The Sak Purse Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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The Sak began with many veggie lover bags that launched a "crochet "craze. They soon expanded into calfskin versions with their distinctive handcrafted details. Is that why everyone likes it.

The Sak create items that are intentionally crafted to be touched. Since their founding, they have consistently existed in addition to bags. Each style embodies our love of handcrafted, textured designs created using traditional and modern techniques. They invite everyone to join them on our road of a revelation since they share the soul of people who are curious and aware of practically everything around us.

They take pride in their certification as a B Corp, which is given to businesses that satisfy the highest standards for having a beneficial social and environmental impact. It demonstrates their dedication to doing well while creating products that honor their love for manufacturing and their commitment to people, things, and the environment—a long-standing brand pillar.

By 2024, they've committed to using only sustainable resources. It includes creating a more economic and moral world by reducing our impact on the environment, procuring superior resources, and treating people fairly and equally at every link in our supply chain.

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The Sak Purse Review

Childhood friends Mark Talucci and Todd Elliott left their ordinary corporate jobs in 1989 to explore the world in search of something more significant. A vision was created to transport that spirit and craftsmanship back to San Francisco from Bali using a simple, everyday rattan and leather bag made from a typical Balinese resting mat.

In an era of buttoned-up trade casual, an unusually informal style emerged. Mark and Todd interpreted it as an invitation to follow your claim path, a more palatable deviation from precedent. And a contemporary foundation for casual fashion.

Soon after starting with just one style, they expanded to become a nationally recognized brand, selling via some of the biggest stores in the country, inspiring Mark and Todd to take their business to the next level. The Sak 120 Hobo, with the ergonomic shape and ample insides, soon became one of the most well-known packs of the 1990s.

Remaining faithful to the surface, they made a specific bag from a unique Tightweave creation using hand-crocheted string—the company's to begin with many veggie lover bags that launched a "crochet "craze. They soon expanded into calfskin versions with their distinctive handcrafted details. They continue to act in an unorthodox manner, and that will always be their style. And have continued to be sincere about sustainability, surface, and craftsmanship—a dedication that connects our past and present.

The Sak Purse Pros:

The Sak Purse Cons:

Why Do We Like The Sak Purse?

By 2024, they committed to using only affordable resources. That is their dedication to a workable and moral goal, which for them involves having inherent social and intellectual aptitude. They focus on three columns to make it happen: things, people, and the planet.

Reducing the environmental impact of their products by pursuing more moral standards to ensure that the components and forms used in their supply chain are cost-effective. The Sak protects our environment. They collaborate closely with Oceana to preserve and restore the oceans, which positively impacts our biological system.

They paved their way for others in their field by ensuring that their employees have a healthy work-life balance and forging long bonds with our craftspeople, partners, and clients. Some crochet collections, including Oceana, Mendocino, Design Your Own, and others, are made from recycled plastics that have traveled across the ocean and were gathered in Bali.

Built using ocean-bound plastic that was lawfully recovered by Plastic Bank and served to enhance the lives of people who assist in collecting it. Recycled plastic water bottles are used to make Eco-Jersey. This fabric, used to hand-crochet several collections, is made from threads from recycled plastic bottles. It is resilient and supple.

Their whole inventory of leather comes from tanneries that have earned the Leather Working Group's Gold certification. LWG is a nonprofit organization promoting eco-friendly supply chains for leather products. All their leather products are made using leather from LWG-certified tanneries that follow their ethical sourcing and water conservation guidelines.

Leather in its natural state is known as Hachette. It is supple, plush, and responsibly colored. The leather is left supple to the touch thanks to an eco-friendly vegetable tanning procedure and little surface preparation. Since the leather has not been processed, natural variances will appear over time, giving your bag a deep and distinctive patina.

The fabric is made from a combination of eco-friendly fibers, is strong, lightweight, and resembles conventional canvas nylon's texture, feel, and strength. Their mixture is infused into Repreve fibers, which are weaved from recycled plastic bottles. They have recycled 1.7 million bottles so far as a group.

The interiors of each of their lined items are made of Repreve. A woven textile produced entirely of recycled materials. All reprieve fibers are produced using recycled plastic bottles to prevent the trash from ending in landfills. Cork is non-toxic and odorless. 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and solid. This material satisfies our need for both fashion and sustainability. No trees need to be felled to harvest the cork. The tree is left alone, with only the bark removed, and it continues to live and develop.

Customer Review

According to Susan, with a 5-star rating review on their website, she said fantastic. The leather on the Ashland bag is beautiful and feels lovely. The deep blue hue of indigo is stunning.

