BH Cosmetics Review: An Affordably Priced Gem!

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Want to explore the latest and trendy makeup while keeping everything clean? BH Cosmetic is the right choice for you. Read our brand reviews and find out if the company remains a hype on the market.

Most people and specifically ladies are hunting for makeup products. While demand is increasing, many brands are coming up with different ingredients and marketing approaches. Coupling this with advanced technology, most brands have shifted to offering beauty products online. Among the brands we are going to review today is BH Cosmetics.

Therefore if you want to stop wasting your time searching for high-quality and affordable cosmetic products, click on the BH cosmetic brand and find out what they store for you. In these reviews, we will go deeper into the company and share some popular cosmetic products in this review.

Want to check out if BH offers cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic products? Keep reading until the end and learn more about the ingredients and offers and what the experienced customers have to say about the company.

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BH Cosmetics  Review

The term BH is an acronym that stands for the Badass with Heart which is a nod to the end style of this brand. Therefore, BH Cosmetic is a company that offers a bold cosmetic collection of products. They offer all products targeting the face, eyes, lips, and makeup generally, which are vegan and cruelty-free. BH has managed to gather a huge reputation online, and many customers have complimented the vegan brushes as well as access to the clean cosmetic inventory.

It has been featured in reputable magazines such as BuzzFeed, WWD, and The Huffington Post. Anytime you want to explore the latest makeup products while keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, think of BH cosmetics. To understand this, even more, engage with their Influencer and Baddies, then find its main goal. The company has a youthful vibe, and a playful look due to the fluttery lashes and glossy lips darkened in bold and colorful shadow.

From The about us page, their mission is to ensure you access all the makeup products at an affordable price. From the data online, BH Cosmetics is cruelty-free and doesn't encourage the use of animals in testing the formula before bringing it to the market. In addition, they are vegan as the product does not contain harmful ingredients.

This LA-based company advocates for female empowerment, diversity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability, not forgetting the civics engagement. These guys believe that together, customers and brands can break the wall. The BH Cosmetic brand was founded by three men, Kirill Trachtenberg, Robert Sefaradi, and Fred Sadivskiy.

The brand was launched in 2009; however, it was acquired by MidOcean Partners in 2018. This far, you have something small to brag about the company. Thus, in this review, we will now move to the next section on the pros and cons and weigh them before making a decision.

BH Cosmetics Pros:

BH Cosmetics Cons:

Why We Like BH Cosmetics

The time you click on the BH cosmetic homepage, you are guaranteed to have fun. From the homepage, you can see it decorated using beautifully themed palettes such as Birthstones and Adore Amalfi. Even though this review does not only consider the makeup products, they also provide other products to the customers. Cosmetic products range from the foundation or base to eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. If you want to work on your look, this is your brand.

The Best-Selling BH Cosmetic Palettes

On the platform, you can explore and play around with numerous palettes. But for this section, we will only explore its best-selling palettes on the market. We will also include a shimmer shadow and matte mix for the bendable and buildable selection.

Hence, the best-selling cosmetic pallet was BH Cosmetics BFF Shadow Palette before Britney Spear started rocking us; the ultra-femme product takes us back to 1999 but helps customers by keeping everything ultra-femme with the peachy as well as warm neutral hue. It has 20 shadows, which involve transition shade, lid, and grease shale on a single row. Each one has a high color payoff to last long during the day. 

The second option is BH Cosmetics Zodiac, designed in the planetary fashion containing 12 baked and shimmering color orbs with a bright highlighter. The color ranges from deep to light, and every color represents the zodiac sign. 

The next is BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil, which amps you with bright shadow and contains the tropical yellow,  green and purple deck on the 35 pressed pigments. It got inspiration from Rio'sCarnival, which contains a mix of satin, matte, and shimmer shadow to attain its dramatic and pigmented black appearance. Alongside glittery white and blossoming pinks.

The best-selling BH Cosmetic palettes are numerous and include BH Cosmetics Pistachio, which is herbal and contains 8 lush green hues arranged in a palette from delicate mint going to glowing emeralds.

