theBalm Cosmetics Review: A Cruelty-Free and Retro Brand

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Have you tried exploring theBalm cosmetics' best-selling beauty products and evaluated if they have a quirky vibe? theBalm makeup is well known for its vintage package, but we are yet to confirm if the company is worth the money. Find in our conclusion.

In the cosmetic industry, you can agree that quality is much better than quantity. So, most reviews online make jokes about brands offering beauty products, but in our article, we have resisted and will still resist as well as forge their stand by telling you the truth so that you can make an informed decision. We have been using theBalm cosmetic products and graduated from one product to another over a long time.

In these reviews, we will go deep into theBalm cosmetic products, from the company overview and their massive collection of products. The brand gives you quality beauty products at an affordable price. In the collection, I will be sorry for your husband or boyfriend, sorry for your wallet or debit card. It is a green beauty brand with simple but effective products.

We can verify this statement by looking at the customer feedback online. Before that, if you hate reading, sorry, because we are starting with the company's history to have the basic knowledge of the founders and where it is located.

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theBalm Cosmetics Review

theBalm is an online cosmetic brand that offers green beauty products and clean and quirky vibes. The cosmetic store has high-quality beauty products that are pigmented richly and superficial to use while attaining your goal. The company has established a strong reputation on the market because of its famous vintage-inspired package and the artistic company name of the products.

These guys understand that applying beauty makeup for women is sometimes tedious, but with theBalm brand, you can access innovative, incredibly changing, and more satisfying products. Marissa Shipman, a self-proclaimed beauty specialist, founded the company. It Was launched in 2004, and the founder left the job to venture into the beauty industry to ensure she followed her true feelings.

She got inspiration from the results she attained after hand-mixing her first products, which resulted in the founding of this brand. Currently, theBalm has its headquarters offices located in San Francisco, California. The founder, alongside her team, had a passion for developing high-quality beauty products that would be accessible to all women.

Today, everyone can get theBalm cosmetic products, triple-milled as well as richly pigmented products, in the nearest pharmacy or retail stores in the US and worldwide. The company staff believes that makeup application is a creative and fun process, and this has inspired them to become one of the renowned cosmetic brands as creativity is concerned.

It still stands on our vanity is not way as well and ensures you have the gorgeous color on your body to boost your confidence in a minute. The company has been featured on numerous media outlets and established a strong presence on social media platforms. In this review, we will help you get the rundown of the collection in-store, the popular products, and customer feedback and then evaluate if it's worth the money. For now, let us move to the pros and cons section.

theBalm Cosmetics Pros:

theBalm Cosmetics Cons:

Why We Like theBalm Cosmetics

theBalm is a unique cosmetic brand with a vast collection of beauty products. The company is working to ensure that customers get glammed up in a second and are ready for their routine. These cosmetic products are simple to apply and have lasting colors to ensure they always look best on duty or when gone out. There are many reasons we rank this theBalm brand.

The massive collection of products with international shipping options is among the most important. Therefore, we will go through some of the best-selling theBalm cosmetic products in detail for easy understanding and simple work while choosing the products.

The Best Selling Thebalm Cosmetic Products

The brand has instilled confidence in its customers with its high-quality, beauty-enhancing products. The best-selling products will cover from highlighters to lipstick and smoothing primers.

The Anne T. Dotes Primer opens up our list, which can fill the pores and generally works well on smoothening your skin as a foundation for other cosmetic products. This is an antidote for imperfections since it is made with post-consumer sustainable material but guarantees hydration and managing skin redness while boosting collagen production.

Second, on the list is Mary-Lou Manizer. This one is good and effective in helping you maintain soft skin and gain a younger look due to its light-diffusing features. The products ensure your skin gets a dewy glow, increasing skin enhancement from nose to cheeks and brow bones.

The Manizer Sisters is another famous theBalm cosmetics product online. It is responsible for defining the basic features, such as accentuating versatile shades and illumination. It comprises 3 thrilling powders: body shimmer, eyeshadow, and highlighter. Thus, they are perfect for enhancing the body's complexion. Foiled Again is the next product, a mix of the 12 match shades constituting the shimmery and matte shadow. The products tend to intrigue the eyeshadow look, glossy as well as concentrated.

