still, they also offer gift fun if you wish, which they deliver to the doorstep.

One of the exciting things about the brand is its creative and innovative add-ons, for instance, balloons, chocolate, and mister, without forgetting the chic vibes available on the homepage.

You know that crumpled petals and broken stems are very delicate in the fresh flower industry. Therefore, the UrbanStems brand they are apologetic as well as easy after coming up with a reasonable solution when they deliver damaged flowers to you.

Though the pricing plan is expensive, this company guarantees multiple promotions, discounts, and frequent sales to help customers save money for the next order. Remember that the company has a 2 hours shipping guarantee which is pretty awesome. Therefore, considering all the above and other reasons not covered here, UrbanStems is worth giving a shot during this festive season.

UrbanStems Discounts

As mentioned earlier, UrbanStep is full of promotional services. This company has many sales and promotions for customers. In our reviews, we noted that the brand has referral programs where when you refer a friend, both parties are guaranteed $20 off on the next order.

While writing this review, we also came across the promo code BFF20, which gives you 20% off on the Double Bouquets. Still, when you subscribe as a new member, you are entitled to receive between 10 to 25% off on the next order you make from the website. You can choose items found on the sales sitewide and enjoy these lucrative discounts. Get updated by subscribing to the newsletter for the latest deals.

UrbanStems Contact

Other than what we have shared in this review about UrbanSteps flowers and gifts, you might need clarification on something related to this. The company offers you means to interact and exchange ideas or solve your concerns.

If not their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they are available on the phone at 1-855-614-2779. Besides that, they are also reachable by email address. Send them mail to care@urbanstems.com.they will respond to you within no time.


Q. Where is UrbanStems' headquarters found?

First, the reviews found that UrbanStems is located in Washington, but the brand has its headquarters downtown.

Q. Does UrbanStems offer nationwide delivery?

Based on the information online, reality, and our research, UrbanStems offers nationwide deliveries. Therefore, they use leading carriers such as CDC and FedEx. The areas outside New York, as well as DC, enjoy next-day delivery service.

Q. What is the shipping policy of UrbanStems?

UrbanStems offers free flower and gift delivery across the nation. Unfortunately, for the people living within DC and New York, their deliveries tend to take between 2 to 4 hours using FedEx. Still, that outside, the typical earliest time for the delivery is the day after. But when you make an order before 2 pm, you can enjoy the same-day delivery cut-off services.

We also realized that UrbanSteps deliveries are often from Tuesday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm. However, Saturday delivery services are only available in a few selected areas. Find out more at the checkout point. As usual, the company sends you the confirmation mail and the tracking code to see the location of your order.

Q. What is the return policy of UrbanStems?

Unfortunately, we are sorry to say that, UrbanStems considers all the sales as the final. But when you receive the plant, gifts, and arrangement with damages, you can send them a mail within 3 days to seek a refund or replacement. In the mail, you need to give your stand and attach a photo of the damage and an order number for processing. They will then either send you the refund or replacement based on your selected choice for this case.


UrbanStems is a reputable brand among US-based customers. It has numerous positive customer ratings and offers a vast collection of flowers and beautiful blooms with flexible delivery times. Therefore if you want to send a flower gift to your loved one this festive season, consider UrbanStems as your final destination.UrbanStems makes every moment memorable at a friendly price alongside their favorable shipping and returns policy.

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