Nails Inc. Nail Polish Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Giving a Shot?

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Are you trying to find the perfect alternative brand for the ideal nail polish collection? Nails Inc. Nail Polish is here to stay. Express your style through their numerous palette of shades and showcase your stunning nails to match your preferred fashion style. Read our in-depth review and make a choice.

You are here because you are trying to find a perfect brand for your nail polishes as well as finish needs. Well, there are different brands online, and learning from the experts is one of the steps you can take. We are here to guide you and find a company that matches your style. Sometimes, experimenting with beauty products can expose you to dangerous ingredients, but with the proper guidance, you can make the right decision.

From the series of reviews, we will explore the Nail Inc. Nail Polish review and determine if the company is worth the investment. Different people have different preferences, which might benefit you or your friend. Therefore, our Nails Inc. Nail polish review will assess the company from its inception and its collection, highlight the pros and cons, discounts, and testimonies, and then we will give you an honest verdict. Keep reading to learn more.

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Nails Inc. Nail Polish Review

Nails Inc. is a UK-based beauty brand that offers not just nail polish but also finish. Because of the extensive and numerous collections of skincare and cosmetic products, they have been ranked as the award winner. This is also coupled with their achievement, and they deserve the crown. And if you are searching for the ideal cruelty-free, vegan, high-quality nail polish and finish, Nails Inc. is here.

Because of its crowning achievement and reputation, the company has been featured in notable publications like Allure, Insider, etc. On top of being shortlisted for the 2020 awards, it also grabbed the Sunday Times Beauty award of the same year. These guys also have an impressive social media audience. This might be because they have been endorsed by influencers like Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung & Diane Von Furstenberg.

There is much to share, but we must examine the foundation and relevant history. Therefore, Nails Inc. was founded in 1999 by Thea Green MBE. The company is taking over the beauty industry by storm just because of being creative and offering original as well as effective products. The founder was inspired to venture into this because of a market gap.

Then, Thea Green realized that the market gap needed speedy products. Hence, the brand aimed to give customers high-quality nail polish and efficient, faster results and manicure complete fashionable products. This was explicitly the nail polish. Nails Inc. is committed to its sustainability mission and the ideal environmental conservation.

Since it is developing and expanding, Nails Inc. has recently launched Plant power products, which include products made with plant-based ingredients or polishes. Such polishes are considered 21-free, indicating they never feature any toxic element in the formulation. The company is also engaging in charity work towards the environment.

Thus, through operation, they donate a portion of the profit to the Rainforest Trust from the plant power manicure products sold. This is based on the information from the Instagram account. These charity works aim to protect these endangered species in the threatened rainforest. Indeed, the history is long, but we wish to sum everything up by giving you the pros and cons of Nails Inc. Nail Polish. Compare them before going to the next section, which explores best-selling products.

Nails Inc. Nail Polish Pros:

Nails Inc. Nail Polish Cons:

Why We Like Nails Inc. Nail Polish

Nails Inc. is a famous company not because of its extensive collection of nail polish and finish products but because it offers makeup, treatments, and many more beauty products. Their products are safe and vegan; the company also engages in charity and sustainable practices.

There are many reasons why customers have ranked the brand among the favorite firms to go for when they need durable nail polish and finish products. To help you save time and hustle, we will highlight some popular customer-favored nail polish on the website. This is based on the customer rating, product popularity, the ingredients, and our experience ordering from the platform.

The Best-Selling Nails Inc. Nail Polish Products

On the website, Nails Inc. features over 100 nail polish with different shades targeted to match your preferences. If you want both aesthetic and visually appealing polish, Nails Inc. has a collection for you to select from. Customers can filter as well as search for the polish based on their needs. Therefore, we will highlight the bestsellers for you because of the urgent need for guidance.

The first open list comes from Nails Inc. Porchester Square Nail Polish, ready to give you the matching style vibes. The polish is elegant and looks lovely, available in the muted mushroom. You can also add the dash sophistication on the nail to highlight the grace. The polish is designed using plasticizer technology. Thus, they guarantee you a long-lasting shine of high quality. You can apply the polish with a broad brush to make the coast even. It is made with a blend of rich flower extract to give you strength as well as maintain your nails.

The second in the category is Santa Monica Beach Nude Nail Polish. This polish gives you the power to capture the glittering seaside essence of the sunset. It features a unique AHA-infused formulation to leave you hydrated and smoother. The ingredients AHA are extracted from the plants, sugar, and blended with milk to highlight the wonder. It is always for the vibrant gold glitter color to enable you to add that glitz to the appearance.

