Beauty Pie Cosmetics Review: Is It Right for Your Skin?

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Considering throwing a spoiler alert among your friends to rediscover the most enviable and glowiest complexion? Beauty Pie Cosmetic might be the keyword for your favorite cult product. Pay less and enjoy the quality beauty products at Beauty Pie.

Likely you are fighting to achieve your beauty goals. However, the budget and this tight economy do not allow you to accomplish this goal based on the current situation. I am aware, as you are that there must always be an alternative for any hard option.

Within your friends, just utter Beauty Pie in the middle of the conversation. Sure, you will realize that most of your friends have eyes lighting up with the most enviable and glowiest complexion.

That is a spoiler alert, and the brand offers lucrative deals but within their membership programs. These guys believe all beauty products must be researched in the lab, formulated, manufactured, marketed, and shelved before hitting the market. There is a lot you need to learn about this brand.

In this review, we will review the company history in the next section, the customer feedback, promotions, best-selling products, and where to purchase them, and help you compare all the aspects to make the right decision. Please, read to the end before getting into the lucrative deals.

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Beauty Pie Cosmetics Review

Beauty Pie is a cosmetic or luxury beauty brand that offers direct-to-consumer products where they source their items from direct manufacturers. Marcia Kilgore founded the brand in 2016 in London, England. Most people who understand who Kilgore is do not even need us to introduce them. However, since we need to move together, the newbies in the field must also be aware of the person.

Therefore, Kilgore is simply the entrepreneur that founded the FitFlop footwear, soap and Glory, Bliss Spa, Soaper Duber, and Remede. Therefore, Beauty Pie Cosmetics offers skincare and premium beauty products at shockingly low prices, making them accessible to all consumers. They guarantee high-quality products. They not only provide the membership with many perks and sell the products to individual customers.

These products are from cutting edge bought from the best cosmetic labs worldwide, where they come in bulk and pass the savings to direct clients. The company deals directly with the customers; hence they do not need the intermediaries such as online retailers or margins. Accordingly, customers can select their best products from any location, such as France, Japan, Korea, the US, and Switzerland.

From the list, Japan And Korea got the best and most fan-favorite lines: the Beauty Pie Jeju collection and Japan fusion. The brand doesn't feature on the top trending publications like Vogue, Allure, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, etc., for nothing. It has gathered a huge customer base on its social media accounts.

Most people love these cosmetic products because they are guaranteed cruelty-free, clean, vegan, and certified beauty products at an affordable price. If this is not convincing enough, then find out their bona fide Caroline Hirons Beauty Pie post, a trained aesthetician who has been in this field for over 30 years.

She gives the lowdown of the company and its products in detail for proof. This Beauty Pie Cosmetics review will cover some of the brand's main features and best-selling products. But before that, let us go through some of the topline pros and cons. Subsequently, we will dig deeper into the brand.

Beauty Pie Cosmetics Pros:

Beauty Pie Cosmetics Cons:

Why We Like Beauty Pie Cosmetics?

Beauty Pie guarantees customers access to affordable, high-quality, premium cosmetic products. They have not only cosmetics but also wellness products. Though individuals can also purchase the products, the company still offers subscription-based packages, which are monthly and annual membership plans.

When you join the programs, you can enjoy numerous discounted prices and other unique offers curated for you. Therefore, to bring it out of the picture, we will also go deeper into the best-selling products to see the benefits of this Beauty Pie brand to the customers online.

The Best-Selling Beauty Pie Products

There are many best-selling products from the Beauty Pie store. In our research, we realized that Beauty Pie Super Healthy Hair Detox Wash Shampoo falls under this category. This contains powerful ingredients effective in cleaning but protecting and retexturing to ensure that the consumer looks smooth and shiny with voluminous hair-popping color.

The second is Beauty Pie Superlative Capsules Essential Ceramides which has a suitable pre-measured skin dehydrating formula and protects the body from the natural barrier. The product also ensures that it produces dewy, glowing, and plump skin while reducing aging signs. Beauty Pie Dr. Glycolic Multi-Acid Micropeeling Pads are suitable for removing dull or dead skin cells, which give you a fresh feeling without stripping your skin moisture.

The product contains natural ingredients and glycolic acid effective in boosting circulation. Hence it is perfect for reducing the clogged pore while offering an excellent cleaning experience for skin prone to acne and oily. As the name suggests, beauty Pie Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream adds skin suppleness while reducing fine lines to help people avoid aging signs and look younger.

