Ksubi Jeans Review:Is It Worth the Hype?

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Is Ksubi Jeans a justified hype fashion or a waste of money? Hold on, if you want to find the answer to this question, keep reading our Ksubi Jeans review for more details, and let us find out where they have for you in the store and if they are transparent.

Even though Ksubi is a well-known brand in Europe, North America, and worldwide, a few people still don't understand what this company offers. The company is famous for its trendy Australian fashion label that many of you have come to like. However, if you are still new in this industry, don't worry; we are here to set things right. The firm has gained popularity with a significant presence on social media platforms.

In addition to this, many artists around the world have endorsed it. But does that mean the fashion is hype? We must justify this in the next section and differentiate if the popularity is riding on the wave.

Therefore, this review will dig deep into the brand and look back into the founder's history and what they currently offer on the market. By the end of this review, you should be able to determine if the fashion is worth adding to your wardrobe. Let us start with the Ksubi jeans overview to get the basic knowledge.

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Ksubi Jeans Review

Founded in 1999 by Gareth Moody, alongside George Gorrow, Paul Wilson, and Dan Single, Ksubi is a fashion brand specializing in designing and offering popular and stylish denim. Together with the Edgy apparel, the collection is hype servicing both men and women worldwide. The Fashion label is traced to be Australian-based, and they have stores well distributed around the world through initially prominent roots in North America, as well as Europe.

The founders got inspiration from the demands of the market. Most of the above founders were not pleased with the quality of the denim collection on the market and agreed to come up with their own jeans style. Originally, the jeans were referred to as the Tsubi. The brand has gone through multiple changes, an improvement in fashion, and, importantly, the branding to fit into the new millennia and delved into garnering cult status because of the need of their famous clientele.

The company has been endorsed by favorite artists and celebrities, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, etc., from where the brand gained popularity. Because the company tends to avoid trend-driven fashion, it has been known worldwide, especially because of its unique fashion industry agenda. Therefore, these guys design and sell high-quality jeans to their customers online.

Even though they are somehow off-beat, the style is cultivating and remains solid with its unique aesthetic. Their products have progressive shapes besides featuring the raw finishes on the fabrication. Ksubi is based in Sydney and is among the most famous jeans brands worldwide. Having cleared the brand's history with what they offer you, we now need to compare its pros and cons to come up with our stand.

Ksubi Jeans Pros:

Ksubi Jeans Cons:

Why We Like Ksubi Jeans

On top of the popular distressed and rugged denim, Ksub also has a huge collection of Tees, skirts, and jackets, making you unique from the rest of the street. Therefore, this is the right place to be if you aim to purchase star denim and no-fuss accessories. We like this fashion brand for a reason. And without wasting time, let us now go through a section of the best-selling clothing under each category but in summary.

The Best-Selling Ksubi Jeans

Having a perfect pair of jeans in your closet is our dream. For men, Ksubi has a huge collection of jeans that can take a long time to identify the trendy and perfect fit for you. The denim pants in the collection have different sizes, which start from 287 through 40.

So the first and most popular best-selling Ksubi jeans on the market are Van Winkle Black Rebel, and its style remains cinch and physically; it has a short rise to ensure they hit your hips perfectly. Generally, it is designed with a skinny fitting hence versatile but elevates your look when matched with the loose blouse.

The second is Van Winkle Angst, and it's black wash jeans but perfect to scratch the itch and features the medium skinny fitting, which you can complement with long shirts alongside the boots. You will see the jeans at the back leg with signature embroidery and the trademark tag on the pocket.

A famous Chitch Laid Black is also a good alternative as it is slim and fitting pants made with 100% cotton wool. The jeans are awesome for any occasion because of their dark color, which matches well with the Chelsea boot and complements the sports jacket.

The list also features the best-seller Chitch Deep Fores. These are faded green jeans but feature the vintage style of heavy inspiration drawing beside the signature tag. This denim goes hand in hand with the blue teen, navy blue, black or white colors. The last is Chitch Blue Kolla Slashed, classic blue jeans made in a slim fit though simple style to look collected throughout.