Next up is the Hampstead Grove NailKale Nail Polish. This is a heavy hitter and bestseller nail polish on the website that can nourish your nails. This polish is designed using kale extract, guarantees the cocktail vitamin on nails, and facilitates keratin production. They also work to protect the potential breakage. In reality, it is rosy red and can gather attention and compliment you from friends.

You will also find products like Mayfair Lane Nail Polish. This land of affluent polish can help you highlight the charm and beauty and capture the elegance. It is also made through plasticiser technology. The polish is simple to apply for the much-needed shine and nail even. They also feature nutrient-rich flower extract for healthy nails and impressive appearance. Though pigmented, it is available in a delicate pale pink color, and the presence of the plumbing agent gives additional smoothness.

Victoria NailPure Nail Polish follows as a bestseller nail polish. They are ideal for people who want to attain nails that are not just vampy but also bold and dramatic. It contains the oxygen resin and regenerating complex. The polish guarantees customers the perfect and quality shine finish, and at the same time, they also facilitate keratin production. They come in a deep cherry shade that many rank as dying for a polish finish.

We can never underrate the power of the Baker Street Nail Polish. This polish is not just fabulous but also effective and fits the Gel effect. This is because it ensures you have that standout glossy finish. It is among the few products with the electrifying cobalt blue shade. The polish is, in fact, highly pigmented and creates a long-lasting impression for the guaranteed excellent coverage and smooth coat.

We also want to mention the Uptown Nail Polish that can nourish as well as condition your nails. It has a gleaming and lustrous finish since it is made with flower extracts. They come in a dusky pink shade. You will also find the Eco Ego Plant Power Vegan Nail Polish. This eco-friendly nail polish features 73% of the plant-based ingredients-Plant Power collection. Their bottles are recyclable and feature an ash wooden cap.

The last best-selling nail polish is Sparkle Like A Unicorn Nail Polish Duo. This polish adds to the magic of your appearance and the surroundings. They come in the rainbow, wishing vibrant glamor and subtle dream dust. it’s long, make a choice.

Customer Review

Though the above information is simply the claims, and the ranking is based on the experience and rating, we also need to complement and justify everything from the customer's point of view. Therefore, our research also explored the testimonies online and where we present well-analyzed information.

The brand features multiple positive customer feedback from the website There are site and product reviews, and from the products, we have seen over 8124 reviews indicating customer satisfaction with the packages. One customer complimented, saying:-

"It's so simple to use." I typically have to shake it to moisten the sponge in the lid properly. Investing more time in removing glitter-based nail lacquer would be preferable, but it comes off easily. It also removes all stains from darker nail paints on the fingers."

Amazon has a 3.3-star rating on the Nails Inc London Nail Polish in Porchester square products, and this is from 6 global reviews. Amazing! MakeupAlley gives us a good rating of 3.4 stars, and there are 34 reviews out of which 50% would repurchase these products. Most clients praised the packaging, quality, and product efficacy. Unfortunately, Trustpilot gives us a 2.1-star rating from 59 reviews, which seems poor.

However, when you navigate through the Who What Wear, the blog highlights the best 10 classiest nail shades that seem customer favorite; indeed, these products are outstanding and have shown excellent results and appealing looks. Moving to the GlossyBox, we will get 4.28 stars from 1028 customer feedback. These verified purchasers are happy and mention different aspects of these products.

You can also spend time exploring the perfect reviews and compliments on the Influenster, Cult Beauty that focus on the Plant Power Nail Polish-Mani meditation, while the other impressive rating is also found on John Lewis and Partner. Take your time. The positive customer feedback outweighs the few complaints raised. The majority wins the day.

Where to Buy Nails Inc. Nail Polish

Where to purchase the Nails Inc Nail Polish is no issue this far. A customer can always access the complete collection of nail polish and finish as well as guaranteed promotions for their official website at Their collections are available even to international customers. Therefore, our research turned out positive, and we could see these Nails Inc. Nail Polish products in online retail stores. Some of the products we spotted on the sites are:-

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Is Nails Inc. Nail Polish Worth It?

The other question that has been resounding back on most readers is whether Nails Inc. Nail Polish is worth the investment. From this review and based on our experience, we justify that the brand is worth giving attention to for many reasons. To start with, the company is owned and managed by a woman who understands the needs of a modern lady.

The company has been able to meet a woman's nail polish and general beauty since 1999, and it is extending its products and customer reach. On the website, Nails Inc. Nail Polish features unique shades of nail polish as well as a finish with other cosmetic products. Though they claim, we have also verified that they offer not just vegan but also cruelty-free products with no toxic element.