Everything will work with it. The two outside pockets are pretty helpful. It has separate ones for her keys and her phone. Her belongings are kept tidy by the two interior pockets and zipper section. It may be carried as a crossbody bag or with a highly comfy shoulder strap due to the length of the belt.

Because it is soft, the handbag blends in with the body. She hasn't purchased a purse in a while. She appreciates that the brand name hardly appears because she doesn't want to be a walking billboard. A Huntley Tote was purchased by Elizabeth B, and she testified that she liked her handbag so much! The straps are the ideal length, and it has a significant drop. The leather is very soft and gorgeous. The purse's size is also perfect; it is large enough to carry extras without being overly large. She purchased a brand-new shade of blue that compliments her spring clothing well. I adore the pictures on the website to help her make a decision.

Britanny L. said on their website that she hesitated on this bag for a long time. She believed she needed something smaller as a mother of young children to avoid the mom carrying everything in her Mary Poppins purse appearance, but other bags just felt too little. The bag is spacious to hold everything she needs without being overly large.

For those occasions when she only needs to carry the bare necessities, and that technique seems to work well for her, she bought a large wallet to accommodate her phone. She also appreciates not having to extend a strap to carry it on her shoulder or crossbody. The crossbody strap is comfortable, and the shoulder strap is excellent in that it doesn't slip. Aside from its usefulness, this bag is stunning. The color is quite rich, and she received it in Juniper.

She adored the new purse since it fulfilled all of her expectations and then some. The leather tooled design work was exquisite, and the lining was high quality. She preferred holding the handle over wearing the bag on her back or wearing it over her shoulder. You don't often have that many options in bags.

She has received numerous praises and inquiries about the source of her purchase. She immediately relayed what The Sak said to them. The free and quick shipment, quality, and price were all excellent. She has already placed orders for two pairs of sandals, a new backpack, a cell phone case, and a storage pouch. She is hooked on them! And that was according to Linda L., that testifies on their website.

Where to Buy The Sak?

In addition to their own website offering to buy, you have a few other options:

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Is The Sak Purse Worth It?

Even though fashion is constantly evolving, they still value handcrafted design. The 'The Sak' timeless bags and accessories are meticulously detailed with subtle accents and premium materials. They stand out due to their precise attention to detail and dedication to the most critical aspect.

They are creating change through their products, people, and the world by using their distinctive crochet material as a medium. Their goal is to make crochet bags that are purposefully produced, eco-friendly, and protective of the craft to create a better future.

They advertise their leather bags as having timeless styles, each with intriguing artisanal subtle signature aspects. They have great pride in their commitment to high craftsmanship, demonstrated in their choice of materials, research, and environmentally friendly production methods.

In partnership with the Leather Working Group, The Sak sources more than 90% of its leather from tanneries that adhere to natural sourcing guidelines and manageable water usage. Their Soft Pebble Leather, one of their most popular leathers, is renowned for its robust construction and smooth surface.

Soft Pebble Leather improves with continued use with an intense color coloring handle and a waxy, more finished stone feel. Numerous stitch patterns created by their Balinese artisans use traditional techniques to create simple objects meant to stay close to you. By paying good wages to Balinese artists and increasing job opportunities in devastated regions, they are dedicated to uplifting the individuals and the communities who produce their crafted goods. Pointing to support their culture, traditions, and craft.


Email their Customer Service -

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Customer Service Telephone - 855-725-5656

They are always there for you. Regular hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm EST. Holiday hours: 9 am-12 pm EST on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve. Closed on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and all National Holidays.

Mailing Address

The Sak Brand Group

233 Rock Rd Ste 240

Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Sak Purse ship internationally?

Yes! Currently, they ship throughout the globe using BorderGuru. Collaborating with BorderGuru for international shipments makes it simple for you by promoting a means to pay for international customs fees upfront. Tradition-related costs and obligations are factored into the shipping estimate after purchase. They also incorporate a 10% handling fee to cover all expenses. It will facilitate delivery, increase the dependability of the plan preparation, and keep prices low.

Q. What should I do if the item I received is damaged?

If you received a damaged item, send it back as soon as possible by following the return policy to receive a free return mailing label and arrange for a replacement item by placing a new order. You can get your money back during the same payment period.

Q. Could I return some products that I bought in separate orders at once?

Orders must be replaced separately, in their original packaging, with the shipping name and the correct order number. It will help untangle the return handle and shorten the time it takes to process your refund.


Even though fashion is constantly changing, handcrafted design is still valued. The Sak classic bags and accessories are expertly designed with fine materials and subtle embellishments.

They use their particular crochet material to bring about change through their products, people, and the planet. To build a better future, they want to make crochet bags that are made with care, environmentally sustainable, and supportive of the craft.

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