The product delivers age-fighting effects if you have delicate skin. The product can turn back your time at an affordable price point. There are many products from this brand. The other best-selling cosmetic products are Beauty Pie Overnight Skin Perfector 2.0, which offers soothing retinol and protects your skin-sensitive microbiome.

Next is Beauty Pie Super dose Vitamin C Bio-Vitamin Brightening Body Lotion that fights the impaired cells while providing healthy to the skin microbiome just like Vitamin C. The list is endless, but we wish to mention the Beauty Pie Pure Ceramides Elastic-Boost Eye Moisture Serum and Beauty Pie Love Eau de Parfum, which is classy and offers a subtle daily scent.

Customer Review

I could not conclude this review by looking at the customer feedback online. Therefore, I searched for online feedback from real customers who have experience with Beauty Pie cosmetic products. From their homepage, there are plenty of customer reviews, all sourced from external sites.

Thus, we will start with Trustpilot. This is a verified company on Trustpilot, and based on the 15552 customer reviews on the platform; the brand gets a 4.7 stars rating which is excellent. This is a clear indication that customers are satisfied with the purchase. Of the rating, 83% of the customers gave it 5 stars, while 3%  gave the brand a 1-star rating.

This is awesome. When customers are happy, these guys are also delighted. One of the customers on Trustpilot complements the products saying:

"This collection is brilliant in every way. The mascara applies smoothly, without clumping, and lasts all day. The kohl pencil is Goldilocks-esque in its softness and hardness. The eyeshadows are beautiful. The color of the lip pencil is fantastic. And I adore the green makeup bag in which they all reside. "The pink wrapping was also delicious."

There are many platforms with customer ratings, including personal blogs. Therefore, the next external site in this review is Elle, where the author brings out the real experience from the company's history to the best-selling products from this brand. Again, we also went ahead to study the reviews on The Sun.

The blog's editor praises the brand with the multiple positive reviews online, affordable pricing, the rollover things, and the cruelty-free nature of the product.

The block also lists the best-selling products and describes them in detail with hand on experience. The author also explains why the brand is worth money on the Women's Health Mag website. He calls the brand the industry-leading membership club. You can gauge the stand of the author from the opening statement where she says:

"Beauty Pie is no longer a baby - it's been six years since this straight from the lab' beauty brand transformed the business on its perfectly groomed head."

Another wite is the Really Ree. The author clearly explains the membership plans, lists the best-selling products, and, in the end, gives customers the promo code to save bucks. She provides us with the direction and stands under this statement:

"I think it depends on how much of a beauty junkie you are, but if you're undecided, I'd start with the £10 a month membership, which gives you access to a substantial number of products. You can always upgrade or downgrade, and remember that using REALLYREESENTME will save you £10 on your first month."

There are also reviews of the brand in Glamour Magazine that lists the best-selling items giving the reasons why they love each. On the Thing Testing site, the brand scores 4.56 stars after 26 reviews. This is excellent, and customers are pleased with the service and high-quality products with next-level packaging. Lastly, on their Facebook page, Beauty Pie has a 4.4 stars rating after 313 reviews.

Most people recommend the brand for different reasons. Though there are few negative reviews online from customers due to upfront rules, especially on the membership, that seems not fine for most people. The positive customer feedback outweighs the negative by a large margin, and a positive rating wins the day.

Where to Buy Beauty Pie Cosmetics?

As stated earlier, Beauty Pie is linked directly to consumers and offers its products through online stores. Therefore, in the research, I discovered that the brand sells the product through its online store at and does not have intermediary suppliers. This is the only place to purchase and deliver the product to your address.

Does Beauty Pie sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Beauty Pie stores on Amazon.

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Is Beauty Pie Cosmetics Worth It?

Everyone loves accessing high-quality cosmetic products at a reasonable price. Most customers want to save some bucks on their beauty budget. Therefore, Beauty Pie Cosmetics is the priority on the list of many customers online. This beauty brand is worth all you can ever imagine for many reasons.

The first thing is the affordable pricing; when you couple this with the high quality and huge collection to select from, you have no other option than getting the products.

Be it an individual purchase of membership, you can still enjoy multiple promotions and discount prices on the products. But with membership, you have a 60-day free trial. The products are cruelty-free, vegan, and certified for use. The company is transparent about where they source their high-quality beauty products and their purchase since they are linked directly to the consumers.

Though there are few complaints online, many people still find the product excellent. Thus, in my research, I realized that all cosmetic products are effective, have excellent customer support services, and have favorable return and shipping policies. Considering all the above reasons, the Beauty Pie cosmetic brand is worth the money. Give it a try, and they guarantee you all the best.

