Bloomex Flowers Review: Fresh and Affordable Flowers Direct from Growers

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Figuring out where to purchase a freshly hand-cut flower and pair it with a unique gift for any occasion? Try out Bloomex Flower today and enjoy the perfect package directly from the growers. Please, learn from the expert review and make the right Choice.

With the current generation, many people value gifts and surprises. Actually, you like it because it's exciting and at the same time fun. It is not just heart-warming, but I also enjoy gifting someone. However, when it comes to gifts, many people get stuck on selecting what to go for. Different people have different approaches to surprise their loved ones.

Among the love languages you should try is flowers. Many brands offer flowers and other gifts to present to your loved ones and on any occasion. With Bloomex, gifting is no more an issue today. The company claims to provide fresh flowers perfect for any occasion to resolve your concerns or challenges.

There are many qualities people go for, so we are here today to give you an honest and meticulous Bloomex flower review from the firm's inception to the current standard and what they have for you in store. We will also cover customer reviews to help gauge if the company is hyped. Opening up our review, here is the Bloomex overview.

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Bloomex Flowers Review

Bloomex is an online store that Doimitri Lokhonia founded in Toronto-Canada. The founder, at first, was an owner of a flower shop in the area and cherished the hustle. Hoqvwre also felt that there must be a better approach to efficiently ordering and delivering fresh flowers to customers. Therefore, Bloomex specializes in providing flowers, gifts, and multiple discount arrangements for any occasion.

The company is among the few leading American Florists and is well known to have established a direct link with the local growers. This explains the affordable pricing of these packages. Historically, Bloomex was founded in 2005, and this was after shifting from in-store to offering online services and cutting down on intermediaries to make pricing more affordable while reaching a broader market.

Besides having headquarter in Ottawa-Canada, the company has developed and established other stores in Australia and USA. They aim to provide customers with fresh flowers affordably and with efficiency. Bloomex does not ship using additional sources but delivers flowers after hand-cutting hence being fresh and making them more durable. In the collection, you can access flowers meant for mothers Day, graduation, Valentine, etc.

In addition to that, they have other gift packages as well. The most famous shipping option is next-day delivery, but many choices exist. This is more of the company overview, and with that information, we now wish to proceed to the next section about the best-selling products in the store. But to give us a limelight, and summary about the brand, here is the highlight on the pros and cons of Bloomex firm.

Bloomex Flowers Pros:

Bloomex Flowers Cons:

Why We Like Bloomex Flowers

Bloomex is an online flower delivery company, but they are severe and more affordable for business. One thing that caught our attention is their competitive pricing which is attributed to the direct link between the consumer and the grower these guys bring about. Topping up on the pros, we have many reasons to list this brand as the favorite delivery firm we have ever encountered.

They have made everything simple, and now you can purchase flowers for any occasion and personalize it with the preferred gifts. For that purpose, we will head to the collections they are currently having. And because of time, we will only feature the best-selling, popular, and impressive Flowers and Bouquets alongside the gift packages.

The Best-Selling Bloomex Flower And Bouquets

The company ensures customers have a wide arrangement from their website, and you might have difficulty deciding. We are here to make things simpler for you. Regardless of your occasion, this company has you at the back and with any budget you have.

Choose Bloomex and upgrade the flower gifting to the next level. Here are some of the trending flowers and bouquets from this firm. Beautiful in Blue leads our line, reminding you of the support and strength. Best to give someone when they are feeling down. There are also different shades, but all feature floral scents and a beautiful appearance to evoke calmness, relaxation, etc.

Second, Flores Para Mama is good to prepare as a gift on Mother's Day. It comes with a perfect assortment, including Pevulian and chrysanthemums lilies. It brightens up the home due to the blend of yellow and pink shades. Next is Spring Tulips. They make you reflect on the past happy moments to cheer you on. There are 10 tulips but with different colors, and the bouquet is ranked as spring customized. They are delivered while fresh and blooming.

The list is long, but we cannot fail to mention Designer Sympathy Collection II, available in 18 assorted fresh cuts. The bouquet is a unique and perfect gift for the pandemic-diseased person to show you care. Bloomex Make a Wish! also trends on the list, primarily because of its brightness and bold assortment nature; hence gift for any occasion.

