The Luxury Closet Review: Is It Worth the Money You Spend On It?

Elanor E. Gary

Have you ever noticed that the Luxury Closet has one of the best offers on the market on their unused luxury items? The brand has revamped its products and made its releases simpler but delivers spades. Find out why.

When it comes to Luxury, everybody needs a brand that delivers the spades. High-end products get more attention on the products not just locally but around the world as well. There are many top designers worldwide, but few stand and keep trending in the marketplace. Though when you are going on a trip which you are aware that it will last for more than one week, you will need a briefcase which will accommodate all your staff and other relevant things.

If that is the situation, then finding the top designer is the first thing you need to consider. Amongst the brand is The Luxury Closet. This company offers multiple products cutting across all niches, such as bags, clothes, accessories, and briefcases. Irrespective of the gender, the brand has you covered. This is why we are here to give you an overview of The Luxury Closet and guide you through making decisions from various reviews online and ratings. Read on and find out more.

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The Luxury Closet Review

The Luxury Closet is a brand that majors in offering fashion accessories and products to customers irrespective of gender. This company was founded in 2011 by Kunal Kapoor, headquartered in Dubai, from which they now have over 16k unique products in their store. They also claim that their products are not just unused but also selected from the best fashion brands among the reputable produced like Chanel, Van Cleef, etc., according to the Reviewbazaar.

The company is leading GCC in the Dubai marketplace, where you can set your hand on the authentic design products with plenty of offers to the clients. The brand is entering the competition to outshine the top luxury brands by disrupting the retail businesses. Otherwise, it is an online boutique where you can buy as well as sell fashion design products.

TLC features in prominent magazines, and they have base followers of over 135k on Instagram. They have grown, and today, they venture into the high-end fashion products where the brand is described as the TREASURE TROVE by Elle Magazine to the audiences that were searching for unique items but at an affordable cost.

These guys intend in the future to transition the market and wholly become a sustainable marketplace where they have long-term goals to disrupt online designers and add and improve the fashion market. They have plenty of products on their website consisting of all the luxury items and guarantee free shipping on orders from customers worldwide. This review will cover detailed information about the brand and give you our final take so you can choose.

The Luxury Closet Pros:

The Luxury Closet Cons:

Why We Like The Luxury Closet

The Benefit to the Buyers

The brand resells previously trending items where they promote and showcase the pieces to the customers at all angles to evaluate the wear and tear where possible. Another thing is that the price is not fixed since buyers are allowed to negotiate when the listed price does not fall within your budget. Though, this is not guaranteed that the negotiation will be successful.

The busienss also have mutlipel flexible payment methdos. Besides paying the partial costs while reserving items to clear in installment, you can also buy the item at the upfront fee. They also accept bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and PayPal.Because the high-end brand accommodates all customers, it makes us rank TLC. Also, they give detailed product information and state where there is imperfection, the originality, the shipment locations, and the authenticity. They also make it clear how much a buyer can earn on each piece they buy so that you can use it to purchase next time.

The Benefit to the Seller

TLC works in a unique manner which we refer to as consignment. The seller gets paid once the company sells the item. Sellers must submit their products to the platform, including all the details and state where they can ship. TLC does the whole work while listing the items for sale, which is more straightforward than other platforms like eBay and ranked legit.

The seller gets the quotation within 3 to 5 days upon filling the form and immediately accepts the price quoted; you are then given the tracking number to follow the product on the platform till it is sold. The platform takes enough time to authenticate the item before listing, thus making sure that the items listed are of high quality.

Large Collection of Items

The brand specializes in Luxury products. These rangers are from shows, clothes, accessories, and many more. This is a one-stop shop for all your luxury needs. The offers of items for both men and women make it outstanding.

Customer Review

Generally, when you look at the reviews online concerning The Luxury Closed brand, we can conclude that customers are satisfied with the products from the company. A large number of customers from various sites rate the brans between 3 to 4 stars. Most of them have complimented responsive customer support, making the purchasing process effortless. On the previously loved luxury pieces, most customers rave about the unreal price tags.

Elsewhere, more are admiring the various methods the company accepts while making payments. For Trustpilot, the brand has received 3.8 out of 1232 reviews which is still an excellent score. One of the customers is pleased with the plenty of offers the brand offers and states,

'Excellent items with incredible... Excellent stuff with excellent deals...always a pleasure to purchase here...many thanks to the luxurious closet...'