They utilize skin-hydrating and nourishing ingredients that double the nail and skin care needs. These products have been ranked as effective in offering cuticle area support and much-needed strength. Besides giving you 100% nail polish shades, the company also aims to remain environmentally sustainable. They also contribute to the charities that target to support the Rainforest Trust in creating eco-awareness on the green environment.

Despite several complaints, compared to positive feedback, they are always assumable. The company offers a friendly return policy, and its products guarantee consistency. They also ensure you have a 100% secure shopping experience, fast and free delivery for based orders, access to multiple offers, and 21-free cleanest polish.

Their collection features not just the polish but also an extensive collection of treatments, masks, and makeup,  as well as base and top coats. Comparing the above reasons, Nails Inc. Nail Polish is worth the investment. The company gives you the value for your money.

Nails Inc. Nail Polish Discounts

Nails Inc. Nail Polish is also available with multiple promotions for you to enjoy. Unlike other brands, this company promises many methods to save on the budget. First, they give you free delivery when your order costs $30 and above. They also offer free full-size nail polish on the purchase of products totalling $40 and above. A free base coat treatment worth $15 matches any shade for the rod4rs that surpasses $40 as a threshold. On top of that, when you are a new customer and sign up, you are entitled to get 10% off on the first order.

The brand also has special discounts, including students, key worker discounts, and youth. Customers can also become affiliate partners and work to earn passive income. There is Klarna p as an ideal alternative payment option through interest-free installment. If you navigate the sales section, multiple products are sold at discounted prices. Therefore, subscribe to the mailing list or follow them on the social media accounts for future updates on the deals and promotions.

Nails Inc. Nail Polish Contact

There is a possibility that our Nails Inc. Nail Polish review has not sufficiently addressed all your concerns. Therefore, you can contact the brand support team for extra information and classification. Unfortunately, Nails Inc. has limited methods to call their support team. From the website, we could only find that the company has listed their email address as the only option to connect them.

Thus, write them an email and send it to The team is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm GMT. You can also write them and address the issue at 19-23 Grosvenor Hill, W1K 3QD. They also claim they will respond to your queries within 2  working days. You can also connect with the Nails Inc. team by engaging with them on social media accounts. The team is active and lively even on Facebook, Instagram, X(Twitter) etc. Follow these accounts and stay updated with everything.


Q. Are Nails Inc. nail polish products gel?

From the information on the website and experience using these products, these nail polish are not gel but have the gel effect line. That is because they can stimulate the gel nail polish on the products.

Q. Do Nails Inc products contain formaldehyde as an ingredient?

In the above review, we have been able to learn that the Nails Inc. nail polish is 21-free. This indicates that these products are vegan, cruelty-free, and only use clean, natural ingredients. Thus, they are formaldehyde-free and don't feature any toxic element.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Nails Inc. company?

The company currently offers shipping services to customers based in Canada, Europe, and the US. Therefore, for customers based in the US, you can have free standard shipping when your order surpasses a particular threshold. The same also applies to Canadian-based orders. You are eligible for free standard shipping if your purchase exceeds their selected threshold. But if you are based in the US and your order falls below the threshold, you must incur extra shipping charges of $10, while Canadians pay $20 for the other below the threshold.

For European delivery, the costs depend on the specific region or destination. Generally, the orders in the US take about 2 to 5 working days to arrive, while those in Canada expect your package within 2 to 7 working days. Immediately, the company processes your order and puts it in transit; they send the customer a confirmation mail with the tracking link. You can thus follow up on the status of your order from the portal.

Q. What is the return policy of Nails Inc. company?

The company offered a lucrative return policy. Customers have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return the products just in case there is any issue with the package. The company promises to refund you fully but only using your original payment account. Unfortunately, you must also incur the costs of the return shipping services.

Therefore, if you receive the wrong package or the products arrive damaged, you can return them. You can seek a replacement as well, if not a refund. Initiating the return process is very simple. Just ensure that in return, you include the contact information, clarify the exchange or the refund, specify the order number, and attach the original delivery note as proof of purchase. From there, you can return your package to the address Nials Inc, 3rd floor, 19-23 Grosvenor Hill, London W1K 3QD, where you can wait for the next step.


Nails Inc. is a profound beauty brand that offers an extensive collection of nail products, from the polish to the finish. Their product collection is well known on the market for its high-end quality and comes in impressive packaging. The company has everything for you to upgrade the beauty game and rock the world—Nails Inc. believers beyond their promise.

In the above article, we have explored this 21-free brand from the foundation through the best-selling products, and from the customer feedback, they deserve a 5-star rating. Try out the Nails Inc. nail polish collection today for quick-drying nail polish and a finish that comes at an affordable price with a sense of environment.

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