Fresh-cut flowers come in vibrant shades, making them more versatile by pairing them with other accessories. Summing up, this is DHL Flowers I, and it conveys a message even if it is not any occasion, but it is a clear indication of love.

The Best-Selling Bloomex Gift Baskets

Sometimes, flowers might not be enough to express your gifting nature. But with this brand, they have multiple gift baskets for you, which are designed to meet your preferences and any occasion based on your needs. To save time, we will feature you with the most famous gift baskets from the website and consider customer ratings.

Bloomex Gourmet Collection I start the list with 7 luxurious snacks to impress the recipient. The baskets consist of only the latest decadent treats, including valley honey, taffy, chocolate caramel salted cookies, and many other delightful snacks.

While Bloomex Gourmet Collection II, a popular Gift basket, has up to 12 decadent treats. Therefore, if you have more to spend on a variety of snacks, this is the perfect gift basket to go for. You can also make a selection of personalized treats, like Wolfgang Puck Euro-style coffee, Belgian cookies, etc. Lastly is Bloomex Gourmet Collection III. This is an ideal gift basket for the entire family if 12 treats are insufficient. 17 delicious treats is quite a fantastic gift featuring hand-selected decadent.

Note that these packages do not have a vase for the flower and bouquet, but you can personalize and undergo extra charges to attach it or other accessories. Otherwise, the brand is top-notch for any occasion you might be considering.

Customer Review

Bloomex Flowers and other products have scored awesomely online from customers. The brand is famous for its efficient flower and gift delivery, and many people love how affordable the company is regardless of the occasion. Our review took this direction to analyze customer feedback online, and the results indicate many ratings and sites to consider.

Starting with Sitejabber, the site has good reviews, which is encouraging. Out of 1248 reviews, this brand scores 3.3 stars, and most people are satisfied though not everyone. There are average ratings on aspects like the services, return, shipping policy, and quality of the flowers. One customer complimented them:-

"Excellent products, excellent support staff who make you feel valued as a customer." I would have given it 5 stars, but the flowers on the last two deliveries were banged up and only lasted about a week. We also sent my niece Jolene an arrangement to celebrate her son's birth, but it arrived in poor condition and perished fast. Careful! You're losing your grip!"

On Trustpilot, there is 3920 customer feedback; analyzing them gives the brand a rating of 1.5 stars. This shows people are generally unsatisfied with their orders, as 62% of the customers disliked the products and services rendered to them.

Still, going to the website, we see that this company also scores a 1.5 stars rating after assessing 130 reviews. The same thing still applies to the  Product Review, where after going through 8939 studies, the company still stands at 1.8 stars. Though most people are not satisfied, there are still some positive reviews.

Heading to Yelp, it gets 1 star, obtained from 42 reviews. Many more sites with actual customer ratings, such as Reseller Ratings, Canada Floral News, and on Choice, ranked for winning the 2022 Shonky Awards.

Though you can try it, there are many negative reviews concerning Bloomex flowers and other products compared to few positive feedbacks. But, because of their response to many complaints, we now wish they make changes and remain consistent in their deliveries.

Where to Buy Bloomex Flowers

Today, customers can exclusively order Bloomex Flowers and gifts from online stores for efficiency and complete access. The brand is available in different regions, and you should be careful where you rank. For customers based in the US, you can use, while those in Canada are highly advanced to navigate over on However, the company has an international webpage for those based in North America.

Head to and place your order. Unfortunately, these are perishable products and thus are not sold through online retail stores. The company has eliminated intermediaries to cut prices through direct links with consumers. Also, they deliver to the UK, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

Does Bloomex Flowers sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Bloomex Flowers stores on Amazon.

Is Bloomex Flowers Worth It?

Gauging from our point of view and analyzing multiple positive customer feedbacks, this brand is worth your money. If you are not content with our conclusion, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind here. First, the company offers flowers and gifts at a reasonably attractive price tag compared to the alternative companies on the market.

They also do delivery and have a large collection of flowers ideal for any occasion, from valentine'sValentine to funeral and wedding flowers. Still, on the website, customers enjoy lucrative special rotating deals. This makes the pricing very competitive. Also, many customers were amazed at the timeless delivery service Bloomex provides to them.