The photos on the site and pieces of the luxury items shipped amaze many customers as others praise the accurate time of receiving the item. This review from Trustpilot sums up everything

'A Par Excellent Luxury Closet is one of the top legitimate online luxury shopping sites. Not only that, but your timely services are exceptional, with a wide range of options priced cheaply.'

However, there are still a few customers complaining about the time delivery which is well with us as anything must have a catch. But when you look at it keenly, you can realize that shipping time is subject to the location, which becomes a frustration to a few customers on the platform.

Though there are a few allegations concerning the products from the company, most of which have been addressed through authenticity. Additionally, the brand has established a good reputation online, and only looking at the Trustpilot,  with only 14% giving the brand one star, 66% recommend it with an excellent rating. Therefore, count on this company when you need unique luxury pieces at an affordable price since it is trusted with its worldwide delivery and favorable return policy that guarantees your money back.

Where to Buy The Luxury Closet

When you need to purchase luxury items from the TLC, you can always reach out to their online store at Equally, the brands have general popup stores but are only found in Dubai, where you can only access limited luxury items on the shelf.

From the platform, TLC recommends that you order your products from their online store and then select a suitable pickup location. But when you are based in Dubai, you can decide to check the items first before you decide to purchase them. Place an order and wait for delivery to your doorstep.

Does The Luxury Closet sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found The Luxury Closet stores on Amazon.

Is The Luxury Closet Worth It?

Considering the reviews on the platform and various sites, there are mixed reactions on the extreme side; they seem to praise the brand. However, there are a few scathing frustrations, thus making it hard to decide if the bran is worth it all. Though, we can state that Luxury Closed is worth it since its pricing is friendly, gives multiple offers, and customers have an extensive list on the store to select their preferred luxury items. To an extent, this looks like most of the customers are returning to the platform to shop. If the queue and long time waiting for delivery do not make you unhappy, this is the best option.

It is not only perfect for the buyers but also for the sellers. Their products are high quality and undergo strict authentication before listing so that what gets in the hand of the final buyer brings the value of the money spent. However, you must understand that some risks are related to p[ucragsing second-hand luxury products. In comparison, TLC makes it clear that it is transparent and values the wear and tear on the products since most are returnable. The risk is very minimal, which makes The Luxury Closet worth it.

The Luxury Closet Discounts

The Luxury Closet is one of the brands with reasonable offers on its platform. If you navigate through their platform in sales sections, you will realize that most of the products have discounted pricing. Though the sales section is not permanent, there comes a time when you cannot access it. Keep looking out for the discount codes. Meanwhile, the company is running an internal program where potential customers are encouraged to come back and redeem the points for cash.

Hence, most of the products listed are eligible to give you points with different amounts. Therefore, you need to create an account with the brand to collect the points or cash to your account for shopping. Still, they have a referral program from which you can refer fellow friends and form which you earn the cash once the newly referred clients make the first order.

The Luxury Closet Contact

You can contact the TLC office anytime you need clarification or an inquiry. There are various methods you can reach the support team for help. First, you can use the hotline +97142472985, use the email address at or decide to send parcels direct to their office through the Novotel Dubai Al Barsha, API Trlo Tower, office 908 and p.o box 502626 or 800 LUX (800 589) which is operational from Monday to Sunday at 9 am to 12 midnight (GST)


Q. Does The Luxury Closet have particular sizing?

Because the brand specializes in reselling products instead of manufacturing, they rely on the standard global sizing conversion aspect for men's and women's items. Each item listed consists of the available size and flat lay measurement so buyers can gauge if the item is fitting.

Q. How can I earn the TLC Cash on the platform?

Customers can earn the TLC cash on the platform when they purchase a product based on the selected list, and it is only eligible through promotion and other periodic engagements. You can never earn the TLC Cash on the purchase of any product. Some customers are notified of the eligible products and the amount they will receive.

Q. How can I get my order delivered faster?

Based on the stated timeline, the company endeavors to deliver the products as fast as possible. Some orders are dispatched within 48 hours of placing the order. However, the non-returnable products are dispatched within 7 days once your order.


The Luxury Closed is an online company that sells second-hand and used luxury items in Dubai. Though it sells the previously most loved items, the company has an excellent rating online for a good reason. If waiting and a long queue is not an issue, it is worth trying out and enjoying multiple offers, discounts, and promotions. It is worth checking out.

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