The Best-Selling Ksubi Skirts

Besides jeans, as discussed above, the brand also has best-selling skirts in its inventory. This is a good move, especially for the ladies on the market. Elevate your beauty and appearance with these Ksubi skirts. Though they are a bit edgy, you can also go for the trendy ones. The best-selling skirts based on the fashion trend are Rap Skirt Class, which is classic, featuring an eye-catching asymmetrical design in the front with embroidery as well as distressed elements.

In reality, the skirt has five pockets. The second best-selling Ksubi skirt is Equaliser Skirt Camo. This is a perfect alternative to the mini skirt but has edges with spacious pockets at the front. It also features a high-waisted design. It matches perfectly with the faded black shirt.

The Best-Selling Ksubi Jackets

On top of the above clothing, the brand also has jackets. Though not our concern today, we also had to mention some popular jackets to supplement this outfit. These popular jackets are Classic Jacket Eterno, a trucker jacket featuring a black colorway and custom art patches made using 100% cotton.

Next is Oh G Jacket Asphalt, a classic and vintage wash jacket. If you love oversized jackets, this option matches the neutral cotton shirt well.

In summary, all the Ksubi clothing targets both men & women who want timeless and high quality with unique features. Popular names worldwide mostly wear them, which can explain why some customers find the brand inaccessible, especially the average clients.

Customer Review

To complement the Ksubi Jeans review, we also had to provide our readers with real customer feedback before making a choice. This way, you can notice the customer rate and say about this company. Their official website has no reviews, but several external sites have blogs and customer feedback.

The first place to consider is Trustpilot. While it has a poor rating of 2.7 stars after 12 reviews, some still complement it. Some people have complained of the wear and tear which depends on the customers. Others complained about customer support. Otherwise, you can access excellent customer feedback as well. Here is one of them:

"I ordered about three pairs of Ksubi jeans electronically, and they delivered them instantly. My brand is always delivered as promised, no matter what I shop online. Buyer is pleased and will order once more."

On the Waistemade platform, the author also gives us an honest review of the fashion brand. The company gets compliments for its features such as fitting true to size, having a huge collection of clothing to select from, and all the wash meets the standard quality of dressing around the world.

After considering various factors elsewhere on the Denim Blog site, the author also gives a stand. For quality, Ksubi jeans get a 4-star rating here, and the author picks the Ksubi Net-A-Porter as the best choice and fits any occasion.

You can also watch the youtube review video or go through the Reddit thread about the company and jeans. Otherwise, the Opumo site gives us clear-cut details on the sizing for men, to women so that you can get perfectly fitting jeans or denim.

When you visit the Chictopia website, you will notice that this company scores 4.1 stars. Most customers here get honest and outstanding feedback about the Ksubi Jeans based on the durability, material, comfort, and craftsmanship aspects. Here is what one of the customers had to say:-

"Depending on the style you want to buy. But get the ones where you had to hold in to zip up, because the pants do stretch. Love the skinny jeans with the zip at the bottom, and wear them as tight as possible.:x They look better in this manner (in skinny jeans, infact)."

Generally, Ksubi Jeans gets multiple positive reviews considering different factors. This gives you a clear picture, and it's upon you to decide.

Where to Buy Ksubi Jeans

As we have said in the above section, Ksubi offers international shipping, and they have partnered with multiple online retailers worldwide. Therefore, accessing the brand's products is not an issue. However, we recommend buying the Ksubi jeans from the official website at ksubi.com. They also have New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney flagship stores. The research also noted that the brand offers these accessories and clothing products through online retailers. these include:

The list of retailers is long, but to make things easy, visit their stockist page and look.

Does Ksubi Jeans sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Ksubi Jeans stores on Amazon.

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Is Ksubi Jeans Worth It?

First, the Ksubi brand offers one quality pair of jeans on the fashion market that falls on the trend and lasts longer. We thus endorse the brand worth giving a shot at. Also, many celebs in music and other sectors have endorsed it. Most customers have given it positive feedback online, creating its popularity for their perfect clothing and accessories.