The quality of flowers and gifts is on another level, allowing you to personalize the package. However, a few customers singled out the arrangement issues and the customer support team. Companies should consider this the main concern because some customers were unhappy with the experience.

But heading to the BBB ratings, the company gets a good grade, indicating that the team is working hard to fix customer challenges and promote a perfect experience. Thus, if you want high-quality and affordable bouquets for any special occasion with guaranteed fast delivery, never overlook Bloomex; the company is worth checking out for many reasons.

Bloomex Flowers Discounts

Bloomex Flowers review never uncovered any promo code online. But we were so lucky to come across numerous discounts and promotion services. When writing this review, all orders are delivered with the free $20 certificate. Multiple active discounted product packages on orders account for up to 50% off. Also, you can sign up for the newsletter and mailing list to get special offers and deals sent via your email address.

Bloomex Flowers Contact

Do you still have a burning question we have not answered in the above review about Bloomex? Well, address it to the support team. The company has listed multiple methods to contact them, but we insist you visit your FAQ page first and confirm if it saves you time. If not, reach out to the team using the following approaches.

Their website has a live chat support feature, but online working on the webpage. If that is not saving you, call them at 1-888-912-5666. Equally, you can compose a mail and send it to the team through The social media enthusiasts are left behind; follow these guys on their handles and engage, ask your questions, and access all updates under one roof. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


Q. Who is the owner of the Bloomex brand?

The company, as from the above data, indicates that it was not just founded but also privately owned by the same person Dimitri Lokhonia.

Q. Is it possible to track the Bloomex order while in transit?

The answer is yes; the company allows you to track your order. However, you must log in to your portal account with relevant details to access the tracking services. Under my order, you can track your order from the company to your target location.

Q. Does Bloomex flower delivery feature a vase?

The truth is that the Bloomex flowers do not come alongside the vases. However, the company gives you the option to personalize your order. There are numerous vases that these guys sell, and you can order the flowers with a vase, but it will cost you extra bucks.

Q. Does Bloomex offer free delivery services?

No, the company engages in premium delivery services. Their range starts at $15 to $20, and the money depends on your destination. You have indicated.

Q. Can I cancel my Bloomex order?

Definitely, customers can easily cancel Bloomex orders, but it is only possible if the order is not prepared or not in transit. Still, remember that they never have cancellations available on holiday. Otherwise, you have to connect with the support team and cancel the order if you so wish, but they charge you $25 as fixed restocking costs per order.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Bloomex company?

The data on their website indicates that customers can use about 4 shipping methods. First, same-day delivery applies to Toronto-based orders and other leading cities. This costs you $20 and knows that business ends at 5p while residential services at 8 pm. Next-day delivery, sometimes known as regular, costs $15, and the order arrives from 9 am to 6 pm for residential, while for business, 9 am to 5 pm.

If you prefer morning delivery, the company also has it for $19. The customer decides on the delivery time here but before noon. Lastly, there is evening delivery going at $17. Once you decide on the Day, they deliver from 6 to 9 pm.

Q. Does Bloomex have a return policy?

If you realize something is wrong with your order, then understand that the company has a team to assess the challenges before deciding on the next step. But, when these guys approve your order for return, they process and give you store credit to order a different product, or you can opt for the exchange. However, they don't have a full refund for their services.

To return the products for exchange and store credit, you must present the damaged products or have a photo as proof and initiate the return within 3 days. Some customers compliment the brand for offering accurate and faster refunds, which is where it gets complicated. Otherwise, their products are perishable, so the team must assess returns before giving a verdict.


Bloomex is a popular comp[that delivers all-time and all-occasion flowers and gifts fresh from the growers direct to the consumers. Their affordable pricing package makes them unique and outshines the alternative brands today. The firm is ranked as the best florist in Australia, with a large customer base. They have built a strong empire through numerous positive online reviews.

Though there are few complaints, the above article has provided all you need to grasp and prepare. From promotions to customer feedback and best selling, we have also evaluated the brand as ideal for someone looking for affordable bouquets and gifts delivered to their doorstep.

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