Cuyana Bags Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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Are you struggling to purchase another perfect handbag or go shopping for other accessories? Then, you need Cuyana bags! Learn more about the company's Cuyana Bags review for bags and other accessories.

With advanced technology comes a time when the function meets the fashion. Therefore, multiple bags, such as the tote handbag, tend to spring into the mind instantaneously, such as the tote handbag. However, when you are into lifestyle bags and other related accessories that you can rely on while proofing leather bags reigns supreme, the first brand to check for is Cuyana.

Cuyana is among the favorites as the sustainable environment is concerned. It not only elevates the essentials but also comes with many other related features and advantages. It is even pleasing to own a versatile handbag that can meet all your daily needs.

Therefore, let us go into the Cuyana bags and accessories reviews without wasting time. We have made the review simpler by dividing it into multiple sections. Let us start with the background of the company.

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Cuyana Bags Review

Cuyana is a company that Shilpa Shah founded with Karla Gallardo in 2011. The firm is based in San Francisco and focuses on manufacturing and selling high-quality, sustainable design bags and accessories. From their website, these guys utilize well-selected fabrics and materials while making their high-quality collection of bags and positively impacting customers.

Cuyana's global mission is to manufacture a worldwide design that inspires international purchases made with integrity. It has slowed down since it encourages big-picture and mindfulness shopping. In 2011, the digital-based firm had a direct-to-consumer link and now offers accessories at an affordable price. If you believe in high quality over quantity, Cuyana is perfect.

Otherwise, Cuyana has a headquarter in San Francisco; however, the brand is manufactured in Peru, Italy, the U.S., Argentina, China, Ecuador, Portugal, and Turkey. They also work alongside family-owned companies, developing relationships with small suppliers worldwide.

The company still gives back to society through a partnership with H.E.A.R.T., a non-profit firm helping empower female abuse victims, as well as the ThredUP on the Lean Closed Program, which also deals with encouraging women gender to learn how to pass unused items to people who are in need.

In summary, Cuyana is a conscious accessory and clothing firm that manufactures modern women's versatile products. Because of its mission, the company has also been featured in popular magazines like Maries Claire, Grazia, and Town & Country. Most people and listing articles value Cuyana products for their sustainable and timeless styles.

You must ask if these Cuyana bags and accessories are worth adding to your collection. Trust us, by the end of this review; you will be able to see where to place the brand. We will go through detailed information about the company, its best-selling products, and its customers; however, here is a comparison between the pros and cons of the brand.

Cuyana Pros:

Cuyana Cons:

Why We Like Cuyana Bags

First, you must remember that Cuyana prioritizes making its accessories effective for the targeted customers. All their bags are made with high-quality materials which are affordable yet sustainable. TheyTherefore, you can use their bags for any occasion, regardless of lifestyle. All the products are made using L.W.G. Gold Italian-certified leather with GOTS cotton canvas. In our reviews, we came across multiple things which impressed us about the brand. These are:-

Best-Selling Cuyana Products

This section will help you categorize a few of the best-selling Cuyana leather goods. In addition, there are must-to-selling accessories and bags which you can equip with as well for any errands. So regardless of the backpack, tote, or shoulder bag, the company has you covered for the schedule. They offer the bags on the afterpay services as well.

Among the first best-selling options is the Cuyana Leather Backpack which has a sleek style and is versatile. The main compartment holds a 13" laptop, and you can select cappuccino, stone, or black options. Cuyana Leather Triple Zipper Weekender Bagis the second option on best-selling bags and comes with 3 compartments & zippers, ensuring everything is in place. It is perfect for the weekend in the countryside or on a flight. It is made to keep it organized and has interior shoe pockets and adjustable traps.

You will also come across the famous Cuyana Classic Leather Zipper Tote, a sophisticated charm, light, soft, and large leather bag perfect for any person but made in Turkey. It is L.W.G. silver certified which comes in five colors to select from. Finally, Cuyana Work Satchel is big enough, packed with organized pockets. It also has 2 interior pockets and comes in clay, quartz, and black.

The other trending options on the market are Cuyana Saddle Bag, Camera Bag, Cuyana Pouch, Cuyana Classic Zip Around Wallet, and Cuyana Tote Organization Insert.

Customizable Add-Ons Accessories

The brand offers bags and other high-quality add-on accessories. Therefore, you can carry the bag effortlessly or on any occasion. The bags are simple and long-lasting as well as sustainable. With accessories, customers are always super-trendy and streamline their lifestyles.

Customer Review

It would sound so weird to complete reviews without gauging the customer feedback. This is because customer reviews are relevant in all the sections since they give you the full scoop as the brand is concerned.

Through the site research, we also came across reviews. For example, on, the author lists the 6 best Tato bags matching any errand. He also mentions the best pick for the Cuyana classic easy Tote bag.

"You can tighten this flexible unorganized tote made of supple Italian leather to create a slimmer silhouette or leave it open to take full advantage of its generous capacity—but it's not simple to organize with only one tiny pocket."

The Luxe Digital website has another positive review of the brand. Still, the review is all about the Cuyana system Tote. Most people are impressed with the high quality that only comes at an affordable price point.

