Misfits Market Review: Is It Worth Ordering Organic Groceries From Them?

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When shopping for groceries, it can become a headache trying to work. This is because you are trying to work with a budget, and at the same time, you are trying to buy quality foodstuff for yourself or your family.

When shopping online, there are different hassles you can encounter, from the high price of groceries to a problematic site to shop. If you want to do away with this problem, you will have to consider shopping with the Misfits Market to enjoy hassle-free shopping and other benefits.

If you want to know if it is worth it to shop on the misfits market, you have to keep reading this review to find out.

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Misfits Market Online E-Commerce 

Misfits Market is an online e-commerce store where you can shop for your groceries. You can shop for fresh food products and get them delivered in no time. They provide quality products by getting supplies directly from the farmers. Their prices are affordable when you compare them with others. You make your orders through the use of boxes. They deliver your packages directly to your doorstep without stress. Their service also aims to break the cycle of food waste.

This review on the Misfits Market aims to explain this brand, the features of the Misfits Market, the pros and cons, reviews from the customers, FAQs, how to contact them, and others. This review also aims to help you decide if shopping in the Misfits Market is worth it.

Misfits Market Pros

Misfits Market Cons

Why We Like Misfits Market

Fresh Food Produce

The Misfits Market offers much fresh food produced from the farm. You can find different grocery specialties on the website. You can shop on this website with the confidence of getting everything you want concerning fresh food. They offer a variety of new organic products, they have fresh raised meats, and they also have a great special grocery list such as keto, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo foods.

You can also shop for food in the aisles category on the Misfits Market. The setup of the website looks like a typical grocery store. You can also find some foods like meat, seafood, vegetable, deli, pantry, dairy & alternatives, beverages, bakery, cold pack, misfits pack, and so on. You can find other products too like pets, household items, etc.

Online Shopping

Nowadays, people are more interested in sitting in the comfort of their homes and shopping for whatever they want, unlike the traditional way of shopping where you need to be present physically at the grocery store to shop. This new means of easy shopping is widely accepted by the larger community, especially the busy ones. Misfits Market is specialized in making this dream come through by creating an online grocery store platform. This platform allows the user to get access to a variety of grocery products while seated at the comfort of their homes or anywhere.

The advantages of shopping online are overwhelming; you don't have to waste your time getting prepared to go shopping, you can order your product and receive it while at home; most times, it is even less expensive. Some people who have a physical grocery store too far from there jump on this opportunity. Misfits Market has thousands of online users actively buying and ordering.

Delivery and Packaging

Misfits Market offers the services of delivering and packaging the ordered grocery items. When you order a particular item on the website, after confirming the product, you will be required to fill in your address and other information for perfect delivery to your doorstep. Misfits Market also offers the packaging of ordered items. For instance, they package frozen foods with ice packs to keep them intact. This may be because of the uncertainty while things are in transit.

Since most of their services are online, this is why they made sure they had a quality delivery process. They are also fast. Their packs are superb. Users are always confident of delivery when shopping with the Misfits Market.


Misfits Market is home to fresh produce with less expensive price tags. It is hard to see other platforms where fresh foods are sold cheap. Most times the reason for their prices will be based on the freshness of the products. Most people are carried away because they are looking for fresh produce.

However, the Misfits Market successfully balanced that equation. You can get very fresh produce at an affordable price. They even go as far as giving out discounts to customers on some products. This is undoubtedly a feature an online shopper will likely not want to miss.

Customers Review

This Misfits Market review aims to reveal what customers think about the market and the thoughts they give online. This is why we collected individual experiences to make this customer review. Misfits Market has a 1.45 star rating on Reviews.io .

This is not a good score, and the main problem is that vegetables are not fresh. However, it is gratifying that Misfits Market has explained and replied to all these comments, which shows that they are willing to listen to customers' feedback and will try their best. Of course, they still have a lot of room for improvement, and we'll see if they can be recognized in the future. 

But, there are also good reviews. The good reviews were centered on superb experience, low price, experience, delivery, packaging, etc.

Where to buy Misfits Market Products

Misfits Market is an online grocery store. You can get the right products only on the site alone. It would be best if you visit the website below. 

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Does Buying on Misfits Market Worth It?

Misfits Market is a great way to introduce fresh produce to your menu weekly. This helps in eradicating food waste. This also helps in saving time and energy, unlike the time you waste going to the grocery store to shop physically.

Many people will discover the use of the Misfits Market to diversify their diet. You have the opportunity of buying new fruits and veggies.

The service they render also helps people who are on a diet to choose ideally. E.g., those on a gluten-free diet and so on.

With all these, there is more to benefit from while shopping in the Misfits Market.

Misfits Market Discount

When you shop on misfits, you have the opportunity to get a discount of up to 40% of the regular grocery store price. You can also save up money weekly.

Misfits Market Contact

You can contact the Misfits Market by filling out an online contact form. What you need to input is the below:


1. Why are these foods different from the regular ones in grocery stores?

They get access directly from farmers, cut the middle man process, make it cheaper, and provide fresh food produce.

2. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

After confirming your order, you will be asked to choose a preferred day you want to receive your order. Further information will be related via email. It is usually within 1-2 days of your billing date.

3. Are your products all organic?

The majority of the products found in the Misfits Market are organic. They try to indicate it on the website.

4. Do you offer pick-up spots?

For now, the Misfits Market does not offer to pick up spots. They do home delivery.


Misfits Market targets the reduction of food waste. They also provide fresh foods at affordable prices. This helps in saving money and enjoying quality food products. This review will assist you in making your decision if buying on the Misfits Market is worth it.

The best online grocery store is still the Amazon Fresh grocery store, which is good for fresh produce delivery at a reasonable price with fast delivery.

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