They cover all genders and guarantee you convenience in their clothing as you rock the world. They have a huge collection to select from, and it's made with high-quality denim. Above everything, all jeans come with differentiated wish factors such as colors, designs, styles, and quality, while comfortability remains common. The brand ensures you have all the essentials under one roof to gain extra flair.

Therefore, we wholeheartedly state that Ksubi jeans are hype and worth giving a shot at if you want to provide yourself with a perfect treat. Say no gimmicks but enjoy this modern world's simple style, designs, and fittings.

Ksubi Jeans Discounts

For this review to be complete, we also had to complete the deals to give customers methods to save on the budget. Therefore, during our research, we also delved deep into the Ksubi jeans deals, and from their website, even if you do not buy, you can access a few deals. The most amazing thing is that the company guarantees all customers free shipping when they place an order totaling $75 and above.

If you are a new member, you can subscribe to the mailing list and enjoy 10% off on your first order. This is awesome promotion, and all customers from the feedback love this. However, the promotions are limited based on the time of writing this review. Still, you can sign up for the newsletter and get updates on all the arrivals, the latest deals, and their frequent sales. This is the best way to stay ahead of others or follow them on social media.

Ksubi Jeans Contact

Still have a question about the Ksubi clothing or jeans? Well, you can have it answered if not in our FAQ in the next section; the company also gives you various methods to contact them. Based on our reviews, we got the below method. The first one of the live chat. Their official website has a live chat button that you can use for instant replies. If not, you can give them a call at +613 6161 3865.

If the above is not enough, then you can send the email to customerservice@ksubi.com. And if you are located anywhere near them, use their mailing address to reach them at Level-1, 1-3 Mandible Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia. These guys are available in the office from 9 am to 5 pm EST Monday through Friday alone. You can also follow them on social media handles for extra contact details. It's just a click away; you can connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.


Q. Who is the owner of the Ksubi jeans brand?

From the above review, we discovered that the current owner of the Ksubi company is Breakwater Capitol. However, the company has international distribution rights accredited to the general Pants Grp.

Q. Where are the Ksubi manufacturing facilities found?

Ksubi clothing and accessories are manufactured from different destinations around the world. The major manufacturing facilities are based in European countries, Turnkey, as well as in Los Angeles.

Q. Are Ksubi jeans true to size?

Deducting from the customers' reviews and real experience, most Ksubi clothing fits true to size. However, most customers recommend sizing down for fitting baggie jeans or skirts. Currently, ht bras do not feature in the collection at the moment; hence hard to tell the sizing.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Ksubi company?

When you spend a minimum of $70 or above, Ksubi guarantees you free shipping around the world. However, for any order below the threshold, the company charges a flat rate of $12. and the delivery time also varies based on various factors such as location. For instance, when you are in Australia, expect to receive the package within 1 to 3 business days upon dispatch.

At the same time, international orders take between 2 to 5 business days. However, placing an order between 2 pm means the company will process that order the same day and ship. And Remember that all delivered packages need your signature and this call upon your presence when the package is almost arriving. All packages signed outside Australia are subjected to taxes and duties, which depend on the country where they are sent.

Q. What is the return policy of Ksubi?

For all orders, when the package delivered has issues, Ksubi offers you 30 days to return it to the store. But for the apparel to be accepted, it must be original. Initiating the return process is very simple. Download the form from the website, fill it in, and send back the package alongside the forms to the company. Also, remember that this brand does not cater to return shipping charges or postal costs.

In our reviews, the company return address is Ksubi online returns, PoO box 2433, Sunshine Weast Vic 8438, Australia. Once the rerun is accepted, Ksubui takes about 2 days to process your refund and channel it to your original account used to make payment.


Ksubi is a sustainable fashion brand that designs and sells trendy clothing, including long-lasting jeans that follow natural traces. Based on customer feedback, the jeans fit true to size and come in different styles, designs, and colors to give you more satisfaction and options. We have covered everything about the Ksubi brand and what they have to offer you in the above review. The company remains popular with its denim and guaranteed well-structured appearance. It's worth taking time to give it a try and appreciate the experts.

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