The Beard Club Review: Does It Really Work?

Ashley F. Bibbs

Are you looking for high-performance beard growth formulas made with natural ingredients? Let's guide you on how to get one from The Beard Club. Learn more about this brand.

If you have been thinking about how to grow your beard with little or no effort, then you will have to look for the right beard growth product to know. The ability of men to grow a beard has been widely accepted as an important sign of being mature. This is why most men are often desperate to grow their beards. Looking for the right brand for you to grow a healthy beard with very little effort is very rare because of how plenty of these products are.

If you come in contact with a good one, it means you have tried some other brands before getting them. This review aims to help you get the best brand that provides great beard growth products that are super effective and allows little or no effort in achieving your desired beard.

The bead club is a brand that offers beard growth products in the form of subscription boxes that help in the maintenance and growth of healthy beards with little or no effort. If you don’t know how to go about this brand, then you will have to read this review to get all the information about this brand and the services “The Beard Club” offers. It will enable you to know how legit the brand is.

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The Beard Club Review

The Beard Club is an online startup that offers beard growth products in the form of subscription boxes that help in the maintenance and growth of healthy beards with little or no effort. It is online that helps in saving time and energy, and for you to shop in the comfort of your home. They offer their beard club kit that contains different hair growth formulas. This brand was founded by Mike D’Agostini, Chris Stoikos, and Alex Brown in Newport Beach, California. However, they operate from New Jersey. They aim at allowing men to grow healthy beards with quality formulas at very affordable prices.

These 3 men came together to create the idea of beard growth that will be suitable for different kinds of men's hair. This review will look at the important aspects of the brand, the customer ratings for this brand, the reason why I like using The Beard Club, some of the pros and cons of this brand, some discounts and promotions, how to contact the brand, and many more important things to know about The Beard Club.

The Beard club Pros

The Beard club Cons

Why We Like The Beard Club

The Beard Club Growth Kits

The brand has provided The Beard Club kits in three categories. The ultimate kit, the advance kits, and the starter kit. The starter kit is the first stage, to begin with as you start to grow your beard. These kits are very cost-effective with different kinds of essential minerals and vitamins. They are made from natural ingredients. They are made for the positive growth of your hair. You can find beard growth oil, beard growth vitamins, shampoo, and some other free hair products.

The Beard Club Trimmer Kits

If you have been having an unruly beard that is giving you a headache, then this is the best option for you. It includes beard cream, beard shampoo, special beard balm, etc. You can also subscribe to this kit at any time and also upgrade willingly. You can also either edit or cancel.

Customer Review

The customer review on this brand was carried out to know the different testimonies customers are giving concerning this brand. In my research, I found out that their customers gave different types of feedback. Both positive and negative reviews were received. This customer review also ascertains the reasons for each honest review given. The review was based on the effectiveness of these beard growth formulas, some special policies offered by this brand, the product, the customer service, responses, shipping policy, return policy, and some other important factors that either make a customer derive utility from a product or otherwise.

This review was carried out using a reliable review website. Trust pilot came out as my top website to find out the customer rating for this brand. There is a 2.9-star rating with over 40% positive remarks and about 40% negative feedback too. The brand website was also used to know some customer ratings. However, on the brand website, there was only a positive review. This is why it never came as my top reliable website to know the exact thoughts and feelings of this brand.

I am pleased with the smell of the formulas after use. However, the brand is okay with its product. I enjoyed using it because it was very effective even after a short period, they have good cancellation and editing features for your subscription.

Where to Buy The Beard Club

You can buy from the brand’s website and some other reliable online retailers

Related Amazon Store for The Beard Club

Is The Beard Club Worth It?

Judging by what this brand offers, I will recommend this brand for so many reasons. They provide a subscription box filled with healthy beard growth products that will not only enhance beard growth but also its healthy look with little or no effort. You are supplied with these formulas with the option of canceling when the product is not going to plan so you can change or you even edit to mp=ore effective products that suit your healthy beard.

The brand has not enjoyed a monopoly when it comes to positive reviews. They have equal negative and positive reviews. Nevertheless, the brand’s positive review surpasses the negative ones which are satisfactory. The brand also offers some reward programs you can point to which can be used for discounts and special offers. You can easily sign up for their subscription. You can also enjoy natural ingredients. I will always recommend this brand because it is worth it.

The Beard Club Discounts

You can earn a different point through their reward programs. You can convert these points to enjoy special offers and discounts

The Beard Club Contact

To know more about this brand that is beyond the scope of this review, you can reach them through the following


Q. Can I cancel my subscription to The Beard Club?

There is some other option apart from canceling right away. If you feel like skipping the routine for a month to observe your progress, you can skip the order for that month by selecting the next shipment when you sign in to your account. If you also feel like modifying your subscription, you can edit it right on your account. However, if you still want to go ahead in canceling your order, you can simply select the overview and choose to cancel. You can also re-subscribe by activating the previous one.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the brand?

Their subscription boxes are delivered within 1 to 3 days after it has been processed. Then you can expect your shipment to arrive at your location within 7 to 10 days. This is applicable for delivery within the US. Canada shipping takes 8 to 15 days for delivery.

Q. How effective is the beard growth formula?

From this research, the review found out that these formulas are made with minerals and vitamins which help your beard grow and get thick.


Beard growth is an essential part of the development experienced by men. This aspect is believed to show masculinity. If you have been finding a good brand to patronize, then you might want to consider The Beard Club. The brand aims to help you grow healthy beards with little or no effort. This review will help you make the best decision.

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