Moving to the Town and Country Mag site, you can also find awesome reviews of the Cuyana Tote bag. And the author summarizes everything in a simple statement praising not only color but also many other things:-

"But on the first glimpse, this bag appears to be a simple, clean design in pleasing colors. No, it's much more than that. It was created with a variety of customization options in mind—"

If that is not all convincing, there is a site, and Rosi gives us honest reviews of the Ttoe Cuyana product. The author lists and compares different reviews from different people. For example, one of the claims is:

"The leather product is of great quality and does not scuff or mark easily, and the softness of the leather allows you to try to fit the bag under one's arm easily..."

Then lastly is the site. Again, there is plenty of positive information about the brand. Such includes fair pricing plans, awesome designs, excellent customer support, and the convenience of the products.

All the customer reviews on the brand indicate that customers are satisfied with almost everything about the product on the market.

Where to Buy Cuyana Bags

Most people are asking the question. The trusted place you can go first to place an order on the Cuyana Bags is the website. Equally, you can get them at their retail place. However, as we mention, the brand is direct to the consumer. Therefore, never expect to access their products through retail shops.

Though the company has a few of their retail stores found in:-

Does Cuyana sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Cuyana stores on Amazon.

Related Amazon Store You Maybe Like,   

Is Cuyana Bags Worth It?

This is another good take from a sane person into this brand. And our stand remains very simple. Cuyana Bags is worth your money. You can shoot your shot today and then experience not only the brand efficiency but also the affordability as well as their multiple styles and designs fitting any occasion or not errands.

Also, remember that the brand has celebs who purchase the products often, a pretty simple sign indicating high quality and a great look.

However, some might find that the products are highly-priced, based on many features such as long-lasting leather materials. You can conclude that it is perfectly priced for its designer quality. Looking at the customer feedback, many have praised the elegant designs, simplicity, affordability, sustainability, and all-around bags with accessories.

The good thing is that the company offers afterpay services. Hence the customers can purchase the products in installments, making them more accessible to different people. Moreover, you can select from a collection of different styles and designs that fits all your daily needs other than being simple and sustainable. The company still offers interactional shipping services to customers and free shipping to U.S. citizens on orders above $95.

Never ate your time going for any other bags while you can afford the Cuyana trendy bag. It is worth it all without regrets.

Cuyana Bags Discounts

In our review process, we also looked for brand discounts. Unfortunately, during the time of writing this review, the only thing we came across was the U.S. free shipping when you place a total of $95 and above. This is simple and attainable when you purchase high-quality bags.

In the process, we never sported any promo codes of the brand. However, we encourage you to sign up for their newsletters for future updates on the discounts and promotion services. So get in touch and enjoy the good deals anytime they arise.

Cuyana Bags Contact

Like other reviews, we only give you a brand preview. However, you can contact the company if you have concerns about the Cuyana bags that we have not addressed. In addition, Cuyana offers multiple means through which you can contact their team for help.

You can also text +1 (415)-903-4106) but note that the SMS charges apply. Still, if you have inquiries, send them through, while the general email is These services are available from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Never get tired; the team is also available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. interact with them and ask about all the issues you need to be addressed anytime.


Q. What is Cuyana?

This is a brand operating directly with consumers dealing with fashion as well as bag accessories. The brand has created an impact on the industry for a long.

Q.  What does Cuyana mean?

The term Cuyana is the indigenous Quechua language used to mean ' to love"in simple terms.

Q.Where are Cuyana bags made?

In our article, we have stated that Cuyana products are made in multiple countries. These are Portugal, the U.S., Argentina, Peru, Turkey, China, Italy, and Ecuador. However, the materials are sourced from around the world.

Q.  Is Cuyana a luxury brand?

Cuyana is a lifestyle brand that provides high-quality and luxury products that only costs affordable. The company boasts that Craftsmanship is expressed in its deep-rooted heritage and the artisan culture of worldwide family wonder businesses.

Q. Is Cuyana vegan?

While researching, we realized that Cuyana is not vegan; its high-quality and trendy bags are made sustainable.

Q. Where does Cuyana ship from?

From the above reviews, the Curayan brand ships its products from the Bay region in California.

Q. What is Cuyana’s Shipping Policy? While conducting the research, we found that the brand offers free FedEx ground shipping when placing orders above $95. but there is also a flat rate of $5 on orders made below $95, and delivery takes not more than 8 days.

There are other options that you can confirm from their official website with their corresponding charges, including international shipping services and charges.

Q. What is Cuyana’s Return Policy?

The reviews also noted that the company offers a return policy. The domestic return consists of free return, shipping fees are not refundable, and they only accept unworn and unused items within 30 days of shipment. However, the monogrammed product is considered the final sale. Also, all international products are considered final sales. When the item qualifies for a return, there is a simple procedure you can follow through your Cuyana account. The only situation when the brand allows you to exchange the product is when they realize it is defective or damaged, covered under 2 years warranty for all the orders. And their repair policy is free and also entails manufacturing defects.


Cuyana offers the best bags and accessories with quality and does it all in exquisite Craftsmanship. So if this is what you want, grab your bag today at an affordable price. Their products are luxury and made sustainable with long-lasting leather materials. So get your fashion bag and accessories today, perfect for any errands or occasions from the Cuyana brand.

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