The last best-selling palette is BH Cosmetics Truffle Blush which is chocolate, and a dreamy hue besides its strawberry and sweet create blushes. It contains around 9 unique combinations of colors; however, every color has a mirrored compact to feature only 4 shades. 

BH Cosmetics is the best brand to jumpstart your beauty journey. These products are cruelty-free; most contain vegan ingredients, not animal-derived ones. Besides the BH cosmetic products being vegan and cruelty-free, they are also allergy, clinically, and dermatologically tested. They are proven to be paraben-free hence extra clear and safe. 

However, there are few products containing the synthetic fragrance, which the company makes clear don't even account for more than 1% of the ingredients. For this reason, the brand remains to be super fun and guarantees youthful vibes all along. This does not mean that the products target the young generation but cut across all ages with expensive palettes.

If you love playing with your look, BH Cosmetic palettes are here. Avoid sticking to the natural appearance without gender and age limits. If you enjoy the glittering and bold shadow as your perfect jam, then BH cosmetics is a perfect selection.

Customer Review

BH Cosmetics is a hype thus far, but to prove this, we also need to consider customer feedback worldwide. We attest that the company offers ultra-clean cosmetic products and palettes, and most people online are impressed. Yes, this company is worth the fuss, but we must complement our stand with the customer ratings. We will start looking at its official website, where the company gets a rating of 4.87 after 46 reviews at

Most of the customers purchasing from the store are happy with the products, and no complaint has been raised here. As indicated below extract from the customers says:

"The SAY IT! Package contains this fun and beautiful eyeshadow palette. The mattes are creamy and blend gorgeously, and the shimmers are dazzling, resulting in a magnificent eye look that can be worn at night or during the day. I highly recommend this Do Not Disturb Palette because its Color Story is so dynamic!"

The brand also gets a 4.3 global rating after 46 reviews on Amazon. People compliment beauty products for their quality, huge collection, and perfect shades. We also move ahead to the Trustpilot. Here, the company scores an average rating of 3.2 stars out of 86 reviews. Customers are generally satisfied with the products on Trustpilot. The statement below sums up everything about the company and its products:

"I enjoy purchasing their brands. A lot of things are extremely affordable, and the four-payment installment plan makes it even easier. Their eyeshadows are very pigmented, and they have a huge assortment of eyeshadow palettes. Their false eyelashes look great and last a long time. For me, shipping takes less than three weeks. Most likely due to my geographic region."

There is another review on the Review42 platform, and the brand scores 5 stars on the palettes, lipstick scores 4 stars while vegan formula gets 5, and customer satisfaction stands at 4 stars. This clearly indicates that customers are happy with these cruelty-free products and praise their suitability on the skin.

The next external website is Sitejabber. Unfortunately, the company gets 1.98 stars rating after 193 reviews. While many people raised challenges on the tracking number, their business days issues, and average customer support service, there are also positive reviews on the platform concerning the value, quality of the products, huge collection, delivery, and shipping. One client that got satisfaction compliments on Sitejabbers said:

"Everyone is worried about having to wait a month for their package, but it is covid! It is not the fault of BH Cosmetics. My eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners landed in less than a month. The strength exceeded my expectations for the cost. I am extremely pleased with this purchase and will definitely order once more."

The other platforms to get reviews are Popsugar, The Baller on a Budget, and Makeup Pulley. Generally, the company offers awesome products, and most consumers love the quality, color mix, and blending capability.

Where to Buy BH Cosmetics

BH cosmetic products are well distributed. However, the first place we encourage you to check out for the beauty product is their official website If the brand does not ship to your location, thus you can consider other online retailers. In our research, we realized that you could purchase the BH Cosmetic product from retailers such as:-

Is BH Cosmetics  Worth It?

If you are wondering whether the brand is worth it or not, from the customer rating, the products are worth the money. Besides positive customer feedback, the company also sells its cosmetics product at a favorable price. They also make their products fun and highly honor ethics as the brand works in conjunction with honorable firms.