Without forgetting, there is also The Balm and The Beautiful – Episode 1, which is neutral and has a warm palette containing rich brown, illuminating, and golden tone highlighter( Champagne). The show on these products is rosemary, grape seed oil, and jojoba, where vitamin E helps nourish and soften your skin. Elsewhere, Bahama Mama is suitable for a night out, especially when you tuck it alongside the compact beauty. It adds an extra swipe and goes hand in hand with versatile ladies.

We also came across the Meet Matte Hughes Vol. 3, which has a mix of 6 mini lipsticks, which is always a good option when you do not have the Matt Hughes. It can easily switch up your appearance with classic red and long-lasting shades due to high concentration. The other long-lasting cosmetic products from theBalm are Meet Matte Hughes Vol. 2, where the only difference here is that though it has high color concentration, there is a low, shining feature hence a kissable look.

Lastly, is the Magnetic Personality which is autumn inspired as well as warm containing rich amber alongside the golden and brown hues. The good thing about these palettes is that they are recyclable and can pop on any shade.

Customer Review

In this section, we also dive into the customers' feedback and honestly reveal what the customer has to say or compliment on theBalm products. We have found a lot online, and theBalm cosmetic products seem unique. While several sites have customer ratings, we would like to start with their official websites at Besides numerous discounts and promotions, the company has praised its extensive collection of beauty products that are simple to apply without wasting time.

Durability is another thing, and fair pricing is an added feature here. For this case, the brand scores 4.7 stars based on a whopping 22117 reviews worldwide. 92% of these customers are highly recommending the brand with 5 stars. For instance, here is an honest review left by one client of the site:

"This eyeliner has the most gorgeous shimmer and impact on the eyes. But! It works well when combined with body cream to create the Body Shimmer. Your skin will sparkle, blinding those who oppose you. Lol."

Moving ahead, MakeupAlley also presents you with a rating of 4.2 stars after reviewing 486 products from the 3902 reviews, and 77% of the customers stated that they would repurchase the products. We can never exclude the feedback on Sitejabber anymore.

These 6 reviews here give the brand an excellent rating of 4.94 stars. Customers are happy, and the outcome looks excellent to them. Besides adorable packaging, one customer who visited them also appreciated the services she got from the staff and the option to test the products before purchasing. Here we go:-

"Marvelous cosmetic collection. I'm particularly fond of their red lipstick. I first learned about them at the Kohls cosmetics store. You can try out their product lines before you buy them."

On the Adore Beauty store, the website lists top-selling theBalm cosmetic products in their inventory and alongside are multiple reviews you can access. They seem fantastic and real with great products. The Highlight seems outstanding here.

And on Amazon, this is where the theBalm cosmetics 9-color meet Matt scores 3.2 stars after a 78 global rating. Many of these customers experienced few drawbacks; they were generally satisfied based on their budget and results. Influenster gives us the roundup of customer reviews in detail. Although few customers complained about the shipping policy, the rest of the aspects of the brand scored excellently.

Most of the testimonials online are positive and based on many different factors, our stand also leans on the positive side, and we highly recommend these theBalm cosmetic products. Consider this brand the best solution if you don't want to waste time applying beauty products in your home.

Where to Buy theBalm Cosmetics

There are numerous places where you can order theBalm cosmetic products. To get the original, legit and high-quality theBalm beauty products, you can order from their official stores at This is the only place we highly recommend. However, the research also found that theBalm products are available in numerous online retail stores. Some Of the officially accredited stores are:-

Is theBalm Cosmetics Worth It?

Though theBalm cosmetics products are straightforward, they are still effective and impactful on your body. The creative name of the products and the quirky packages add a playful edge to this brand. This alone is enough to sell all about the company. The fact that the beauty products are Talc, paraben and cruelty-free makes it considered the clean and green brand on the market that values both customers and the environment.

Additionally, they use recyclable packaging materials, which they design using post-consumer ingredients. Buying these beauty products guarantees the perfect feeling of remaining sustainable in your environment. Looking at the above customer feedback, it is clear that many people have left positive feedback, which indicates they are satisfied with the products and result if not processed.