Beauty Pie Cosmetics Discounts

You can access plenty of offers, especially when you join their membership plan. When writing this review, I discovered the brand offers 50% off on all the products when you use the promo code BEAUTY50. Still, they offer free standard shipping when you order from £50 and above. There are exclusive promotions for the members.

For instance, when you are a member, you can get beauty products worth $150 for only $15 per month. With the Beauty Pie plus membership, there is no monthly limit, but it only costs you $59 per month. There is also a referral program. In the programs, when you refer a friend, you get points, and in return, you give the pal $10 off their monthly membership plan.

In addition, when a member uses the code while checking out the products and stays active for the next 30 days, they get $50 to their spending limit. Therefore, subscribe to the newsletter of their email services to get updated with all the offers and discounts to save more on your beauty expenditure.

Beauty Pie Cosmetics Contact

You can contact the brand for extra information about Beauty Pie products that we have yet to include in this review. Their team can attend to you just in case of any issues. Therefore, there are plenty of ways you can reach them. First, you can call on 0(808) 164-8264 for those in the UK. They also have email addresses you can contact at

There is also a virtual consultation which you can book anytime. Equally, you can contact them by filling out the online form, which they promise to reply to within 2 days. If that, you can connect them using their social media accounts. That is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Follow them and stay updated with all the information.


Q. What does Pie Day mean?

At the end of the year, the brand gives the members something like 4 to 6 Pie days while the annual members enjoy the double. Members can elect the Beauty Pie product by Pie day without utilizing their monthly expenditure limits. If you are a member, take advantage of this chance. Therefore, note that once enough products are in the store, Pie day coincides with the spending limit renewal time.

Q. Where are Beauty Pie products sourced from?

The information online shows that the brand sources all its products from the expert lab in  20 leading laboratories famous for offering high-quality cosmetic formulas. They buy in bulk and do not involve intermediaries but engage with the celebs as well as retailer makeup in marketing the products at an affordable price. The brand does not make money on products, but its revenue is generated from the membership.

Q. Does Beauty Pie sell high-quality cosmetic products?

All the cosmetic products sold at the Beauty Pie store are high quality and sourced from reputable laboratories. They distribute through leading retailers or shops around the world.

Q. Is Beauty Pie a brand worth the money and legit?

The brand was launched in late 2016, and since then, its customers have enjoyed lucrative deals and savings. The company is all about providing high-quality beauty products at an affordable price hence gaining multiple positive reviews online.

Q. What is the catch placed on the Beauty Pie products?

Though it claims to offer the best price, you must be a member to enjoy this. Though we are unsure about this, it is a catch on the brand. This indicates members make savings as long as they purchase from these guys. Once you forget to subscribe or stop buying, all things stop.

Q. Where is the Beauty pie brand located?

Beauty Pie from the above review is found in the UK. However, the company offers to ship to the US mainland. For the shipping charges and rates, head to their shipping page.

Q. Is Beauty pie considered MLM?

For sure, Beauty pie is not regarded as a Multi-level-marketing scheme. This is because they value offering customers high-quality products since they get unbranded items from the manufacturers.

Q. How is the Beauty pie membership program working?

Beauty Pie brand offers two membership choices. That is monthly and annual. For monthly, members have up to a $150 spending limit, and when you fail to reach that month, they carry it forward to the next month, while annual membership has unlimited access to expenditure.

Q. Can a member downgrade the Beauty Pie membership plan?

You can contact customer support through email to downgrade once you finish the minimum membership terms of 3 months. Upgrading is also an option on the platform.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Beauty pie brand?

Currently, Beauty Pie provides shipping in the UK and mainland US regions. They have standard and next-day delivery options for US orders, divided into two. UK standard takes 3 to 5 business days for 3.36 pounds, while the UK Express for next-day delivery costs 6.29 pounds. Once the order is dispatched, customers can track it through their accounts' open order history.

Q. What is the return policy of the Beauty pie company?

When you get an item delivered and find out it has issues, you can return the products for an exchange or a full refund. However, the company will only accept returns when the product remains unopened, in the same condition, or not used upon reception.

They never accept opened items because of hygienic reasons. Therefore, when you get a product either in the wrong package or where the product has been damaged, email the support team to start the return process, including the name, reason, and order number.


Beauty pie offers direct cosmetic products for customers in the UK and Mainland US at an affordable price. Since its inception, these products have been subscription-based, and the company has gained multiple positive reviews for affordability and high-quality items.

It offers numerous products to select from online and doesn't involve intermediaries. In the review, we have shared detailed information from company overviews to best-selling products and customer feedback. It is essential to learn from experienced consumers to make the right decision.

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