Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers: Here Is What You Should Know!

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This article will introduce you to all relevant matters concerning tipping Walmart grocery delivery drivers. Learn about the importance, etiquette, and practical tips to ensure a great delivery experience for all. You must not miss it!

Most companies have traditionally discouraged customers from tipping their employees. But as times change, many companies are now embracing tipping employees to reward and appreciate good services rendered by staff. In particular, Walmart permits and encourages clients to tip their grocery delivery drivers if they are happy with their services. 

When you tip any Walmart grocery delivery drivers in cash, they are the sole beneficiaries of the tip. Besides tipping the delivery drivers, you can also provide feedback on the services you receive from them. 

So, why is Walmart encouraging you to tip your grocery delivery driver? Read on to learn more.

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Reason for Tipping Your Grocery Delivery Driver

Tipping your grocery delivery driver is a great way to show appreciation for their hard work. But why should you tip?

  1. Motivate the delivery driver: Drivers go through different hardships to ensure grocery is delivered on time. Even though they are entitled to end the month's salary, tipping them will motivate them because they feel their services are valuable.
  2. Compensate them for waiting for you: Grocery delivery drivers often stay in the cold or rain for hours before they can deliver your groceries. They deserve to be compensated for their time and effort. You can do this by tipping them $1 per item or $10 per order, depending on how far away from the store you live. This will allow them to make an extra commission (which is extra money).
  3. Show your appreciation: Tipping grocery delivery drivers shows that you appreciate their hard work to get your groceries to you quickly and efficiently. As consumers, we must show our appreciation for those who make our lives easier by delivering groceries or serving us food and drinks at restaurants.
  4. Your tip will help maintain their car: Unless the delivery guy uses Walmart's van, most drivers use their vehicles for delivery. By tipping them, you'll support them to fuel and maintain their vehicle.
  5. Tips help to add the driver's hourly rate: Even though delivery drivers are on a salary, chipping in something for their excellent services will make them earn more than their monthly salary. And by doing so, you will have improved their living standards.

How Much to Tip for Grocery Delivery?

As long as you are satisfied with the driver’s services, you can tip them any amount you are comfortable with. While the tipping value is subject to your satisfaction, tipping them a minimum of 10% of the value of your grocery is generally acceptable. Alternatively, you can offer 15 -20%. Your driver will appreciate your tip.

Tipping a Walmart grocery delivery driver is similar to tipping the person serving you in a restaurant or for any other service.

How to Calculate Your Tip?

Calculating how much to tip your delivery guy should not be complicated. Most delivery apps will help you calculate the tip amount when checking out.

For instance, Instacart has a default 20% tip on all orders. Other apps apply 10 or 15%. However, if you want to change the preselected tip amount, you can adjust it manually or choose another percentage.

Most apps will have tips ranging from 5 to 25% and the option to customize your tip.

The options simplify the calculation for any order and allow you to tip the amount that reflects your satisfaction with the service.

However, if your app does not have the option of automatically calculating a tip, you can multiply 0.2 by the total bill amount or any other percentage you can comfortably give.

Can You Adjust a Tip After Delivery?

Yes, you can constantly adjust your tip whenever you feel it is necessary. In some apps, you can easily do it by yourself. However, some will require you to call customer service to make changes.

Increasing your tip is an excellent way to show gratitude to the Walmart grocery delivery guy. Only adjust if the amount you had put in earlier does not reflect the service level you received from the driver.

Can Walmart Grocery Drivers See How Much You Tip?

Your tip amount is visible to the Walmart grocery delivery drivers. Using the smartphone app of the third-party delivery service, delivery drivers can review their prior deliveries and earnings, such as the gratuities left for each delivery.

Do Walmart Grocery Drivers Get 100% of the tip?

When you use the apps to tip your driver, the driver will have to share the tip with the company. However, if you want the driver to receive the total amount, tip them with cash, not a credit or debit card.

Who Delivers for Walmart Grocery?

Local independent drivers working for third-party delivery services are the ones who deliver your grocery. Walmart's main online distribution channel for same-day grocery deliveries is DoorDash.

The distance between the shop and the customer's home is a significant factor in determining how much Walmart grocery drivers receive when delivering orders.

For instance, Walmart pays drivers a specific sum for all deliveries within five miles of the store pickup location.

Starting wage for Walmart grocery delivery drivers can be relatively low, sometimes even less than the state minimum wage, depending on the region. Because of this, many freelance drivers rely heavily on gratuities to cover a sizable portion of their expenses.

Amazon Order Came in a Walmart Bag

It is not common, but some Amazon shoppers have complained that they received their orders with a Walmart package. This happens when you buy an item at the Amazon Marketplace from third-party vendors.

The seller may have seen that the item is cheaper in Walmart, then ordered your item from Walmart and directed it to be shipped directly to the customer.

However, Amazon's policy does not allow third-party retailers to buy items from other competitors' online retailers and ship directly to customers. The seller may lose their license or be restricted if such activities are reported.

Therefore, if you receive your item with a Walmart package, report the seller to Amazon for disciplinary action.


You can tip Walmart delivery drivers depending on how pleased you are with their service. You can either use cash or tip with your debit or credit card. Besides, if you are using a card, you can easily adjust the amount to tip after the delivery within 24 hours. Tipping your driver shows that you appreciate the service.

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