The products come in vibrant colors and are simple to apply. This indicates that theBalm beauty gives you quality for your money. Even though some people have complained about the inconsistent products, that is not a universal challenge. theBalm products are accessible from any corner of your destination as the brand has paired with online retailers to distribute the products to customers worldwide.

Therefore, if you want to add fun to your cosmetic products through a high-quality brand without breaking the bank, theBalm is here for you. This reputable brand is worth your money, and our review concludes that if you have all it takes, go for it.

theBalm Cosmetics Discounts

Like other alternative cosmetic brands, theBalm offers customers various means to save. This means they give you discounts and promotions to help cut your budget. In the reviews, we realized a few deals, and based on our findings,  all the new customers are entitled to get 15% off on the first order when they subscribe to the newsletter.

There are also gifts on orders totaling $40 and above with the promo code LID-QUID. Besides that, they also reward you with programs in which you qualify for one point when you spend one dollar, which you can later redeem to acquire discounted products. The last option is free international shipping for all orders that reach the $75 and above threshold.

Otherwise, the above discounts are subject to changes as they were only valid when writing this review. Therefore, if you want to keep updated with the latest deals, subscribe to the newsletter and always receive updates.

theBalm Cosmetics Contact

Do t]you have any other questions related to the brand to this extent? If so, consider visiting the FAQ page, and in case you never find out the answers, the company has outlined different methods to contact their support team.

Our research identified the social media accounts that are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., from where you can follow them, engage and answer any question. If not, you can count on the two primary means through the call at (888) 747-2256 or email them at the address In case of any questions, reach out to the team for support. Lastly, theBalm also offers the customer live support services on the website.


Q. Does theBalm offer cruelty-free cosmetic products?

The information provided shows that this brand's products are all certified as cruelty-free. Though, you should never forget that the products are not totally vegan since theBalm still relies on animal-derived contents like beeswax in manufacturing.

Q. Are theBalm beauty products non-toxic?

All the products do not contain any harmful elements like paraben and Talc. Therefore, the campaign concluded that all their cosmetic products are clean and green.

Q. Does theBalm brand manufacture hypoallergenic cosmetic products?

From The information provided on the site and various online reviews, we could not locate any data concerning the hypoallergenic state. Therefore, we cannot gauge these products based on the hypoallergenic category.

Q. Where does theBalm company ship their products to?

First, always understand that the company takes at least 2 to 8 business days to process your order. Therefore, they ship to your destination, but shipping charges vary based on your destination; you can find out the fee on their website.

The good news is that the company offers international shipping. And if you want to check the prices of the products on the website, you can change the country of your choice and convert the charges to your local currency. For international orders, the charges also vary. If you are based in Canada, the company will charge you $30, or when you place an order for $75 and above, they offer free shipping, while the rest and the same rate apply.

Q. Can I return theBalm cosmetic product to their store?

Definitely, and the return policy only applies within 30 days from the date of purchase on their official store. You will get the full refund or, instead, get the store credit to make a new purchase. However, the refund is less than the return shipping charges. However, we have also learned that when you purchase products in a bundle, that order does not qualify for a return.

But, they accept returns even if you have gently sued the product. The only exception where you cannot get a refund or instead change is when you have excessively sued the beauty product. Initiating the return process is simple. as long as you have the address, you are good to go. on the return address, which is 4649 Aircenter Circle, Suite 101, Reno, Nevada 89502, you need to include in the package a few things.

That is the order number for your reference. Once the return is sent, they will inspect it and inform you through the mail. And Immediately after they accept the return, they will start processing the refund, which is sent via the original method and takes about 5 business days to reflect on the account.


theBalm is a cosmetic brand that has been on the market for a long time. They have built their beauty products around vegan ingredients; hence not only clean but also offer green products; in fact, they have cruelty-free approved products even though they are not totally vegan. Otherwise, the company has a massive collection of products to select from and recorded numerous positive customer ratings online. For their exclusive deals, return and shipping policy, theBalm seems the real hit on the market with trending and simple-to-apply cosmetic products serving all customers worldwide. Even though the company received a few criticisms, it is worth the purchase.

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