Though their products have average quality, they mostly target youth who do not need high-colored makeup or makeup payoff artists. Still, it targets those consumers that do not have time to apply the 3 layers of shadow to attain the bright pigment on their skin. From the above compliments, many customers have complemented and are satisfied with the pricing, which offers them value for their money.

In addition, the brand ensures that it remains ethical and ensures sustainability, equality for all,  civic engagement, diversity, and inclusion in its operation. They have a large collection of cosmetic products, gifts, and numerous promotions. If you have been searching for playful and youthful cosmetics products at affordable pricing, then BH cosmetics are worth trying out.

BH Cosmetics  Discounts

All customers love a good deal, but when the deal is too good, then you have to think twice. It does not go to extremes, and many reviews online have complimented the BH cosmetic deals, promotions, and discounts on the price hence making their products more affordable. Every product has at least an offer to enjoy or scoop[ a promotion.

The first form, the click of a button, is 20% off on the first order by only signing up for the newsletter to create an account. The company also offers free shipping on orders from $35 and above. Besides, they offered numerous holiday  SZN sales and discounts of up to 70% off. There is also a referral program where you get $10 credit on your account when you refer a friend.

In addition to that, you war the loyalty reward with the #BHBADDIES. The brand guarantees all customers precision and price on point. You can also get the Badass with Heart tee free when you place orders from $70 and above. for students, you also get to save 10% off when you have the student promo code. Save up to 50% on the BH cosmetic palettes. To get updated on all the latest deals, signup for the newsletter and stay on the look.

BH Cosmetics Contact

Yes, there you go again. Our article might have limited data on the brand, but that does not mean that we have limited the scope you can go. in case you have an issue that needs clarification from the reviews, then you can contact the BH cosmetics support team. from their website, they have listed different means through which you can reach out to them for help.

Feel free anytime to contact them using the phone number 855-935-1322. Send them an email address at And on the website, you can fill out the contact form and share the issues from which they guarantee you a swift response as soon as they get the request.

But these guys are operational from Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm PT time. Besides these means, you can engage with their support team on their social media accounts. They are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Q. Where is the BH cosmetic brand found?

The above reviews show that the brand is located Downtown in Bustling Los Angeles, CA.

Q. Who is the Founder and Owner of the BH cosmetic company?

The brand was founded by three individuals Robert Sefaradi, Kirill Trachtenberg, and Fred Sadoivskiy. However, in 2018, MidOcean partners acquired the brand though the three to date still retain the company ownership.

Q. Where does HB manufacture its cosmetic products?

It is clear that BH Cosmetics makes its products in China but sources the ingredients from around the world, the major countries being the US, Japan, and Europe. Though manufactures the products in China, they do not sell them there or in any region that needs animal testing since the brand is cruelty-free. Where is the BH cosmetic warehouse located? BH cosmetics brand has a warehouse in LA from which they ship all the products.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the BH cosmetic brand?

To date, BH ships the products in 76 countries around the world. Go to the shipping location page to access the full regions. Meanwhile, their orders take 1 to 3 business days to process as long as you have placed them online. Immediately the company ships your order; they send customer tracking and order confirmation through email.

There are 3 shipping options from the webpage, which are standard, which take 2 to 8 business days; Express takes 1 to 3 business days; and International is between 2 to 20 business days to deliver. Enjoy free shipping when you are in the US and have an order from $35 or international orders from $70 and above.

Q. What is the return policy of BH cosmetics?

The company does not accept returns on all cosmetic products. This means the company does not have a return policy. However, when you receive damaged products, missing items, or the wrong order, you can contact the support team through the email address for the next action.


BH cosmetics is cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable and stands for civic engagement, diversity, and inclusion to ensure equality for all people. The brand offers high-quality beauty products at an affordable price. Besides a wide range of products, they have everything your skin needs, from playful to youthful products.

We have covered everything you need to know about the company, from its history to customer feedback, where to purchase, promotions, and evaluating if the brand is worth the money. We recommend the BH cosmetics to anyone who needs to waste time applying 3 layers on the skin.

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